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Lime Crime Venus XL vibes


If it performs better / shows up more, I'm gonna be very interested...


I'm writing a letter to Santa right now. 😍


Her formula seems to be a love/hate thing, but it’ll show up


I feel like people underestimate how the oiliness of their lids and the texture of their skin works with products. I LOVE her forumla The smoothness and creaminess works really well with my normally fussy lids. But I can totally see how someone could hate it


What’s weird to me is that some nd palettes are amazing for me. And others are hot trash. But Um yeah this is the retro palette I was begging for so you got me Natasha.


Seriously! I enjoiy the Venus XL but it is VERE gently pigmented.


My OG Venus performs pretty well, so I wasn't worried when I got the XL II, but wow was it underwhelming. And I was in denial too for a while, "no but it's ok, it's meant to be so light and airy, part of the woodland fairy vibe" but at some point I had to come to terms with the fact that it barely shows up.


I have seen it last week in TKMaxx and the shades looked so pretty in the pan (the xl not the xl2). I just thought yesterday or today about it again. I have the colour scheme of the og Venus due to an old MUR palette, and I like that palette. But the xl og LC one looked much more saturated.


Same, I was so disappointed in the Venus XL quality.


Cool-toned and without shitty toppers that rain glitter on my face? I take it. This one looks like it’s right up my alley.


I absolutely love the topper shades I used to dislike them but now that I’ve learned that they are great for adding depth to a look and if you use a good glitter adhesive like NYX glitter glue they don’t move but to each their own


The Venus xl toppers suck?


I like the ones in my palette! I really like the whole palette


Came into the comments to post the same thing


Those moments you wonder what Lime Crime would be releasing now if Doe wasn't a terrible person...


Only this one will be better quality. I love my limecrime palette but the eyeshadow quality is not consistent, ND shadows are 🥰😍 I’m definitely gonna be buying this


On the money. Exactly what I thought.


“It looks like an Excel sheet” - my fiancé


Best comment 😂


It's a google sheets theme: greens, tan and a pop of coral omg.


I'm so glad she did a larger version of the mini retro because the previous Retro Midi was totally different. I still liked it but was expecting the cool dusty pinks and greens like the mini one.


I hope this isn’t a full size palette with inflation nobody trying to pay $130


I was hoping this would be more like the mini bc the blender shade is perfect and really I love the whole palette. I see she put another duochrome in the bottom left but it looks like it’s not the green shifting one.


Oh fuck I want this so badly. I think this is the only nd palette I've ever seen where I immediately went "I need this"


Same lol… it’s divine!


Lol same. I’m too broke to afford it tho lol


Same, I can't afford it rn but damn do I wish I could


Ikr. Hopefully one day a more affordable brand will dupe it


Oh, she really did it! I LOVE THIS! Also, this makes me think of Mel Thompson’s version of Retro. Bittersweet, but still excited!


My first thought was Mel too she wanted this palette so bad ugh my heart hurts


Her Sydney Grace version was better!


And right after the 1 year mark of her passing.....


Long live Mel’s sweet memory 💋


Omg my first thought was "Mel would have LOVED this!"


Literally my first thought was Mel Thompson.


The shades in the picture look too light and blue for my taste instead of more depth and green, but I am intrigued!


I feel like it's deeper irl. The whole image looks washed out.


I am hoping this is really bad lighting. I see 2 colors that look nearly identical & a lot that looks chalky. I have wanted an olive themed palette from ND & I have a bad feeling this is going to miss the mark for me.


This is what happened with the my dream palette. Everyone was putting shit on it saying the colours are essentially repeats and then it came out and everyone loves it 😂


I would love a nice green pallet. I can't find a good spread anywhere.


The Beauty Bay “Earthy” 16 pan is a spectacular green palette. 💚


Oh wow.! What's the quality like?


Honestly, it’s really really good. Beauty Bay formula is one of my favourites.. and I buy a lot of luxury/ high end. The metallics are incredible. It’s so really reasonably priced too.. £12. Yep twelve pounds.


There’s a 42 pan Earthy also! I have the 16 tho. I have the 42 in the Midnight series (blues n purples) and it’s unreal.


Which do you prefer? The 42 pan is absolutely enormous.


I’m just glad it’s not that sunset orange that every “green” palette seems to have.


i actually love this and it’s really on trend.


👀 oh damn. Natasha might have gotten me with this one….


Too dull and warm for me, but aren't they all. It's got some Baby Yoda vibes. There's tan and pale green. Several bronzes and clay for some planet he visited, a darker green for the frogs he ate, a brighter blue green, for when he puked... Yeah, ND baby Yoda palatte.


