I am tired of the “trying new makeup” videos, whether it’s a full face or a new eyeshadow palette. Too many first impressions instead of well thought out content.


This is why Emily Noel is my favourite YouTuber - she is completely against the concept of "first impressions" and only puts out thoughtful reviews and content. She will try something new for the first time on camera, but stresses it is not a review. I adore her!


yessss! i love emily. love the concepts of her videos as well. not just always first impressions or GRWM’s. :)


She's genuinely so creative with her video ideas, I love it! And she is the only person I trust because she has never accepted a sponsorship. Love her!


I love Emily. I’ll never unfollow her. She seems like an old friend I could have a cozy fireside chat with at this point, Lol


Same. I want to see them actually RE-USE something. I’ll often see them using the same concealer, foundation, blush. Things like that. But never really eyeshadow palettes. They do 1 video and that’s it, sometimes 2 if they use it in like a get ready. But for the most part it’s once. I get the videos with new stuff apparently is what get the most views which is I guess why they do it. But, I see in comments all the time people asking to shop stash and things and hardly ever see it with most people.


It’s a frenzy, the more of that content they create the more their audience will want to buy, to which they’ll look to them to know what to buy, so then they’ll keep making more stuff like that and keep buying all the newest products. But then they have to buy the next newest products so they don’t have time to actually use anything they already own and properly test it. The YouTube algorithm shouldn’t be so controlling with requiring youtubers to post consistently without fail and meet engagement metrics without fail. If creators have a video that doesn’t do well the algorithm punishes them for it, so they have to just make content of whatever will make them the most engagement because that’s what’ll make them the most money. Because this is a job. And that’s what makes most of the content feel so disingenuous. I appreciate they have bills to pay. But their content is more “what’s the most believably honest I can disguise these videos as even though they’re what will generate me the most income” it’s sad that’s how it has to be. Once people find their niche they’re pigeonholed into it by the performance metric requirements.


that's what I like about morgan Turner in her speed reviews, she actually gives her final review on all products she has tried that month after multiple uses.


Morgan’s collection makes me uncomfortable. I saw a tik tok on what palettes were bad that month and one was apparently boring. I thought no it’s just you have a billion new things everyday


>Morga it's funny because seeing people such as her with this insane amount of makeup actually is what turned off from wanting a big collection in the first place. Not only it's so wateful, but just thinking about owning so many useless things gives me anxiety. I don't care if you're a "full time makeup reviewer", no one should own 500+ eyeshadow palettes


People find things to take issues with. When she was attempting negative reviews with palettes it was oh they aren’t interesting to me. Then why buy them! And yes it must encourage us to want more subconsciously. I cannot enjoy full time you tubers sorry. I want them to have “ real” life’s. I miss Stephanie Nicole and I want tiny channels that are more passion projects. Morgan’s spending is too full on for me. I even watch a couple Liz channels that buy dior every other week but they all work real jobs and are tolerable.


I agree - I used to hate lifestyle but I have moved more toward that. Especially since I wear less makeup now, I just don't need to see every release reviewed multiple times. At this point, the only two I watch with any regularity are Julia Adams and Tarababyz. I like the fresh look so Julia Adams is actually relevant to my style and Tarababyz basically just assures I essentially see every release swatched lol. I've come to like a lot of hybrid people. I like Tina Yong a lot - she does do occasional makeup reviews/looks, but she also does a lot of trying tik tok cooking hacks and the like. I don't have tik tok so there's a few people I watch that try popular cooking and gadgets hacks.


I’m similar. I used to dislike vlogs and lifestyle content but now it’s pretty much all I watch. I (sadly) only wear makeup maybe twice a week since having a kid.


I've tried getting into lifestyle and I just can't. It's my bestie's favorite genre to watch and I feel bad when she wants to show me something and can tell I'm so *SO* bored, even tho I try to hide it. (We've been friends since middle school, now in mid 20's so I'm not surprised she can read me like a book 😆) If I may ask.. what parts of lifestyle do you now enjoy that you didn't used to before?


I enjoy a lot of the “testing things out” lifestyle videos - so like where they test recipe hacks or they test popular gadgets. I suppose I likely enjoy they for the same reasons I enjoyed makeup ones - the potential to find something cool I might not have seen. And I enjoy a lot of whacky challenge ones as well. I think what a lot of them have in common is they spend like 3-4 minutes per topic. I still don’t really enjoy vlog type “follow my day” ones.


Yes! Watching someone run errands all day just makes me feel like a stalker lol I didn't even know those other types were in that genre, thank you 😊


Honestly, I tapped out a few years ago. When I started getting into it, I was looking to build my make up collection and learn to use what I had. So I enjoyed good reviews of products and also tutorials on getting creative with palettes. I even liked get ready with mes because people had smaller collections so they used things over and over and you got a sense of what their favourites were by what they were using every day. Same for the 'favourite of the month' type thing. You'd actually see things they'd used and month to month there would be cross over for products that they actually liked. And reviews were good. People would do daylong wear tests that were actually 12 hours out and about and not just "I put on make up and sat around the house for 4 hours". And they'd test things over a span of time and compare them. My favourites, Kathleen Lights and Vintage or Tacky would always do multiple look videos per pallet and I LOVED that! When a new pallete came out, everyone would do multiple videos over a few weeks. There was also this one person who would do eye swatches of every new product. But I feel like that content disappeared back in 2019. The pace of make up releases ramped up and PR packages got out of control and the pressure to release more videos has killed the quality. It became all 'haul' videos of stuff that never seemed to get used or 'first impressions' instead of an actual review. You'd have one video for a not yet released pallette and then never seen it again. Not only was that less useful to me but it started to really make me sad. I held on for a while because I found my favourites to be comforting. But eventually I just got depressed watching this rampant consumerism just to consume (also weird social drama and crying seemed to really creep into videos). It was no longer even escapism for me.


Everyone was suffering from anxiety at one point. They feed on each other.


Yeah, I also think they drew the wrong conclusions from what their view numbers were telling them. Views on regular vids went down and the drama vids went up so they started making more of the content bc they thought it's what people wanted. But for me, their regular videos were losing my interest (bc of all I said above) but I still cared about that person so when I saw a feels video I would watch bc I cared about how they were doing. But I really just wanted them to go back to their old content. Eventually I stopped caring about them and the never ending onslaught of feels videos and also BG reality show style drama.


