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It’s actually on theme. I’m genuinely surprised.


It’s way better than the melt one and more affordable too


I thought Melt’s looked better.


I like this one but i agree i liked melts better. I deeply regret not buying it but i wasn’t paying attention it was LE.


I got the box, it’s just been sitting in my closet lol I can’t bring myself to ruin it


Melt’s waiting room palette is my #1 favorite palette, use it the most of any I own (then again I’m emo)


I don’t trust melt as some of their palettes seem to be hit and miss. Theresa is dead had some explode lol.


You think revolution's palette is going to be better? Melt's makeup might explode but at least it shows up.


Yeah, Revolution's shadows are not very good quality at all. I've thrown out all of my shadow palettes as they're rubbish.


Don't know where your based but there's a big difference in what region you get the palet from. I've had both the US and the UK pallets and the pigment is better sometimes in the UK pallets but if you want the colours to pop you need to use a base or both slide right off .


How in the world does makeup explode??


The powder expanded and crumbled so when she opened it. It was such a mess. Check out her video on it, it was for the weed one.


Yeah, I have the PR box (the box itself is super cool) with the full collection and not only is it IMO the best thing Melt has ever put out, but it’s also one of the most well done collections in terms of collabs. Their holiday collection last year was really pretty and a bit slept on, but I hope their collection this year is more in line with Beetlejuice and Muerte. I think they do their best when they really lean into more of an alternative aesthetic.


For the price it better be. Melt was very elegant, this is fun and cute. Both were very on brand. If I have the money I would've picked Melt's.


Same but I'm not gonna buy it, MR's quality isn't worth the colorstory




No one asked?


Ok? 🍪


Tell me why every inch of my being is dying to try the green mascara while my head is screaming DONT DO IT!


i love colored mascaras, i want a periwinkle one so bad


I think Halsey's brands (About Face and AF94) might have one! I will definitely link to it if I can find it


I LOVE colored mascaras for my lower lash line. But they're just not widely available. I kept thinking they'd trend a year ago.


I just buy clear mascara and mix it with vibrant loose pigment. Prime and use!


White mascara with eyeshadow on top also works well


L'oreal has colored mascaras! I buy them at the grocery store and the formula feels really nice. They have more basic colors like red, blue, and green


I have their purple and blue! Everytime I look fkr the green it's not in stock. They're honestly really pretty, but they're also dark, gemstone like colors so they're very easy to wear.


Avon has a great periwinkle mascara, I was surprised by the quality.


Benefit has a blue one. So does Uoma. I use them all the time!


Do it!!! Hack: use it on just the lower lashes for a slightly more subtle look


It can be used on hair as well. So I’m thinking a green streak could be interesting.


[Works out well for Miss Monique.](https://youtu.be/ea80AEjiBhs)


I’m tempted as well


My favourite color is green so if/when you see them out of stock, don't @ me


I remember getting a green mascara when I first got into makeup (so in like 2006) but it was really bad...might get this just to appease my younger self


Love the color story. The inside of the pallette is headache inducing.


I thought the splashes were fallout for a second


Potentially cheap coloured mascara? I’m in. Not for the rest or the colab though


I saw some from loreal at Walgreens


I love the l'oreal ones!


Halsey’s new line AF94 has colored mascara and its only $10 a pop. I have the red one, its good but better if you use a white primer or mascara as an undercoat :)


Sadly not in the UK :/ if it gets here I’ll keep that in mind, thanks!


Ciatè London has some on their website. Never tried them but they look like neat colors. https://us.ciatelondon.com/collections/outlet/products/keep-an-eye-on-coloured-mascara?variant=32057542574174


Check out 3ina, it is a European brand with many fun colors of mascara. Google says they are available in the UK.


I really just want melt Cosmetics to do a round 2. This doesn't excite me because I don't think it will be good quality


I'll probably buy this! I bought their Corpse Bride collab when it came out and I'm always pleasantly surprised with how well the shadows pop and blend


I await Robert Welsh's inevitable video.


