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I am the most annoying person possible to answer this question: I am looking for entertainment. Which is nebulous and useless. On a more serious note: I have a soft spot for the long form creative work like SFX makeup transformations or just longer avante garde look creations. I also am a nerd. If a beauty creator wants to talk about specific products or new releases I want to hear their opinions about how it came about, the trends in plays into or against, the formulations, and what they think the "why" is behind the product. I want to watch content where the creator has an opinion but also understands other perspectives about a product. The thing about YouTube/tik tok is that creators train the algorithm and their audience to expect certain things. Generally the bigger that audience the less they like change. Since so many creators are really reliant on the income from this work any changes or any deviations from their main content is a serious risk. They can re-train the audience to different content but it will take significant time for things to bounce back (if they ever do). However not diversifying limits growth and essentially pigeon-holes the creator so that they are less able to adapt in the long run. Also having one video with a significantly lower view count can hurt the channel as a whole causing videos from the channel to be pushed less. Edit Spelling


I agree they are painting themselves into a corner by leaning into their specialty/niche too much and then their character becomes a caricature and deviating from that self imposed caricature makes them suffer. And that’s not only their problem it’s also the problem of these algorithms that encourage it. But also the fault of the audience for being so reductive and only seeing these creators as one sided one dimensional content manufacturers. A complex issue.


That's a very interesting point about getting pigeon-hold and not diversifying content. I remember when Jessica Braun started including lifestyle content and her core audience had a fit because they just wanted to see beauty content. But in the end, it worked well for her because she grew rapidly when she diversified her content more.


Yeah, it's so hard to please everyone. Personally, I don't think I'm interested in watching every single video put out by any of the channels I'm subscribed to. Sometimes things just don't interest me or don't apply to me. Like a routine for oily skin when I have dry skin. Or a video about self tanning products when I don't self tan. It doesn't really bother me because I don't expect everything to revolve around my wants/needs/likes. With so much competition for views you kind of have to branch out to give yourself a better shot. Especially with the trends more towards TikTok and short form content.


Lmao I’m just looking for something to listen to while I work. But I do really like watching people build palettes out of singles!


I love those and shop my stash videos!


Me too, those videos are so underrated and useful to someone like me who mainly purchases singles!


Could you (or anyone else who mostly buys singles) recommend their faves? I mostly buy from mainstream brands or indie brands at larger retailers. I own 2 out of 8 singles for my ideal eyeshadow collection. One is from a ColourPop and the other is from ABH. I like both but CP is average and ABH is so soft it crumbles/has a lot of fall out.


I have gotten a lot from CP at first but now I’ve also gotten several from Give some Glow, Devinah, Sydney Grace, Clionadh, and Looxi Beauty. I think GMG are my favorite for both types of formula though Devinah makes some great special shades. I haven’t gotten any from Terra Moons but they also are highly recommended. People also like Shine by SD, Menagerie, Lethal, and Pretties For Your Face.


Thank you!


Lauren Mae is great for this


Same ! (singles) Thats my fave kind of content. Sadly not everyone has a good taste or creativity for that and I see such videos dont always do well in terms of views :(


I would love to see tutorials from people who actually know what they’re doing. And by “tutorials” I mean “a well shot, step by step process that is clearly shown and explained”, not “here’s a 30 second video where I do 20 jump cuts and don’t actually show you how to do anything”. I’d love to see things like “I’m using xxx whatever high end brand, but this xxx drugstore (or easily available, affordable mass market whatever) version is also a great choice”. I’d love to see more things like “here are the Top 10 Items I used this year” and have them actually be things that someone REALLY used and enjoyed, not just products from whoever paid the most. Also: I love quotation marks, apparently. 🤷🏼‍♀️


As someone who tried to do tutorials (esp. eye makeup), it's not easy to create "a well shot, step by step process". Hands get in the way of the camera, hands knock over the camera, mirror comes into the frame, accidentally moving away from the frame, or the applicator (brushes, mascara) covers up the target (eye). It takes *a lot* of expensive gears behind the scene (camera, lights, reflector, monitor, etc) and experience to create a good tutorial. People also cut away a lot b/c sometimes the blending and building is very gradual, and viewer would get bored seeing that whole process (might taking up to 5-10 minutes) plays out, and most cameras don't even capture that colour build up well, so you end up thinking "what the hell did they just spend all that time putting on nothing for?". I haven't even gotten into pets jumping on table, family members getting into the room/force you to talk to them, or having to get up and do some chores midway. I totally get why people don't do tutorials a lot anymore, it's *too much work* for such few views.


