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It looks the same????


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought so. Too similar for me to pickup sadly :/


The shades also look too similar to already existing Lethal shades as far as I'm concerned. It was the same with the first collab, too. Those blushes and that green highlighter, though...


Yes! I swear I have 2/3 of this palette from lethal already, i even thought it was a favorites curation at first.


I was confused at first, because I thought it was the first one! I was like...uh restock??


i also think its a bit too similar. if i recall correctly the first one also has a smiley-green and a light blue/periwinkle.. wish she would have picked something else for those shades. ill probably pick it up though, and the blushes.


I thought this as well! It looks the same (or very similar) to her first collab with more saturated colors instead of pastel


That was my first reaction!


I might have to pick this one up! I’ve never tried lethal cosmetics. And Theresa has been a fave of mine since 2019. I know for a fact I have none of these shades. They are out of my comfort zone but not too far off. I feel like it’s a good color story to start getting into using more color.


i’m debating it too! the color story is beautiful but i don’t know if i’d wear it everyday :/


I am intrigued by the blushes


I'm also intrigued,. My only gripe is the basic packaging. There's no indication on the blushes or highlighters that they're part of a collaboration. I wish they had the cute space packaging and Theresa's name like the palette. Imo it would be more clear that they're not just random items from Lethal. Still interested tho and happy for Theresa!


yes the blushes look amazing so do the highlighters. i just wish they weren’t singles :(


I'm happy for her but this isn't for me.


This is me, too. Love Theresa's content, but ordering from overseas right now is insanely expensive for folk in the UK and most of this isn't something I'd wear much, so I gotta pass. I hope it does well for her though.


I thought lethal ships from Germany unless something changed? Probably doesn't help though because it's still international shipping though


Yeah Brexit will make it more expensive than it might have been, plus sterling has dropped.


Exactly. I hope this sells out multiple times! I'm going to watch her videos about it though.


lethal is based in germany though? ordering from their site my stuff shipped from germany.


I’ve heard mixed things on the quality of lethal. Seems like people like their gel liners and the eyeshadows are hit and miss. Any thoughts?


Yes. I was just thinking that. The mattes are chalky on me and their shimmers aren’t my favorite formula


I got the last collab's set and do enjoy the palette for what it is. I also recently got the Nightflower palette after it got restocked, and it's so pretty; I would recommend it to others. I don't know if I just got bad batches, but I had awful luck with the liners! I got all three from the last collab, and Spectre was the one I was especially excited to try. It immediately dried out, so I just got crumbles every time I tried to use it; the other two eventually did the same though not as bad. I've used Duraline and other tricks to revive them, and nothing. The best I can do is add a drop of Duraline every time I want to use one, which imo is ridiculous when my Bobbi Brown ones have been going strong.


The liners are known for drying out fast. I even keep them stored upside down in a dark drawer but to no avail. Now I use a do of duraline when I go to use them. It doesn't bring the entire pot back to were it was but allows you to keep using them with the same quality as when you first buy them. I haven't had any issues with the shadows.


I own a whole bunch of singles and the Berlin '89 palette and I'm really torn on Lethal. The quality seems fine, but I feel like the shades end up rather muted on the eyes, even the bright shades, and with a few exceptions, the products seem not very finely milled. I don't know how to explain it and I've not tried any comparable formulas from other brands. If not for the fact that Lethal is the only indie brand I don't have to pay an arm and a leg in shipping for, I'd probably stop buying from them. But I love their colour stories. I'm torn.


SNAPS** True statements


I have the Nightflower, After Dark and Velvet Dusk palettes. I also have several singles and cheek products. I love them all. The mattes blend really well. The shimmers are not typically metallic, blinding from space shimmers but they are beautiful and don’t crease or fade on me.


I love their mattes! I'm heavy handed (though getting better at not being) and find a buildable matte formula to be easier for me to blend. Their gel eyeliners are notorious for drying out fast.


The matte eyeshadows fade out on the lid. They're not that vibrant throughout the day. I think they fade in a really flattering way but it's not what everyone is looking for. The shimmers and metallics to me are very meh. They're not super glitzy or sparkley.


I love their shadows! The mattes blend so easily and the shimmers are beautiful you just can't see them from space.


i love their eyeshadows! i dont think the multichromes are anything special considering the high price, but the mattes and shimmers are really beautiful and work great! i have most of their shadows and are a trusty go to because they always do what i want them to :)


I only own single eyeshadows in probably all finishes. Mattes are nice on me, shimmers are nothing more than okay (no intense shimmer/metal effect) and the multichromes were very underwhelmed. Would buy mattes again if I need specific colors but that's it.


