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Considering the Revlon prismatic highlighter is an exact dupe this isn't really needed.


I bought that for 6 bucks on Amazon.


Which shade?


Daybreak glimmer!


Revlon isn't cruelty free though :(


Neither is ABH, their factory is in China


ABH is cruelty free. The animal testing is required for products produced outside of china and sold in physical stores in china. If the product is made in China or made outside of China but sold online only the brand can remain cruelty free. ABH, elf, stila and many more have products manufactured in China and are still cruelty free.


Maybe they going to release a cream version. The cream trend is still going strong


I just thought that! I’d love this in a cream formula!!


That would be a good idea, I hope they do blush singles too I love their blush trios.


Can anyone here who experienced the initial release tell me what is the hype around the Amrezy highlighter? It was before my time and don't quite understand it from an outsider's/late-comer's perspective. I'm probably missing some of the context here in terms of its cultural impact in the beauty community.


It was great to work with on clients because it was almost ~translucent~ so it was intense but not a hard line of highlight and it also worked for a decent amount of skin tones tbh. Also this was released during ABH’s prime. Everyone wanted every new thing they released. Personally I didn’t think it was worth all the hype it got but it was good quality.


Thanks for explaining this. ☺ I do like the idea of tranluscent highlighters, but beaming highlighters i can't carry off. Glad to know there was more versatility with this product at first glance.


No idea. I still don’t get it. There are so many similar. I think it was a combination of good timing in the industry and great marketing. At this time amrezy was very relevant and so was wearing highlight.


Yeah, i'm just a little out of the loop of why people ought to be excited for this. I don't think it fits current trends for makeup at all, but i wanted to know if people share the same sentiment about it being genuinely exciting, or if it's the nostalgia/FOMO talking.


Mine sort of dried up? I don't know why.


Hm interesting… maybe you got a bad batch? Mine is in the same shape as I bought it


Unpopular opinion: this is extremely overrated. I still have mine from the initial release and I truly don’t get why everyone talks about this so much. I never reach for it because there’s nothing special about it? It’s just a light gold highlighter. I never felt like it melted into the skin and was just kind of chalky. I don’t hate it but it’s very average.


As a light skinned person, this is actually too dark and has sat in my drawer since first use(first launch even). It was pretty but not something that I can wear and like you said nothing super special, kind of dry actually 🤷🏻‍♀️


Which is funny cus I swear I heard everyone rave how great it was for pale people.


And that’s why I bought it! Mistakes were made 🤣


I did the same thing with a Becca highlighter in about the same color. I’ve now realized if it isn’t white, it isn’t light enough for me. My favorite is KVD thunderstruck eyeshadow. Hit pan on that a while back and gonna be sad when it’s gone.


I had to look it up. It reminds me of the Pat McGrath highlight I wanted last year 😭


Did thunderstruck come back ???????!!! Cuz I broke mine and it was MIA


I will say that Mac vanilla pigment and clionadh highlighter in electrocute are very similar. The shift for the clionadh one is pinky instead of golden tho. And vanilla is more pigmented.


It did not. I’ve just had it that long. Covid helped keep it alive since I haven’t left the house much in the last 2 years.


I swatched it in store, and same. I had to pass.


I like my Revlon Skinlights one better!


It looks like there are 3 shades of that highlighter. Do you know which is the dupe? Thanks!


Daybreak Glimmer


Thank you!🙂


TBH i didn't get the hype either. I still have mine from the initial launch and it's barely been used. It's just a regular highlighter that you can get from anywhere at a cheaper price. I don't even use powder highlighters anymore. I remember when ABH was all the rage and ppl just had to get their hand on her palettes.


Is this what they’re resorting to as the brand’s reputation is firmly in the trash. Release the beloved cult product and maybe they’ll forget how terrible you are?


I didn’t even think of that! I kind of forgot about how horrible ABH was and this just reminded me.


Can you explain how abh is horrible? I’m genuinely asking


They are supporting Putin afaik


Oh she was rude before this. I remember the scandal with that ugly green palette. The formula was so bad everyone hated it and Anastasia got on her IG story with the most smug message. She basically said you don’t like it because you don’t know how to use it, as she walked around her million dollar office.


the owner and her friends are Putin supporters.




the founder is pro putin!