If you are looking for a beetlejuice palette with good quality check out indie brand Bella Beaute Bar’s Strange and Unusual palette it’s coming out soon. Has multi and duo chromes in it too


Unpopular opinion that will get me downvoted here but I want to express it. Anyone can dislike a brand or a particular thing from it, that's ok. But I can't understand why some here are saying "it looks cheap". Well, Rev is a low-cost brand, the final price will be deemed cheap by the general public. Yes, Melt did a gorgeous job: but their whole collection was hundreds of whichever currency. You can't hold high-end or akin to high-end brands to the same standards of low-cost ones. You can and should want quality, but nevertheless moderate your expectations according to what you're analyzing. If Rev or another cheap brand invested the same way a high-end one does, the price to the public would increase. Because they can't use the same ingredients or actives (or the very same quality of them), or use the same materials, or have the same budget for research and development, or the same budget for design of packaging and illustration AND have a cheap price. Rev has the money to invest in all of that, surely, but they would be a low-cost brand no more. Furthermore, don't forget that access to all brands, in this case Melt, is not the same to everyone. Money aside, Melt is not as globally present as Rev is. Only the eyeshadow palettes (and another item I think) were available through Beauty Bay. Once they sold out, they did. Stockists won't restock collections from the USA which are limited. If they sell in 24h, tough luck. Same with Winter Holidays things, normally. Why should you be mad people have access to something? Again, you can express dislike, that's valid, I'm just hopefully putting something out there for you to consider.


That’s very valid and it pisses me off to no end when people forget there’s more than just usa. I find it impossible financially to even support indie brands. Shipping- if it’s an option may be $40. And yea melt is hit or miss which isn’t good enough at their price range. Revolution are cheap but so what they make cute products and some I’ve tried are decent.


Too bad Revolution quality is usually garbage, because it is a cool color story.


I don’t really trust them but I’m optimistic because I’ve found the Simpson’s collab decent. I think the collabs seem better than the dupe ones.


I LOVED the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror collab. The big pallette is the usual low quality (the shadows blend away/fade fast), but I also have the small Bart and Maggie palettes and they're surprisingly good. Also, I like the primer and the face brushes set from that collab as well. I was shocked because I've been disappointed by Revolution in the past.


I have the Maggie palette as well and it is really good for MR, I was quite surprised. The Lisa highlighter palette is amazing and I also have the face palette (bronzer/blush/highlighter) the bronzer looks warm in the pan but it’s neutral on me, and the blush & highlighter are really cute. I didn’t get the large eyeshadow palette because I was afraid of the quality, with all those bright mattes 🤨. But I use the ones I’ve got frequently, they were a great buy. And I have the large neoprene makeup bag, it’s so cool.


I’ve repurchased the alien slime primer because it’s so good. The highlighter palette is really good too!


I saw these at TJ maxx the other day so heads up to anyone who might be looking for them.


I think their collabs are usually better tho. I have two of the Soph x Revolution palettes and I love them so


Exactly. My husband has a friend who works in IT @ Revolution and I’ve received so so so many free palettes (even the huge ones for MUAs and it’s like 28 full size blushes in one palette, and other big ones like that), primers, concealers etc - and it’s always always crap. Every single thing I’ve ever received except that round tricolour bronzer (the one that’s all different colours like those ones from the 90s), it was barely passable as not crap.


Everything I've tried from them is garbage


And when I say so many, I mean literally a carrier bag full at a time level, including things that aren’t even out yet. I’ll probably get one of these within the next 2 weeks, and be so sad lol. Edited to add: I’m not allowed to review, photograph, or sell them. Been so tempted, but don’t want my husband’s friend to get in trouble somehow lol.


Why do you keep accepting a carrier bag full each time if you know you won’t like most/any of it? Surely that will all just go to waste?


Dude - I don’t. Did you get where I said it’s my husband’s friend? My husband goes to the pub and comes back with this shit. And fyi I give it to the local hall/club thing and they use it as stage makeup on the kids. (Edited to add and I do try it; but it’s literally employee handouts and this dude doesn’t have anyone to give it to)


The palette pan sizes are so uncomfortable


Glad it’s not just me. I can’t tell if it’s super small or my eyes playing tricks on me


They look oval instead of circles but that could also just be a bad angle..?!?!?


The design (especially of the palette) is giving me a headache. In any case, it's MR so it's a non-starter.


love the idea of this! too bad the quality will be crap


Theory: BH Cosmetics has a few small 16 pan stories like this, and Makeup Revolution only had one about 7 months ago (otherwise they are rectangular). I'd be interested to see if this could possibly be their first BH formula/manufacturer palette.


I like the pencils! Won't be buying because I already have all those colors. The palette seems a bit redundant? Some of those colors look similar enough that there might not be different enough on the eye.


It’s just okay in my opinion. The mascara is exciting and the palette is cute but I would be worried about the quality of the shadows. It is MUR after all.