yeah the last part!!! so many beauty gurus talk about new “favourites” and talk about how they’ll incorporate the products into their routine but we never actually see the products again. i wish they’d film a video where they show their actual daily routine and talk about what products they keep using


It would kinda nice to see how certain skincare regimens pair well with certain makeup regiments . For example : don’t use X moisturizer/serum, with X makeup.


I think I mostly watch for the personality at this point. I have enough make up and most of the new releases don’t suit me so I’m not really shopping at this point. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make me a valuable subscriber.


I like a lot of the creators on YouTube, but I’m burning out quickly now. I can’t watch another declutter of makeup That was just swatched and not even used. I understand that they get a lot in PR, but if you know you won’t use it take your name off the PR list. I’m sure it’s not that hard. I need to find people that do not have huge collections to watch and use what they have. Now, with all of the new holiday releases coming out I am definitely not buying lol. I’m kind of looking for honesty and someone that isn’t running to get the latest new thing.


Yes, it frustrates me to see giant PR box hauls and “I am so overwhelmed!!!” and yet they stay on the PR lists and continue to hoard away, trying very little. I don’t allow myself to purchase new complexion or skincare products very frequently because I want to really test out my thoughts and feelings - are there any primers this does not work with? What powder works best? etc and I don’t see how some BG are ACTUALLY testing these things. Some do a wonderful job with follow up after first impressions and I stay subscribed to those creators.


I don't think there is anyone I watch episode by episode. I just hop around and find what I need to know about X and Y. Since I am deaf, I don't experience "oh they have such soothing voice" and can't do long waffly youtube videos. That said, the content I found lacking amongst many popular BGs: - lipstick swatches on lips not just arms - how make up looks in broad daylight, because you don't just want to glam up for evening but look good with healthy glowing skin for daytime outing too without looking caked up


I love to see vids with the creator using a palette mote than once. Kat from Beauty News does "One month, one palette" style reviews and they are so much more enjoyable to me than just watching one look with every brand new palette that I'm never gonna buy


As controversial as Porcelain is, I like her "3 looks" videos because she does try to use different colors from a single palette to create the 3 looks and it makes it interesting. Whether the palette performs or not, whether it's versatile enough, useful enough. That's what I get from those videos, although they're usually J\* palettes which I wouldn't buy, it's nice to see the work.


You might like Patty Alonso, then! When she gets a new palette, she usually does 1 or 2 looks in the initial review video and then follows it up with a 5 Looks 1 Palette video.


More content for people who are new to makeup. Explain what bronzer and contouring is. List steps. List products that are good for skin types, etc.


When there’s an eyeshadow tutorial I wanna see it up close and personal. I don’t know why they film it so far away as opposed to up close. I’m really interested in colour story and techniques.


Lauren Mae and Morgan Turner do a pretty good job of getting up close. Anyone that is filming with a phone facing them is limited on how much they can zoom in, if they can at all.


I adore badtothebrow for this reason!


while i do like new product reviews and first impressions, my favorite is actually the opposite; decluttering videos. i love seeing what products stand the test of time. i also really enjoy ranking videos and the more informational kind, ex. james welsh and cassandra bankson are my favorites right now (they’re skincare, but same types of videos). i also really enjoy unboxing videos (like boxycharm, allure beauty, etc).


She’s right. My view have gone down. I was doing a throwback Thursday with an old palette doing a GRWM and thought about doing it again. I just don’t think many are watching tutorials like they used too!


I’m looking for actual technique, tips, and tricks. Like I don’t gaf about product—it’s all the same really, and I’m gonna work with what I got anyway lol. Basically the laziest, easiest, most foolproof way possible to achieve a look is what I want.


