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Dyson hairdryer and airwrap. I used to be a hairdresser, and worked with oribe products a fair amount. They're stupid expensive, but actually worth the hype. Their texturizing spray has always been my favorite of any other brands. But the real winner to me was their Gold Lust shampoo and conditioner. That shit made even fried to fuck hair silky and easily detangled. It's not a permanent fix (nothing is for damaged hair), but definitely the craziest immediate difference I've ever seen a shampoo or conditioner make. If I were still a hairdresser, I might be able to convince myself the Dyson was worth the price... But just for myself, there's no way I'd spend that money on a blowdryer.


I had butt length hair before I decided to chop everything off but the Dyson hair dryer really saved me a lot of time. I had a cheap Revlon hair dryer and it would take me close to an hour to just dry everything. After I got the Dyson, it took me closer to 15-20minutes to completely dry my hair. It still is pretty expensive even with the best buy 20% off deal.


1,000,000% the Dyson is my holy grail, I have thick long hair and it really cuts the drying time in half!


Ooh this makes me want to try the Oribe shampoo…


You only need a *small* amount of both, so if you can afford it, it really is worth the money imo. Try a travel size if you don't want to commit to the full size!


I'm Chinese with thick hair and each strand is super coarse and thick. I constantly struggle with extremely dry hair so I tried Oribe and I'm really liking it so far but I have to use a LOT of the conditioner. How should I apply it to make less go further? I've always been the type to just blitz through a bottle -- my hair almost hits my butt My hair salon place told me for my hair I should just skip conditioner altogether and replace it with a hair mask I leave in for 10 minutes so I bought the mini oribe hair mask as well as one from ouai that's supposedly for dry damaged hair.... Sorry to bother you but I guess I'd appreciate a second opinion 😭 I know they have armies of stylists but I just want that sleek smooth kpop hair! Not this coarse dry dull mess


I used to use a ton of conditioner because I wanted to feel like my hair was fully coated, but it honestly is just wasting product. The best thing to do is squeeze excess water out of your hair first, then put conditioner starting midshaft to the ends, then whatever is left you can go higher towards the scalp. It shouldn't feel like your hair is drenched in the product (which can feel unsatisfying, especially at first), but don't worry, it's still doing its job! Definitely let the conditioner sit for a bit, that gives it more time to penetrate the hair. Skipping conditioner for a mask can be the right call for some hair types. It sounds like you might benefit from that, but I can't tell you for sure without seeing your hair in person. Whether you use a mask or a regular conditioner, always let it sit for at least 5 minutes, 10 if you can manage it (longer is fine, too). There's not much you can do about how coarse your hair is. Something I learned throughout my career is that you need to assess what your hair is capable of, and tailor your expectations to that. Some people naturally have hair that's sleek and falls perfectly, while others need to put a lot of work into products and styling to get a similar look. It's a balance between what your hair does naturally, how much time and effort you're willing to put into your hair, and the style you want. For example, my hair is curly/wavy, so if I want a sleek, straight bob, I need to be willing to blow dry and straighten my hair regularly. If I don't want to put that effort in, that style isn't a viable option for me. Without seeing/feeling your hair, I can't really tell you what it's capable of or how much work you'd need to put in to get your preferred style, so I'd recommend getting a second opinion from a stylist in person. The right products can definitely make a difference, but the biggest difference often comes from styling techniques. Most stylists will happily teach you techniques to get the most out of your hair if you just ask.


Thank you so so much for your thorough answer!!!! I really really appreciate it, I know nothing about hair but now that I've got skincare down I need to start caring about my hair. I actually get my hair straightened using Japanese hair straightening about every other year, to keep my messy hair in line. My hair is supposedly straight but would be so dry it would just frizz all over the place. It helps a lot with keeping my ends behaved but of course my hair also grows fast so the new growth will be frizzy. Thank you for the tips on conditioning -- I have spent my life thinking I need to cover my hair in conditioner. I will try out your tips and see how it goes 🥳 I would love to save on my conditioner and go through it slower!


I have basically the same hair texture you have, and I also use Oribe I find my hair loves it. Another brand I think you might have luck with is Living Proof. I have used their repair/restore mask for years and it helps so much. In their restore line they have a leave-in-conditioner and it also works! Don’t be afraid to use the mask as a conditioner and sometimes when my hair feels extra dry I condition and then mask. Most people say absolutely do not do that, but it works wonders for our hair type! If you bleach your hair, Matrix makes a blue purple mask that also makes my hair silky. I think Oribe shampoo and conditioner is better than Living Proof’s, but Living Proof is cheaper and the mask and leave-in works! The Oribe repair mask is amazing but the Living Proof will be cheaper and it lasts me longer personally. Another Oribe product I would also recommend is their restore/repair oil. I find it to be a thicker consistency and it works far better than any other oil I’ve ever used. I don’t think the brand Moroccan Oil is worth it for example. And last I’m starting to try a scalp routine and I’ve heard it makes your hair more smooth. And I’m not the best help for getting the beautiful K-pop look, but a good flat iron is key and Oribe has an interesting product to spray onto your hair before using a flat iron it’s the Lacquer spray I think and it made my hair stick straight and smooth like runway models. It definitely is an odd texture it’s sticky and weird when you apply and it then use the flat iron and it feels normal again and nothing has made my hair more straight and stay put


Oooh thanks so much for all the recommendations! I will be trying those for sure 👀 I actually get my hair straightened via Japanese hair straightening roughly every other year so my hair is usually quite straight minus new growth on the top of my head but it tends to look dull and visibly dry and I've been trying to remedy it for months with cheaper products which is why I finally snapped during the Nordstrom sale and bought the oribe set.