You definitely have a point there. Edit next day: I wanted to make clear that I didn't think that their anxiety wasn’t real. as a matter of fact, they often triggered my own anxiety. A felt uncomfortable watching because for some people they would repeat the same patterns over and over and you want to help but there’s no way you can. Yeah I didn’t wanna give the impression that I didn’t think that their problems were real problems. They definitely are. I was just writing on the fly yesterday.


It’s not multiple videos over a few weeks, but Patty Alonso does 2 videos for most palettes-a review/first impressions video featuring 1 or 2 looks and then a 5 looks 1 video.


what’s frustrating to me is how bad youtube is at recommending videos - i know everyone clowns creators that make fun of the “algorithm” but it’s true. i get recommended the SAME creators over and over, and the same type of video. oh, you watched one video by kelly gooch? here’s a recommendation of all her videos. you liked a single video by MannyMUA? well surely you want to watch all his videos that have 1M+ views! here’s all of them recommended. you watched a “Top 10 cream blushes”? here’s 5 videos with the same idea. nothing tangential, nothing new, and tutorials are the ones LEAST pushed out. also, anything new that isn’t what i’m already watching simply won’t land on my radar. to me that’s the biggest problem, and yes i have a small crow brain that loves new and shiny things, but damn even *I* am getting bored of the same creators over and over and the same ideas ad naseum


It doesn't even matter if you say I don’t wanna watch this


In my experience clicking "don't recommend this channel anymore" works better than "not interested in this video". I'll still get that genre, but I won't get anything from that particular channel at all ever again.


I don't sub to Morgan Turner anymore but for WEEKS YouTube puts her community posts up for me to see. Why? I'm not engaging with them, even.


I’m about to unsubscribe from Morgan simply because of her dumb community ads! I’m so sick of every single day seeing a sale ad from her for purses or some luxury makeup brand.


Don’t forget, she’s a full-time professional makeup reviewer. Did she mention she’s a full-time professional makeup reviewer? 🙄


Which is not even true, in my opinion, because she's a niche reviewer. There is nothing wrong with having a niche, whether it's affordable or luxury cosmetics, but if you wanna be known as a "makeup enthusiast professional reviewer this is my job" that description encompasses more than expensive stuff and what indie PR you get but otherwise would not put money into. Why can't she just say she's a luxury makeup enthusiast or something? Ugh. I admit it's something that wore me out. Obs: nothing wrong with her choices, I just got tired.


Same. I finally unsubscribed yesterday.


My favorite are the tutorials but they aren’t popular anymore


Same! I love a tutorial. I’d sooner watch one than a say, a haul, any day.


I like tutorials too and I find them more on tiktok and Insta than YouTube


I'm tired of hauls and shop or not videos. I want tutorials on creative looks, I get that covid has stamped out alot of people's creative processes. But I want to see some creativity to spur my own. Kinda why I'm mad Alissa Ashley pulled her tutorials she was really good at them and had different types instead of same thing with different colors.


I totally agree! I’m trying to cut down on my consumption, so hauls and “splurge or save” type videos almost stress me out at this point, if that makes sense. I just want to watch videos / tutorials to help inspire me to use what I have in new, creative ways.


PR unboxings are worse than the hauls videos IMO. So many of those so called influencers act entitled and unappreciative and flaunt themselves with some just tossing aside any products that aren’t high end. Unboxings lost popularity and for good reason. There are just a few who still do them. I understand this is a business move for companies but many of these influencers could afford to buy the products themselves. Not all, but the majority of influencers are tone deaf and can’t seem to realize no one cares about these type of videos. I only watch about 3 people on YT now because they are the only ones who actually have any watchable content.


I totally agree! I always hated PR unboxings and hauls. Especially the PR unboxings with the wall of packages behind them like “look at all the stuff I got!“ in the thumbnail 🤮 It’s nice you get all that but no need to flaunt it. Make a video showing things people want to see. I get some say they do it to show what they have and ask subscribers what they want reviews on but I feel there’s a better way to do it. Most people comment things they’d like to see in videos even without a PR unboxing so they can easily gauge it from that. I also hate brands sending like every single shade of foundation to influencers. Like you seriously can’t send them a few in their shade range? There’s PR people in contact with influencers. It’s easy to find out if they’re light, medium, or dark and only send the light, medium, or dark shades. It just irks me so much they’ll send the entire range!


The wall of packages behind them. This! And I agree sending every. single. shade. of foundation to one person is ridiculous and such a waste. I’ve also noticed, with one influencer in particular, that they claim they will put unwanted PR products in a giveaway or donate them and then however many months later you see those same products in a bin or being tossed because of past expiry dates or because “I just don’t use this” 🙄 In other words, they never planned on a giveaway or donation. It was just all for show and fake generosity. I think the days of YT beauty influencers is way past the expiry date.


Yep! Exactly! Or I don’t see it on the bin or them saying they don’t use it, but never see them do anything about a giveaway so it just apparently got thrown out anyways….possibly donated but doubtful. It’s just crazy! It’s such a simple thing to send just the shades in the range, but nope! Gotta send all 50 shades! Or whatever crazy number it is!


This is exactly what got me interested in makeup YouTube in the first place. But the first time I asked about “what happened to tutorials on YouTube?” I got hit with “You’re getting free content. You can’t ask them for anything. Tutorials are a lot of work and the gurus don’t make money off them so they won’t do them. Go buy tutorials because they should be paid for their work and art….” Which I get. You can’t argue that people should not be paid for their work. (But I still miss “how to” videos and technique tutorials.)


The only thing with that is many want you to pay for subscription not per look. And I feel like if I'm to pay for that past someone getting ad money from my view I'd rather watch pmg or danessa myricks. Someone I know who will understand matching for my complexion not just an eye look. But more power to them I'm sure there's a market out there. And if I wasn't busy paying for every streaming service known to man I'd probably be more likely to subscribe.


My thoughts exactly! I want tutorials to help inspire me!


Try Andreea Ali. She still does tutorials all the time. I quite enjoy her channel


I second Andreea. I find her videos relaxing and useful.


