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Me on the train: "I bet they don't even know I used the GREEN blender today, fucking poors" 🙄


Umm if you were truly ✨elite✨ you would know it’s “Mint” 😂




I cackled


So did I!🤣


Fucking poors...omg I'm laughing so hard.


That breaks out to 16.25 a sponge, which is almost 20% off the normal price of a beauty blender, and yet is no less ridiculous a price for a sponge. And the fact that it feels normal to sell 12 at once shows they’re inherently disposable after a certain point, and for $195 I could get a fabulous set of brushes to last until I basically don’t have skin anymore.


They are disposable, you’re meant to replace them every few months.


Even so, this is like 4 years worth of beauty blenders! They say every 3-6mo, so let’s say replace every 4mo for easy math. That’s 3 blenders a year. Who knows what foundation I’m going to like in 2024… the last two I tried look like utter shit with anything except a foundation brush.


Except I don't. Been using the same 2 for like 2 years lmao if you regularly clean them they're fine. Well RT anyway


Wish I had scrolled down the comments instead of bothering to do the math myself.


I feel like this is just an extreme version that highlights the ridiculous of so many holiday gift sets. Like yeah, you save money buying this pack of 10 lip glosses for the price of 7, but do you actually want, not just 10 lip glosses, but the specific 10 shades in this set? I felt the same way with FabFitFun. I'm paying $50 for a box that contains a candle that retails for $90, but if I was never gonna pay more than $20 for any candle on my own, am I actually getting a good deal? Totally different if you split the sets up as gifts or go in with a few people on them, but the way they're marketed is always from this angle that the average consumer is going to get value out of every single similar product in the set.


I got a free FabFitFun box and just paid shipping and I hated all of it except the one item that probably costs $7 at TJ Maxx. It was so disappointing lol


Glad I never tried fabfitfun..sounds like a waste. I would rather buy what I like.


watching Alexandria Ryan has certainly cemented my belief that mail boxes are a waste.


The only one I like is boxy charm. I’ve tried most of them and got items i would never use, but I use most of my boxy charm stuff. If I can’t use it, I save it and donate it to womens shelters at Christmas.


Fab fit fun sent me a product that cut my face. These glass massage globes with sparkly purple glitter in them. You’re supposed to put them in the freezer and massage your face with them. I froze them, and I guess there was a crack in one of them that broke when I pressed it against my face. Literally rubbed broken glass across my cheek. They didn’t care at all. I’m still not over it.


Holy shit, that's egregious. Customer service gave you no response?


The responded and basically told me that sucks for me but it’s not their fault so they wouldn’t give me anything for free. I said I don’t want anything but an apology, told them to fuck themselves and cancel my membership, they responded that I’ll get the next seasons box and then be done as that’s their contract. I literally said “shove your contract up your ass, if money comes off my credit card I’m marking it fraudulent”. They didn’t take money and they didn’t send me another box, never heard from them again. Now I just go around on social media telling ppl not to buy fab fit fun boxes because fuck them.


Bunch of random junk box


I feel like this isn’t even up there with some of the most ridiculous sets. At least you will eventually use all those beauty blenders. They all do the same thing and don’t expire. Twenty lipglosses tho?


I got 2 fabfitfun boxes and they were horrible. Wtf am I going to do with this crumpled stuff off AliExpress?


Meanwhile I use a $5 real techniques sponge because they’re all the freaking same


Omg thank you. I always felt like an outlier saying this because people are like freaking critics about sponges. I’ve tried BB, CP, and RT’s and they’re all the same to me. I’ve noticed no difference at all.


I've had a few sponges that I didn't like the texture or squishiness of, but I certainly don't think you need to spend Beauty Blender prices for a good sponge! I'm working my way through the Wet n Wild Care Bears sponge set. It's going to last for at least the next year!


Wet n Wild has some really good sponges. I bought all the SpongeBob ones and was shocked at the quality. I am currently using the purple color changing Care Bear sponge and will definitely be purchasing the set in the future.


For me, RT is where it’s at because it’s just easier to be able to get a sponge from the local drug store.


There's a difference. BB gets moldy very easily. RT doesn't get moldy at all.


Pawpaw sponges from MissA. If you like them, great. If you don’t, cool! and keep spending way too much on sponges no one but you can discern the difference.