I honestly think the quality of MUR eyeshadow could be a lot better if they focused on it more. The brand just pumps out so many products and has like five sub brands/lines within it, that I imagine quality control for certain things is low. Also, I assume many things are cheaply made so that may contribute to it as well but cheap shouldn't automatically mean poorly performing.


Look the Melt Cosmetics x Beetlejuice collection had plenty of issues but … Melt still did it better That mascara looks interesting though


I’m so tired of seeing things I love peddled to makeup brands and executed either poorly in theme and graphics or poor in quality. Im just tired. Please just leave my childhood out of it. You aren’t tempting me, I’m just getting sad.


Thank you!! I feel the same but instead of sad, the whole nostalgia thing makes me angry because so much of it is childish and is almost entirely marketed towards adult women...with adult prices. I think all of the Disney princess, My Little Pony, Bratz, Power Puff Girls, Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy collabs are infantilizing. We never see men's brands launching GI Joe or the Hulk collabs but countless brands that market to women can't release these collabs fast enough. There's a way to do nostalgia right and Besame Cosmetics, for example, does it very well. The products are just as high quality and the packaging is just as nice, or sometimes even better, than their regular line. It's vintage/retro/nostalgia for adults that's as accurate as possible.


Oh my fucking word, I never even thought of how men are NOT marketed to this way. This is full sleeze now


I used to work with beauty brands (on the corporate side) before moving into financial services and before doing so, I never saw it either but what I don't think many consumers realize is how big a role the marketing dept plays in new product development. Quite often, marketing, not creative/design, is where new products are initially developed and the creative/design side is brought in to execute the products that marketing has thought up. This is why we see these sort of trends that seemingly never end like the 3+ years of identical warm orange palettes and these awful nostalgia collabs. It's rare now to see mainstream brands launch a truly creative or innovative new product, or even start a new trend, as they're all just copying each other but they occasionally do, such as when Fenty's initial launch included the Gloss Bomb. Before that, it was matte lipstick and horribly dry matte liquid lips but as soon as brands saw consumers actually buying the Fenty gloss, all the rest released glosses within the next 6 months. Long story short, these never-ending trends and lack of creativity, along with the ridiculous little girl collabs, have really driven me away from the mainstream brands and towards indies. That's where I've found products that are thoughtfully created, high quality and oftentimes, less expensive.


Honestly ditto. About 2 years back I cancelled ipsy and now I purchase once a quarter max. I buy specific things from Indy brands I want or know are high quality. I plan my purchases more, and gimmick marketing really just doesn’t appeal anymore.


I did the same with BoxyCharm about 4 yrs ago and my collection is now at the point where I rarely see anything new that actually brings something unique to the table. The majority of my buying now includes repurchases of staples and a few splurge items that I've had my eye on for a while during the 20% Sephora Rouge sale in Nov. I did a few massive declutters recently and was disgusted by how much makeup I had that was never used and was essentially just money I burned. My 19 yr old niece was thrilled by the 3 giant bags I gave her but it was great to get rid of the "stuff" I had just collecting dust. I'm no minimalist but my collection was out of control.


I did kind of a 3 month declutter leading up to a move. Gave stuff away to friends, my mom, my boyfriends sister, my roommate, her mom, a friends kids who wanted it for elementary school theater. It was uncomfortable to see how much waste I had produced but it was equally very rewarding to see how much putting some effort into rehoming made it not a waste at all. That said, I’ve cut back on buying a LOT. No more urge to buy just because a sale is good, no more $10 of crap I don’t need for free shipping, no collaboration stuff unless I really LOVE it (I’ve learned that if I think I love a colab, I try to make like an insta board of similar aesthetic and 9/10 times I just learn I like a new style and don’t need the makeup lol) I have one brand I validly over buy from, but I’m always happy with their products, their packaging is well made and beautiful, and they inspire me enough it’s worth a few shades I don’t wear often. Recently I’ve been buying sample sizes from Indy brands if I really have that urge to own something new and shiny. It’s nice to buy from people that actually benefit from it on a personal level and it’s made me realize that I would be happy with 3-6 uses from most shadows I don’t already own.


What brand do you over buy from? I'm always interested in learning about new ones, especially if they've turned a one time buyer into a loyal repeat customer. For me, that's Viseart, Sydney Grace, Devinah Cosmetics and occasionally, Give Me Glow. Viseart makes my all time favorite matte shadow formula and their Cool Mattes 1&2 palettes have been my most used for years. Sydney Grace is probably a close second but I much prefer their metallic formula to Viseart's, although theirs has gotten better over the last year or so. The Viseart Cashmerie palette is my perfect neutral leaning cool toned fall color story.