I like Andreea too!


Brianna Fox still does tutorials almost on a regular basis. Right now she is doing quite a few fall makeup looks and even most are nothing new its still may be inspiring.


It's just part of life that you will need variety to keep your interest. I watched a lot of beauty YT in the early early days (2006-2010). Then I got bored and didn't really watch much, in fact I didn't watch any beauty contents after 2010 until much later in 2018 when I started to be again somewhat interested. Nowadays my YT watching is some beauty content (this includes perfume reviewers and hairstyling videos), but I also watch cooking and fitness channels. But there is too much contents out there for me to just watch beauty ones, there are other streaming services and I also love to read and listen to podcasts. I may watch one beauty YT content per week and that is a maximum for me. I subscribe to 4 beauty (specifically makeup) channels.


To preface: I'm a parent of three lovely kiddos. Buuuuuut.... I stopped following RBK, Sam and Emily Noel during/after their pregnancies. I'm trying to indulge in some escapism here, not feel like I'm watching a mommy vlog. I hope that's not too unpopular an opinion 😂


Yeah, nothing against parent content if that's what you started out as, but I don't need it in beauty channels 😂


I appreciate that Emily Noel provides small updates about her family but acknowledges when she's talked about them too long lol. My kids are around the same age as hers, so I relate to her and appreciate hearing about her family. But it's good that she has the awareness that not everyone relates to her in that way and knows that it might be too much for some viewers.


Same. I'm there for the makeup.


Omg same. I see enough of my kids and have been a mom long enough to realize watching all this “perfect mom” content is the IG filter of being a parent.


I completely agree! Nothing against being a parent (I have 2 kids) but I'm not interested in watching this type of content. I too enjoy escapism! lol.


Agreed. I'm a parent, but I'm not personally interested in parenting content. I also don't make parenting content on my own platforms.


Totally agree! I still follow RBK because I do like her but I don’t really engage with any content around motherhood or pregnancy because I am currently experiencing both and I don’t need to see it on YouTube too. But maybe that’s not the same for first time parents - idk!


First time parent here (due in Jan) and I can confirm I have aaaaabsolutely no interest in RBK's pregnancy/motherhood content. I want makeup, dammit!


Im also due in January with my first, and feel exactly the same about RBK. She used to be one of my faves too… I’m happy she’s been able to have a baby and all that, but I just have zero interest in her baby content 😩


I just find pregnancy content so useless, because there is not a single person who has ever experienced the same pregnancy, birth, or baby! One person's "tips" may only work for them and their situation. There just isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy and motherhood, so why would I sit and watch a 40 minute video of someone telling me what to do/what not to do when that advice may not apply to me at all?


I am not a mother (yet, give me a couple years) but I can say with great confidence that watching RBK on her motherhood journey in the beginning and telling all the horror stories and the postpartum anxiety was absolutely not what I needed. I liked her funny content but it’s felt less palatable since. Also, I am 100% aware that motherhood is different for everyone and that it is really difficult. I just stopped watching her content because it was emotionally draining me.


Oh my god…. RBK started posting motherhood stuff right after I had a miscarriage and it was super triggering for me. I already had fears of my anxiety getting worse after having a baby and she didn’t help. I feared my anxiety was going to get as bad as hers.


Same 😆


I know how to wear makeup and I have more than enough products that it is a bit pointless to watch new product/with the same application videos again and again. What would interest me at this point is new, upcoming tips, tricks to keep my application current and on point. If I need to replace an empty, I'll just search for specific reviews. Would love to see more specific subject discussions, some tags, lol while filming the new products of course, as that is not ending anytime soon. Buying, having, wanting, spending, Materialism is at an all time high. We are being marketing to from every direction, every moment of the day. Mostly by businesses that just want bigger and bigger profits. It is not doing us any favors, nor this planet, nor our fellow human beings.


I'm definitely sick of the "I bought $500/$2000 worth of xyz" and the damn near constant advertisements. The YT ads + sponsored videos + PR + affiliate codes is a bit much to cram in one video. I do however still love hauls, declutters, grwm and one brand only videos.


I don’t even subscribe to Manny but all I get are recommendations on YouTube with another absurd haul from him.


I will say, I watch those and he mentions pretty quickly in the video that the prices are clickbait. In one of his newest ones, he was like- "wow! this is the closest we've come to actually spending $500" lol


IKR!!! I stopped looking at those kind of videos long ago. They are nothing more than shills.


Imo, a lot of the problem is the restructuring of ad revenue done by YT...five years ago? There about, I think? So, content creators have been pretty much forced to move to a more sponsorship and obviously shilling based revenue stream. It makes the content boring and, frankly, not worth my time.


I love Tara Lynn. She's a little older than me and tells it like it is. She's also very thorough when it comes to comparisons. Same with Charlotte Holdcroft. I think she can be quite funny most of the time and seems to actually enoy what she does. I still watch Morgan Turner but I can't tell you why - she gets more annoying by the day.


I just like different things now. Since I’m happy with my collection, I mostly watch stuff like ranking videos, roasting new releases and commentary. I love Theresa is Dead, Better off Red and Angels on Broomsticks. I also love Charlotte Holdcroft and still laugh at Robert Welsh and watch most of his stuff (especially his ghost stories!). I watch Hannah/Smokey Glow a lot as her commentary videos are so binge-able. I also enjoy Alicia Archer, especially her in depth palette videos. I love that she will do longer form content on older palettes in a way that helps inspire you to go to your own collection and use what you have.


I feel the same about the burn out. I use to really like Kelly Gooch but I feel like she has got really repetitive with her recommendations lately and it takes her a lot of time to start getting to her recommendations. 😆 I feel like Tati tries too hard to show off her highlighted cleavage.


Someone on this sub said it makes am annoyed how she puts her hands under her chin every time she says 'hi I'm Kelly', can't unsee it now 😀. (I still think she's lovely and one of the very few I'll watch)


I like Kelly Gooch’s series about the rise and fall of makeup brands


Yeah, I thought those videos were interesting and good.


Haha I hear ya about the cleavage. It's so 'out there' lol. But dayam she looks good!