This is cute but the transition shades look pale as hell. I’m biased because I like muted greens, but this palette is missing a dark brown and/or a true green. I don’t think I’ll buy it but it is cute.


I will say, and I’m not the only one to feel this way ND’s mattes go on a LOT darker than they appear.




ND’s palettes damn near always end up being way warmer in real life than they look in promo pictures, but hopefully this one ends up being the exception.


I felt this with her Dream palette. Looked cooler in promo, all the subsequent reviews it was absolutely warmer.


100% agree


I was so disappointed :( a cooler version would have been so perfect.


I might be in the minority, but i don't like it. The mattes are way too light and the shimmers are too dark.


Not at all, this is extremely boring to me.


Same. I gave up on ND to make a great color story. This is no different. Two same-ish peachy shadows, two same-ish deeper brown shadows. Instead of the deeper shimmer brown she should have added a deep matte brown which would be so useful. Instead of one peachy shadow would have been better to add a classic matte taupe to add more variety to the palette. But nope. Its Denona. Its to be expected there will be repeats, etc. Yawn. Waited too long. Done too poorly.


The colors are very in trend, but unless the color payoff is powerful, I dot see the pinks working for mine or warmer skin tones well


What's the source of this leak?


Natasha Denona lol


I mean, you're probably not wrong seeing as this happens a lot 😅


Someone sold them on Vinted. It's gone now.


I looked up and Vinted is like a Mercari/Poshmark for some European countries. So is it like a sample someone got sent by ND, but the tester decided to sell it instead? It doesn't look like they even used it at all.


I hate how people call it a leak not everyone needs to spend $$$ with trendmood


The colors look pretty but no way would they look good on my skin color.


All the mattes look very white based and ashy and there is no depth between them. Super disappointing. Not a very dark skin friendly palette.


I don’t have dark skin, but I don’t think this would look good on me either. I prefer jewel tones, not 80’s Easter basket vibes.


> 80’s Easter basket vibes. 😂 the perfect description for this chalky color story


OMG, that's hilarious. Definitely giving 80's palette vibes and not in a fun, updated way.


I wanted the mini retro so bad. Got it and was disappointed it didn’t show on me. Hope this one has a little more pigmentation for darker skin.


The Mini Gold has beautiful deep, muted but pigmented greens


Yes, I have that one!


Yep, this will be a fail for me. Very disappointed as the last collection outside of the palette was not POC friendly either. Sadly those she does cater to seem to gobble it up, so I don't expect her to do anything about it.


I think people should definitely say something on ND's IG if they feel her products aren't inclusive. Hopefully she will make more face palette versions in the future if she hears enough people complain.


I feel the same, I was originally really excited for this as the mini Retro wasn’t pigmented and I hoped she’d give us a deeper range of shades but this is lackluster.


This is the first ND palette I’ve ever seen that I’ve been immediately drawn to 🥰 I get 50s housewife colour vibes


Well I’ve certainly been drawn to a lot of them 🤣🤣🤣 but 50s housewife vibes describes it perfectly and I’m here for it




Looks like a dream for people with very fair cool toned skin 😍


No more pinks please


It's so pretty I think! This is what the Retro midi would have looked like in my imagination, much as I love the Retro palette.


I wonder if the lighter greens will perform like the light green shade in Zendo - I found that that shade developed hard pan quite easily and was slightly crumbly. This colour story is so pretty though!!


This is what retro should have been.


I don’t like it personally. Not enough range from light to dark, and I have a feeling all those pale matte shades are going to look muddy paired up, unless you stick to only the greens or only the neutrals with each look.




Yep, this is it… this is the one I’ll pay full price for. I LOVE my Retro mini. This will be amazing for me, having green eyes and pink skin. I love it!


Oh god. Oh fuck. She finally did it. A palette I can justify buying… GOODBYE WALLET! 💸


Exactly! I’ve always bought the mini ones but this might be my first big palette from her. Love the color story!


She’s released a ton of stuff that has heavily tempted me (god, that trichrome palette still haunts me…) but I always ended up passing because it was either too expensive or not the perfect colour story for me (hence why I haven’t bought any minis either). With this, I can see myself dipping into everything except those 2 brown metallics 🥴 I’ll still wait for a potential Black Friday discount on this before purchasing tho… 🙏




This looks so basic lol. All the full colors would not flatter my skin tone


love ND formula but this looks washed out


Kind of surprised everyone seems to like it... 😬


Yeah, it's a big yawn from me.


Looks dusty to me 😂


I am a Victorian ghost and I don't think they'd show up on me. At. All.


I wish there was more depth 😪


Damn...I kind of love it


I think this is going to be like the Triochrome palette for me where I wait for swatches and reviews. The lighter mattes in that palette pack a punch and I hope this is the same.