I want to hear interesting or funny people talk. about makeup or while doing makeup, doesn't matter which, as long as it's entertaining. I like when people roast makeup if they're funny. I also like collection videos, storage, cleaning, anything that's relaxing and ASMR-adjacent. I also enjoy transformation videos with SFX makeup for that reason. I don't particularly like declutters (but sometimes I watch them if they're more like a collection video than an actual declutter lol) something I watch influencers specifically for is I enjoy seeing product comparisons across various brands. they get loads of products and test the formulas so that I can decide which 1 purple blush to get because I can't afford to try 10. For this I need the formulas described, I need to know specific reasons why they do or don't like a product- that way I can decide if it's suitable to my taste. I don't just want to hear "this one is bad. this one is the best." I need to know *why* because my tastes could be opposite to the reviewer's. I especially love multichrome comparisons (and I think badtothebrow does a phenomenal job at that) I don't watch many "will I buy it" or first impressions or hauls (I have too much free time I already saw everything on IG that's in your WIBI video lol. the others are because I don't see the value in that type of video)


To be honest, I’m having a hard time trying to word my thoughts on this subject because I have been so burned out with beauty youtube (I don’t have tiktok at all) this year. I’m on the verge of unsubscribing from a ton of people I’ve been subscribed to for years, but I’ll try my best to gets my thoughts out cohesively. For me, I do like reviews on [new] products, because I want there to be reviews out when I’m contemplating purchasing a product. But I almost never buy a product right when it comes out, I always wait months and wait for a decent sale. So I really don’t need these reviews to be immediate and I feel like there’s way too many ‘new product GRWM’ or ‘first impressions’ videos - which do basically nothing for me - and not nearly enough thorough reviews of a product later after trying it multiple times (at least a month of use). I really enjoy ranking videos, such as ‘ranking all my tinted moisturizers’, so that there are those thorough reviews and I can compare multiple products I was perhaps debating between and make a much more informed purchase. I also admittedly enjoy thorough series of declutters for this same reason; ones where they just do like complexion products in that video only and talk about the products. But a lot of youtubers do really poor format, pointless declutter videos in my opinion. Julia Adams also does monthly roundups and I think that’s one of the better, consistent methods I’ve seen. Swatch videos, particularly for lip products, I find lacking. While I don’t enjoy the consumerism and/or waste that would come with that potentially, if there was something that I would consider a proper, helpful job beauty youtubers could actually do, it would be lip swatches. Lip products can very so much depending on skin & lip tone. I want to be able to find a line I’m interested in and see swatches on the actual lips (not their arm!) so I can decide what one might be the most flattering on me, or a shade I’m looking for specifically. Tutorial wise I prefer ones by trained makeup artists that focus on teaching techniques for application for different skin types or for eye shapes (such as the fact I have hooded eyes). I like learning *methods*, *techniques*, and *styles*. Looks, whether multiple or one, with a specific palette doesn’t really do much for me personally. I will admit to liking the occasional haul, but honestly I prefer to see someone with a smaller, more curated collection, do that one or two big blow out purchases in the year so I can see what things have really stayed on their mind to pick up over a long period. I find frequent buyers and haulers irritating, cause they all get the same ‘new and now’ stuff or they’re hoarders with shopping addictions, and I’ve got multiple names in my mind on who some of those youtubers are, lol.


I like tutorials and reviews, ideally both featuring older makeup (or generic descriptions in the case of tutorials). I don’t particularly like GRWM as a format, so I’d rather watch a review of something new than a GRWM with tried and tested favourites. Does that make sense? I’m a bit high rn


I love anti-hauls, will I buy it videos, and similar videos (like TheresaIsDead with her makeup bingo/ hangover vids) because I like hearing the opinions of people who have tried basically everything on the planet. I also like how a lot of gurus have moved towards shopping their stash because it helps motivate me to do the same as well as declutters to remind me it’s more than ok to get rid of what isn’t working for you anymore.


I like use of older products. I like new release videos. I like anti-hauls. Sometimes I like life updates. I watch beauty YouTube to relax. The only thing that I've discovered I don't want to watch is parenting/child content.