Yeah, that basically was my whole feed for a while then I replaced it with plants and cooking. I just can’t stand influencers anymore, all I see is them just trying to sell shit. There are a few I stayed subbed to because they are more technically oriented but I can’t even remember their names right now.


I’ve gotten burnt out with new releases…for now, I just want to enjoy what I have without having to listen to someone hype up the latest new thing.


Everything is either brand-affiliated or forced to fit a certain aesthetic now. If I hear the words cLeAn bEaUtY one more time I’m gonna vom. I have my products that I know work for me, and I just rebuy those and no longer feel the need to constantly consume.


I actually just went through my subscription list this morning and unsubscribed to Emily Noel, Mandy Lea, Nikki Tutorials, Sam Ravndahl, Michelle Wang, Zabrena, and a few others that I can't recall off the top of my head. I just haven't watched any of their videos in a long time. And, not for any particular reason... I'm just not as interested in makeup content right now.


I totally get it. I’m trying to spend more time on MakeupRehab, work through my collection, and get new ideas for how to use things rather than get new products. I’m also trying to spend more time revisiting older hobbies / interests like reading historical romance novels, deep diving into cults & fundies, and just reached out to volunteer at an animal shelter to get myself out of the house more (married w/ no kids) so I’m not just watching makeup vids on YouTube all night. If I really want something, I’ve decided to try to buy secondhand, and it has to be something I really want & will use. I bought Makeup by Mario’s Master Mattes on makeupexchange a few weeks ago and since I got it, I’ve used it almost every day. That’s the kind of energy I’m trying to funnel into my purchases nowadays. So far it’s been working for me!!


I subscribe to a lot of the same people you do and I still watch them but I found myself not watching much beauty content in the summer. I don't know why, maybe it's because I take a more minimal approach to makeup when it's hot and humid, plus I've been taking vacations and my kids are home. I usually start watching more in the fall when there are more exciting new releases (summer is pretty slow IMO) and holiday makeup.


I think it's hard to continue to be excited about beauty content when you've moved past the assumption that new things are exciting purely out of virtue of them being new. For most of us, we have moved way past beauty content being valuable information for the average consumer -- most of us have already found our "holy grail"s in primary product categories and so when yet another brand launches with yet another under eye concealer there isn't all that much to pique the average consumer's interest. Most of us who reminisce on the "early days" of beauty youtube found it exciting because at the time we were young and still learning about makeup and products. It was novel to be able to get this kind of guidance and recommendations from someone who felt like a peer or older sister, rather than a celebrity in a Proactiv commercial or a Seventeen Magazine editor. The market itself was way less saturated too; I remember when the only product at the drugstore marketed directly at under eye concealing was that Garnier roller and then the Maybelline Age Perfect line dropped and it was wild. But now, it is SO easy to get information about good product or application tips on literally every social media platform. There's so much available to purchase that new things don't spark the same level of novelty since every release feels like a rehashing of something else.


In some way yes. I just hate the consumerism in the videos.


The consumerism is very overwhelming. Even the amount of home decor or clothing they buy. I take care of what I have and don't need to replace everything next season, but watching videos makes you feel a certain way if you don't jam your house full of crap! Too much.


I’m watching much less. It’s more obvious to me that they’re in cahoots with brands. It’s a turn off. The last two Nomad palettes aren’t appealing to me at all, and I own most of their collection. To hear YT BG’s, it’s their best yet. I’m more interested in TJMaxx new makeup and finds atm.


I definitely watch less YT and have basically stopped checking anything out in IG now. I still really like LaurenMaeBeauty and TheresaisDead, I watch almost all of their videos (except perfume vids). I occasionally watch Tati, Angelica Nyqvist, Robert Welsh, Alicia Archer, Zabrena and JenLuvs. I'm not subscribed anymore due to the influx of parenting content, but I also snag RawBeautyKristi from time to time if I get recommended her videos where she's doing makeup. I don't need to buy everything, but I still love watching people create beautiful makeup looks ^.^


Oh yeah I forgot to mention Theresa is Dead and Jen Luvs! I don't watch them as much anymore but do check them out from time to time. I used to consider myself a bit of an IG addict. It's still my favourite platform, But even the people I follow there are not holding my interest anymore. I almost never post anything. But I've got some FOMO happening whenever I think about deleting IG lol. I probably need to just go through and unfollow a lot of folks.


I’m extremely burnt out right now. I don’t subscribe to any beauty gurus at this point. Now, the only beauty videos I watch are different looks with makeup I already own for inspiration. I’m currently trying to go on a no buy and I’m shopping my stash to create my signature look while project panning.


I watch less because I stopped wearing so much makeup during the pandemic so I kinda lost interest in makeup videos. I'll still put something on to watch while I'm washing the dishes or something like that.


Burnt out on YouTube beauty videos and can’t bother with tiktok beauty videos. Tiktok just has different people repeating trends from years ago or acting like old things are new. And they’re even worse on trying to push product and being overly annoying. Tired of all of it, I’ll stick to watching a YouTube vid here or there if it’s about a product I’m thinking about and a smaller creator.


I can't with Tik tok. I tried... everyone is the same, and the content is so quick it gives me a headache lol.


I'd been through burn out, and I got back into makeup again, over and over my 10+ years on YouTube. In my last break, I realized that I just really like makeup, no matter what the industry is going through, even when I can't afford the majority of the stuffs that's coming out. Like I truly do not own a single product that's been released in the last 5-6 months. Most (if not all) the things I bought was released years ago, but I couldn't find a good deal to get them until now. I also use makeup as a common interest to connect with people, so I actively seek out people whose personalities I like, who are also life long makeup lovers. Even when all of us don't keep up with the latest releases, I find that I just love seeing people enjoying their experience/experiment with makeup and going along with their journey. I could not help but notice all the people you follow are white, and literally everyone else's comments on this thread always only mention the same 8-10 white people, who all do the basic same videos. I'm honestly not surprised that you all are burned out or bored. I frankly encourage you to broaden your viewership to creators of color or seek out the type of videos you actually want to watch. Be it the regular hauls, reviews or tutorials. A few recommendations/examples of makeup lovers: Candice Victoria, Under the Ash Tree, BRI MY-REE, SwaggyBBeauty, Beauty and the Frizz, fox does makeup, Karla M Makeup, Laura Clark, Heyin, Kolorful Kalmele, Nana Beauty, Delicate Dark Girl, Antariksha Phadnis, Marley The Glam Goth, Makeup by Torrence. I could go on, these people are all life long makeup lovers who bring their lives, their personalities and their stories together with makeup. This list doesn't even include the non-English speaking channels. If you happen to speak another language (even not fluently, given a specific topic/context like makeup, you'll pick it up fast), try taking a dip in that. And ofc I have other hobbies/interests (cats, planning, science etc.) on YouTube lol. Lastly don't watch "true crime", it'll rot your brain. Literally get into anything other than that.