This should be called the Retro Palette and what we know to be the Retro Palette something else sigh


I agree , reminds me of ABH nouveau palette , but I like the tones in the ABH one. I think this palette is missing a matte with depth. Cannot blame ND , I think this was made specially because people were disappointed with her retro palette compared to her mini retro.


I see not one of these mattes working for my skin shade…


It’s perfect for people like me with extremely light skin and the right undertone for it - a lot of palettes are way too deep for me if I am not going for a dramatic look. The vast majority of palettes work best for a “kind of light - medium - kind of deep” range of skin tones, at least in my experience, and even though I can definitely make many work and enjoy them I am happy that this palette would work so well for me for once. At the same time this obviously doesn’t work for a variety of *other* people so it would have been super cool to see a deep glam retro too!


Lol. It’s a pass for me




Looks chalky to me


She finally gave people the Retro they wanted thats good. And her My dream palette is good for medium to deep skin. This one will make fair skinned cool toned lover's happy, maybe. If it's truly cool and neutral, that is. I saw a lot of complaints that Glam wasn't really cool enough. I will probably skip this just like My Dream because I am drowning in palettes.


Hasn’t she come out with a palette called Retro Glam already?


She has Retro and she has Glam.


whoever is naming these need to get a bit more creative, im so confused -.- lol


Agreed. lol


If these are the actual tones, I'm intrigued. But until I see it IRL, I'm skeptical. She never really does cool tones.


Both the Retro & Glam palettes were pretty cool-toned


As a very cool toned person - those palettes definitely aren't cool. Neutral or neutral cool maybe, but not cool.


the promo pictures looked cool, but in person at least half the shades or more in both those palettes were warm and would look straight up orange on me and other fair cool-toned people. Same story for all her palettes- ALWAYS warmer in real life


This actually looks like the 60's, although it's definitely not my colours. I'm hoping it's true for those who really like it already.


It's a pass for me. I love green, but I have a whole bunch of cool toned greens already. And we really don't need more peachy shades.


Too green for me. I do agree with the person who said the mattes look white-based. Well….I’ll be keeping some $ in my pocket!


❤️ and not green enough for me!


this is what i wish the lizzie mcguire palette would have been 😭


Fiiiiine...I’ll buy it. The color story is right up my alley 😩


Oh noooo This is like my clothing wardrobe in a palette. No idea if the green shade will suit my eyes but I have to have it rip


Holy, this is actually so pretty. I tend to dig grungier greens, but this has me liking the seafoam colors more than I was expecting to >.<


Ooo I like this, looks like full size (not midi)? I prefer her larger palettes so I might have to get this one 😍


I need this.


Lowkey I like this. I decluttered to the point that I have 2 Juvia’s Place palettes (one is actually a blush palette but as a goth red eyeshadows aren’t as pigmented as those blushes), the Lorac mini pro palette (best value for best versatile and super pigmented neutrals - lasts forever and you can create 10+ looks with colors that actually show up on dark skin, I use it for work), and the modern renaissance palette that’s basically panned in multiple colors. I like the neutrals and the few brights could be used for a cool pop of color, and her formula is notoriously good for a reason.


Ok, if this is true, this might be the first midi I buy full price, I just love green + pink! Now, if she can make an olive toned palette that'd be my dream


Oh noooooooo I like it so much 😭 the temptation is gonna be strong on this one.


Wait… wait I think I love this


Goddamnit. This one I want.


I hope it would pigmented enough


I like this, but I feel there is something missing here. I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but something’s off.


Be still, my pastel heart I may actually buy this.


Fully half of this wouldn't show up on my lids, and I'm only NC25 (though most of that is because I have olivey yellow undertones). Sigh.


This is very pretty!


Tired ass, dull palette but I kinda like it.


[https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e7/ea/2a/e7ea2a9569950e0fdc4a86fc046dc7f8.jpg](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/e7/ea/2a/e7ea2a9569950e0fdc4a86fc046dc7f8.jpg) I'm a graphic designer, i'll try to change parameters in the picture to approach it to the real colours in the palette


“Leaked.” And why is there only 1 deep matte? This is just like Venus XL2 but hopefully the quality is better


I was looking at this thinking oh how cute maaaybe ill give it a go but man youre so right, a single deep matte for the whole palette? pass.


It looks like one of those cream-powder shades and those just don’t have great pigmentation so I think this palette will have even less depth. She could’ve removed several shades in here that look alike and added some deeper mattes


Ok but why does this look like my mother's makeup in 1996, and not in a good way


Because it’s called retro


Why are her palettes always leaking?