That’s literally what I use lol $1.50 or a dollar each Just makes sense


See, I do see a difference between sponges when I use them and absolutely hate the RT one but the shop miss a is actually my favorite I have tried.


Yeah I’ve always found the RT one too dense. 6 years ago when there were fewer options, beauty blender made more sense. But now WNW and lots of other brands make equally soft ones


I love those pawpaw sponges, and find them bouncier that the bb, so I buy them 20 at a time and get them shipped to me in the uk 😂


I pretty just use RTs because it’s easy to buy at a drug store down the street from me. To each their own, I just feel like a complete outlier for not feeling any difference.


Don’t feel bad! RT has great sponges 😉 I’m more talking to the Beauty Blender crowd that think they’re superior- they are not. They’re being swindled. But apparently happily swindled. Meanwhile I’ll be over here with my 50 cent paw paw looking snatched.


I've been using beauty blender for 10 years and because of this sub i actually bought a RT sponge and the only difference is that the RT sponge is better. It's denser, doesn't pick up as much product, blends just as well as a bb, and as a bonus it has that wedge shape which is excellent.


I can definitely feel the difference in their bounciness. That being said, I’m not sure if one performs better than the other.


All sponges are not the same. There are affordable options though that aren’t 195$! My favorite sponges are juno&co 6.99


The juno ones are my absolute favorite


I don’t fully agree though, side by side, the beauty blender has a different texture than the real techniques one when wet. To me the beauty blender feels softer and fluffier whereas the Real Techniques one is a little more dense. I do however feel the beauty blender sucks up way more product than the Real Techniques one and that the price difference is def not worth it lol


$.99 on sale ecotools, bay-bee


Awww yeah gimme those clearance sponges


Lol I use my fingers or a brush because I’m too cheap to keep buying sponges…


I find that the RT one has a better shape for application and holds moisture better than the BB. And the RT mini sponge is WAY better than the mini BB


I’ve been using the RT sponge for at least 7 years now and love them


right?? like the shop missa sponge vault is like $10 for 7 of them and they’re actually different textures, not just different colors.


My new fave from them is the Miss A silidip. I wait a few minutes, use the silicone side to spread my concealer, let it set, use the soft side to blend anything else. The coverage this gives me is top notch!


Even a $5 individual blender is too bougie for me. I want two for that price.


Right? Me using 1$ sponges 😂


RT was one of the first dupes of BB ever. Praised for having similar hardness etc. Now every brand has their own sponge or multiple, but I always use RT because I like it~


Me NOT running to buy this. Is there a difference in each blender or a just a different color? Could be a steal if someone is interested in the brand.


Die hards will have a favorite color and claim it performs differently, but the brand itself doesn’t market them as different.


The black one is definitely superior. It's the only one that doesn't get tiny rips & washes completely clean! It also stays firm for its whole life.


I can tell it’s definitely noticeably firmer than my pink, but a con of it is that it can be hard to tell if your sponge starts growing mold.


Omfg no way they do that🙄


I just enjoy having a not-pink one 😆 I like the greens and purples because they'r my fav colors, but performance wise pro/black is actually better than the other colors for whatever reason. Otherwise they're all the same


Out of this bundle the only one that is different is the Pro, aka the black one.


I don't need this but they look kinda edible from far away, like Cadbury candy-coated mini eggs. Idk why i'm thinking this way, i just ate dinner. 🤔


I agree! They look delicious at first glance.




Me drying my tears once I buy almost $200 worth of sponges that I can only use to apply makeup and not clean my house or live in pineapples. ![gif](giphy|64afeic9yXeeTuULAT)


Monet would definitely approve this message


I would hope she'd soak it up!!


She rolled with that sponge the entire season 😂


Not wrong. It got her the camera time tho lol. I always find it hilarious when other queens from Season 10 talk about Monet's little sponges got everywhere the whole season and that some of them even kept the pieces as mementos 🤣


She’s still rolling with it.


“Girl…soak what up?”


Girl, the way this made me fucking cackle. Scared my cat how loud I laughed 🤣🤣


I've never used the Beauty Blender but I've always been curious to see how it performs. I'm not *$195 plus tax and shipping** curious 😅 Especially not for sponges meant to throw out after about 3 months. It just seems impractical! Edit: I just realized this 12 pack doesn't come with anything special, like some kind of unique anniversary reusable holder or bag. Such a missed opportunity!!