I actually have some Sydney grace palettes I really love! But my overbuy brand is Odens Eye Cosmetics. I only buy once a year, usually during a good sale, but honestly their stuff always makes me happy and looks so pretty. Looking at it makes me want to use it and that’s important for me feeling like products are worth it.


I've had my eye on their products for the longest time but haven't bought anything yet because I almost never wear colorful eyeshadow and the highlighters are either too dark for my vampire pale skintone or are a color I can't pull off. I may just end up buying one of their palettes during a sale to try the formula that so many people love and if I only use a few shades, so be it. Do you have Sydney Grace's Coffee Talk or Enduring Love? In addition to having the skintone of a vampire, I also have a pretty strong cool undertone and warm tones make me look sick and almost hungover so my entire eyeshadow collection is cool and true neutral in undertone. Coffee Talk and Enduring Love are fantastic neutral leaning cool palettes and the formulas on both are just as high quality as the singles.


I'm not so sure. There's plenty of Marvel, Simpson, He-Man and Thundercats etc stuff out there, but men tend to have clothing ranges aimed at them not cosmetics. The personal grooming market for men- not including razors and aftershave - is relatively new. Brands are still trying to convince men that moisturiser is "manly" by putting it in black or grey containers and putting strong aqua and fresh scents in it. Give it a few years and I'm sure that men will be bombarded with nostalgia products just as much as women. The market just isn't there yet.


> Brands are still trying to convince men that moisturiser is "manly" by putting it in black or grey containers and putting strong aqua and fresh scents in it. lmao nailed it.


I completely understand where you're coming from and I agree that men have nostalgia merchandise marketed towards them but it's done differently than these collabs aimed at women. For men, the imaging and marketing makes the products (clothes for example) seem sarcastic, hipster-ish or "nerd chic", something adult men would want to wear or have because it's funny or ironic. For women, however, these Disney Princess, Barbie, My Little Pony...etc collabs all look like Claire's makeup but with adult prices. It's the difference in how nostalgia items are marketed and even how they are presented (packaging as well) to men vs women that annoys me as it just feels infantilizing. As I've said in previous comments, I know I'm in the minority on this as these collabs sell; they're just not for me. **Also, when I said "men's brands", I didn't mean men's grooming brands, just brands and items generally marketed towards men, like the clothing you mentioned. Sorry if that was confusing.


I enjoyed reading your take on it. Very interesting and food for thought. Thanks for sharing. :)


Thank you for the very nice response! I'm always delighted when someone takes the time to read my (oftentimes) long winded comments lol!


Yea thank you! it was so interesting.


I liked the PUR x Barbie Collab when it came out. So nice and the quality was there, too.


I’ve seen “men brands” like world of tanks collab with GI Joe or warhammer.


I love Beetlejuice. I hate this collection. I wish the Melt collection hadn't been so expensive/limited release.


It sold out so fast. I’m still bitter about that collection.


They did relaunch the entire range but it was just a bit pricey for me.


While the palette design is bizarre, I actually like the colors. I’ll wait for reviews because Makeup Revolution can be a toss up in quality.


Cute but the quality won’t be there


The lavender eyeliner!!! How is their liner?


I've only ever tried one of their eyeliners and it was nice. It was jet black, the felt tip was super thin, and it was easy to create wings with it, didn't feather or flake. The quality is hit or miss. I've mostly heard good things about the eyeliners and face products (bronzers, blushes, highlighters). Also collabs with influencers like SophDoesLife or Tammi Clarke are often better quality/have better reviews compared to some permanent items in the same categories.


I appreciate the little beetles around the pans! Such a neat detail. It’s such a cute concept to have a matching design around the pan… too bad the impact is lost on the striped background. ☹️ I feel like the palette is missing some colors. Most of all, a strong Lydia bridal red. Sandworm is off too. Maybe a pan the color of Beetlejuices wedding suit? A nice bluey-teal to match the magicians assistant? I absolutely love Beetlejuice. My Sister and I were obsessed with it as kids and watched it repeatedly.


I am honestly so tired of seeing Revolution do all these collabs! Not gonna lie I’m a sucker for a lot of it, they honestly do the packaging really well. But their formulas are some of the worst I’ve tried, I can never justify buying from them.


