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Still waiting on that Warm Soul dupe…


Seriously. That’s what we would buy.


It woods be the first product I even bought from an influencer brand 🤣 Do we just all need to blow up her IG comments with “I thought you were recreating warm soul…. So disappointed”


Seriously, she had just swatched it on tik tok so I thought that's what she was teasing! Oh well at least my wallet is safe.


Unpopular option: OG warm soul is very dupe-able. Even in cream form, especially now with the market so saturated with those. It’s a lovely shade but not a rare one. I think it’s on Sam mind and part of the hype. And I believe the reason she isn’t actively looking for dupe or cream dupe is because she wants to make her own. Hopefully she’ll make it. But if you want to find a dupe, you don’t have to wait for her…


Huh, okay. Glad it’s lashes because then I 100% won’t be tempted to buy it lol


I actually freaking love false lashes, Ive been wearing them for years, and these look niiiiiice! Like exactly the style that I usually go for. However, Ive been using a lash serum for about a year now and I swear I haven’t touched falsies in at least 6 months. I will still wear them in the future, but man, Ive been really digging my real lashes lately. So yeah, easy pass, at least for now.


What lash serum do you use? I’m looking for a good one!


I’m using one called Rapid lash. It’s really made a huge difference!


Rapidlash is amazing. Half the price of Revitalash and works just as well! It’s often on sale too on sites like Feel Unique and Look Fantastic. 100% recommend.


I used to use revitalash but now I'm using the ordinary serum and I'm happy with it, especially for the price point.


I just started using TO one a couple weeks ago, but so far I'm liking it too. I feel like I'm losing a lot less lashes overall so far, and hopefully I'll see some new growth soon. Glad to hear it's going well for you!


Be careful with certain lash serums since they can turn the color of your eyes brown! The serums’s lash effect was discovered originally as a glaucoma drop that then became widespread for people with short eyelashes. The side effect is the brown eye pigmentation that cannot be reversed.


Fucking what...


I thought that was common knowledge obviously haha. It was discovered in drugs like Rocklatan or Latanoprost (Glaucoma drugs) and eventually transferred to the beauty industry. https://www.cosmopolitan.com/uk/beauty-hair/news/a34583/lash-growth-drops-change-eye-colour/ Also can darken the skin around your eyes, including under eyes. https://www.shape.com/lifestyle/beauty-style/eyelash-serum-eye-color-change Here is Latanoprost being used as Latisse, a lash grower: https://drrupawong.com/do-lash-serums-change-your-eye-color/


Holy hell. I ain't putting that shit towards my light as hell blue eyes. I swear that isn't even on the packaging... Which is suspicious


It’s only in some lash serums and requires research. Also they don’t need FDA approval so side effects don’t matter. Which is why they aren’t called lash growers - they can’t prove they actually grow the lashes like FDA approved drops (which will change pigmentation). Also it can cause permanent eye damage and you’ll have to have lifelong injections into your eye if your retina swells and leaks because of your eyelash drops!! Not to mention all the other beauty supplies that are dangerous. Most sparkly eyeshadow is not approved to be used near your eyes and can cause you to lose your vision and eyes to infections.


Oooohhhh I’ll look into it, thank you!


Even the Loreal one works and it’s like 15 bucks.


I’ve been eyeing that one! Thank you!


What’s the serum called?


i’ve been using Grande lash and Grande brow for two years and hardly even wear mascara now,i just use an eyelash curler.


Yesss what serum?!!


I won't buy, even though I wear lashes daily. I buy the Kara or Amor lashes on ebay. Less than 2 bucks a pair, the numbers/styles correspond to the Adelle lashes. The lashes I buy are made in Indonesia. I believe there is probably 1 or 2 factories making all the false eyelashes.




I'm honestly confused by the choices to release an overpriced lip balm and lashes...like they did well with the glow lust and shadows everyone raves about, but their subsequent releases make absolutely no sense to me.


Honestly… lashes are easy to private label and the mark up is pretty huge. So maybe Sam needed a product that would increase the profitability of her brand. Maybe that’s cynical of me but it was my first thought. (Btw I’m not saying that these are def private labeled. They could very well not be and be something Sam developed herself. But the profit margin for lashes is still pretty huge.)