I don't care what Beauty Blender says, I refuse to throw out sponges every 3mo! I throw them out when they start to fall apart or are too stained to clean!


Same. I have a black one and I use the Beauty Blender soap to clean it daily and I won’t throw it away until it starts to visibly crack or degraded


I used to use the Beauty Blender soap (tried both the pump liquid and the solid bars). Then I tried using a bar of Ambi Black soap, and it made my sponge look brand new lol, removing foundation and concealer gunk that I assumed was a stain at that point. The bar soap is $2 at Walmart, and if you use it just to clean your sponge, its big enough to last well over a year lol


Thank you, this is excellent news because my two year old giant Beauty Blender pro bar is on its last legs and I was already feeling resentful about having to spend thirty bucks on a new one (even if I do get literally years of use out of them, I resent that price for soap!)


Chile, your Beauty Blender is living a pampered life!


A few years ago, I decided to try to use one sponge every day and see how long I could I keep it going. It was an EcoTools sponge and it lasted a little over a year before tearing.


If you have Costco, they show up there for $14 occasionally. Not an amazing deal, but worth a try. I think the beauty blender has a unique texture but it soaks up way too much of my makeup and isn't worth the price.


This is a real testament to Beauty Blender as a brand struggling to keep up with the changing landscape of the beauty industry, and has been for a while. Let's give credit where credit is due. The original beauty blender changed the standard for makeup sponges. Before the BB, it was only those white triangular wedge sponges. Since the BB, companies have increased the quality of their makeup sponges and offering them for way less than $20 each. Beauty Blender as a brand has failed to diversify their product line beyond the original BB. Nothing that they've released has reached that kind of cult status. Honestly, it's a miracle that they're still in business.


Do they still have that foundation line?


They do, as well as concealers, primers, setting powders, a liquid highlighter and some brushes. That's what my local carrier has in stock, anyway. Never heard anyone mention, much less rave about those products and didn't know the full range until I checked. 🤷🏻‍♀️


one-trick pony. which is fine, not every business needs to have a portfolio but you know this is just a money grab attempt with no money cuz no one is buying this lol


GIRL. Miss A Paw Paw sponges are Right. There.


Yes! They even have a vault that contains different textures (mochi, microfiber, silidip, etc) with actual variety and not just different colors!


There you go making sense!


The PawPaw sponges are incredible!


Right?! Any time someone mentions Beauty Blender, I HAVE TO mention AOA Paw Paw sponges. They're under 10% of the cost of one of these! It's nuts to buy a Beauty Blender once you've found the same thing for less than $2. Especially if you're a MUA and have to keep dozens clean and in rotation.


Same! The quality, product performance and durability is on par with BB and it’s softer too. I toss my dirty ones in a laundry bag with makeup puffs and wash with mild detergent on gentle cycle. Can be air dried or dried in dryer on low setting.


Hell, I put them in with everything and do regular wash. No gentle cycle necessary. Lol


Never heard of these! Thank you!!


Where do you buy these? :o




Yes indeed!!! I love their Paw Paw sponges. I feel like people are sleeping on this, they don’t get enough love.


I love them. And you really need to be tossing sponges regularly, so you shouldn't be spending so much for a pretty disposable item. Miss A is genius for selling the Paw Paw sponges in value packs.


Yes! Plus there's a slight price break, and when you add their 11% off promo, it's unbeatable! I try to always wait for one of those 11,% sales to place an order, but the prices are so good it's no big deal if I don't. I'm glad so many people are up on Miss A! They're one of the last retailers to offer makeup at such incredible prices.


The solid brush cleaner is really good for their sponges. I've never tried the makeup as I'm scared to use makeup that cheap because I have sensitive skin.


For what it's worth, if you stick with their brand aoa, you should be okay. The other ones they carry can be really hit or miss though


I love my pawpaw sponges!!!! They hold up better to washing than every other traditional sponge brand I’ve used (BB, RT, Ecotools, etc). Plus the multipack is soooo affordable.


"Iconic for a reason" more like ✨overpriced for no reason✨


cant wait for this to go on sale and be like 40 usd in total, i might buy it then. the shopmissa and other sponges people mention often arent easily available in my country, and the beautyblender works well for me. i never ever would buy something like this even half off though, buying sponges is like buying TP, boring but necessary (in a makeup sense).