I don't get the color story personally. If the middle shade was green or purple shimmer than I would have bought it. I love Thereasa and I've heard mixed reviews about Lethal so I think the only way would be to buy some shadows and try for my self, but it won't be this collection.


Is that a dark red gel liner I see ? I'd have to see more pics to get a better idea of the tone, but I might be interested. Overall cool collab, still not the palette for me but this looks like good teamwork.


The packaging for the palette is cute, but the color story isn't for me sadly. I own all those colors already, and I definitely don't need to buy it just for packaging. I like the green highlight but I have multiple already. I'm happy for Theresa though, shes one of my fav BGs and it's awesome she got another collab.


Looks extremely similar to the first one lol


The shades are all dupable within Lethal’s line already (and more impactful than these versions).


It looks the same as the first one, but just more saturated. I'm also not a green person (I fear it does not look good on me) so I will pass on the palette because it has shades I won't use. Tbh the only thing that interested me in this collab was the bacon blush. Not because it looks like bacon, but because the color is a shade I'm in love with for blush! But I think I might have something similar in my collection and I don't want to pay extra for shipping just for 1 blush. I love Theresa, but I do wish this was a bit different from her first collab. But she is someone who also knows her comfort zone and knows what colors she enjoys most, so I guess I can't fault her for going for a similar vibe in both collabs.


It's giving me "Mini Controversy" vibes...


Came here to say this


I want everything but the eyeshadow palette, lol. And how fitting that the palette in which I keep my single blushes and highlighters already has Theresa's "Alien Slut" sticker on it!


Not into it personally. Looks like the first release which I wasn’t interested in either 🤷🏼‍♀️


I’m waiting for the *basic bitches are lethal* collection


It could be The Anne Collection!


I wish I liked Lethal’s formula. But I find it’s a bit too expensive for what you get.


Are these supposed to be new shades? None of them look new.


The collection does not interest me but I LOVED listening to her video introducing it.


I def like this color story better than the first one


This is the first collab I’m going to get in a long time.


I am totally getting Moon Rock for sure


Not me thinking this was a rick & morty collab 💀


I won’t lie, I’m not SUPER feeling the palette but I’m alllll over those blushes and highlighters. Also, I feel instead of buying this I’m gonna buy her Alien Slut hoodie finally 🤣💜


I found the color story of the eyeshadow palette to be very underwhelming. Easy pass for me


Was watching the premiere and I am so fucking looking forward to this palette 😍 also the purple blush looks nice, I definitely don't have a similar shade in my stash.


the "bacon" one is pretty cool too hahaha


Lethal’s eyeshadows just always look so chalky to me. I don’t know. There’s no way those colors would would show up on my medium toned skin.


I'm on the fence with the palette since some of the colors look similar in pan to what I have from other palettes. I'll check out the video tonight when I can get on YouTube to see the swatches of everything--hopefully that'll give me a better idea of whether I want to buy anything. I was wondering if Theresa was hinting at another collab, so I'm happy to see that it's true!


I love this! Is it as pigmented as it looks???


The eyeliners from the first collab dried out sooooo quickly. It was sad because they worked beautifully when new. I am able to revive them with Inglot Durlaline but I am annoyed that I had to purchase a separate product to make them work, especially because they’re not cheap. I made sure the lids were on tight and even tried storing them in an airtight container once I first noticed the issue. I just pulled one of them out to look and it’s one solid clump. Disappointing.


this hurts me because i bought one of the eyeliners from the collection 😭 thanks for the recommendation i might have to pick it up as a precaution


I’m definitely not the first person to have this issue so hopefully they fixed it with the new launch!


When are indie brands gonna realize that there are more than 4 influencers to collab with…


I like that Plan 9 bacon blush, might pick that one up. The palette isn’t for me. Again. The artwork is cute though. I feel like the highlighters, colored and stark, are a bit dated, even though Theresa made them part of her brand. Missing a discount code in her launch vid. Lethal has been doing them lately.


I like this one better than the first, so I'm interested.


Buying this with zeal. I love our Garbage Queen. I didn't get the first one as a latecomer, but this palette and a blush and highlighter are moving into my home.


I probably won’t pick it up since I probably have all of those colors in other palettes but I think it’s cute.


Yes this is cute, I like it. More my style than the first palette. Too bad there’s only one dark crease shade though. I think I’ll pick it up if it’s not too expensive.


It reminds me of the 2020 retro palette they did




Love Theresa but the colors aren't for me.


I really like Theresa but we have incredibly different tastes in makeup. So it's not a surprise to me that I have no interest in her collabs with Lethal. Those colour stories are just not me. Hope they do well though!