It's funny how almost every makeup artist featured in Taylor Wynn's videos is selling (or is going to start selling) eyelashes. Seems like it's a low investment, high profit type a thing. Plus - lashes don't have an expiration date.


I don’t think that’s cynical. It’s a business and I don’t think that’s insulting to negative to say. Each item a business sells has a different profit margin and costs a different amount up front to produce. I assumed this product doesn’t cost much up front for them to test/create and they get a decent profit for it. I’m guessing they need products like this to build their capitol so they can expand to more upfront expensive products. I know people were upset this wasn’t a cream blush or bronzer but both of those products are expensive to create, packing is expensive, and I’m guessing they need to build their business more before they can expand in that direction.


To me lashes are products that need to be repurchased much more frequently then eyeshadow or blush. That means more sales and the markup is huge garnering a larger profit margin. Of course, her lashes have to be GOOD in order to get people coming back.


She really lost me when she went off about About-Face dropping their prices, like hey maybe take that energy and turn it inward.


I missed that. What’s wrong with dropping prices? I think it’s a good move and I actually like everything I’ve tried from About Face so far. I see people be surprised when brands drop prices and say they must be desperate but makeup already has a huge markup and I think it’s a good idea while every other brand increased even with their insane margins. Especially the luxury brands.


She basically claimed it was AF’s plan from the jump was to eventually drop their prices and that AF was therefore scamming us.


That makes no sense. They took a while to drop prices, I think they just realized that their line fit better in that tier. And made a cheaper one like Uoma did. Both are smart moves instead of being stubborn and going out of business in a saturated market. Maybe she doesn’t like it because it’s a celebrity brand and it’s not luxury even though it is mostly made in Italy.


How does it not make sense? If they can afford to drop prices that means the profit margin is there to sustain and build the company at the lower prices. So they either: calculated the lowest price they could sell AND make enough profit to grow as waited as long to switch the prices. Or they knew from the beginning they could be profitable at that price and waited to get good pr. They didn’t lower prices because they care about consumers. They did it because it benefits them and they can still make enough profit to grow their brand. I don’t think it’s bad to discuss how disingenuous the campaign/lowering prices is.


Every brand is out to make maximum profit. That’s why I usually only buy things on sale unless I really want it and am worrying about it actually being limited in some way. But a lot of limited labeling is just another ploy. I did not mean I think they are being charitable. But I do like when people can admit mistakes. I just don’t think they had some plan for a price drop. She didn’t figure out a conspiracy or scam. Every smart brand will calculate at what they need for minimum and maximum profits. Every business is out for greed. I don’t think any brand cares about consumers and she doesn’t either.


She didn’t figure out a conspiracy, but she did vocalize her opinion on why it’s not some magical amazing thing. If your brand can afford to substantially cut prices long term and not close, that means they could have sold it at the lower price point initially. So they either planned to make hand over fist long term or they decided the pr of lowering costs a bit was worth making less per item. Many people wouldn’t think that though and would be like “this brand cares about its shoppers and is lowering prices to help people.”


I don't think anyone actually thinks a makeup company gives a rats ass about them. Sam saying that is like saying the sky is blue. She's not saving anyone from getting scammed. It didn't need to be said that companies like to make as much money as they can because everyone already knows that.


It’s a very reductive take and underscores her experience as being limited to the marketing and communications side of business. She had no unique insight into their finances or funding to come to the conclusion that they were always going to make this pivot. The brand likely isn’t self sustaining. There are many plausible scenarios that could explain their decision, such as investor pressure and an injection of funding to shift to a lower price point.


Obviously they dropped prices because it benefits them. I don't think Sam's assumption made any sense. Brands love to charge more and would prefer to charge $100 for an eye pencil if enough people were willing to buy it, but sometimes the consumers that fit their brand aren't the ones willing to pay high prices so they have to adjust and make their money on volume. There's no conspiracy there—they just misunderstood their market at launch and made adjustments as they learned. And makeup is known for its super high margins, so nothing particularly wild about them having enough of a margin for profit. I'm sure AF had a decent cash infusion to get to higher margins earlier.