What about WetNWild? I bought one of them this year and I'll rebuy 100% when I need to replace it. It was like 4€ too!


thanks for the rec :) ill look into trying one of those. i also have found juno sponges that i like (not the weird pillow-consistency ones) but the black cloud one i think, that one is around 6 usd and i can get free shipping from beautylish (though 25% taxes on it, but at least no import fee). i like the juno one just as well as the beautyblender, though sadly it cracks easier, like those little tears that develop into big ones over time


The WetNWild one hasn't cracked on me! I got it in February I think and it's still kicking :) hope it helps!


In *this* economy????????


Buy sponges from shop miss a! They're the best!


Yep, their Paw Paw sponge is the only one I've been using for the last few years.


100% agree they are the best!


They’re pretty fantastic


I mean $20 for the original is still too much lol


It’ll be at Marshall’s/tj maxx next year


If I’m being honest…I would buy this because nothing matches the beauty blender for me and I use it everyday…it would be nice not to have to buy a new one for awhile lol


Yeah same. I’ve tried them all. Especially since this doesn’t go bad I would be set for a long time.


I never get the same results with other sponges either, but I see but I see the Original BBs at 50% off multiple times a year, so this set isn't really appealing to me.


I was thinking I was the only one who didn't hate this! It would take me so so long to go through those, so wouldn't be worth it but other than that, I like a lot of the colors & I'm not mad at the set (assuming I got it 20% off, of course!)


Same here. I’m still a diehard Beauty Blender user for all my cream products so this would be a steal for me


i’ve tried a good amount of drugstore/affordable sponges and nothing compares. i keep going back to the original


Yesss me too it’s the fiber they use, it melts your makeup on your skin instead of absorbing 🧽it and works amazing for powder too big difference


I was always very picky about texture/squishyness and size needing to be like a BB but honestly the AOA Pawpaw are an indiscernible different for me


Beauty blender was truly game changing when it came out and I became very picky about the sponges I liked. A lot of budget sponges were super hard even when wet. Then real techniques was soft but larger than I wanted. But for the price I was dealing with it because $20 sponge was not in my routine buying budget. Every once in a while I splurged. But then AOA studio came out with $1.55 sponges that fit both softness and size. I literally don’t see a single reason to buy beauty blender, because AOA pawpaw is as close to an exact dupe as you can get.


When everyone and their grandma makes sponges you can't afford to be pulling this shit


Jerry: he didn't ask you for second date? Elaine: naah J: i dont get it, I thought he liked you E: It's just that i didn't do makeup J: how come? Its was your first date E: he wasn't sponge worthy


Imagine spending 2 hundy on sponges.


No thanks, I’ll just blend with actual dollar bills. 😬


So fucking insane when you consider how little it costs to make that entire thing. “Iconic for a reason” and the reason is unbelievable profits and it’s iconic in a bad way.


IN THIS ECONOMY??? No ma'am.


I could see splitting this with a friend or two because it comes out to about $16 per sponge which isn’t a bad deal. I typically replace 2 sponges about once a year so for me this would last a couple years. I also hate all of the drugstore dupes I’ve tried, they don’t wash well and I don’t like the heavier texture they seem to have.


I like how they gave colors new names. Like its not “dark pink” it’s tutu, bitch.


Just get the paw paw sponges. your wallet will thank you.


I don’t use sponges … but I do know they typically cost $20 a piece. So it is like getting 2 free if you do use this brand


Yeah this is objectively a deal. You're saving money...if you ever intended to buy 12 beauty blenders (and maybe some people, looking back over the past 5 years or whatever, HAVE used 12 beautyblenders and this would be a deal for them). So it's dumb they cost $20 to begin with but if you consider that then this is just a run of the mill holiday mega set. At least beauty blenders are disposable, shelf stable, and are something people actually go through regularly. Something like 16 lipsticks or whatever is way worse to me.


I mean if someone likes that brand specifically it's a steal. But also there are so many dupes AND these go on half off all of the time.


Regardless of price, I don't get the point of this. They're all the same except for colour. If it was a variety back with different sizes or shapes that'd be one thing, but 12 sponges that serve the same purpose for almost $200 is extortionate. It's not even like you're saving money compared to buying them all individually.


I don’t even use Beauty Blenders (I’m a RealTechniques girlie) but I do see the point of this for fans. You’re basically getting a bulk discount ($16 each versus $20 each) for buying three years supply at once. You’re supposed to throw out and replace your BeautyBlender every few months because it gets ratty and starts collecting too much bacteria. This pack is like going to Costco but for makeup.


