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Smashbox has really faded into the background in my opinion. Kind of a shame, they had some workhorse products.


They used to have my holy grail eyeshadow primer. And reformulated it years ago. Haven’t found a decent replacement since.


I agree, but I still really love their primers. The green one was my holy grail back in my red faced acne days.


I'm with you on Urban Decay. They used to be "beauty with an edge" and now they're just yawn. IMO they also blew their Prince collab as well. They are a shadow of who they once were and the company needs to go back to its roots.


I STILL have one palette of the Electric palette. It’s a fond memory of when I was in the mall with my friend and I was really getting into brighter makeup colors, Urban Decay in Sephora just stood out in sea of neutral palettes.


I love my electric palette so much!! Really doubt I’ll get rid of it until I absolutely have to.


Same and the quality has still held up!


Their cherry palette was amazing. When I saw they discontinued it I went out and bought 2 more on sale but I was so angry when I did it.


I was reorganizing my palettes the other day and Urban Decay for me as well. We talked about how a lot of the names were kind of bad - referencing drugs and guns etc, but the formulas are bad too. The re-release of the Electric palette was terrible. The Ultraviolet palette was largely trash. It’s all IP collabs and nothing original.


Yep. Recently gave in an bought their rarely stocked Space Cowboy single eyeshadow. Keep in mind, their mono shadows got an overhaul not too long ago. It’s really shitty. Whoever hypes this up is clearly a liar or never bothered to use it on their eyelids or enjoys the mix of a barely there color (ok) and glitter bukakke all over the face (not ok). Glitter glue helps, but for 22€ I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops. A Supershock shadow for 7$ does it better.


Space Cowboy was my holy grail until I used it for a fancy work dinner and realized it’s had worked it’s way down my face. The more skill and technique I develop, the more I realize how many former “special” products are terrible.


Omg I feel this. I go back to products I loved a year or two ago and it's like... why was I so hyped


"glitter bukakke" made me lol because I was just at ulta and I passed up an eyeshadow single because I sampled it and it was the chunkiest glitter ever and it immediately got all over me


Credit goes to Theresa is Dead in YT. She doesn’t use it as much anymore, but she’s still entertaining to watch.


Oh nooooo I was going to get it at the next sale because so many people raved about the original. Welp my wallet thanks you.


Colourpop ritz is similar I love it


It makes me sad when their wired palette was supposed to replace electric and they couldn't even do that right. They used to be the brand that I could only dream of getting and by the time I could they fell off




Do they even release anything new? Feel like haven’t heard about them in forever.


Me neither but it still remains that they've disillusioned me. Lol.


They need to bring back their star Berry setting spray (rip, I bought it before learning about the drama…). It smells so good. Maybe under a different label?


Ugh, I got the Jaclyn Hill palette because I liked the looks my coworker was making and I saw that it was vegan… The one I got was when they covertly switched it to being non-vegan. Cute.


big agree. i did just buy the lisa frank palette because i mean…. who doesn’t love lisa frank but now i’m good on morphe for like,,, ever


Colourpop. They release so many products that at this point their eyeshadows, lip products etc have to be repeats from their previous shades with just different names.


Yea, I personally don’t really like the Colourpop eyeshadow or lip formula anyways and found myself buying palettes because of the packaging, or because I liked whoever they were collabing with.


Yesssss. I had a palette from them that I loved for yearssss and when I started hitting pan it was out of stock for ages. Now I don’t even think it’s on the site. I know they could basically come out with the same thing but their constant launches of basically neutral palettes made me stop checking.


Yup. The last thing I bought from them for nostalgia was the Sailor Moon collection.


Mine was Barbie. My little girl uses the lipstick. The eyeshadow is pretty good. She also loves that one.


yup. my sister and i talk about this all the time. last time i liked a release from them was the animal crossing collection, and even that was the first release in a while that piqued my interest in them.


I wonder how many colourpop items end up in a landfill.


UD lost me when they reformulated the lipsticks, changed the packaging, amd got rid of tons of shades ELF lost me when they repriced thier $2 drugstore staples to $6-12. At $2, they had 'good enough' basics, but they have not made things that stand out at the new pricepoint. ABH brow products. So many companies sell similar or better brow products. Colorpop when they switched to pushing pallettes and new relaeases rather than singles.


I’m right there with you with e.l.f. The prices are absolute bonkers. I remember (back in MY day) the only thing worth $12 on the website was the 12 pc brush set. $16 for a foundation today!? Have ya lost ya damn minds!?


The only thing Elf offers that justifies its (new) price point is the Halo Glow Filter. Compared to the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter it’s a really good value and the formulas seem pretty similar.


I was going to repurchase their putty primer yesterday until I saw it was $11! I know it’s not expensive but just not what I was expecting from ELF when they were so cheap just a few years ago.


IT IS expensive. That’s the issue. Drugstore brands should be cheap so that many people can afford them. 11 bucks is a lot of money when you add it on to all the other things you have to purchase.