I miss when makeup videos were about a look, rather than specific products. “Bronze Smokey eye tutorial” where they describe what they’re using and the techniques but you can use whatever you have to achieve the look without buying the products was The Way imo


Yeah, I like trying to recreate looks using the products I already have that are similar.


So I actually think there is a flaw in your logic. We are a good sample size by pure numbers but we are also by nature of being in this sub, invested differently than most people. I know some YouTubers have said stuff like “you ask me for more tutorials but then they don’t perform as well” and my theory is this: a lot of people who are actively involved in the online beauty discussion world (whether it be here or in the comments of YouTube videos or on IG) want more balance. I don’t think any of us would want reviews to go away 100% but a diversity in content so it’s not always focused on new makeup seems to be a general consensus. However, we are actually not the majority of beauty views and the silent or somewhat silent viewer who doesn’t really participate would actually rather see new stuff and reviews all the time. I’ve seen some YouTubers tell their audience they don’t actually know what they want because the views say they don’t but actually I think no one seems to account for the viewers who will never say a word.


I’m looking for a few different things and not always altogether: - someone I can listen to while I’m working. Someone who I don’t mind to hear ramble on about makeup. - Someone who is funny or entertaining. I like to see worst rated makeup videos be roasted by someone who can be jokey and have fun. - I like new makeup releases so I can compare the new product and see if I might already have something similar. Watching someone play with old makeup doesn’t work because products get discontinued and reformulated all the time. I’d rather just search the exact product if I want to see someone using something old.


Personally I like to watch people use older products. I enjoy things like "duping the vibes" (Hannah Louise Poston), returning to old favorites that slid to the back of the drawer. I also adore anti hauls (Abby Williamson) & roasting bad makeup and ugly packaging. I do watch hauls & first impressions but I prefer small realistic hauls.


I agree with the duping videos. I just really enjoy Hannah's content all-around. I also enjoy watching Amanda Z for her repeatedly talking about products she just truly enjoys using, even if it might come off repetitive to some, I find it refreshing. Alexandra Annele is another channel I find myself watching a lot because I find her funny & honest, even if I don't go for the same makeup style, she is talented at what she does & I enjoy listening to her thoughts.


This sub is not representative of any beauty guru's audience. Personally, I'm not interested in older makeup and tutorials. I mostly just want to see reviews and swatches of products I might want to buy.


Agree. This sub is a small fraction of the beauty community.


this. I think this is the best answer. This sub is just not reproduce any guru’s audience no matter how much we want it to be.




It would BE NICE if influencers could stop playing us for fools and solely a means for gaining income and start being trustworthy again. But they won’t because that’s a minority of their audience so they will cater to whoever makes them the most money. No more filters. No more not saying what you actually think when it comes to “negatively” critiquing products you’re reviewing. No more dropping everything to get the newly released thing which is actually overplayed and not new or innovative or interesting in any other way besides being newly released. Have you noticed packaging of products has gotten more excessive lately? It’s because the stuff inside has run the innovation well dry so they have to dress up their tired releases in pretty clothes to catch our attention now. Or the attention of young kids who like new shiny things I get it it’s your job and you have a job to do. But maybe that’s the problem in the first place, as soon as you started doing this for money, as soon as your ability to feed and clothe and house yourself became dependent on how well received you are, your integrity crumbled. And you would think, well then shouldn’t they want to be honest so that people will trust them? In theory yes. But the reality is that most people don’t watch these people for their expertise about products, if they even have any expertise, they watch them as a proxy to their shopping hobby, and to find ways to figure out what they should be buying themselves next for their dopamine hit and to keep up with the social media Jonses. End rant. I was watching beauty YouTube over 10 years ago. Or is it 15 years ago now? Back when it was just a hobby and women sharing their interests and looks they came up with. When you could plainly see on their crappy video camcorder whether or not a product actually worked, there was no sponsorships to lie for, no competing for views and carefully designing shots and scripts to optimize viewer to subscriber conversion. It’s funny now we have 4k cameras but the filters added on top make it look fuzzier than the old Sony that’s up in a box in the attic now. Okay now end rant for real


My absolute least favorite is when someone is doing an ad/demo from one of their products (or even a line) but the video is filtered. How are we supposed to accurately see a product, it's results, or even an accurate representation of the colors if there's a filter on it?