Wow I wonder if theres people out there that actually collect all the colors of these 💀


I feel like many beauty gurus circa 2013-2017 would have container/jars full of various colors of the Blender. Some organized them by color.


like pokemon ! got to catch them all!


The super cheap ones from ShopMissA perform better, just saying


For $195 they better have an auto filter function lmao


Save your money with Miss A sponges. I still can’t believe people pay more than they need on on sponges.


I would buy this. I don’t care about colors but that would last me ages and I wouldn’t have to worry about picking up a new one. Plus use Sephora’s 20% off coupon? It’s a deal. I’ve tried a bunch of different sponges and these are my favorites. I have no shame about it


Just wait till after Xmas when it’s inevitably on a huge discount because there’s no way that many people will be buying this


I could see these being half off after the holidays. Or at least 25% off, that wouldn’t be too bad a price. But when there’s $5 sponges that are basically the same…


i use sonia kashuk sponges from target, they get big and are the perfect mixture between soft and firm. i think patty alonso uses them too. i also love beauty bakerie’s black sponges, they’re much softer than their older ones. i don’t need to spend the money beauty blender asks and you couldn’t catch me spending $195 on this.


Sonia Kashusk sponges are incredible!


I'm a curious cat. Do these actually live up to the claims of "20 yrs of flawless blending and an airbrushed skin-like application"? At least not on camera not one of the gurus I watch uses these. The one I do know who does, she picked one up during the Ulta sale, I've never seen her use it yet her mission IS to get that airbrushed skin-like application. So what am I missing besides the obvious? Before these sponges were created, damn, any sponge, my generation managed to apply foundation, liquid or powder, without them. Hands and the puffs that came in powder foundations are/were free. Seeing all of these outrageously priced beauty products is making me yearn for days gone by.


Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Just like a brush or your fingers. I do like the Original Beauty Blender best. I wash them and use them until they rip. So six months to a year if I use it often. Way more if I just use it occasionally.


Damn … AOA a+ mocci blender bears all of those and it’s not because i haven’t tried the beauty blender I DID


Their mocci blender is perfection.


a bulk pack of paw paw sponges on amazon is like $12 but ok


That doesn’t seem particularly insane to me. It’s approx. $16 per sponge. My knockoff RealTechniques sponges are $11 each at the drugstore.


I only use Miss A sponges that are $1-$2 a piece


Yeah I’ve never bought a beauty blender and after discovering MISSA paw paw sponges, I can never justify paying $20 for a single sponge


I feel like this is just for the influencer market. I can see an unboxing/PR video, followed by the packaging just sitting unused in the background of a few videos.


you can get the same if not better quality with sponges from ebay,, or amazon i forgot the name of this one set i got , but they where 9 bucks for 2 large and a small one for undereyes and they are great, ,,this set is kinda crazee lol


Elf makes really good ones too.


Miniso! I'm still mad I missed out on the one that had a case that looked like a strawberry


AoA paw paw sponges


I really wonder how popular the Beauty Blender is now compared to when it was at its peak.


You can get a really nice set of premium brushes and some latex sponges for that price lmao


Ridiculous… are people still buying them? Considering there’s so many brands that have duped them and are cheaper and fabulous.


I have the black one to use under my eyes but haven’t actually used it yet… 😂 I haven’t done a full face of makeup in well over 2 years so idk why I wasted $20 on it but here I am.


Meanwhile I wait until Beauty Bay has a sale on Beauty Blenders because never paying full price for them.


i see beautyblender is going down the same path as eos lip balms


MissA makes the best sponges (also they’re now on Amazon) and they’re around $2 each. Beauty Blender is out of their minds


honestly I do love the BB but I only buy one when I see it on big discount at Winners occasionally ( or tj max or something if you're in the US idk). I would never buy one full priced and I would never pay this much one shot for a few sponges. Bye.


is this a joke? I pay like 2$ for my sponge, but well, thats me😅


AOA by Shop Miss A sponges for me. They're fantastic. If I can't get them, or I run out, I use RT. No need to buy BB. Total waste of Money in my opinion. But my cat enjoyed playing with it! Lol


Well, they charge $20 per sponge, so 12 for $195 rather than the $240 value may be seen by them (delusionally) as a deal. I ain’t buying it, though. Good luck to them. 🤷🏻‍♀️


$16.25 per blender


If this was 2015


I think we all agreed the Paw Paw sponges are better at this point…


BB works best for me but *fuck* this. I'll get one a year as a treat at the most.