I’ve definitely grown out of spending all my money on makeup when I can find excellent quality, “cheap” drugstore makeup. I enjoy watching JuicyJas these days. I love her hauls and her quick makeup reviews. I’m not into spending 40+ minutes watching someone talk about makeup that really just keeps repeating itself. Nothing feels revolutionary anymore. So yea…I’m definitely burnt out.


I still enjoy makeup content. It inspires me to use what I have. Sure, I buy more makeup than I would if I watched zero makeup content, but I like seeing how similar products to what I have are used then try my hand at it. I don't care much for perfume or skincare content, so I tend to skip it. Lifestyle isn't really my thing. I like media analysis and critique, especially about music. As well as commentary, fashion videos, general "internet phenomena" content like Mina Le and Tiffany Ferguson.


Mina Le is a new sub for me. I wish I'd found her sooner. :)


I don't wear perfume (I'm scent-sensitive) and quite honestly skincare content is boring lol.


Listening to people try to describe scents is just silly to me 😆


Yes, I've been uninterested in beauty content for some time now. All of it just seems so stale at this point? No one js trying anything new, it's just "ranking all of the eyeshadow palettes I tried this month *picture of influencer trying to hold a large pile of palettes in the thumbnail*" Nothing feels fresh anymore, and even the releases don't feel all that exciting or interesting. And ever since I've been going on a no buy this year to tackle my consumerism and why I do it, I can't help but feel sad (not sure if that's a good word for it) for some of the YouTubers I used to enjoy watching because they're trapped in this consumerist cycle of "buy buy buy so people will watch my videos!" I sit there and try to watch new makeup bingos and listen to some creators say they're going to pick up a palette or product and I'm just like "haven't you bought and tried this color story a million times over? Why do you need it again? " If I'm burnt out from watching the content, I gotta imagine they feel burnt out from making it as well. Or so I would conclude? The constant consumerism has gotten exhausting for me, and it feels like every makeup video is a commercial for whatever is new on the market. I've been watching whatever shows up on my recommendation page that looks interesting. I've been into more gaming content lately, and my new favorite streamer is Leesh, Capeesh! I also watch a lot of Fuslie as well. I personally have been looking for more down to earth people who seem to be doing whatever they enjoy most. Somehow I think a lot of beauty creators have lost that.


I think my interest in these videos died when I was happy with the majority of my makeup collection. Still listen to Roberts ghost stories just for the spooky narrations when doing some chore. As for actual makeup tutorials it’s such a saturated space I couldn’t be bothered to watch something unless I was specifically interested in let’s say a makeup pallet that I’m curious about or certain product review. Props to Kimberly Clark’s anti haul series that also helped me get out of the makeup desiring consumerism trance.


Yeah, it was a slow fade for me. The last ones I watched where raw beauty and Alexandra Annel. l still watch Alexandra sometimes, but I'm happy with my collection and my style. Videos are repetitive and about new products I don't need, don't want and can't afford. POA, you can learn all the important techniques with Wayne Goss, complement with someone else of your liking and that's it.


I burned out quite a while ago. My go to youtube channels are usually anything true crime, history, space, and some gaming channels. Simon Whistler has several channels i watch all the time (Casual Crimalist, Today I Found Out, Biographics, and so many more. He usually lists them all in the description of his vids)


Simon IS YouTube tbh.




Thanks for the suggestion


Movie recaps. I don’t know exactly why but it’s better than watching the actual movie


I love this. I have a hard time sitting through an entire movie... maybe I should start doing this too lol.


I stopped watching Raw Beauty because It seemed like all the videos were baby stuff. I love she’s a mom and happy but that’s not why I watched her. I liked hearing updates, but it was like all baby and baby stuff she got and like no makeup for a while so I just stopped paying attention Mostly I watch Pampered Wolf, Taylor Wynn, Kelly Gooch, and Jen Phelps. I like Angelica Nyqvist for colorful eyeshadow palettes. EDIT: I also really love Zabrena, her videos are quick and to the point but too quick 😂 I’d rather she did some longer ones


I agree. I like more lifestyle videos now. I think the big makeup guru trend is fading. It’s also a bit frustrating watching them all blow so much money on product when it’s been a bit if a struggle for people with inflation, gas prices, and housing cost increase. My priority isn’t a $50+ eyeshadow palette anymore.


I love Kelly Gooch and Lauren Mae Beauty as well! I find myself constantly watching Rudi Berry as well, but I primarily watch her over on IG and haven't explored her YT much. Jessica Braun I can do in doses, but other times it just gets a little too "mom and kid focused" talk for me and I kinda check out. I think the big thing for me too is just.. watching people who use makeup styles I want to try myself. Especially when listening to application tips! Lauren did one recently about makeup products that needed finesse, that the first impression was misleading and she figured the product out. That was so interesting to watch!


I only regularly watch Lauren Mae and Theresa is Dead and occasionally Andrea and Angelica. Mostly now I watch gaming content, but also watch some travel, business, coverage of NFT scams etc! I just don't need more beauty content in my life, my collection is in a comfortable state. I watch for the women!


Lauren is my absolute fave!! I love Theresa too. Come to think of it, they’re both pretty sassy ladies who tell it like it is. I think they’re both very good at using real-life scenarios to describe how beauty products make them feel (whether good or bad), albeit in different ways.


I also like that Teresa is a bit older (I'm a bit older still), she feels more relatable.