I worked at Ulta and saw so many people return their Airwraps and I always felt like it was a regretted purchase. My thing is this. If you are not someone who currently is spending extra time styling your hair each morning, what makes you think having an Airwrap will change that?


This was me lol, I thought it'd make me want to do my hair, but I'm too lazy even for that, I realized I'm better off finding a way to style my hair out of the shower instead of having to sit down to dry it in order to style it


I think part of the issue for people too is expecting that since they pay that much, the dryer does the work. It’s like going from a Toyota to a Ferrari and expecting not to have any issues behind the wheel lol. Just a totally different task/experience imo but I love mine and never want to be without it again :)


I love Oribe -- when I had shorter hair (my hair is still above shoulder length but it used to be more of a true pixie), I loved the Rough Luxury Soft styling paste and I shared it with my ex and the mans used the whole thing up. Right now, I've got a tub of the regular Rough Luxury paste, and a travel size of the heat protecting cream which is my favorite of the various heat protectors I've tried recently (hair is detangled and silky smooth, with zero residue or tacky feeling left behind) The products plus the packaging and scent is all around A++ // but the price definitely makes me think twice (or three times) before buying.


La Mer. I've actually tried this through a sample so I don't know if this counts. I did like it, too. I just can't justify the price to myself no matter what! Maybe Skinceuticals Vitamin C. I feel like I'm more likely to buy this than La Mer because of the contrasting views on these 2 products, but the fact that it oxidizes helps me to to stay away.


I got a sample of their Cream de la Mer, and I thought- This is Nivea. This is just Nivea? I don't even LIKE Nivea I cant imagine slathering this scent and heaviness on my face EVERY DAY.


dr. dray calls it nivea with seaweed


Same. It's thick like body butter and fragranced like a spa ... Not into it


Same! I got a sample with the lip balm (50£ but it's GREAT) and I was thinking of pulling the trigger on a cream but it smells just like Nivea! I didn't mind the smell and the cream was good by what one can judge in such a tiny sample but it just made me think are they selling nivea cream for THAT price?


Skinceuticals Vitamin C is the real deal. I've tried many serums and this is the only one that delivers a noticeable punch IMO.


Ohhh why did I read this 😂


Will I see a difference with one bottle? I’m willing to splurge once but if I don’t notice any difference, I won’t rebuy.


Try going to the Cosmetics Company Outlet; they usually have La Mer for around 50-60% off. That's where I bought my stuff.


I’ve been buying skinceuticals CE ferulic for years and I’ve never had a bottle oxidize. I keep mine in the fridge though


I hate the OG La Mer cream, but the gel is fire. I absolutely notice a difference in my skin, both when I use it and when I stop.


I use the soft cream and the smell dissipates quickly, for me, it is worth the splurge.


everything from Victoria Beckham's makeup line!!


I haven’t tried everything from the line yet but the bronzer/contour duo and blush sticks are excellent!


I really love the mascara but I’ve never used any other tubing mascara and might try a cheaper one when it runs out.


Tarte recently released one! I believe it's about $15


I’m not from the US, so tarte is super hard to find. I think I can only buy it on QVC


Yeah, I got one of her lipsticks in an advent calendar and it’s… fine? Not bad but I would never pay full price for it.


Love her eye liners, mascara, and the golden moisturizer. Didn't like her single shimmer shadow b/c it v dry.


Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes… Natasha Denona’s eyeshadow, I cannot justify hundreds for just some eyeshadow


I received a gift card to Sephora last year and decided to splurge and use it on a Pat McGrath palette. I would have never bought it for myself otherwise because of the price. The formula is nice and the shimmers are gorgeous but I probably wouldn’t purchase another one. It’s nice quality but not worth the cost imo.


One year I needed to use store credit on a return to requalify for VIB. It's why I own my one and only Pat McGrath palette. It's gorgeous, but yeah... it's difficult to see myself purchasing another unless I committed to only using that one palette.


You may want to try Pat McGrath when her holiday palettes come out. They are usually about $70- 80. A lot better than $128


Pat McGrath usually also runs 30% sale on their site relatively often. Shipping takes some time, but the price is very much reasonable with the discount. ETA: I meant to write much more reasonable.


I got the natasha denona love pallet for like half price during a sephora sale and i’m very happy with it it’s beautiful but not worth that much - i would 100% recommend if it’s on sale but not a magical life changing thing worth paying that much for


I was with you on the Natasha Denona palettes for so long and then I was doing make up for a friend's wedding and the Glam palette came out and it was exactly what we were looking for (and what I would wear in my day-to-day make up on myself) and so I bought it. I really like it but I don't think it's worth the price tag, although the shadows are nice. Unless it's like a specific thing you're going for or looking for, it doesn't make much sense. The mini palettes are fun though!


I bought the Mothership I. They’re fantastic shadows. But. I’m not one to wear really colorful eyeshadow. The duochrome in the MI is fricking amazing, though. PMG palettes tend to be very warm toned. MI is really the only cool tone option. The packaging is amazing but I’ve purchased no others. I also don’t use the one I have. I do have a Natasha Denona palette but not one of the over $100 options. I have the Glam palette and I really do like it. There’s a good selection of cool tones, the shimmers are really good as well. The shadows are quite pigmented so you do have to go easy. Worth noting that I bought these when I had quite a lot of disposable income. I’m much more discriminate in my makeup purchases.