I'm still not over Elf becoming popular. We used to drag it when I was in middle school because it was the cheapest shit you could buy at Kmart. I mean, we still bought it. But we weren't proud of it lol. I honestly still haven't figured out the hype. I've tried some of their products in the past few years and none of it has really impressed me. At the original price point -- sure. But, frankly, for $2 any make up that isn't loaded with arsenic would impress me lol. But they've been raising prices for a loooong time. At least for my skin type, their formulas don't justify the higher prices. $7 for a concealer that makes my face a cakey mess and only draws more attention to problem areas? No thanks. I'd rather wear no make up or splurge on something that truly compliments me.


It’s WHAT!? Jfc, I’d pay $6 for that. Max.


The only time I've purchased from elf recently was when they had a summer sale a couple months back. Everything I got was $1 to not more than $4. I'm like honestly this should be their prices always.


Unpopular opinion here, but I really like ELF even after the price change. I mainly say this because I'm in love with their cleanser and moisturizer. I understand the price shouldn't be that high for what you're getting. However, I've tested so many budget skin care products, and their's is by far my favorite.


Give me back the UD oblivion!!! 😭😭


Too Faced has never achieved a palette as nice as the ones that came in a little tin - Boudoir Eyes, Natural Eyes etc. I miss them.


You just reminded me about how sad I was/am to see Boudoir Eyes go.


I’ve been slowly going through my makeup, which mostly dates to pre-Covid and reflects a much heavier more base-focused look than is popular now, and throwing away old stuff and updating things and I remembered Boudoir Eyes and thought hey that was such a nice palette and would fit well into my more streamlined collection. I bet even if they’re not selling it through retail it’s still on their site, it’s a classic. No such luck. I was bummed.


That was my first "grown up" palette, haha. I still have it shoved away in a drawer. I don't know why I don't throw it away since it's inching close to a decade old, but I guess nostalgia has its hooks in me.


Boudoir Eyes was SO good. I am incredibly pale and warm tones look straight up orange on me so I love the cool toned palettes. I was sad to see this one go.


My sister still has hers and will not give it up for nothing. Just keeps spraying alcohol on it. Truly if it's not broke don't fix it palette.


I love that for her!! My mom has some ancient Chanel quads she has babied along for years like that.


THEY'RE IN THE FUTURE! tell your mom my sister sends her eyeshadow love, lol. fr.


Me with my og naked palette


SCREAMING because she still has hers as well and does the exact same! I love this for y'all!


I will always miss their bronzers from over ten years ago - there were four colors in a set and each one was for a different season. One was called "Snow Bunny"


Once upon a time I think they had a really good balance between cutesy and effective and they lost it. I enjoyed how girly pop the packaging and styling was and then it just sort of fell apart and became both ugly and ineffective.


Snow bunny was eveeeerything


I still have that one and I refuse to let it go 😂


Bronzed & Poreless was my favorite bronzer ever. I even kept the empty packaging after I finished it for the memories


I have the Snow Bunny compact and I barely use it because I’m afraid of not having anymore 😭😭


Yes Omg I miss Pink Leopard! I still have one that I will not get rid of!


The Peanut Butter and Jelly palette is still one of my favorites. Especially for late summer and fall. Gifted my friend the Natural Eyes in the tin years ago. They really were so good. I always wanted the macaroon one


I love that peanut butter and jelly palette! Sometimes I'll let my pets "choose" my makeup, and this is the palette my cat always chooses. I think it's because it still smells amazing!


Aww that’s so cute! I have the gold chocolate bar palette (which I like, it’s got more hits than misses for me and I paid like $22 for it during a crazy sale) and my cat definitely notices when I open it up.


I miss those tin palettes!!


God those were so good


I had the ones in cardboard-- I wanna say they were 6 pans? And came with a little drawer or something with the applicators? Such a long time ago but I loved them


Lime crime, they used to have great palettes and matte lipstick, i haven't seen anything exciting from them anymore


I might get a lot of flak for this… but Fenty. I have the foundation, bronzer, match sticks, gloss, highlighter, and I find I never reach for them. The products are … functional. I got shade matched at Sephora and the foundation looks… off on me. Like I’m a tan in most foundations but the undertone makes me look casket ready. Don’t think I will ever buy anything from fenty again.


This was my first thought as well. When the brand first launched, I really liked the foundation, but that was back in my cake-y makeup days. Now, I can’t stand it. It doesn’t sit well on my skin on top of my moisturizer and sunscreen. I can’t find a shade that actually looks good on me. And, if I sweat at all during the day, the foundation melts off, even when it’s set really well. It was my go-to as a college student, but it’s just not a great product for me now, an adult who works a corporate job and prefers a light, lower coverage look.


Oof I never much liked the fenty foundation either. It oxidized like CRAZY and felt way too cakey and heavy and seemed to cling to dry areas. The pro filtr powder is my holy grail powder but I don’t have or really want anything else from their line.