I can't watch makeup content too consistently because I'll inevitably be tempted to buy something. I tend to check in with Sarah Rose more than other channels because I like her energy, but sometimes I'll be tempted to watch proper beauty/makeup content for a week or two and then I'll drop off again for like three months.


Since I started working from home I can’t be bothered to do a full glam face everyday. I’m tired of constantly hearing about new products I can’t afford. I think I have just grown out of it


Sometimes I don't want to be influenced and go on a no-buy so I unsubscribe. I keep a list of people I unsubscribe from in case I want to resubscribe later. I regret not keeping some names because now I can't find them. I like to switch up the things I watch periodically. I also do this with other channels like astrology, but again, save the names in case I want to resubscribe or see what they're up to.


That's a great idea. Wondering if some of your go-to's don't upload anymore? maybe deleted their channels?


Some have deleted their channels, but I don't remember their names anymore. I'm subscribed to most of your favorites. I have so many subscriptions if someone deletes their channel, I may not notice, at first anyway.


I used to love makeup but now I gravitate towards true crime or commentary I found some new channels I love like Fascinating horror, A Nightmare on Crime Street and Evil Strikes


I think I’ve completely stopped watching but I remain subscribed to a few people. I’m into diy, gardening, true crime, documentaries and indie political content.


I pretty much stopped with all the makeup related channels, but gotten really into nail art channels. I feel like the nail care community blew up (became more mainstream) during the pandemic when a lot of people started doing their own nails. It's what the makeup channels used to feel like, though I suspect it'll probably follow a similar path. Some of the nail influencers I follow just got sent out to their first brand trip.


Nope. I still watch all my old faves. I'm really enjoying nail art as an addition to the beauty space as well. I'm watching a lot of book review/TV reaction content now, though.


I have total beauty guru fatigue since the pandemic. I enjoy food/fashion/lifestyle content with a side of beauty these days. Beauty wise I still enjoy watching Abbey Yung and ttsandra. I watch Hannah Louise Poston when she NOT talking about minimalism/her weird no-buys. Once in a while I'll watch some skincare content from Dr Shereene Idriss or Dr Dray. I used to watch a lot of people that OP mentioned, as well as a lot of the old British crowd, but honestly the content across channels seems very much the same to me these days and pretty boring.


A bit. The only vids I actually look forward to watching are from the Welsh Twins joint channel. Together they are such goofballs and always make me happy. :)


Oh yeah I definitely got burned out towards the end of last year. For me, it was the constant new new new. I’ve acquired such a big collection that I do not need to add any more. So I decided to unsubscribe from pretty much everyone. I’m at a point where I don’t remember names anymore so I’m not tempted to resubscribe. Instead I follow project panners or watch use my stash videos if I’m craving beauty content. I feel like at this point in makeup everything has been done that there’s nothing unique. I don’t need a neutral palette from another brand. I’ve tried it and they all function the same. What I do need is more useful ways to use what I own. I’m hoping content shifts to that route and maybe I’ll consume more beauty content again.


I still love The Welsh Twins and their separate channels. I also still enjoy Angelica Nyqvist and Bailey Sarian. But I do not really get into the beauty community anymore. I will watch videos of a few select people who are doing a video solely about a new launch I am interested in, just to see how it performs and how versatile the product is - for example, I will watch 5 videos by 5 specific individuals when Nomad drops a new palette. Other than that, I tend to stick with paranormal/true crime for my entertainment. MrBallen, Bailey Sarian, and Robert Welsh's Ghost Stories, and I forget her name, but a British YoutTuber who also does makeup as she tells the story. I don't necessarily need the makeup aspect, but it is something to watch as you listen. A lot of these are moving more to podcasts, which makes me a little sad. I like that I can listen as I do other things, but I also liked having visual aspects to go along with the story, like crime scene photos, or photos of the individuals involved, or the scenery stills to create the atmosphere in my mind.


Danielle Kirsty?


Yes! That's her name. Thank you! 😁


I've definitely parred it down too. The only people I watch regularly are Robert and Tati, and that's mainly because they're so chill, and they try to focus on cheaper products- at least for the most part.


I’ve been burnt out on beauty yt. I much prefer watch application videos on tiktok (idk it’s satisfying) or if i need a tip or trick on a technique. I’m over the “look at this new launch” and “new hyped foundation.” Just not my thing anymore


They lost me when they started making videos upwards of 30 minutes. I know you can put more ads in longer videos but I used to be able to watch multiple within a given time frame but now you can barely watch one lol


I watch a LOT of YT so I pay for premium so - no ads! But I don't necessarily want to watch a beauty video over 30 minutes - that' s a bit too much.


Not yet. I’m still too much of an addict. :0)


Honestly, no. I was last year, but I'm getting back in to makeup now that lockdowns are over.


Sadly tutorials don’t sell new makeup products. Also, I don’t think most Beauty creators are talented enough to do tutorials. Honestly, Whitney Hendricks YouTube videos from 10 or more years ago are the BEST tutorial videos out there. She is talented, I wish she would go back to doing tutorials. Smitha Deepak also still does tutorials and is very talented.


I'm still subbed to some beauty YouTubers but the only one I watch consistently is Shelbey Wilson. I've watched her for years and we are very close in age so we kind of grew up together and are going through similar life changes together. All of her looks are minimalist glam and she will cover both higher end and drugstore, which I love. We also have very similar facial features and skin types so even if I don't buy new things, I at least know what in my collection is working for me and what isn't based on her experience. I still love the full glam beats, but honestly, I just do not have the need, time, patience, or energy to do them. I struggle with a lot of physical and mental health issues right now, so doing the bare minimum for an interview or self-tape is rough. I'm not interested in watching videos that show fun looks that just aren't achievable anymore. Shelbey taught me how to look good and chic and elevated with minimal effort, so I appreciate her content. Everyone else... Ehhh I also echo the whole "trying not to buy more stuff, use what I need" crowd, so I prefer to avoid the hauls crowd to not get too interested in something I don't need. It's easier to resist temptation when I don't expose myself to it.


I used to watch Shelbey Wilson too. She has a calmness about her I like. I mostly just follow her on IG now though.