Yes I absolutely agree. It’s dishonest and insulting to their audience. I’m especially frustrated with content creators who make stuff with a “theme” of ethics. One person I really liked, she makes videos calling out brands for having poor shade inclusivity, particularly for dark women. Then the other day I saw one of her videos raving about a blurring powder or something, which she did a demo with, WHILE wearing a very obvious very blurring filter. Like why did you do that? If the product is as good as you say it is then you shouldn’t have used a filter because now the side of your face you didn’t apply it to still looks just as blurred as the demo side because of the filter. I just don’t understand the train if thought.


I agree with you I unsubbed to all of the phony filtered sell-out gurus a long time ago and mostly follow smaller creators now.


Phony is a great word to describe this concisely thank you I am not good at being concise haha. Who are you liking lately in terms of the people you are subscribed to?


Applause, Applause, Applause. I find myself leaving a video early on because I already know what their opinion is going to be. Reading the comments let's me know I was right. What you've described doesn't only happen with creators with large sub counts. It happens with gurus across the board. About a year ago I use to watch every video from a creator I'm subbed to and even some I'm not but now I've slowly started to back away. And now, just when I think I've found someone I enjoy and can somewhat trust it's only a matter of time before they've proven me wrong. Taking away PR and the monetary incentive I don't know what the answer to this problem could be 🤷‍♀️


I’m just here to have a good time. I like watching people get excited about product, but I just like having something on while I do my makeup.


What I want to see is how to use your collection and how to use it consistently and effectively. I like “shop my stash” and “3 looks from 1 palette” type things. More mindful consumption! My absolute favourite types of videos were the ones Sam and Nic Chapman used to do many, many years ago now. They’d recreate a celebrity’s red carpet/movie/signature look. That’s how I found them! Or it would be a “brown smoky eye” tutorial. So it was more about technique than the specific products. They’d tell you what product they were using, but they’d also suggest similar items, so you didn’t need to rush out and buy MAC Saddle if MAC Cork would do. But I will watch each and every declutter video from pretty much anyone because I love a good trip down memory lane.


Does this product do what it claims to do? How well does it do this compared to everything else? What products are truly special and unique?


A mix of old and new. I enjoy reviews and first impressions of new stuff. But I also like “full face of nothing new” like Allie Glines does. Oh and dupe videos. Love them.


ive moved away from consumerism be it big hauls or a testing new makeup video every two days. i enjoy watching project pans, shop my stashes, anti hauls and empties. someone who has actually used the products for a good while can give a much better review than someone who tries it once and forms their opinion based on that one use. i feel like mindful makeup consumption content creators wont shove products down my throat with a "im obsessed with this you all need to try it" but the obsession products change every week. a normal person simply cannot keep up with that pace of consumerism.


It’s just company for me , just listening in on something I’m interested in


Reviews! I always vastly prefer reviews of new or older makeup I haven't tried yet, with swatches, detailed descriptions, how it applied and wore throughout the day, etc.


Personally I'm still looking for tutorials that will teach me how to do a flawless winged eyeliner super fast. I've gotten better over the years, but I still enjoy watching new techniques to see if they'll help me speed up. Same goes for eyeshadow looks. And I enjoy watching videos on realistic "no makeup makeup" techniques. At the end of the day, I'm still mostly interested in getting better at doing my makeup.


The thing is, I don't think people really are watching the opposite. Some of the most popular makeup channels out there aren't review channels. James Charles, for instance, was never a review channel and I think he's still the most subscribed to beauty Youtuber out there. Sure, sometimes he does reviews, but the vast majority of his videos are of him creating looks. Smitha Deepak also has a highly successful channel that doesn't rely on reviews. I think it's just not something everyone has the skills to pull off, both when it comes to actual makeup skills and video editing. This also takes a lot of creativity and the ability to always come up with new ideas.


I don’t like hauls. I don’t need to celebrate your shopping addiction, and a haul says nothing about the products. I do like will I buy it’s, because it brings me up to speed what’s being released and I enjoy chatting about makeup. It’s also something I can put on in the background without having to watch it constantly. I think that’s the main purpose for YT for me. I also like to watch videos about products I have to get inspired.