This. The brand was constantly on sale, which suggests that people weren't buying at the higher price point- I know I never did. IMHO, lowering the price to the point everyone agreed it should be at is just plain smart. Also, Sam is one to complain about pricing given what she charges for that lip balm. 😬


Right. I didn't understand her video about how they did it as good PR. It doesn't make logical sense to me and it's unfortunate that some folks are parroting that point. And yeah, for someone that concerned about environmental causes you'd think the lip balm would have enough product it wouldn't need to be replaced after a few uses—regardless of refillable component (which I don't believe was an initial plan, more of an afterthought to quiet people down) considering its shipping only


Ok, what about it bothered you? I’ve had similar thoughts. It’s frustrating when a company does something like that to gain goodwill, when it’s a marketing strategy. They clearly are making money at dropping their prices so they either had really high prices and crazy profit margins or they always planned to do it. Having sales isn’t bad, but let’s not pretend it comes from a place of goodwill. They are still making a shit ton of money at the lower price point while using pr to make them look generous.


I think she's releasing products that are "everyday" products for her. Everything Auric has released seems 100% on brand for Sam's taste, imo.


Who wears lashes daily now? And who can afford to??


I wear them daily and one pair can last me 9+ months. That's cheaper than most mascaras with guaranteed great results every time.


Can I ask how you get 9+ months wear out of one pair? Any tips? I’d love to wear lashes more but the need to always replace them makes me reach for mascara instead.


1. Never get them wet or put mascara on them. 2. Some eyelasehes are made by tying clusters of hair to a band in knots (these usually have a clear band). Others were made by gluing hair cluster between two threads. The former ones will last much longer because glue used to attach hair to threads will eventually break down. However hair clusters tied on a band can be accidentally pulled off. To prevent this, after trimming the band dot a tiny amount of Super Glue on each knot of the 2-3 outer clusters and let the glue dry before wearing. That way the hair clusters will not fall off when you try to remove the glue. 3. Store them in a safe place. These compacts actually looks very useful for that purpose.


I’ve never heard of the super glue tip! Thank you so much! If you don’t mind, could I also ask which pairs are your favourites/where you get your go-to pairs from?


At Marshalls/TJMaxx/similar stores I can often find a style called [Glam Wispies](https://thumbor.offerup.com/G-ZPaOgx8HAYR0b5qnnJaeDSMP4=/674x900/55bb/55bb516c7d94408eb859743e17e14ec3.jpg) from several different no-name brands and they are usually $7.99 for five pairs. [Ardell 113](https://www.target.com/p/ardell-wispies-113-false-eyelashes-5pr/-/A-53619486) is the exact same style and I would buy the Ardell ones if they are on sale for cheaper. Disclaimer: I personally prefer extremely long but sparse lightweight lashes. This style may not work for you depending on your application skills, eye shapes, and personal preferences.


How do you keep them clean?


I pull off the glue every night, run a makeup remover dipped q-tip over them and let them dry.


Just wondering, how do you clean them then if you don't get them wet?


The glue peels off very cleanly if you are very precise with applying the glue. Clean the band with a q-tip and alcohol every once a while. If you don't put mascara on them there's no reason to clean the hair part.


That makes sense, thanks for explaining. I just worry about the natural oils from the skin getting in them and harboring bacteria, but rubbing alcohol would work well for that.


Right??? Also most people aren't buying incredibly expensive mink lashes. I feel a lot of good lashes seem to come from the drugstore?


Absolutely. There are only so many ways to arrange what's essentially hairs on a string. You can find cheap identical ones for the vast majority of styles. For example $15 [MAC #4](https://www.maccosmetics.com/product/13837/296/products/makeup/eyes/eyelashes/mac-lash-4-idol-lash) is identical to [these](https://www.shopmissa.com/products/eyelashes-747m) $1 lashes. Unlike other types of products there's literally no difference between them.