Yea I'm burnt out too :( I stopped watching makeup content that was hauls and first impressions because I was trying to curb my spending and alleviate FOMO. I switched to watching videos where people were shopping their stash and anti-hauling. Now, if I do watch beauty content, its videos where the focus is on a specific look or transformation, not on products used. I one person who I started rewatching and my favorite is Picturresque | Regina. She hasn't posted a new video in a while, so it feels like old times for me. Sometimes, I watch the Makeup Hangover series done by Emily Hanhan, Theresa is Dead & Audra At home for the giggles.


Beauty videos are no longer interesting to me even as a form of mindless entertainment. I find myself searching for specific reviews before purchasing something only now. The only channel I actively watch is Minsco because she does the style of makeup that suits my features, with really thorough reviews thrown in.


I watch Lauren Mae’s and Angelica Nyquist’s New Releases videos weekly… more because it’s part of my Sunday morning routine than because I need to know what ColourPop is doing. I have put a few things on my radar because of it, though. Right now, I’m on an indie-only low buy — I know that sounds kinda weird, but when I worked at Ulta, I picked up pretty much every Morphe, Juvia’s, and ColourPop palette that came out. Even though I do wear a colorful eye daily, *I have enough eyeshadow.* I told myself if I absolutely must have a product that’s truly rare and special, I can wait out the turn-around time, pay for shipping, and support somebody who’s really doing something creative. I’ve been tempted a few times — almost bought Sugarpill Fun Size 2 last night — but it’s helped me to be mindful of what I buy.


I like lifestyle content, but still watch makeup focused content. Maybe not as much as I used to. But now I just have been watching anime and playing video games. Just more of my interests changing vs being burnt out by the beauty community.


I am cleaning out my subscription list now that I'm just not into it as much anymore -- I just unsubscribed from Patty Alonso, Michele Wang, and a few others that just couldn't pull me in to watch again. However, I usually will watch Kackie Reviews Beauty, Alicia Archer, Kelly Gooch, Lauren Mae, Julia Adams, Cate the Great, Amanda Z, Jessica Braun, RawBeautyKristi, Hannah Louise Poston, and Theresa is Dead if I am watching Beauty videos at all. I like commentary channels, Disney and theme park/nostalgia history, true crime, financial goal-based channels that are somewhat in the realm of beauty (not always panners), fragrance channels (love the descriptions of olfactory things), sewing channels that sometimes are cosplayers challenging themselves (Rachel Maksy), and women that are remodeling their homes DIY style that are NOT professionals but I appreciate watching them learn and learning with them in that. I also like ambiance videos for background noise.


Ashamed to say I only tuned in for the drama lol


I think a lot of people do! lol. Sometimes it's fun to keep things spicy lol.


Zero interest at all in makeup content. HATE HATE HATE the constant buying it encourages and showcases.


And yet, you're here.


I meant YouTube makeup, the thing OP is posting about. It’s all hauls, reviews and first impressions. Makeup youtube is NOT what it used to be. It’s all a commercial. But you can just be snide with me for no reason despite knowing exactly what I’m talking about.


Those are the only reasons I watch the vast majority of makeup youtube in the first place. Except for the Youtubers who are working makeup artists, none of them have enough actual skill to teach me anything. I want to know how people who have skin like mine in texture or complexion like X, Y, or Z product.


Seriously why follow so many if you feel that way. Choose any other topic if you want to watch something. Books, minimalism, study, whatever appeals


The only makeup channel I watch now is JuicyJas. She has a beauty and vlog channel which I enjoy. It’s nice to switch it up a little.


Honestly I sub to Lisa Eldridge and that's it. Everyone else feels way too trend heavy and gives off "new money" vibes.


I watch several travel vloggers, I love to travel and seeing different takes on travel content. Kara and Nate, The Endless Adventure, are both couples who travel around the world and vlog about it. Just started watching Travel Ruby, who seems to be exclusively Vegas hotel reviews. The Points Guys UK who do reviews of different airlines and challenges like one of them flies London-Paris and one takes the train and they see who gets to the Eiffel Tower first. Kat Nesbitt is a flight attendant who posts about the trips and layovers she gets to do and general flight attendant life. Emma Cruises for cruise reviews and stuff about the cruise industry Trev and Chels - they're a couple, he's also a big gaming YouTuber and they have this as their separate channel for travel content. They have a partnership with Royal Caribbean so they do a lot of cruises.


Yes. I don't even bother watching it anymore. I'm also pregnant and rarely do my makeup. Way more into skincare and quick routines. I don't need to be spending money on makeup right now anyway lol.


I haven't really watched any true beauty content for a while - except Kayley Melissa for hair stuff because my hair is bothering me atm. I tend to watch the Welsh Twins messing around, or Judy D risking her face being destroyed by a dodgy MUA.


I miss here for the tea 😢


I don't feel tired of them; but I also think that's because I only watch one - JuicyJas. LoL. All of the black beauty YouTubers that I watched/subscribed to stopped doing beauty content; and they only focus on vlogging now. But, I don't really watch the vlogs because I don't know what it is y'all; but there's something "weird" and I use that term loosely about wanting to be engrossed/consumed with someone else's life. So, I will watch here and there; but I won't wait for a new video to drop though. No shade either! Because I know that vlogging is the new wave that is taking over with content creation; but it just isn't for me. I hope that this makes sense.


I wouldn't say I'm burnt out, but there's only certain content from those I watch that I'm interested in. What's New (without having bought it first) are my always watch. Mostly it reinforces my current no buy because there's nothing interesting coming out. But it also helps see the trends of where things are going, like the huge push towards matte liquid lipstick again. Shop my stash, seasonal drawer reorganizing, and things like that. Besides the few beautubers I watch, I watch a lot of cooking content (max Miller, simply momma cooks, Rick Bayless, Townsend's, Spain on a fork, among others), a lot of art and craft content from watercolor painting, jewelry making, resin stuff, to poly clay faerie houses. Travel content: mostly Japan centric at the moment with like tabi eats, solo solo travel, and a couple others. History stuff: Townsend's, ancient history, fall of civilizations, Bailey's dark history, and some others here and there. Gardening and hydroponics/aquaponics: the millennial gardener, let's grow together, and a couple others. Some days I'll ignore my sub list and go see what the YouTube front page wants to throw at me, sometimes with the results of me adding more subs. :)