I received one of the ND mini palettes through Ipsy. While it’s a good product, I don’t find it to be substantially better than any other eyeshadow formula.


My husband bought me the ND glam palette as an anniversary present last year. It’s nice and I like it but I’m not sure it’s worth the price. I find myself reaching for my colourpop That’s Taupe palette more often.


I only got one of the mini ND palettes to give the formula a test run before deciding if I wanted to invest and I was so thoroughly disappointed. I gave it to my daughter who was 5 at the time to add to her play makeup. Maybe the 5 pan minis aren’t as good as the full palettes but that’s kinda crappy if that is the case.


I’ve heard the ND mini’s are different to the full sized ones and the formula is apparently a downgrade, but regardless I cannot justify spending over $100 for some eyelid pigment lolllll - even the mini’s are ridiculously priced seeing how much product you get! The most expensive palette I‘ve ever bought is the Viseart Neutral Mattes eyeshadow pallete, while the eyeshadows are gorgeous, they’re not worth £70. I’m still looking for some comparable eyeshadows to my favourite ABH ones since I’m no longer interested in supporting the ABH brand!


I've heard good things about Lorac and MAC eyeshadows.


I have four of her palettes, they’re worth every penny to me! 😭


Four palettes!!!? I’m jealous!! But for real I’m glad they work for you! It’s also a plus that eyeshadow palettes last a lifetime and you won’t have to repurchase!


I have 2 and I sincerely enjoy them but they're by no means a crucial addition my kit. It's the definition of an indulgence/ splurge purchase.


I have the ND Retro and a couple minis. They're ok. I don't think you're missing out there.


The quality on natashas eyeshadow just seems fine, not terrible but not worth the money it costs. Although ive only swatched them in stores.


I bought the love palette on sale and while I will say the quality is nice I recently did a full palette collection sanitizing and some of the mattes in that palette cracked and feel like they don't have the same pigment. I cannot wrap my head around a *makeup artist* having an eyeshadow formula that doesn't sanitize well


They probably just repress it or use something like duraline if it cracks but that’s just a guess


They were just like surface cracks but there was definitely a formula change, at least for swatches. I haven't used it yet since sanitizing it so I could be absolutelyyyyy talking out of my ass but still feels a little concerning


Natasha Denona eyeshadow formulas are some of the worst I’ve applied, particularly the mattes. I have the Retro palette for context. They are terrible to blend and can turn muddy quite easily. Shimmers are nice but not worth the price. I have to keep reminding myself of that every time I see her newest palette. Not worth it.


I only have the mini nude and I think the shimmers are great but the mattes can be a bit "sticky" if I'm not careful, especially the darker shade. I am honestly a little salty that her latest mini palettes only have 1 shimmer each, and then very similar mattes.


Can you call my voice mail and just say this post? 😂 I also have Retro, and while it does fine, I expected better for the price.


SK2, sulwhasoo. I have a few deluxe SK2 essence and moisturizer samples from using beauty insider points. I save my points specifically for SK2 rewards. olaplex shampoo and conditioner. my SIL offered to buy me some with her stylist discount but we didn’t have time last time she was visiting :(


Olaplex has been a total game changer for me. I don't even bleach my hair anymore and I still love it.


Yea I think I’ll try it with my sisters discount. She gets to buy those salon tubs of it with a nice discount!


Olaplex made no difference in my hair!


I prefer my k18 over my Olaplex.


Guerlain Meteorites. Am very curious about the shimmery powder balls.


I fell in love with these...as a child, and my crazy mother bought them for me for a present. I wore it to elementary school and felt like a princess and the only reason I got away with that is because it looks like absolutely nothing. They did have a nice expensive fragrance though I have never once been tempted as an adult to repurchase.


I love these ridiculously silly little overly perfumed slightly sparkly balls of powder with reckless abandon. I have a metric ton of them all purchased from others regret sales. I put up a clear lucite shelf next to my vanity to display them and I use one of them every single day. I even bought myself an overly indulgent fude brush by Sonia G to apply them with. There really isn’t anything actual special about them in terms of ingredients or formulation or anything along those lines but dammit THEY MAKE ME HAPPY.


This👆 They don’t really do much apart of leaving some very subtle sparkle on my skin, but I love the packaging so much and even more so that wonderful powdery violet scent. They released a Meteriorites perfume some years ago, I bought two bottles on the spot. Realistically, they don’t do anything significant for my makeup look, but I truly enjoy the experience of using them. Got a meteroites brush with beautiful batik design on the handle when I bought a double pack in Paris and it’s one of my fav daily makeup rituals.


Right?! I know that there’s truly nothing remarkable about them that I could possibly quantify to justify actually purchasing them as anything other than a completely over the top personal splurge for the sake of something that just SEEMS luxurious even though it’s empirically not at all. But they still give me that little dopamine thrill every day when I get ready so I just chalk it up to vanity and keep my eyes peeled for the next good deal from another person kicking themselves for buying them on eBay or Mercari or Poshmark. I was over the moon the time I found the Happy Glow blush compact for $15. Granted it wasn’t the pearls, although I did find those too for $20…a week later.