I wear them about 5-6 days a week. I only spend 3.99 on my favorite style, and I can easily get 30+ wears out of a pair, usually more. Pair that with my favorite essence mascara, and it's a cheaper combo than even some drugstore mascaras.


I may not daily but I get mine cheap as fuck from shopmissa and I love them. So I wear them every chance I get.


She does. She's making products that will be her "everyday" products or ones she'd personally like.


I wear them daily. I buy them on ebay. Kara or Amor lashes, less than 2 bucks a pair. I like the Wsp style. I can wear a pair for a week or more. I clean them daily.


my ardell lashes are still going strong 6+ months later. just cleaning and not using mascara on them works wonders


How do you clean them? I tried micellar water once and it destroyed a Lily lash even though there’s a video from them telling you to do that


i peel off any accumulated glue (i use the clear duo lash glue w the brush) with tweezers, then use a qtip to rub off remaining residue with a tiny amount of rubbing alcohol and "dry" the lash off with the other end of the qtip. if needed, i also fluff them out with a clean spoolie. i store my lashes in a case and never get them fully wet-- idk why so many sites recommend dunking them in some liquid or smth bc for me it always clumps the lashes together and fucks them up beyond repair 🥲


Maybe because those are animal hair? Try synthetic lashes


I would wear lashes 80% of the time.


Samantha has always worn false eyelashes every day since she was in high school.


I mean sam does so she sells them


Yeah but don't you know, Sam bad!!!! It's really not even worth it in this sub to mention her, I always get sucked into the threads because I follow her and usually get nothing but condescension and bad faith DMs.


It’s a cash grab. Very low investment and high profit margins.


this packaging seems like a waste unless other lashes be available as refills


Agreed. SUPER wasteful. I really hope it has refills. I get that she's trying to be luxury, but I have no interest in buying lashes in general, but also the packaging is too much.


Funny how people associate plastic with luxury. I used to be the same ….. now my first thought was “she can not be serious!!” Even if it had refills, lashes still need to be packaged and the refill packaging would be enough.


The packaging is a joke. It comes off as not quite understanding what luxury is. This is just wasteful.


It's specially weird seeing how she both tries to be sustainable AND keeps being extra with the plastic packaging. I'd think that if there was one product that could do with a super cute tin or some luxurious wooden box would be lashes. But maybe that's more expensive?


I’m finding it difficult to be interested in her brand at all at this point.




Well, at least she's making it easy for me to stick to my low-buy.


That looks like very wasteful packaging for lashes… 😔


By the time Sam makes a good cream bronzer or blush the trend will be powders lol. Why isn’t she going hard on the creams trend??


With blush she wouldn't even need to come out with a huge range right from the start. A neutral red & a berry shade in a formula that could be customized with the glow lust would be decent enough for a launch. I believe Katie Jane Hughes mixed it with liquid blush in one of her videos so it's within the realm of possibility.


She has said she has the blush samples, so they are coming.


You’re so right. You can [try to] take cream products from my cold, dead hands but it won’t work, so I’ll be happy, but everyone else will have moved on. I feel bad that her brand isn’t going so great but it’s just one bad decision after another. And I understand the supply chain issues but she really should’ve waited.


Because they are expensive to formulate, create, and package? I think that’s why she said foundation isn’t happening anytime soon either.


Isn't that what a makeup brand does though? R&D and make products? If she doesn't want to do that why is she a brand?


It’s not that she doesn’t want to, it’s that she may not have the capitol to yet. Foundation, cream blush, cream bronzer, and concealer require a ton of shades to be inclusive. That’s a huge up front cost, especially if you are formulating it from the ground up. Most small companies can’t just release a million foundation shades from the get go. Fenty was able to because she had the backing of LVMH. She’s building the company/brand do that she can afford to eventually release these products. She’s been pretty up front about this.


For bronzers and blushes you don’t have to have 40 shades to be inclusive. Look at lys, having one of the darkest bronzer sticks on the market and only have 5 shades (em cosmetic also done it relatively well with 4) . I agree the balm (in existing packaging and formula) and the lashes are a lot more cost affective, and maybe Auric isn’t doing well enough even for like 3-4 shade of blush. And it’s too bad for us and for them as well. But yeah, it’s disappointing. I think most of us disappointed ppl are the one wanting her brand to expand so we can see the products she vision for all of us to have.