I wasn't impressed by what I bought from Fenty : a blush/illuminator stick and two lipsticks. The colors were off on my muted olive skintone and they didn't last long :/


Why can’t Fenty get it together with an eyeshadow formula? It’s not that hard.


Yessss I've tried a variety of things from Fenty (lip, base, cheek and eye products) and it's all so forgettable? The one product that I do really like, both shade and formula, is the cheeks out cream bronzer. It's not really a brand that I get excited about, like in the early days


Same. I don’t get the hype around fenty anymore. I really loved the blurring skin tint for a minute but it started oxidizing really badly and turning me orange. I looked like I belonged in a chocolate factory.


I will never forgive Rhianna for the oxidation. I was in a makeup rut for years and just buying the exact same products. I finally got back in to shit and bought the liquid foundation. I wasn't really going anywhere because of the pandemic so I hardly ever looked at myself unless it was through Zoom. I'd just put on make up for fun or before running errands and wash it off a few hours later without stopping to see how it was really wearing. I finally had a day long, in-person work event that involved mingling and giving a speech in front of a couple hundred people, press, etc. I ran to the bathroom a few minutes before I was set to go on stage and glanced in the mirror to make sure my mascara hadn't flaked off or anything. What. The. Fuck. I looked like an oompaloompa's dandruff flake. And I had no time to fix it. I am still mortified I was seen in public wearing that shit. Rhianna did me so, so wrong and I will never forget it lol.


I know the feeling. I’d put on makeup before work and then be hopping around so much (worked at a bar) that I barely had time to go pee, much less fuck around with my makeup. I’d get off work and wipe everything off without really examining it. Had a day off work, went out for a date, looked at myself and my god…. It was awful. If I’d of told you I hired Trump’s makeup artist you’d of believed me. I was so upset because my foundation would look absolutely flawless before I left the house and then I would return like… *that*


Omg the lipstick. I have never smelled makeup so rancid when it goes off before and how quickly it went off even compared to the package date. Man, I felt bad for scoffing at the beauty girl I saw gag when she decluttered them.


Which of the lipsticks was it, just out of curiosity? (And also because now I have to go and check mine lol)


The lipstick in question is the stunna lip paints. I had it in shade underdawg but the declutter I watched she had two other shades. She talked about how it typically separates but it kept doing it more frequently and then she opened them once to the most chemically gross smell ever. SHE WAS NOT TELLING ONE LIE because I immediately checked mine and I gave it a few more months before it got to where she described and damn if I wasn't right. In total, I think I had it less than 11 months from when it was given to me. The applicator would be a DREAM if the pigment wasn't so strong and the product so watery. I had to pump and wipe so much excess off I'm sure that added to the bacteria growth lol Edit: Fixed a typo.


I wonder what the difference is in items that go bad like that and those that don’t. I have some old ass makeup and none of it smells lol. I did start cracking open old nail polish and omggg, so of those smell very off! All my zoya from ten plus years is fine tho which is wild to me.


First of all, LOVE your PFP. So cute! I think it's the same problem we're seeing with clothes. Cheaper ingredients, lower quality of items being produced that go into them, they're banking on us being over-consumers and only noticing when it's too late to fully complain or return it. I think this all contributes to the current state of things we buy. The quality is declining the further along we go.


The end result of that product is really cute imo, like the red one is RED but dear god the smell really is disgusting. I was so disappointed bc I also only had it for a handful of months before it went nasty. And despite the final look being nice, it was sooo hard to work with. Smeary everywhere and yeah watery like u said smh.


It's so interesting that you mentioned this - I have one of the lipsticks in the magnetic cases and I loved it, but honestly I stopped using it soon after getting it because the smell was really off putting! And I just kind of forgot about it in my makeup bag and accepted the loss.


I like the samples of Gloss Bomb lip gloss and have heard raves about Poutsicle lip color. But have not tried anything else… Oh except I LOVE the texture of the Fenty Butta Drop body lotion but cannot stand the fragrance 🤢 I keep searching for a similar product with different/no smells


I love Rihanna but I dislike every single makeup product I’ve bought from Fenty. It’s not my speed.


I didn't like anything of Fenty since day one. I tried many of their products and have given them a fair chance (foundation, concealer, blush, eyeshadow palette, lipsticks,...) and I would rank the brand overall as mediocre to average. I have better luck with Sephora House brand which is also better priced. My personal believe is people that continue to purchase from Fenty are Rihanna fans and will just not admit to the low quality.


Lol big same. It’s just yet another example of a brand that can’t keep up with the times (it’s not so apparent now because it’s still a relatively new brand, but give it another 5-10 years and it’ll be in UD’s position lol) but I will at least say I still enjoy their lip products and I swear by the waterline eyeliners. I have super watery eyes and those things STICK!