I splurged about 15 years ago on these and it was magical on my skin. I misplaced it and bought another a few years later and they must have changed the formula because they were brittle and glittery. Later I found the original container I bought so I had a good set and a bad set. I haven't repurchased because I'm afraid they aren't like the first ones I bought. Those made my skin look amazing.


it is finishing powder. i use it to blend out my bronzer, blush, highlight. also blend my eyeshadow crease and brow bone with it. leaves a blurry satiny pearly finish with tiny shimmers. i use the inexpensive elf kabuki brush and any fluffy eyeshadow brush. ive purchased a couple of tins of meteorites balls over a number of years, they last a long time. i do not like the pressed versions at all. i use only the original balls in the 'medium' shade (im N25-30). there are lots of limited edition versions and those are usually more shimmery even glittery and/or pink or gold or bronze. while i dont mind seeing some shimmer in the sun while wearing meteorites (note generally targeted placement, not worn alll over my face), i use them mostly in winter and on special occasions. for a finishing powder on a daily basis, i prefer hourglass dim light because it has a lower level of pearl/shine/sparkle/shimmer. and it is a baked brick so easier to use and travel with. sometimes the balls can stick to my brush and jump out of their jar. also the balls are highly fragranced and the hourglass has no scent.


They do literally nothing. I have them. They look nice on my vanity. That's about it. Womp womp.


I remember when Tati used them in a video and was like “oh these are amazing!” and then never used them again (that I can remember).


Chantecaille and La Mer. I just cannot justify the price tag.


Honestly, spending similar money on iS Clinical or Skinceuticals is the way to go imo. There’s more science versus of a bunch of plant extracts.


The Gucci blush and bronzer, the packaging is so pretty but so expensive


man I've almost put them in my cart so many times cause they're so pretty but I already have products I love and they're SO expensive.


Baccarat Rouge 540 and Le Labo perfumes. They smell SO GOOD but I feel like if I bought them I’d never bring myself to wear them on a daily basis because I’d treat them as “special occasion” perfumes. Something that fancy will never be “worth it” to me and my very boring life lol


I have a le labo and I wear it basically everyday. You need so little and the scent lasts so long that I think the bottle is going to last me for many years. I’m one of those people that sees being alive as a special enough occasion and never saves anything for potential events. I will say though, that I tried santal 33 when I bought mine and I thought it was nasty. I don’t understand the hype at all.


When the world was in lockdown and I was at home in sweatpants, I still wore my Chanel and le labo perfumes everyday. Life is too short. Wear the perfume and expensive makeup and shoes and purses and drink the good wine!


I did the same and still do. Whether I'm shopping for food or going out for lunch with friends I use my Chanel, Tocca and TF perfumes, make-up and everything else. I didn't buy them to put in a drawer to deteriorate.


Yes! 🍾


Same I LOVE my Another 13 perfume it’s perfect


Santal 33 is like cilantro, in that it’s a very binary experience. Some people love it, some people smell dill. I have the dill gene and it’s so gross. But people I know love it


I hate santal 33. Got a sample of it and BLECH. > I’m one of those people that sees being alive as a special enough occasion and never saves anything for potential events. What a lovely view, and one I am trying to cultivate as well. Any recs for le labo that are the polar opposite of Santal?


I get the dossier dupe for $30 and literally people compliment it everyday and ask me if its le labo santal 33! and i love the smell personally so its a worth it dupe for me and i dont feel bad wearing it daily!


I’ve never heard of dossier, what is it??


basically an online retailer that sells dupes for designer fragrances


It sounds great but they don’t ship outside of the US which sucks :(


Finally just splurged on BR 540 Extrait and it is...remarkable. To me, Ariana Grande cloud smells like rot, but BR 540 is one of the most interesting and captivating scents I've ever sampled, and definitely needs to be sprayed on skin to evaluate.


Can you explain more what it smells like? I've been very curious but there isn't a physical store I can go to so idk if the local sellers selling the dupes are accurate. I've seen a lot of people say it's a very feminine perfume (where I usually prefer something more unisex) but it seems like the notes have a lot of wood, amber, musk (which are notes I looove) so I am confusion. Also a lot of "sooo many guys love this on me!" which I feel like usually, for women, the other fragrances that people usually say that about are ones that are typically very sweet and girly like either something candy-like or floral.


You’re not wrong about that last part. I know a lot of reviews and fancy perfume obsessed ppl talk about the “musky” notes of BR540 etc but it is my absolute favorite perfume and I wear it almost every day and I love sweet scents. To me it definitely has like some cotton candy in there (pls don’t come for me fancy perfume appreciators) but most of all it smells like a super expensive and luxurious hotel lobby if that makes sense?? I just asked me SO and he said “it smells like I’m on vacation”. Yeah it’s weird but it’s true that I get 10x more compliments wearing this than any other perfume


I tend to love expensive perfumes and wear them in my daily boring life! It just makes me happy


It adds such a LOVELY lux touch, right? I got given a bottle of Acqua di Gioia and just a bit makes my day so much better. Makes me feel more luxurious than I'll ever get to be lmao


I'm boring af too, but this the only life we're getting, love. Every day you open your eyes is special, enjoy it!


I loveeeee Le Labo Rose 31, worth the price imo. BR 540 doesn’t last on my skin at all for whatever reason :(


I am obsessed with my Le Labo. I even bought the Santal home scent by Aromascent so my whole house can smell like it too 😂


I'm sitting in my bed with my hair smelling of the BR 540 hair spray, that's all I wore today and I had 2 compliments on how good I smelled. I am a sahm, you get no more boring than being a taxi driver taking a teen where they need to go. But I'm the best smelling mother every time! I say if you can afford it spurge. Life is short, and putting off everything for special occasions means hitting middle or old age and realizing you didn't do half the things you wanted to. Wear the good perfume, wear the cashmere or lace, find the time to meet a friend and have a chat.