I’m hoping the brand is just being conservative in the current market. I’m not sure if spending on makeup is back up or if the cost of things has gone down (or shipping has been more reliable). I’m wondering if they are working on blush/bronzer but the pandemic has just slowed down the process.


She said recently in a story that blushes are on the way and she has samples. But she said that with supply chain and markets being what they are and not trying to rush formulation, they’re projecting well over a year, possibly 2 from their start date of blush development. So… idk if that means 2 years from now, but I appreciate the fact that’s she’s being open about everything so far. Hopefully it’s that just a generous estimate and they’re able to get them out sooner.


She can't afford to do r&d then she never should have made a brand and just stuck to collabs. The way fans will justify behavior of their favorites is unreal. This is not acceptable. If people want to start a makeup company then they need the capital otherwise everyone would start something. Sam is using her fans to float her brand instead of trying to be a real company.


I mean, don’t see how it’s unacceptable to have her own brand or a small business, lol. There is no such thing as a “real” company, there are many ways to obtain capital, have access different funding streams etc and if people don’t want to support her brand because they’re frustrated waiting around for blushes, bronzers etc so be it but she is entitled to run her brand the way she likes. and releasing products as collabs vs. under her own brand are so different I don’t even see how they can compare.


I personally prefer her way over other influencers rushing the process and selling contaminated products or selling a ton of low quality products just to sell them. I will say her products are out of my price point at the moment. I can’t afford them but I don’t take that personally. She can sell them at whatever price point. It’s not a personal insult to me that they are expensive or the products aren’t ones I feel like investing in.


she’s releasing products she likes in a time span that makes sense to her. why do you care so much?


I totally agree with you, but her opening really got shellaced by the pandemonium.


She’s stubborn. She likes to be first and unique. I love Sam but her stubbornness can get in her way in my opinion.


I always find that lash launches get more and more underwhelming each time. Maybe I’ve jaded myself with lash extensions but I’m not paying like ~$20 (I know prices haven’t been confirmed yet I’m just surmising) to create more plastic waste and still only look like I have one coat of mascara on.


Why do you need a plastic compact like that for a pair of lashes?


Cos "LuXUrrrrY". If she put them in a fully recyclable carton box and tried to charge the prices she is charging, her "luxury beauty loving, but mimetically woke" audience would be less inclined to buy it.


I think it’s meant to be reused as a carrying case. There’s an updated product photo showing 2 pairs of lashes (one pair hidden under the first pair). I assume it comes with 2 pairs when you purchase.


How incredibly expensive and wasteful tho


This is disappointing. Again.


Wish they were reusable magnetic ones, then I’d feel like this magnitude of packaging made sense. Idk, just seems like a lot of packaging for some really basic-looking lashes.


Glued lashes are reusable too


I'm sure they're meant to be reusable, she regularly reuses her lashes from other brands 😊


It feels like cost affective choice at best. Maybe those launches are there to keep the brand afloat. Hope for them those are smart choices, because I really want the brand to survive assuming one day we’ll see the products we really wanted from the start…


They’re gonna have to offer refills right? Cuz there’s no way Ms. Sam “Sustainability” Ravndahl would expect people to buy a new compact every time


The lip balm that comes with a jade applicator came out in March/April has no refill available yet so... yes, she probably does expect people to buy a compact every single time.


Yeah that was super wasteful too. The amount of packaging compared to the miniscule amount of product in it...just so much waste of plastic.


I agree. Quite a few brands are finally listening and making things refillable too. I hope all brands do eventually or at least all mid tier and higher. I’m surprised she isn’t since everyone says she mentions it.


The compact seems like a strange choice… maybe there is a reason. She has reused packaging for different products in the past (plush ritual and the eyeshadows use the same component). Maybe she’s working on something else like a blush or bronzer that will use that same compact?


Sam was doing some sneak peeks, and it looked like the people who guessed lashes were correct.