I really liked hauls when I couldn’t leave the house to shop 😂 But I have unsubscribed to every BG that posted hauls and the few left that do, I just don’t watch their haul videos. I prefer seeing what came into someone’s collection in a monthly round up like Glitter Fallout does or just in a beauty bank style video. Seems like this encourages mindful spending and consumption over the shopping addiction and hoarding mindset.


I think the names can be a little cringe, but I appreciate that the collaboration in the project panning side of the beauty community and the challenges help drive traffic to a different kind of video. I think part of the problem is there's not enough traction behind recreations (unless it's a celebrity or you dupe a specific palette) so there's little incentive to post a "blue eyeshadow look" because unless you are a big creator with a lot of subscribers, that video is just going to get buried pages past the video from 10 years ago that has many more accumulated views. You need keywords that people will search for unless you already have an audience.


* single shadows content (creating color stories, BYOP, duping the vibes, faves, swatches, etc.) * tutorials or GRWM ( tutorials though only if done well - I already know a lot so just for more learning and inspiration but shouldnt be too technical, just fun, creative but everyday) * declutters are somtimes fun if theyre not rushed through or forced and have quick reviews and swatches as well * one e/s palette - few looks kinda of content To a lesser extent : * faves, news, reviews, anything else


I'm kind of not, really? Or I'm looking for entertainment, I guess, not beauty content per se. If their GRWM is also a decent comedy routine or I find them particularly charming, I'm there. And I know it's been highly controversial, but I actually like a lot of the shift to lifestyle content, as long as it's interesting to me. I'm not into mommy content at all, but I've enjoyed Taylor Wynn's travelogs, since I'm too sick and too broke to ever travel like that myself. I've seen a lot of people say it makes them feel jealous and upset that she's able to live like that, but I'm just glad to see the things she's seeing. But yeah. Both the Rona and being very sick with something else during the plague times have really cut into my makeup content enjoyment. I mostly only buy skincare and nail polish now.


I just don’t watch beauty videos anymore tbh or if I do, it’s to have in the bg while I’m getting ready


I like the hauls, and seeing new products. I like to buy what’s new and different; formulas are always changing and improving. I’m not a minimalist, and can’t just stick to my “tried and trues” because new ingredients and formulas are always being brought out. I watch beauty YouTube for two reasons: for reviews of a product I’m interested in, and something to relax me. For relaxation, I watch Lauren Mae or just general decluttering videos (usually focusing on high end makeup because that’s my collection.)


I am looking for a variety of things. I genuinely enjoy first impressions. Wear tests. Full face of an entire brand. GRWM are fun, because sometimes I use Youtube as a stand in for not being as social during the semester. Vlogs are fun too. Get unready with me/nighttime routines. I like comparing different brands, the best/worst of a brand, or reviewing what brands fit specific styles best. I usually don’t enjoy hauls. I want to see a person use the makeup and have something to discuss about it other than why they wanted it. I dislike declutter/organizing videos. I am there for some form of commentary on the person’s makeup or life, not to watch them clean. I guess I watch youtube videos to learn more about products, watch how people apply them, and to fill a social void.


Don’t worry. Makeup on YouTube will become fun again once you get past age 45 and even more in your 50s. Then you will look for content creators in your age group because you woke up to see your own crepey eyelids, crow‘s feet, sagging neck and jawline. Finally realizing that the thick black eyeliner and spackle foundation you are STILL wearing makes you look like a bar hag after a bender rather than young and edgy. At this point, "how much glitter can I wear before it looks bad and my kid is embarrassed ?” brings you right back online for a few new techniques. If you are lucky, you can find creators tackling their hyperpigmentation, makeup settling into fine lines, dealing with sunscreen pilling and the like without taking themselves, and the products, too seriously.


I want to see more hey wanna copy this look here's how without worrying about what brand or anything is used. Like copy looks from movies and stuff. I want to know what's popular and how to get it to try something new for fun even if I never wear it out.