If you ever want to try it out without breaking the bank, alt. Fragrances is worth checking out.


I adore my le labo perfume, and I’m not someone who usually shells out on perfume or beauty products. I have basically the smallest size and wear it nearly every day; i’m only getting close to replacing it over a year later. It’s really highly fragranced so you need very little.


Dossier does dupes of both! I own the Baccarat 540 and Santal 33 dupes, and they smell amazing. The Dossier version of Baccarat doesn’t stick around quite as long as the real thing but I still get plenty of compliments when I wear it. To my nose, Ariana’s Cloud is a distant cousin - I can sort of see how it’s similar but Baccarat and the Dossier dupe smell so much more sophisticated.


Anything Tatcha


I thought this too until Sephora provided Tatcha products for this years free birthday gift 😅 Now they have me saving up for the moisturizer LOL


I got a sample of the lip hydrate one. My lips get dry for summer and i was on my way to work. I put it on and i never thought about my lips again. Im sold for it.


Any Shiseido skin products. I'd get a sample, but would never drop over $200 on a jar.


I buy my shieseido skincare at Marshall’s/Tj maxx. Just incase you do ever want to try for more reasonable prices.


I love Shiseido so much haha, but it’s more of a nostalgic splurge than actually absolute-need.


I wanted to try their foundation that “constantly refreshes itself” but all of the colors have a yellow undertone. I’m a cool peachy pink but it’s okay. I have a lot of options.


My mom/aunt use the tiniest amounts of shiseido every day and theyve been using it for decades. Their skin is really nice for people nearing 70 years old. But you can probably get the same effect with moisturizing everyday. Back then they gave a lot of samples as gwp so when times were tough they would dig into the samples until they could afford the full size. Also they used to have friends who worked at the counter in department stores so they would get a discount on the items.


I used to use the DE Protini Peptide moisturizer religiously until I felt like it was too expensive to repurchase frequently. Now I use the elf Holy Hydration moisturizer and I honestly prefer it to the DE one


Omg, you nailed it! I’ve been using the Holy Hydration recently and trying to figure out what high end brand it reminded me of, it’s just like the Protini.


I was curious about this moisturizer, and I love the protini from DE, have you tried the one with spf? Is it just as good?


Not OP but the SPF one is not the same. It pills horribly under makeup while the OG Holy Hydration is my HG.


thank you so much for the response!


I found a dupe for that from skinskool.com! Called acure, in the purple and white packaging


>I bought the DE Sukari Baby Facial and do not see the hype. Sure, it works good, but I also bought The Ordinary to compare/contrast and I have been using The Ordinary as my daily skin care routine. I have dry skin, for reference. I use the hyaluronic acid and the rose hips facial oil, and WOW, what a great duo. > >I did order Thrive Rejeuvenate facial oil, but as I am waiting, I have been using The Ordinary and now dont think I even need Thrive. > >DE is good, but not (in my opinion) what it is hyped up to be.


the oribe texturizing spray is amazing tbh. the can lasts for ages too. i recently tried the dyson hair dryer (not the air wrap) for the first time and it unfortunately lived up to the hype. thank god i'm broke rn or i'd have rushed to buy it.


What difference does the Dyson make compared to a mid-to-high range hair dryer? Is it the drying speed or does it make your hair less frizzy? I love their vacuums but I haven’t been able to justify the hair dryer.


I haven't tried it myself, but I used to be a hairdresser and have lots of hairdresser friends, a few of whom have dysons. This is what they've told me: Drying speed is noticeably faster. The majority of the weight is in the handle instead of the head of the dryer, which is very different than usual dryers. This makes holding it and using it for longer periods of time (like multiple clients a day, or just for a single person with long/thick hair) much more comfortable. It's about the same weight to a bit heavier than what they were used to using, but the difference in weight distribution was a huge plus. Not a huge difference to frizz. This isn't that surprising honestly, the majority of frizz made by blow drying comes from technique, not really the blow dryer itself. The diffuser isn't great. If you have curly hair and mostly diffuse, it's apparently probably not really worth it. It's not terrible, but not the best diffuser out there (and for the money you're spending, don't you want the best?). The Dyson is definitely my "curious about it, but not going to spend the money to find out" product. I think for hairdressers it's worth it, even if just for the weight distribution thing, but I'm not one anymore and can't imagine spending that much just for myself, lol.


I have a Dyson and the diffuser works great if you hover diffuse and don't just stick your wet hair down in the bowl.


I like the dryer. It cut my hair drying time in half and I have somewhat unmanageable wavy hair that normally takes a looong time to dry. It takes me 10 minutes to dry my hair compared to 20-25 min it normally takes me to dry. If it broke, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a new one


I asked my stylist about hers and she said when it broke she was having to double appointment times because it took so much longer to dry hair without it.


I have a Dyson and I hate it. It's heavy and it absolutely makes my hair stringy and frizzy. I have curly hair and use it with the diffuser attachment and I just...it was a gift but I hate that someone spent money on this thing.