I don't really care about Beetlejuice, but I want that Mascara.


i think it’ll be hard for any beetle juice collab to top the melt one HOWEVER i am broke so i can appreciate this either way 😌




I wonder if this will be coming to ulta - if so I'm 100% getting that mascara.


I don’t know how I feel. I want to get the palette for my gf, but I just tried the Matrix Revolution palette with her and we hated it.


An indie brand called Bella Beaute Bar is releasing their Beetlejuice palette called Strange and Unusual soon! Their quality is great and it's always nice to support a small brand over a massive corporation!


I don't know why but this shape of the eyeshadow pans seems wrong to me


They always pack such terrible formulas in such beautiful packaging.




I actually enjoy their eyeliner formula it’s stays surprisingly well on my water line. Might pick them up as they are in fun colors. If I didn’t look stupid in green eyeshadow I would definitely get the palette.


revolution never misses with thematic packaging, it’s the actual formulas that disappoints


I honestly think it’s really cute. I love green and purple together. The only thing that stops me is this brand’s rep for eyeshadow formulas that leave much to be desired. But now that they own BH and have access to some of BH’s formulas, maybe it will be better! Actually, the format reminds me a lot of BH’s eyeshadow palette format, especially the BFF palette, which I love. So if the reviews are strong, I might pick it up—though I’m more inclined to just try to dupe it out with my de-potted shadows as I think I can recreate this vibe easily.


the color palette is pretty on theme which is great, but it looks so ashy (idk if it’s the lighting or not)


I like the packaging, but the palette colors remind me more of the animated series than the movie. I feel like there should definitely be a red/burgundy shade in there as well as more grays. Maybe even a warm brown for the sand worm world and a dark brown like the handbook. Just to break up all the pink and purple a bit and make it a little more “usable”.


All I know is I am beetlejuice trash and will be buying at least the mascara. And I’m not sorry.


I want that mascara


Whoa, I literally looked up Beetlejuice Melt 10 mins before seeing this. I was hoping that Melt would rerelease it for this October.


The pal is not half bad. I actually enjoy most of the color story. But i am not buying it bc i have yet to get a MUR prod thats worth it.


As rupaul once said “meh”, I’m not disgusted by it tho.


Maybe it’s only because Melt did the same collar not too long ago…but it just looks cheap to me. From an aesthetic/packaging vibe alone…not a giant fan. But I will say, it doesn’t look like the worst in the world


Been crossing my fingers they'd do Beetlejuice. Love all that I see in the picture.


It looks cute but I won’t be buying it. I want the ghost palette from last (?) year.


I love those pencils! The colours are gorgeous together, I could see myself wearing them regularly for a pop of colour since I don’t really wear eyeshadow anymore. I have to keep reminding myself that Revolution products are terrible lol I know I’ll be disappointed if I cave and buy them. If anyone has any recommendations for replacements (available in the EU!) I would be v grateful.


I’m gonna be very honest - this is the first collab palette that actually delivers on an appropriate colour story. I approve


It looks cute! I like the eyeshadows! On theme and interesting colors. I hope it does well.


Love the color palate. Especially the mascaras.




I really like this!


I’m honestly kinda mixed on this one. On one hand I’m surprised that they actually stayed on-theme with the colors after all the “rainbow vomit” collabs they’ve done. On the other hand (and yeah, I know this is a little nitpicky), I’m really not a fan of how washed out the shades are. I don’t really like the pastel shades and I wish the color story leaned a bit more neon or grungy instead of pastels, not to mention how all the Revolution palettes I’ve tried so far were really powdery and non-pigmented. I’d like to give it a chance but I’d have to wait for reviews first.


Not a fan of MUR's eyeshadow formulas and honestly, I'm so over the whole nostalgia collab thing. Beetlejuice is better than Power Puff Girls, Bratz, My Little Pony and Disney everything but I wish brands would be creative and innovative instead of rolling out the same collabs all the time. I find the childish collabs to be the worst because they're all marketed towards women, which I feel is infantalizing. We never see men's brands launching GI Joe or He-Man collabs but so many brands that market heavily to women, like ColourPop (the worst offender), ABH, MUR, Dose of Colors and others, release these kids products at adult prices and I just find the entire thing to be demeaning. I'm clearly in the minority as these collabs sell but I wish brands would spend more time creating their own new collections than constantly resurrecting these old nostalgia products.


‘No.’ And I love love Beetlejuice.