I know you said you don’t reach the products much but what are your honest thoughts on the bronzers?


The only product I like from Fenty is the powder. It’s very thin and makes me skin feel like satin. I’ve had the mini size for over a year and I’m barely half way through it. I don’t think I’ll be rebuying unfortunately because of the racism towards Asians I’ve seen from Rihanna.


I liked fenty when I thought I needed heavy makeup, blinding highlighter. I do still like the primer but these days I just moisturize well. I do like the lipgloss. Now I’m into light, dewy and have not touched a glittery highlighter in years. She seems to be offering more stuff on the lighter coverage side so I’m curious to try out


i use the match stick in purrrl for highlight. its the only highlight im willing to use anymore. i always hated how glittery the killawats are for actual highlight, but i use them as eyeliners. the match stick is perfect for a glowy but now sparkly highlight. havent found anything else like it and i scoured ulta from top to bottom for 2 days lol. i also like the eaze drops a lot, its the first “foundation” i bought in like 3 years and i was really surprised at how much i liked it.


Purrrl is so pretty! But it’s pretty because it’s basically nothing lol. Just gives that wet highlighter look. This is the only think I use from the line besides the cream bronzer. I liked the cream blushes at the time but RB are so much smoother.


I really enjoy the loose powder, the gloss, and one of the lipstick formulas I've tried. The Amber match stick is a good contour for me which I was really happy about. The powder foundation though...the shade is great but I've never had a powder break down and cake up on me the way that one did! I have glasses and an oily T-zone so I know some wearing down is inevitable but I went to check on my nose a couple of hours after I applied and it just looked broken down and caked in the creases of my nostrils. I also tried her color corrector and it wasn't bad but the packaging was awful. No matter how gentle I was, it always splurted out way too much and I felt like I was wasting so much product. **edit**: meant t-zone!


Might explain why a lot of it is in our local Tk Maxx


I am in the process of getting rid of all of my Charlotte Tilbury as we speak. I’m only keeping my Hollywood Flawless Filter. There is something about her formula now that makes my eyes itch. Her skincare doesn’t work for me either and is so overpriced. How many pink eyeshadows do we need?


I wish they were pink! They all pull orange on me. 😭


Urban decay, everything is so blah. I used to get super excited about their palettes and everything now is so lacklustre. Also tarte, I feel like everything is the same old same old. Same “sea” aesthetic since forever too.


I got the Honey palette and love it, but that’s the only UD palette I’ve gotten in like eight years for that reason.


UD was the first “cool” “high end” brand I got into when I first started loving makeup. I loooooved the flavored body powders. Tarte is also unfortunate bc they used to do really great blushes and (some) foundations, and the rainforest of the sea line had some really good stuff when it first came out. The Rainforest of the Sea foundation was one of my favorite lighter day foundations for a long time, it was so good IMO. Idk what they did to the Amazonian Clay foundation but that used to be my HG and the fair-light honey shade is still, to this day, the only foundation I’ve found that matches my skin exactly.


I will die on this hill - Tarte's Sea Quench Primer is *the* best primer I've ever used. I keep getting lucky and snagging travel sizes in GWPs, but the second Ulta carries it, I'm buying. I feel likes it's made such a difference for me.


Honestly, Melt is up there for me. It’s too expensive for products that are so inconsistent.


Glossier. I was OBSESSED in 2017/2018. Tried almost everything from the brand and when the hype died down I realized none of their stuff is that good…


Yeah their products are fine, but not worth the price point. I absolutely love their cream blushes, the shades are stunning, but the color doesn’t last on me. The liquid bronzer is terrible. It never blends properly for me and it picks up my foundations underneath. I like the concealer but I’m in between two shades and they’re expensive. The mascara looked like nothing on me, my friend asked if I went without mascara for the day 🤣 The gloss balms are ok. The lidstars are finicky. The ultralips are fine. I kept waiting for a product to wow me like the cloud paint blushes but it hasn’t happened.


The perfume spray and solid are in my top thoooo!!


Colourpop. I still love liquid lipstick, though I’ll consent to giving the best formula to Maybelline. That being said, colourpop used to be FUN. They had fun colors. I used to love the dark green Dr. m. They had this gorgeous lavender pink (maybe called marshmallow?), beautiful shades of red, light blue. Just FUN. Now it’s the same neutrals in different shades and a couple of reds thrown in.


I feel like I used to be so desperate for colourpop products as a poor college student when they got big but then recently I was looking at their ulta display and they were so boring. 3 neutral palettes and 2 quads, 1 magenta/mauve palette and no quads, and 1 jewel tone blue quad. Literally drowning in browns over here


Covergirl. I think they’re dying. The displays at my Target and Ulta are getting smaller and smaller and they’re often out of stock on many products. They could do fantastic things as a cruelty free drugstore brand but I see almost nothing new and the packaging is so dated.