I can answer this! I bought it for myself "on sale" for black friday. Why did I buy it? No idea. I very rarely blow dry my hair at all. I have curly hair that I wash once a week, and since I just told you I rarely blow dry my hair, you can pretty safely deduce that I would use that thing maybe once a month, maybe less... (again, not sure why I bought it, just wanted to join the hype and dump $320 at Best Buy). However. If you blow dry a lot, it's got some cool features. The smart thing Dyson did was put the weight in the handle, not the "head" so when you hold it, it makes more sense (I hope you understand, not sure if you've held one IRL) and that's huge for me, since I am using it with a diffuser. Also the magnetic attachment thing is brilliant - I've cracked many plastic attachments that are supposed to just "snap" into place. Other things I use it for: • My kids love it. After bath time they will demand HAIR DRYER, HAIR DRYERRRRRR but maybe they would feel the same about any ol' hair dryer? TBD. • It's fast and easy to use, so I am more likely to whip it out to heat up an eyelash curler. So in summary, if you blow dry your hair often, and you get it on sale / buy a used one from Poshmark/Ebay/etc, you might think it's worth it. If you are like me... don't bother.


I can honestly say that I have personally never been truly disappointed in any Charlotte Tilbury products but I have stayed away from the ones that have lower reviews (the concealer, some foundations, etc). My favorites are the exagger-eyes quad, the blush highlight wand and the Hollywood flawless filter is wonderful too (tho I hear Elf has a dupe for the HFF now). Also, most of my skin care is Drunk Elephant since none of their products have ever made my skin break out and their mini sizes for everything are super convenient for travel. My absolute must haves from there are the lala retro moisturizer and the glycolic night serum, both worth it to me personally. The only real luxury products I wouldn’t buy are the fashion house makeup lines like Gucci, Chanel, etc. I feel like I get better quality from indie brands at the same price point so I see no point to it, tho I do hear some of the makeup is nice


I bought the retro moisturizer after getting a sample a few years ago and I have to say I was disappointed.


Augustinus Bader Rich Cream MUTHA Face and Body Oil Allies of Skin Peptides Daily Moisturizer I'm too happy with my skincare routine at the moment to justify spending money on these, but every time I see them online I get the little itch


I bought the AB rich cream, twice. First bottle, I loved it! Second bottle, there was a formula change and it’s isn’t as good IMO.


Laneige lip mask. It looks cute but I am a vaseline girl lmao


If you’re interested Tj Maxx/ Marshall’s tends to have them often. They’re expensive enough and popular enough to have extra anti-tamper seals plus Laneige puts clear expiration dates


Buying it from Asian beauty stores is also a good idea as it’s grossly overpriced at Sephora


Yes! I bought the mini four pack last year around holiday and it was so much cheaper than I expected. Sephora is $24 for 20g right now and yesstyle has the same thing for $18…. And it’s BOGO right now. Way better deal.


I use this religiously and I love it, but I see that it may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Fwiw, I will say that while it is a bit pricey, a little goes a long way and it lasts forever.


I also use Vaseline but I find the Laneige sleeping mask makes a bigger difference. And for what it’s worth, my jar is going on 2 years of nightly use and is not even half empty.


It was included in a Cult Beauty edit box I got last year and I love it. I use it every night and my lips are in such good condition. A little goes a long way, I've had my pot for a good year now and it's only halfway empty.


Tried it and it’s definitely not worth the hype IMO.


Really? I have dry ass lips in east coast winters and I love it. Different strokes for different folks!


Love it too. I have repurchased it over and over again in all the different flavours. I use it before bed every night.


Aquaphor is way better imo, lip mask is sooo overrated


Laneige slides off my lips and leaves pimples on ly lip line. Aquaphor does not so I agree it is way better.


Aquaphor and Vaseline sit on my lips, they don’t sink in. It’s not the same for ne


Aquaphor and Vaseline are occlusives, so they aren't supposed to sink in, they seal in moisture. Aquaphor just has the bonus of having lanolin which helps incredibly well with chapped/irritated lips. The lip mask by Laneige (which, I'm not a fan of as it breaks me out, but I kind of obsess over lip masks. My go-tos are by Hurraw!, Aceology and Mented) is primarily made up of glycerin, hyaluronic acid and vit c, so its going to sink in really well.




Danessa myricks and Pat Mgrath. I want products from both lines but it’s so hard to blow money on something you can’t even try on. (Lightworks 4, colorfix, blurring balm powder and mgrath eyeshadow palettes) Similarly I really am lusting after dual/multi-chromes and regularly look at clionadh and terra moons but they are so expensive. And I can’t try them on


Dyson Airwrap. I’m not sure I would even use it that often but I’m definitely curious about it.


I'm definitely a fan of DE vitamin C serum especially, and also protoni. I don't find The Ordinary to be a dupe - either in texture or formula. As for something I won't try - foundations in the $60 range. I'm afraid I'd like them. 😂


Just perfumes in general. I’ll gladly buy dupes from Zara or Dossier but I simply won’t pay $500 for a perfume, looking at you Tom Ford.


Not makeup but those diptique or any expensive candles like is it really worth it does it burn nicer does it fill the room with scent better I'm so curious


I have always wanted to smell Jackie Aina’s candles…they look so pretty but goddamn expensive as shit


I doubt it which is why I don't buy luxury candles. I was obsessed with candles and tried so many brands because 1) I like trying different scents 2) I'm a fool who falls for hype. I would run into burn issues with every brand and most would have a very weak scent when burning. I would try more and more expensive brands (but never diptyque prices). I completely fell out of love with candles when I fell for the Homeworx hype from influencers and they were just duds. There is also the issue of your ceiling and/or wall becoming covered in soot if you frequently burned candles like I did. I don't mind buying luxury brands when it comes to makeup and skincare but luxury candles is the one thing I will not try. I'm completely convinced they are not any better and the markup on candles is probably more obscene than the markup on beauty products. My experience is that Bath & Body Works were the best candles. They would have burn issues at times, but their candles are the best when it came to having a strong fragrance. Sorry for the long reply 😭


Anything from isamaya industrial collection


Anything from Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona. The only thing I was curious about re: Charlotte Tilbury was the Hollywood Flawless Filter. I was very close to buying it this summer, then Elf came out with their Halo Glow Liquid Filter in the nick of time. I’ve used the Elf one several times now and honestly don’t feel the urge to get Flawless Filter anymore. I adore it.