I LOVE Beetlejuice! This is a collection I would normally buy immediately. I won't be buying it though. I don't feel right about supporting the brand after the CEO liked the “move back to Africa” comment. As far as I know, there was never any accountability taken or an apology. I'm not surprised though. Anyway, I’ll just wait until the next brand launches a Bettlejuice collection.


Ughhh I forgot about that.. thank you for the reminder. I’m not supporting a knobhead like him.


it’s giving hot topic makeup and that’s not a good thing


Revolution anything is a no lol


The quality will be garbage, but I’ll still purchase everything. I’m completely obsessed with the movie and the musical.


would've been cool if revolution's quality wasn't garbage


Ngl morphe would’ve done better out of the 2 brands


You're getting down voted and people hate Morphe but at the same price point as Revolution it performs ten times better. At least Morphe has pigment




I’m torn between boring and underwhelming. Also, I’ve always found Revolution to be hit or miss quality wise.


Im over Revolution tbh, i hate they they focus on copyrighted themes and cashing in on fandoms than they do focusing on improving makeup quality.


Not for me. The quality is awful and these products look cheaply made.


It's Revolution and their subpar formula. Enough said


I wish Billie Eillish showcases the products, she looks great in green


I may have an unpopular opinion but although MR does a wonderful job on packaging, I could never bring myself to try any of their shadow products. For some reason, visual wise, it gives me Claire's vibes. I know I'm probably wrong but my initial thought always seems to think that they look chalky. I do however love their setting spray, matte liquid lip and, once upon a time, their micro brow pencil and pomade.


Wait who did betetlejuice last time?


Melt Cosmetics


Thanks! Couldn’t remember


I like it better than the one Melt did, and I really want those pencils.


I still have my Melt x BJ box set brand new. Use it worth anything?


Packaging is fab!


Stripes, greens, purples… it’s not terrible! I would maybe pick it up if it was made by a different brand.


Finally some fun colors to play with! I love every single item here


I will def try the mascara, I can never have enough color mascara. Especially since it goes weird fast, lol.


Not getting the pallet but the eyeliner and mascara are a must have for me! I’m obsessed


Really want that green mascara!


I need this.


Not a fan


The colors and packaging look perfect. My concern would be the formula. The only Revolution palette I didn't declutter was the Chilled palette. I'm not a fan of their formulas in general.


Those greens are awful


I’d buy it just to look at it from time to time 🤷🏼‍♀️




They actually got the color story right!!??


Is it just me, or does the palette look like it’s chalky? Like usually it can be a little deceiving where it looks nice, but doesn’t apply.. but these seem like they’re visibly awful… idk maybe it’s just me Edit: wrong word


I think "slowed down" is right in some aspects. On one hand, people still promote, buy, and create a lot of makeup/cosmetics and trends move faster (TikTok) The trends are different but still involve lots of products. On the other hand, many have shifted to lifestyle, self help, and commentary. Also, more duping videos, declutters, and project pans. These are a big change from "$2,000 Sephora Haul!" or "Lighting my Gucci bags on fire" and lean into the shift to less consumerism and minimalist makeup. Lastly, COVID decreased collabs and brand trips. This meant less chances to form cliques so less drama between gurus and brands. Less drama can mean less viewers, so gurus have had to be more creative and focus on being a good on screen personality, not solely relying on shock value for views.


Are the cake liners black and white? I haven't actually tried anything from Revolution besides their concealer so I'm a little curious. More so for the mirror and the make up bag. I've got the Melt collection and I think it's a little sleeker and on brand, but this looks like a good alternative for those who couldn't get it, or who are younger and just getting into make up.


Exactly. Melt isn’t easy for me to get to. I’d have to blind buy without testing it in person and I’ve heard it’s wishy washy. I’m not sure if they are cake liners but swatches look alright.


is there a mirror?


Looks like it! Trendmood posted more. The collection looks fab. I want the pencil case thing.


This actually looks pretty good. I’m really surprised that Revolution actually stuck to the theme.


I am wondering if they might have used the bh cosmetics formulas on this collection. If they did, it would be fire!


I am really curious about that murky green mascara.


never got an early release email and it’s half sold out wtf




green mascara??


I like it. But only if it's talc-free.


That's a very good bro beetlejuice was a so good movie horror comedy a nice combination


An appropriate amount of purple.


Looks like a better she hulk palette than the urban decay one


Looks lacklustre.


A purple mascara along with the green would’ve been sooo cool! Idk how a green mascara would look on my hazel green eyes. Purple looks good on all eye colors imo.