Yeah I hate the trend of hauls, as it really contributes to wasteful consumerism. These days people buy new makeup to fulfil the urge of “self-completion” rather than buying makeup that they actually need or like. I feel like I’ve fallen out of love with makeup content because I can’t physically keep up with the next trend. Feel like brands like Morphe are partly to blame, they push out a new palette every other week. Whereas I respect brans like ABH for slowing down on their palette production, in favour of creating new and innovative products!


I like beauty gurus who primarily stick to makeup, ANY makeup new or old. I prefer people that are willing to get dressed; I'm not interested in hearing what they think is good if there's an ongoing armpit display every other video. (Like, sleeveless tops and bikini bottoms are both fine, but I don't want to have to keep seeing the hollow where an appendage meets the trunk of the body and where BO happens. I prefer things near makeup content to appear at least visually hygienic, as far as that goes). I'm looking for professionalism that doesn't devolve into that Kristen Wig movie "My show all about me" (I think that's what it was called). I don't want to hear complaints all of the time or all about really personal problems. I'm looking for mostly fun and educational reviews from somebody down-to-Earth but classy, who almost exclusively focuses on product. It's why Lauren Mae is my favorite. She lets you know when something is happening for her but it never overtakes the focus of her channel, she doesn't cross into emotionally dumping on the viewer. I guess I'm pretty much just looking for more Lauren Mae-like content, lol. Edit: Dead/dried up plants/grasses in the background is also not for me. Just get a fake one instead of sad looking dead stuff... Unless it's spooky. I'm totally on board with stuff that's *supposed* to be sad and spooky.


Makeup by Nikki La Rose, Smith's Deepok, Wayne Goss ALL excellent. Nikki is a working professional makeup artist who literally goes step by step and uses drugstore and high-end, Smith's does 85% eyes, but very educational, and I like Wayne's tutorials also.


Reviews that show products that are actually useful. Now, I will only watch or buy products that seem useful to my beauty routine. I’m more of a natural girl, I rarely put foundation, blush, or powder on my face and when o do I like love coverage or natural looking products. So it’s an automatic skip if it’s a new, hyped products.


I want to see instructional videos. Tips, tricks, tutorials. I’m so tired of content revolving around products and consuming.


I like rankings, panning content, in depth reviews, beauty news, will I buy it, swatch parties, collections, declutters... I'm not surprised that new makeup videos do so well. I'm pretty bad about watching new makeup videos when I'm trying to decide to buy something. I don't like vlogs or GRWM videos.


Inspiration and entertainment. Inspiration to do my skincare routine (I put on skincare videos while I do my routines), to use my eyeshadow palettes, to use my stuff up.


I'm looking for someone who can keep me updated on new products, provide informative reviews, and share tips and techniques that improve my own makeup skills. That's it. I don't want to hear about drama or someone's personal life, I'm just here for the makeup. I also want the person to be actually good at applying makeup. I tend to favor channels by professional makeup artists for this reason. A lot of the things that people get up in arms about—filters, sponsored posts, etc.—are irrelevant to me when it comes to choosing what I watch. As long as they aren't blurred into an impressionist artwork and I can see the video I'm fine and I don't care if someone is relatable or not, some of the most useful knowledge I've gotten has been from people who I have zero in common with or do their makeup in a completely different way from what I'm used to.


Tutorials have never really done it for me. I enjoy GRWM if it's a person I already like, but mostly my fave type of content is new product testing, affordable recommendations, testing "hacks" or even just someone trying new techniques, playing around with makeup and being creative!


I m tired of seeing extravagant makeup that doesn’t suit my lifestyle . I want Tutos like - 3 min makeup look for the office or get ready for your meeting at 11 or how to look good on zoom.


smaller influencers with a lack of ego and wearable/interesting looks. specifically on tik tok. i have no interest in watching a long ass video. i’ve found a few that i like that fit that niche and im happy. i dont really watch to recreate looks most of the time, i just like watching them apply.


I love videos that inspire me NOT to buy. I have no self-control and need all the help I can get in that department. This can take the form of “new products I didn’t like,” anti-hauls, dupe videos, shop your stash inspiration, etc. Basically content that encourages me to fall in love all over again with what’s already in my collection.