Honestly. Out of the big 4 drugstore brands (CG, Mayb, Revlon, and L'oreal)Lioresal, they are constantly the ones coming out with nothing for department resets in the store I work in. The other three are trying to stay trendy with lighter foundations and bb creams or new lip products, but covergirl still insists that Outlast All-Day wear lip products are what people want even though they never sell. 🤦‍♀️


Dude I keep seeing covergirl ads for like, vinyl and matte finish all day liquid lipsticks and every time I'm like, does someone wanna tell these guys what year it is?


Loreal owns maybelline, so its really only 3 big drugstore companies.


The only think I ever liked from covergirl was their exhibitionist mascara and I still buy it. Other mascaras I didn’t like. Their skin products really don’t interest me or wouldn’t work for me


Agreed. They used to take up almost the whole aisle in my local Walmart, and now they only take up about a third. I used to get some good basics from them, but now I honestly just walk right by their products because like you said, nothing has been updated. All of their products have looked (and been) exactly the same for the last decade plus, and nothing is ever new or exciting. It's the same old glass bottle foundations with the blue caps, same old purple and orange mascara tubes, and thin black eyeliner pencils.


Likely because Cover Girl friendly to an older population of women who don’t want or like change.


Same. I think that last clean line was a last ditch effort and when the complexion product got so many mixed reviews, that was the beginning of the end.


They stopped carrying it completely at my local Ulta!! I was specifically looking for their bb cream and couldn't find it. Revlon, Maybelline, all the others were there, but they just didn't have any Covergirl in the entire store. I'm not surprised by it, although it's a little sad.


It feels like an end of an era with those ancient and former giants. Indies have torn them apart, I personally suspect, though I hope that sheer convenience will help keep them affloat. I'm a 90's kid and I always longed for makeup as I got older, and that was the makeup that I would see the most, so of course I wanted it. I remember so many early mistakes and happy accidents and going to school looking not at all how I thought I did, with my very first compact tucked lovingly into my backpack. They just haven't kept up with trends and changing wants and needs from the beauty customer base. If they can evolve, they might be able to survive. But these old brands rarely get themselves moving fast enough, so we'll see who can't make it in the race anymore.


So true. Covergirl and Clinique, when I could get it, we’re my brands in the 90’s. I always carried a Clean makeup compact and always felt so glamorous putting on my Black Honey Almost Lipstick, back when it launched 😹


When Coty acquired Covergirl everything went downhill. They also ruined Bourjois, Max Factor and Rimmel.


Tarte. They used to come out with these jewelry boxes for every holiday and they were big and have exciting color stories. I saved up for it every year. Then they had tartelette then the rainforest of the sea and those were great. They stopped making rainforest of the sea eyeshadow even though everyone I know thinks it's one of the best eyeshadow formulas ever, and nothing they release now is interesting or innovative. UD has had boring color stories for a while, but at least you used to be able to know that their palettes were quality. So sad they collapsed. The lipstick reformulation was awful, too. I haven't tried the eyeshadow singles reformulation because I expect it to be terrible, too.


tarte kills me, because their packaging is often \*so\* gorgeous, but it just feels like whatever's inside of said packaging doesn't live up to what's on the outside. it's so muted and boring most of the time.


Sugarpill. They used to be amazing but are now a shell of their former glory. It makes me sad


Agreed. I am dying for a re-release of the Pumpkin Spice lippie.


Ughhhh yes! That lip was everything 🥹


Omg I was just browsing their website the other day because they've always been an indie brand I wanted to try but their website has like... nothing of interest on it. So sad. I coveted their rainbow palette for the longest time but couldn't afford it and it's not even on their website anymore.


Too Faced, man. IDK what it is, I LOVE a cutsey aesthetic but they don't do it for me anymore. Also their powder foundation sucks butt


Totally agree. Too Faced is stuck in 2016 imo, they need to refresh some things without a complete rebrand. The matte liquid lipsticks and cakey base makeup just aren't it anymore.


Juvia's Place


fr they had already came and went by the time the racism scandal happened. its a shame bc their stuff is really good quality, especially if you have dark skin but they havent kept up w trends at ALL and they’re so shady its not worth getting anything


Yes yes yes JP is so shady.


Oh don’t get me started on Juvia’s Place. Most of their products are actually out of stock however, JP will not put out of stock on their website. When you made a order (multiple items) JP will only sent some of the items and give you the round around.


Their concealer was so gross and a weird color for me and that was before their ceo showed how shitty they were in Insta.


I have their eye primer, concealer, lipstick, and eyeshadow. The eyeshadow palettes are the only products that "wowed" me when I tried them. Either way, can't get behind them anymore with the racism stuff.