I still watch them when I want some easily consumable youtube content that doesn't require too much of my attention lol. I watch Kat from beautynews, sometimes Angelica Nyquist, badtothebrow (recent favorite with all of her indie eyeshadow swatches). I also recently subscribed to Isamaya Ffrench - as a professional makeup artist she has totally different approach to the beauty and the products compared to your average beauty gurus


I was just thinking about it the other day how years ago i'd pretty much exclusively watch YT for beauty content but now i cant even remember the last one i watched I used to enjoy watching tutorials and things that were more creative and technique focused from people i considered to be knowledgeable. Now i just find its either selling/hyping products tried once or makeup thats just really uninspiring to me. On the makeup application front its more about the editing and filters than technique and actual skills. I still love makeup and being creative but beauty yt just isnt it for me anymore now i watch a lot of health and fitness, crafts, documentaries, music stuff etc


I cut back on the number of beauty channels I watch months ago (maybe late 2021?) when I realized it was feeding my personal consumerism, so I'm all good now. I think I follow only six beautubers. As for other things, I watch some more niche channels (like Rachel Maksy and Bentley House Minis) and all that Simon Whistler releases.


Ah those are all my fav gurus too. You should checkout cate the great beauty. She’s been using exclusively brands that have been vocally pro choice


I have watched Cate the Great. She was cool.. but... trying to cut the list down even more than I already have!


I miss 2009 YouTube!


i watch a lot of tik tokers who dont encourage purchasing anything really, just talk ab what they like on occasion and post cool looks that arent just crazy heavy 2016 eyeshadow


I feel like I’ve kind of moved on from Beauty YT and into fashion YT. I started watching a few years ago because I knew nothing about makeup and wanted to learn more, and now that I’ve gotten what I’ve wanted out of it I’m applying the same logic to my wardrobe because it sucks and needs an update. Once I’m done with fashion I’ll probably move onto hair YT.


I definitely watch less. I still have a few favourites that I always watch but I’m into other things now. I think I got burnt out on the constant consumerism that a lot of Beauty YTers push. I think Covid really made me take a look at my spending habits and what was important.


I still like watching some but it definitely gets repetitive after a while. I like Allie Glines and Julia Adam’s at night because they are soothing to me. Alexandra Anele is good too for in depth how to’s. Plus I just think she’s great- not all the extra salesy fluff lol. I like reviews but I don’t buy a lot so I like to see more creativity. I watch a decent amount of true crime. Currently Kimbyrleigha, Danielle Kirsty and Sherrilyn Dale


For quite a few years the videos I seem to consistently enjoy have been more focused on either technique or watching someone play with makeup. I don’t know that these are super popular types of videos, so they’re not as commonly made. But that works out okay for me bc I have a few creators I look to when I have the time and inclination to watch. I’ve increasingly found myself enjoying shorter format videos on Insta and TikTok made by some of my fave YT creators (Drugstore Maven/Taylor Margaret) or pros (Katie Jane Hughes, Jamie Makeup). I’m more likely to be able to fit those into my day-to-day schedule as tiny mental breaks.


I understand how you feel. I used to watch beauty content religiously, but nowadays I only watch them if they’re tutorials for cosplay/costume makeup.


I still love Lauren Mae Beauty and Julia Adams. I stopped watching Samantha March and Angelica N. since they are still promoting Ofra. It feels like there is not a lot of quality content to watch these days.


I haven't been watching makeup yt content lately more other content more other content stuff like crime, culture, and food.


yeah I've stopped watching most of them. I'm just burned out on them. I mostly watch Lauren Mae Beauty and Jessica Braun but only her makeup videos, none of the lifestyle stuff., and Risa Does Makeup. I watch more fragrance videos these days


I'm down to only watching Tati, although it's more listening than watching! I just unsubscribed to Taylor Wynn, her content is now beyond boring & even when she does something make-up related, I can't handle those caked on looks. I watch Foundflix (horror movie reviews), Criminally Listed & Scary Mysteries, both True Crime. Mostly though I just listen to podcasts these days


If you haven’t watched before, I really like Alexandra Anele. She’s super laid back, soft spoken (or maybe just a soothing voice) and sometimes makes videos I haven’t seen necessarily trending if that makes sense.


Love her creativity


Me too you are not alone ![gif](giphy|iTnVKXAWDvRmw)


I just want some cool long tutorials! I wish people did them more on insta or YouTube


Yep. 100% yep. I pretty much only watch a few tutorials, esp if it is from a palette that's a little older. Or I just search for looks using older palettes.


Yes. I've moved on to anti mlm stuff.


I can't believe Nicky tutorials are making this type of videos even her fans are calling her out https://youtu.be/7Qi4Uh96pfQ


I’ve never been a die hard for Nikki but I watch from time to time.. this was the last one I watched though because it was sooo cringey


Seriously Nicky is so talented, they must have given her a lot of money for this ad.


Like.. a lot.


I do get tired of the constant new releases, but often watch more for the inspiration. I'm really enjoying hautemesstom lately. Aside from YT I really enjoy @alwaysplayingwithmakeup on insta as I often attempt to recreate her looks.


Anyone else miss jlovesmac?? Tht was my bih🥺


Does anyone follow the Welsh Twins ? I used to love their content but lately it’s not the same. They seem to just cater for the American audience & not bothered about the U.K. or anyone else. I used to really enjoy their videos but lately the amount of Ads and also the videos seems to be using thumbnail shock content to get views. Maybe it’s just me. But I enjoyed their content but now … not so much.


I still watch them from time to time. They're pretty hilarious, but I have been trying to cut down my YT viewing in general, so.... Maybe most of their subbies are in the US, not the UK? Not sure.


I’m tired of everyone having the same format: 1. Tell what you bought and how much fun today’s video will be 2. Show all sides of the box (like that’s a huge deal and we don’t see many boxes) 3. Read the complete description off the company website 4. Swatches 5. Do a full face of makeup even though it’s a blush review 6. Repeat over and over and over how you like/don’t like it. Usually “patchy” 7. Comparisons, with no plan of how to space out the swatches 8. Final thoughts, even though you said it many times in step 6 9. Ask us what we think and tell you in the comments. Mix it up!!!!