"post-pandemic me" has reached a saturation point where IG model makeup trend is no longer simpatico or attainable with where i am right now the other day i tried contouring and highlighting and i realized i no longer have the muscle memory for how i used to do it do i want to devote the effort to re-learn how to do this? i'm not sure 2018 me would've snapped this up and paid extra for it on ebay from a reseller i'm happy a new gen will experience the excitement of blinding highlighter, baking, etc.


You’re right about the muscle memory. I’ve been trying to figure out why it now takes me so much longer to do my makeup then pre-COVID, the muscle memory thing makes so much sense.


Hey Anastasia is bringing back a highlighter, let’s all forget how she thinks it was fine kids got massacred in Bucha.




She's pro-Putin


Anastasia is a Putin fan and supports his invasion. If you Google it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.


I have friends and family in Russia and there is a fucking DRAFT happening right now. They are taking men and women by FORCE to serve in the military. I’m worried for my cousin, she is a pharmacist and that’s one of the professions they are targeting, but the word is that they are taking anyone and everyone they can. Russians are protesting, they are trying to take Putin out. No one in Russia wants to go die in a war. This is only the third time ever that Russia has had a draft. WW1, WW2, and RIGHT NOW.


My husband’s family and friends are in Russia and they’re terrified! There’s no knowing what will happen next with the unrest and now this draft.


she’s posted pro putin content i believe! if you search for her on this sub you would probably be able to find it!


I’m not the original commentator but I believe the owner was Pro-Putin and liked a picture of him when the war first started.


Anastasia Soare, owner of ABH, is a Putin supporter.


Still not buying from ABH. I’ve got plenty of highlighter, I think I’ll be ok.


I don’t get the hype with this (maybe I’m missing something) Is the formula really that amazing? Bc the color is like the most dupe-able color


I'm with you, I don't get the hype. It is a pretty, flattering color, the formula is smooth, but it's nothing you can't find somewhere else.


yeah i don’t get it either. i have it and it’s a nice highlighter but i don’t see the insane hype about it


I have stopped purchasing any ABH products because of Anastasia's support of Putin.


i've heard the lighter colour one they did after it sucks, which is too bad. i have the amrezy one and it's a bit too dark for me but the formula is beautiful


I still have my yearsss old one. Yes I still use it lol


I love this highlighter, I would love if they used this exact formula and made a pink version!!


I doubt it will be coming out soon as Amrezy just released as collaboration with PLT’s makeup line, and I bet she will have had to sign something stopping her releasing other makeup collaborations for a while


I remmeber seeing it and didnt see a highlighter in that collection and I thought it was odd. She did say in an interview or video that the Amrezy will never come back just like how Mario dedivanovic says his AbH palette will never be made again.


I didn’t know that! When did that come out? I didn’t see anything about this I wonder why?


I'm still using the original one from 4 years ago. The pan is huge and never seems to hit pan on it lol Anyone suggests other highlighter similar to Amerzy in terms of color and formula?


Check out Revlon Skinlights in Daybreak Glimmer. I like it better than all my high end too.


It’s pretty but ABH really stoped keeping up with trends last few years, I feel this gives that strip of highlighter look that most people left in like 2018


I bought it, tried it once and returned it. I wasn’t wowed considering the names attached. If it comes back, I won’t notice.


Revlon has an exact dupe for this highlighter. Don't support ABH.


If it is coming back it is one of the only expensive compacts i will buy.


No thanks if I wanted this I’d get the Revlon dupe. ABH is firmly in my blacklist.


Does anyone here own both this highlighter and the Nabla Skin Glazing highlighters? If so, how do they compare? I once saw someone mention that one of the Nabla ones is a close dupe. I own three of the Nabla shades (Privilege, Amnesia, and Ozone) but I never managed to snag the Amrezy one.


I haven't even hit pan and I use it frequently.


At this point, I’m about to start a petition because it’s been too long


Please say it's true!! I'm still using mine just because there is so much product.


Does anyone still even do the “blinding highlight” anymore?


No one. Absolutely no one wears blinding highlight anymore. Everyone who wears makeup does the exact same trendy look because we all have the exact same faces and preferences.


get her, jade!