Pat McGrath eyeshadow for sure. PS we just bought Good Genes since my wife is pregnant, hormones are wreaking havoc on her skin, and it’s one of the best rated, pregnancy safe products and uh…holy shit. Worth every dime.


Dr. Jart+ Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment. Conceptually sounds amazing but I’m cheap when it comes to skincare


It works really well! I used a jar in college for redness. It worked so well I never needed to buy it again and I’m 35 now! I recommend it to everyone.


Marshall’s sells the cicapar items from time to time. I had the minis version that contained the jar. It does a good job at correcting redness, but I find it hard to justify the cost


Dyson hair wrap, but not a chance I'm spending that much on something without knowing how it'd work with my hair. I wish you could hire one for a trial period. That hyped Clè de Peau concealer everyone used to rave about. There's a Chanel makeup brush that I love the look of, but its £42 and sorry but no, never. I love Diptyque candles, but I'm too tight to spend that much on a candle normally. I love the Oskia Gel Cleanser but I refuse to spend that much on cleanser so just always try to get it as a GWP where possible.


I hate to say it coz it’s so expensive but i love the Cle de Peau concealer and it’s absolutely better than any other concealer I’ve used. One stick lasts ages though, I’m still using the first one I bought and I’m sure I was supposed to throw it out a long time ago, oops.


I agree. Best I've ever used -- and I've tried many over decades -- and a little goes a long way. Also fortunately their lightest color is an excellent match for my skin tone. So for the foreseeable future, this will be the most expensive makeup item I own.


Skinceuticals CE Ferulic is the only vitamin c serum I’ve used that noticeably improved my skin tbh, I’ve been really happy with most of the skinceuticals products I’ve tried. I’ve tried lots of Sunday Riley and drunk elephant products and for me none of them were worth the price. Idk if there was a formula change at some point or what but years ago I really liked the Oribe texturizing spray though I stopped buying it. But I bought a travel size one months ago and had to toss it, even using a very little amount left my hair feeling really dirty and gritty and like I needed to wash it immediately, even moreso than surf sprays that also leave my hair feeling gross and dry.


The ByTerry Baume de Rose lip balm. I'm a sucker for rose scented things and it comes in such a cute little pot, but for $84 I think I'll just stick to my Laneige lip mask


I worked in the beauty industry for a long time and these are my opinions only: RE: OribeI find it worth it because even the small travel size last sooo long. (1 yr+ for me) But I did have a coworker who goes through this very fast so I guess it depends on usage? She attempted to find a cheaper dupe for it but ended up paying more money buying things she didnt like as much. So take that as you will. ​ RE: Expensive skincare with actives in general. Basically the actives, as long as they are mixed with water, will, depending on the R&D behind the formula, degrade even while they are sitting on the shelves. The Skinceuticals are stable enough that they have enough concentration of vit c that they claim to have when you open the bottle, but then it's a dropper, so air is going in the moment you open it. You either finish a whole bottle in 40\~60 days or basically the rest of the bottle by the X day mark is 40% as effective as when it was just opened. So either get things in ampule form or super small packaging that you can use up in a month, esp for vit c. Retinol is a bit different iirc it degrades in light. RE: High end color cosmetics There's nothing un-dupable about the formula of a high end cosmetic. Usually the lower end of the chain will just use the base formula (minus the fancy ingredients that are really there for marketing purposes than actual benefits), they might even be manufactured in the same factory. However, the high end version's actual color will be much more nuanced than the low end one. It's more about the ease of making a nuanced color (the exact ratio of pigments that might be trade-secreted etc) vs. a color that's higher in saturation or needs less different pigments in the formulation itself. When your skintone is very neutral, the latter wont matter as much, but if you have any more prominent pink, yellow or green in your undertone then sometimes there's a certain "je ne sais quoi" that cannot be replicated easily by drug store offerings.


I love texturing sprays and didn't like the Oribe spray. It made my hair feel really gross, almost like after you go the beach and hair feels sandy. I've always been curious about the La Mer cream but would never spend that much on it. I don't spend much on skincare as it is. I use tretinoin and really basic products on top of that.


Anything from the major "house" fashion brands (Dior, Gucci, Chanel etc) it just never felt worth it for the price. I'd do a perfume but never makeup. Also as products in general I'd never buy anything other than drugstore for eyeliner, brow products, mascara, or powder foundation. The stuff I use every single day and go through really quickly just don't justify expensive products. I'd rather spend that money on something that stays in my collection longer


I do love a Dior lipstick.


I have to admit, the Chanel Eyeshadow quad I was gifted for Christmas is the most amazing thing I have ever used eyeshadow wise. But it’s ridiculous expensive!


Chanel makes some of the prettiest foundations hands down. Their creamy bronzer is HG for me. Frankly, if I had to pick just one line to use for the rest of my life, it would probably be Chanel.


I’m gonna be honest: the dior products almost got me once 😭


It's okay Marc Jacob's almost got me a few times


The Dior foundation is my splurge and I only use it on occasion but I get compliments when I wear it. Fenty is my everyday wear to work and then Essence for weekends, it's so good for like $4!