I was SO excited for them o come to my country, *finally* and then literally two days later they showed their racist hidden selves and right out of my cart


It hurts that UD is discontinuing Naked Honey, yet came out with the She Hulk palette :/ it’s just not my cup of tea, but it does look nice in its own way I sorta lost faith in Colourpop. I love how affordable they are and how their products performs, but their colabs aren’t it. They could’ve made Sailor Moon’s locket into a shiny/brilliance crystal palette/lip product and have some sort of lipstick/gloss/mini eye product with all the other respective Sailor Scouts. They also could’ve done their own version of Luna and Artimes’s headbands since a lot of 3rd party brands did their own. For the Avatar Last Airbender colab they could’ve done different eyeshadow palette shapes for the 4 elements. Also they could’ve had Katara’s pendent as the water tribe’s eyeshadow palette, and do like an Ozai’s Angels (referencing Charlie’s Angels) mini collection having the characteristics of Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in the packing/collection As for Animal Crossing, it could’ve also been different eyeshadow palette shapes, but they could’ve also pay homeage to all of the other previous games like making an eyeshadow pallete after them using their respective cover as the front of the pallete Edit: ngl ik this may sound contradicting, but I kinda hope they’ll do a Breath of the Wild colab 👉👈 I was just thinking like what if there was a Silent Princess makeup brush set/kit with a leather carry bag and the iconic line “Open your Eyes” engraved on the front, or a Sheika Slate palette with the orange and blue color hues from the shrines/Divine Beasts


Yeah it hurts my soul when collabs are phoned in or even if there’s effort they decide to keep it safe. The ATLA palette is legit *incredible* quality but the use of a stock image instead of commissioning new art is so 😭😭😭😭


Like almost all their colabs so far are giving “last min/low effort assignments” or that one family member that always says they know what you like already and then gives you the cheap/Wish app version thinking you’ll be obsessed over it


UD clearing out so much of their Naked line is a big mistake.


The Naked line was an icon. I remember the hold they had on almost everyone growing up as a little early 2000’s girl


The Naked2 palette was my first eyeshadow palette that I purchased and still have it in my collection. Obviously, I don’t use it anymore but it breaks my heart to see how UD has fallen. They used to be the pioneer of clean makeup.


This and also their packaging too. Not only their palettes were heavy and thick, but the boxes they came in were bougie too like with the words being textured instead of a flat box


I agree. They had it all and never stuck to what they were great at…The Naked Series. They should have released limited editions, reformulated without talc and be creative. It is very sad to see how low they’ve gotten. Sad.


same, naked and naked 2 were my first \~real deal\~ palettes and i love them so much. i don't use them anymore because they're several years old, but i still have them because they are sentimental and my collection doesn't look complete without them.


Sometimes with collabs I have to wonder how much the owners of the IP were micromanaging. I know that Sanrio (owners of hello kitty) are notorious for this. I might make a separate discussion post about that


Ooohh that would make a good discussion post. I just don’t get why Nintendo (a big money company) isn’t as micromanaging as Miss Kitty For some reason they like to micromanage their fans’ fan works and music posts, but I guess not collabs 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄


If this is the case, then how the hell did the creators of The Sims approve that Mac collab?


The Winnie the Pooh collab was a major bomb for me as someone who has the Pooh palettes from places like TheFaceShop, Hot Topic, and Boxlunch. Also the color story was NOT favorable to us dark skinned folk. I know some influencers got good pay off from the eyeshadow palette but the HIGHLIGHTERS/Blushes...come onnnnn. Same for the Sailor Moon and Powder Puff Girls and....pretty much every collab post the Barbie one. All their pigments come out ashy on me. It's really a bummer whenever I see any announcements from them because there's no point in being excited. Will only be able to use 1 to 3 items per every collab of like....10 plus.


That’s such a poopy situation :/ I love how the brand also became “all about inclusiveness” but yet they’re still far from it


The Sailor Moon collab was super disappointing imo. When they first hinted at it I was super hyped! I love Sailor Jupiter so I was hoping they would do an eyeshadow quad for her and the other scouts. Also why no Tuxedo Mask and Artemis??


Ikr!! Tuxedo Mask should’ve at least had like a bag or false lashes and Artemis should’ve at least had maybe a white eyeliner if not a headband I was sooo hoping there’d be a Sailor Mercury item but nope. None of that :/


I, too, would take back all my colourpop slander for a Botw collection


Same here but they have to do an outstanding job because that’s an outstanding game. They ran so the gaming industry could walk


I want a BOTW collab too but i think they might want to capitalize on the second release and who knows when that's going to happen. Meanwhile I'm here wondering where is my splatoon collab.


Lmaooo we’re all waiting on that new release and I’m surprised they haven’t done anything with Splatoon. It’s a cute game


Fuck I am obsessed with ATLA and I totally forgot CP did a collab. How depressing


omg I love naked honey, i will have to try to get one again before the are totally gone!