For some reason my first reaction was nope. Not a bad palette, just not something I want. Makes me a bit sad because I was looking forward to this, but happy to save my money.


It looks like Nabla's Read my Mind palette except the layout is not as nice. Kinda disappointed tbh, but at least she is trying new things :/


Well, that's interesting. I guess someone was listening when all the complaints about Retro hit the interwebs.


This is what I wanted out of the midi Retro. Would be super interested in this, but her prices on her site recently went up by 20%, so if they go up that much on Sephora, I'm done


I just can't justify the price point anymore. It's pretty but meh.


This appears to be a seriously faithful interpretation of the mini Retro in a larger palette and that's what I'm really happy to see. If I was in the market for these colors I'd be planning to buy it, but I weirdly like my Lime Crime Venus XL and this would be pretty redundant. But regardless it's a beautiful color story, it's satisfyingly cohesive, and it's appropriate for the current trends and season as we start to see more muted tones. I'm a bit surprised to see another palette leaked already after the Dream just came out, though we don't know the launch date for this one just yet. Very curious to see what this one looks like in person too, the Dream is a lot warmer in person than the pics online led me to believe so now I don't believe my own lyin' eyes.


I like my XL 2 too! I am very happy to see something that feels more true to the mini, but I wish she had just included some green in the original retro midi. This new one is almost too green, and I’m missing some of the rosier tones.


Looks similar to Anastasia’s Noveau palette


I have that one, and it's very warm toned compared to this


Finally something for us cool toned bitches


Oh my I NEED it


Instant buy. Feeling good I held off on the my dream palette.


I love that ND caters to the cool toned lovers like me. Warm tones make me look like a clown but ND always delivers.


Ohh damn that's actually very pretty. I hope it performs well.


I'm not a fan of muted colors but I know lots of people wanted this so I'm happy it exists


It’s pretty but why the recycled name?


This is what I wanted back when the mini retro came out.


I'm aftraid she will charge $130 for this one and make it a larger palette because she knows so many people wanted this color story ... even though nobody ever needs that much product. And if they do - they could just buy a 2nd palette


It’s actually a midi that retails for 65


Anyone know the possible release date?


Unfortunately no, we know only about 3 existing palettes as a Retro Glam 🤔


Ooooh I like it!


I really want this!!




I need it!!!


I actually love this!


Holy fuck this might be my first ND palette. My birthday is on a couple of months...


I never owned anything from Natasha Denona but this palette caught my eye


I looove this. The packaging looks so much like the pastel palette though


If that top right shade names Rare is red, I’m so in.


damn, i love this. have been able to skip her last few palettes but this one is so pretty :(


This is a REALLY pretty palette


😍😍😍😍 unfortunately I'm on an almost no-spend (Boxy gets to stay for the time being). I gotta save up for trip to New York


Oh dear, I need this.


I think this just might be the palette I was wishing I had all summer.


This honestly made me think of that one l'oreal palette. I think it was peach themed? If i find it i'll link it Edit: nope, not peach themed! My bad! Its the paradise palette i was thinking of. https://www.lorealparisusa.com/makeup/eye/eye-shadow/paradise-enchanted-scented-eyeshadow-palette Whoops. 🤦🏻😂




It's pretty and I like it, but pastels look awful on me.


Yup, I'm definitely gonna be broke before Christmas 😂 This is beautiful and I will be purchasing. 😍


cool-toned and decent number of mattes? I'd be *all* over that if it wasn't for all the greens which I don't wear


Welp, adding yet another ND palette to my must haves lol. I'm gonna tell myself it's ok because I passed on a couple of her recent releases. 😬


I just want the two brown shimmers on the left :(. Nevertheless this is a lovely color story


I like this. This is more what I expected the first Retro palette to look like. If it's the midi size, I will pick this up.


Finally, lol


it's pretty enough but I won't be buying it. I have the mini retro palette and I'm pretty underwhelmed by it and the formula of the eyeshadows




Anyone else thinks this looks like the ABH Nouveau palette?


I love green eyeshadow but not of the pastel variety. I'll wait to see how this palette performs on a range of skintones first before deciding if I like this.


Somehow I can't see that color story working on a lot of different types. To me this screams pale & cool toned. Which isn't bad as we have a lot of stuff out there for warm toned people. It's just not for me.


I'm getting Baby Yoda vibes, and I am not mad at it!


None of these duplicates the mini retro palette right? Because the pink shimmer isn't here although there's similar shades to the other 4. This will satisfy lots of people but I feel like I prefer the mini more? It's more precise and the arrangement is more inspiring to me than this. I feel like she could've arranged the colors differently here. But i hope this possibly means her mini retro goes on sale?


Ugh I hope I can wear it even tho I’m pretty dark