Tara babyz has entered the chat


I’d want at least 195 sponges for that price


$30, take it or leave it


i would pay around 40 usd for it, then i can even sell a few online to make up the cost. i only use one sponge a year or so (i only wear makeup twice a week and wash my sponge every time). that's around how long a beautyblender lasts before it starts to get holes and stuff in my experience. so this would last me 12 years if i didnt sell some of them or give away lol


How many faces do they think we have


…in this economy


I can literally buy 50 of my HG sponges from Model Rock for $85AUD, Beauty Blender are insane.


Real techniques on subscribe and save is game changer for me. I like the BB but not enough to pay that price over and over.


What I want to know is when will the brands start bringing out the really jumbo sponges!? RT have them but all three I’ve bought have split within the first few uses. They make blending a breeze and so much faster!


Yo i paid like $11 for 15 Primark makeup sponges. No way are these 18x better.


Not on hispanic heritage month 😂


This IS my fave bb ngl but this? nope! If they could find a way to get the foundation easily out of it I would pay more but not this lmao


I prefer Real Techniques or Beauty Bakerie sponges. You can get 6 BB sponges for $18!


I would probably buy this for my pro kit, ngl


Well. They’re $20 each so that’s $5 less than retail. Lol


I feel like they are going to go out of business like Clarisonic did, too many affordable and great options to these.


I liked my beauty blender but everytime I've had one they always break or get tears way too easy compared to the cheaper elf and real techniques sponges. I had a beauty blender tear within 3 months and I don't even wear makeup everyday anymore. Absolutely not worth the price point.


I’d say MAYBE if you’re a makeup artist who likes beauty blenders, this could be a good deal. But you can even reuse makeup sponges with different clients. Not worth it lol 😂


My AOA sponge is one of the biggest and softest sponges I've found. Less than $2 and some of the proceeds go to animal rescues or something. My Juno velvet sponge is interesting - still not 100% sold on the velvet gimmick but it's made from bamboo so I'm down to adjust for eco friendly options. Still less than $10. Real Techniques sells an awesome sponge for a few bucks too. I bought the two pack that came with a vented drying/travelling case like 4 years ago and I still have one of them, good as new. My point is, there's just no good reason to spend $200 on a bunch of "different" sponges for one person when there are equally good products for less money and less environmental impact.


Even if you go through 2-3 blenders a year, that means you're going to have the rest sitting somewhere in your house for 4 or more years. You might move, lose them, they could get moldy is stored under the sink and there's a leak. The discount per sponge isn't steep enough imo to make it worth buying 12 at a time. Especially when they go on sale at Sephora and their own site all the time. And all that is only considering if you specifically like to use name brand Beauty Blenders. Shop Miss A has $1 and $1.55 sponges, ELF's sponges are 2 for $10, and a 4 pack of Real Techniques sponges are $13 at ulta right now.


Elf’s blender sometimes runs for $2…just saying


Peak capitalism as my daughter says. My income peaked way sooner.


Real ones use a real techniques sponge they bought at tj maxx 😌


Real ones buy aoa pawpaws as a pack of 6 is under $10.


They’re normally $20 each…it’s a good deal. Lots of people don’t believe dupes are as good


It is terrifying how many of you looked at this and were like, “This is a good deal.” Like what??? Sis, that is a sponge.


some of us have to pay customs and shipping on things from far away, so while beautyblender isnt cheap in my country, it often goes on large sales, and comes with free shipping and no customs to Sweden as they sell it in all our big stores. it comes out not that much more expensive than for example RT. shopmissa (as is mentioned often in this thread) seems to cost 9,95-49usd shipping, with customs being at least 12 usd plus 25% on top of that to get here... shipping is 15-35 business days.... i guess my point is, not every customer of Beautyblender is north american, and options for other countries are much more limited, and more expensive :) so pls keep that in mind


i get and agree the price is outrageous. but the beauty blender is next level in the sponge game in my opinion. haven’t ever found anything as soft and easy to work with as that one


Same here. It’s just that much “different” that I really prefer the BB over other sponges.