You should do that soon because right now they’re still on sale at [Ulta](https://www.ulta.com/p/naked-honey-eyeshadow-palette-pimprod2009275?sku=2552755)


Colourpop news to me has become like...that fluff news you see on daytime TV Nice background noise, but nothing I would invest time and effort into lol


I was sad when I found out about KVD being shitty. I regret giving her the benefit of the doubt at times since she is really the worst. I loved and still adore my eyeshadow and my liquid lips I had from when it was still her line. The design and colour stories were great the formula works very well, and I loved the lasting power. I know they are rebranded, but I don't know that I can make myself repurchase. Same deal with ABH. Love me some dip brow, love my eyebrow brush, still holding onto my highlighter and lip kits, but once they are done I will not repurchase. The founders really suck and I can't support them.


honestly i was super excited when i heard KVD rebranded and i could grab the tattoo liner again without giving her a cent but have become disillusioned since. i still love the tattoo liner but other than that, a lot of the goth/punk-y makeup is gone and it all just feels blah. even some of the “alt staples” like white concealer have been phased out. i don’t mind neutrals but that’s not why i liked the original pre-everything-coming-out brand in the first place.


KVD had literally the PERFECT concealer for my skin tone and type and when they severed ties with her I was so excited to buy it again. They fucking discontinued my shade. I’m still not over it.


Yeah exactly. Like I used to be emo/goth in my youth, and I had a nostalgic love for the packaging. I now lean a bit more into more alt makeup styles for fun, and basic at work. I wish they kept at least some of that energy.


Lime Crime: Their products are good but I lost interest ever since they went the way of Urban Decay and got rid of all of the weird, colorful makeup that put them on the map. JSC: I don’t buy from them from obvious reasons but their product aesthetics lately are just… so bad… Those lavender bath salts or whatever look straight out of TJ Maxx. Colourpop: The repeating of color stories and constant releases have me so burnt out on them.


Pat McGrath, Charlotte Tilbury and Natasha Denona…they aren’t THAT good to justify the $$$. Colourpop- they’re constantly rereleasing the same colors in different packaging and for the quality they’re overpriced IMO. ABH- once she came out as supporting Putin and by extension the invasion of Ukraine nah ELF makes brow dupes for a fraction of the price.


Colourpop, unfortunately. They were at one point my favorite brand but their fast fashion style of pumping out products just scares me into thinking none of what they’re producing is very good anymore. Last time I ordered from them, I purchased 5 products and all but one of them have been decluttered.


Makeup Revolution. I’ve always been a bit on the fence about them as I don’t really like how they rip off a lot of products from other brands, packaging and all. But they churn out so so many products now that I can’t keep up and I don’t even see any of it reviewed.


Lime crime — they don't make Venuses anymore 🤷🏼‍♀️


They are dropping the ball hard not* advertising the Venus palettes (and by discontinuing some) with alternative styles being very popular in the last 2 years.


I recently went to Boots and they had TONS of LC stuff discounted. I got two really nice plushies lipsticks for £5 each and a brow pen for £3! Very good considering the original prices.


I still have my original Venus palette (the first one, with the reds) and use it literally every time I do my makeup, it’s such an iconic classic to me.


They also refuse to bend to what people want. The trend right now is hydrating lip products, and they came out with the soft touch matte lipsticks instead. That, and face gems were some of their recent releases Lol.




Probably an unpopular opinion but Huda Beauty. I have multiple of her palettes and they’re all beautiful but they always make my eyes so itchy and watery.


Benefit. They haven’t released new products in jeez, over 5 years? Yeah they “relaunched” their brow like in new packaging a few years ago but it wasn’t new. Besides their bronzer I don’t think their brand is worth writing home about.


They revamped the blushes but still kept it in those boxes.....


Not a single colorpop lip item is worth the money. Don't do it.


Except for bullet lipstick, all their lip products go off quickly, or so it seems to me. I just don't bother anymore. I am going to reorder some singles from my BYOP that broke when I traveled for my birthday. Love those.


I do really like the blotted lip from colourpop, but there's so little product in the tube! And it's $8 for 0.06 oz ugh


The tinted lip crayons and the lippie stix are pretty good but the latter has inconsistent formulas/finishes so I don't buy them often.


Charlotte Tilbury. I really wanted to love her range but it just looks like cheap crap on my face. The foundations just don't sit well for me and the illuminator was probably the biggest waste of money I've ever spent. I love the lipstick shades but they dry out way too fast. I've found GOSH and Nyx to far outperform CT for a much lower price point. Edit: I completely agree with other commenters on the colour tones of the bases - it's all based around golden peach glow, which imo only looks good on lightly tanned skin. I'm a pale Irish white with black hair - on me, they look more like shimmery, cheap tangerine shades even in summer.


The shades and undertones for darker complexions are always just a little off with Charlotte. They never match quite right if you happen to get close to the right shade. The lipsticks curdle if you wear them for too long. The packaging is gorgeous and feels luxe, but that’s the only positive. I do wish she’d bring back Scent Of A Dream, it was so good!


Gotta agree! The Flawless Filter was something I was so excited for but it just didn’t work for me. I found the Physicians Formula Spotlight Primer worked so much better!