Tom Ford eyeshadow. I have a hard time believing any eyeshadow is that good


I'm going to sound like "that" person, but pretty much all of them. I'm curious about all of them, but I'm too cheap to actually pay what they would cost.


Hourglass powders especially the 6 pan ones they released. I’m not a powder girl so I can never justify that price tag but oh my are they pretty. Also Tom Ford quads. Their eyeshadows quads that have pretty packaging. I’m not about to sell my limbs for that but my goodness I really like the look.


I was going to say the holiday release from Hourglass. I have had the Ambient Lighting Powder for a few years and I like it. It’s not something I use everyday, but when I remember to use it I always like my makeup. I’ve heard good things about their blushes and I’m trying to resist the butterfly palette.


They really do something for my mature skin that other powders don't. I try to use my ULTA points for it so it doesn't hurt as much.


SILKEN PORE PERFECTING SUNSCREEN by Tatcha. Too expensive; ill have to stick to my Cerave morning face sunscreen


Clé de Peau concealer. It’s a holy grail for so many and so hyped up, but I cannot bring myself to spend $100 on a concealer. Someone tell me it’s not worth it lol


Anything from Danessa Myricks. Her stuff is just sooo expensive and as pretty as it all looks, I can’t justify the price.


I am so curious about Skinceuticals but that price tag is ridiculously hefty. My skin is quite sensitive and I would hate to pay that much money just to create more issues on my face/not see any benefit.


La Mer or La Prairie. Neither sounds like it lives up to the hype from what I've heard.


the tatcha water cream! i heard its really good and i like a lightweight moisturizer in the morning but i cant justify the price tag. i’ll just look for a dupe instead


La Mer cream. It doesn’t seem worth the hype to me…is it? Just because they play music for their seaweed and all that doesn’t mean it’s a miracle in a jar. I call it La Merde.


La Merde cracks me up LOL Music for their seaweed? 😭😭😭


If Pat McGrath's products were cruelty free maybe I'd be more actively interested in purchasing, though I cannot justify 130$ for an eyeshadow palette. My fingers would literally hurt from hitting that button. Same goes for the Natasha Denona full size palettes. Nope.


Just for kicks I want to try quads from Tom Ford, Chanel, and Guerlain someday. Definitely curious about Sisley lipsticks but $60+ ooooof. Same goes for their $100+ foundations, fantasy me would love to. Ditto for super lux lipsticks in general. The highest I'll go is YSL and even then I'm really only a sucker for YSL because I genuinely find the formula on my lips to be worth it Also...the entire Chantecaille store. I have tried only a few things because is expensive but damn if the packaging doesn't feel like it directly targets my animal obsessed self


Tom ford shade and illuminate radiance foundation, Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes


I have the TF foundation and it’s one of the worst I’ve ever used :( no matter what I do it applies very patchy and makes me look like I have awful skin texture


That LED mask thing La Mer


I completely agree with Charlotte Tilbury. Also, the CT foundations look amazing, but I have such oily skin that if I’m going to spend $50+ post tax on something, I need to know it will stay put for long wear. Like I might as well cough up the extra $ and get a Tom Ford foundation that I know is a perfect match and wears well on me. Moving on: -Hourglass I want to try their face palettes SO badly, but their shade range sucks & color matching is hard. I’d hate to drop $80+ and not be 100% in love with it. -Pat McGrath palettes They’re very pretty, but I’m not about to drop $100+ on a formula I’ve never tried. -Natasha Denona (specifically the large palettes) I own numerous smaller ND palettes and LOVE them. Like they are my most reached for palettes for day to day wear. I even have a backup of one! That being said, I got them all through boxycharm for under $20 a piece (or included in my normal box). As much as I adore the formula, i can’t imagine spending $60+ on a palette. Plus, her larger palette color stories aren’t typically my favorite. -Danessa Myricks The price point on her palettes is a bit more than I’m willing to spend, especially considering there are always a few shades that I would never use in every release. -Clionadh cosmetics Their multichromes are jaw dropping, but they rarely make palettes. So once you pick out 4-5 individual shades, you’re looking at Pat McGrath prices. Might as well just find something similar from Lethal cosmetics (who has solid quality) & save yourself 50%.


I’ve bought Good Genes and Skinceuticals - they are that good but I won’t buy them again.


Huda beauty


the new danessa myricks palette. I understand why it’s at that price point, but goddamn.


Hakuhodo brushes - I would love them for my kit I will splurge on my skincare but thankfully I get it all for free so I can splurge on my makeup if I need to.


The $400 LaMer soft cream. 1 ounce. What can this cream possibly do?


Chantecaille- some of their packaging is just to die for 🤤


La Mer — just a bit like wtf are you so expensive but I don’t care about it like that to even consider trying. That one Lancôme makeup remover Nikkietutorials raved about ages ago. I prefer my tried and true to venturing out especially if it isn’t staying on my skin. PMG, Natasha Denona—your eyeshadows aren’t so spectacular I’ll give up my hard earned money like bro


The Bifacil eye makeup remover? Vichy's from the same parent company and I think it's the same if not even better. I have a sample from Lancome's and have been buying Vichy's for a while. It lasts forever and it takes everything away with surprising ease. It costs like half of what the Lancome does.


Dr Dennis Gross IPL Dark Spot Serum. It’s €111 for 30mls. What if it doesn’t work out for me and I wasted that money, what if I love it so much I want to continually repurchase? Either way, my wallet hurts


La Mer and Chantecaille


Anything from La Prairie