I love these threads because it reminds me that makeup works differently for everyone. Charlottes foundations have been so amazing for me! I even wore her airbrush foundation on my wedding.


Colourpop. Their collabs are boring, phoned in and too often, the quality isn't like it used to be.


I didn’t really have an answer for this until I saw the new High School Musical palette from Colourpop. The color called Sharpay is a charcoal looking color. It should have been a sparkly pink. Everything just feels lazy from them now.


Large eye shadow pallets in general. They take up too much space and they expire


Glossier. They’re pushing things way too hard and their marketing seems to be all over the place. Prices have increased yet there hasn’t been a launch I’ve been interested in since ultra lip. Just doesn’t seem to have anything interesting about rg any more.


They were awesome at the beginning of the natural, minimalist makeup trend, but there have been so many brands that have hopped on since that are better at a lower price point. Still obsessed with the perfume though.


J* is dying. Was never into the brand but I’ve been seeing TONS of products for sale at Nordstrom Rack.


Huda. Every single pallet, every 9 pan is exactly the same. Its alllllll pink. All of it, pink for days. Its like she doesnt understand there are other colors. Also the super bake and super cake foundation is getting old. UD used to be amazing but not sure what happened there. ABH, not supporting that shit no more. She can shill her over priced, over produced stuff in Russia. Hourglass. Do I like the blushes? Yes I do. But seriously Hourglass? Its all the same in the end, the holiday pallets have 1 different shade and if you arent white as a ghost forget about using anything. Its shameful.


The CDC. Monkeypox is spread on surfaces and through the air, but they wiped that off their website this week.


Pat Macgrath. Y so much money thoooooo?


Controversial but I don’t trust a lot of Colourpop palettes. They have some really good affordable ones, but the ones with cute designs and brand collabs have been kinda low quality. Like the ACNH, Candyland, and Lizzie McGuire collabs.


Urban Decay, Too Faced, Estée Lauder,Kosas, Pat McGrath. Urban Decay: it’s depressing to see how far they’ve fallen. I do love the All Nighter. Too Faced: overpriced generic recycled boring Estée Lauder: I’ll buy the EL double wear 1x a year but that’s it. Overpriced uninteresting mass market Kosas: short life, my Air Brow packaging snapped off at the top. So disappointing Pat McGrath: overpriced recycled glitter bomb that churns out the same looks. Boring


I was just coming to say Pat McGrath. This brand is in a RUT & runs the risk of looking as stale & recycled as Urban Decay.


I personally love that EL doesn't change. I can rely on them to have DW until I die, it's the best full coverage foundation. Their recovery simplex serum is also an HG of mine.


- Urban Decay. The NAKED series has gone on for so long. And any new eyeshadow palettes they release I’m just not interested in. - Milk Makeup the two things I’ve tried and loved have been discontinued. RIP eye pigments and face powder. - Charolette Tilbury it’s so expensive and I’m tired of seeing it on my TikTok for you page. I haven’t tried much just an eyeshadow stick from years ago. But the prices are so high. - Hourglass. I’ve honestly forgotten about the brand completely. The Hourglass ambient light powders and blushes were so coveted back in the day.


Urban decay discontinued two beloved eyeshadows that I repurchased for almost two decades, so I lost interest in the brand . Laced and Roach RIP


1. Pat McGrath. Her brand is beyond over priced, she does the same color story in almost all of her eyeshadow palettes: Pink rose tones and a pop of magenta. She might get “crazzzzy” every now and then and throw in a gold or lilac, but her stuff all looks the same. But hey, if that’s what rich people keep buying then don’t fix what isn’t broken 🤷🏾‍♀️ 2. Colourpop. They keep pumping out way too much stuff which is horrible for the environment, and it’s hardly every exciting. Sometimes they might have a good idea, but that’s few and far between all the ashy neutral palettes they putting out, or the repetitive ULTA collections they keep pumping out. 3. ELF. They had a hit with their putty primer, but now they keep pumping out different putty products, and I’m over it. They also remind me of Revolution with the way they keep making bank duping other brands stuff( first Tatcha and now Charlotte Tillbury)


Colourpop. I have about 4 of their eyeshadow palettes that I like a lot. I'll probably just stick to those and not buy anymore. I'm just not that interested in their products these days


Wet n Wild used to be a drugstore fave, but nowadays I refuse to even look at their eyeshadow palettes. They just don’t deliver.


Jaclyn Cosmetics, and for absolutely no reason related to the initial lipstick debacle. I have tried nearly every product, and it is just SO hit and miss! I hate the liquid lipsticks (so drying), and so many products are just so meh or average and not at all worth it (e.g. the undereye setting powders, the powder blush palettes, the blush and bronze duos, the lip liners...). There has not been one product where I'm like WOW I love this! All just blah or straight up shit.


Bite beauty. They reformulated their lip mask and it was downhill from there.