This is underwhelming. I was hoping for a cream bronzer or blush


definitely the most disappointing launch so far. i know i had too high hopes expecting a cream blush/bronzer or something of the sort, but i’m still bummed out none the less. nothing wrong with this launch, just disappointing for me personally and not something i’d run to buy


We just wanted you to dupe your discontinued faves


all that for a single pair of lashes in a compact????? ???????????? i’m done with her brand lmfao i was certain she was gonna do something COOL like a cream blush line




That compact is ridiculous for lashes. This tease was an utter failure for me. I wouldn't have guessed lashes. I'm disappointed it's lashes. I'm disappointed in that kind of packaging for lashes. I hope that's just a case and that refills are different.


this must be a decision driven by supply chain and issues sourcing materials for her other projects, but she still needs revenue to keep the company afloat (i remember marlena once discussed how you need one project to fund the next etc etc and if you miss a project, your finances get all messed up). i refuse to believe otherwise


Yeah I think you’re right. Sam’s last two releases must be about revenue. Producing complexion products is crazy expensive. So for now Auric is putting out products that are a guaranteed high return on investment. I just wish they were able to do releases faster. It’s been like two years since the brand launched? And with the lashes Auric will only have 4 products available for purchase.


I’m thinking the pandemic really messed up their original timeline. She’s discussed it’s taken longer and been more expensive for everything because of the pandemic. As expenses go up, if they don’t want to add the cost to the product itself they have to sell more to fund the next release.


all for lashes from any brand….but those look horribly uneven and poorly made


here i thought i was the only one who thought they looked raggedy 💀


I get the compact matches the look of the eyeshadows and I get wanting to be cohesive, but I wanted a way prettier top to this compact. I thought the green marble type packaging shown in the video was gonna be what the lid looked like but that seems to just be the box it all comes in lol. If it was a pretty marble top I would have bought it just for that and put something besides lashes in the top. A mirror compact is a nice thing to have in your bag. But black plastic only??? Hard pass. Still waiting on the refills for the lip balm and how that would work. Am I scraping it out and putting it in the jar myself? Being sent an entire new bottom piece? Any news would be appreciated man. I understand not having dates because of supply chains but you can still give SOME update. I'm hopeful as she really changed things after the first launch after feedback, and I expect that to continue. I know she said she had the blush samples already so those are coming but I was hoping this launch would be something I could add to an order for glow lust to save on shipping. Guess I'm gonna keep waiting. I have the first 3 shadows and they are amazing, better than my Tom Ford ones, but I don't need to repurchase those yet.






What's $78?


I personally love the compact, but a thick band?? Come on now. Give me a lash that shape with an invisible band god damnit 😭 Also I’d honestly never spend more than $10 on a pair of lashes so I will never have these and I’m okay with that.


A 3/4 whispy lash is very on Brand for Sam… not sure the market needs another $$$ lash though.


What is Auric even doing? No one wants this from Sam. Hard pass.


Isn’t she supposed to be the queen of hating wasteful packaging? She or someone in her camp needs to take a business course asap, jeez.


what a complete waste of plastic yikes


This is their 2nd pointless money grab launch in a row.. guarantee the component costs more than the lashes lol


How much is a pair of those cheap looking lashes? 35 USD?


![gif](giphy|9xijGdDIMovchalhxN) I don’t know how I feel about this. I’m sure there’s profit in lashes but I just feel very meh about the products Sam has been putting out.


same. even w the glow lust, nothing has intrigued me hard enough to make a purchase


Same. The products Auric has launched are the last kind of items I would have expected or wanted.


I guess that makes it easy for me to save my money. I was hoping for a cream blush.


I get that these are being launched now bc of supply chain issues, but she really should’ve waited a bit longer to launch the brand… anyone could’ve seen this coming. It’s better to launch the products ppl actually want when it’s viable. Ugh. I feel bad that her brand isn’t going the way she hoped but it’s one bad decision after another.


$30 for these?🥴




Gonna be a hard pass from me




right?!?? lashes didn’t even cross my mind


I’m a little bummed out, I was really hoping for a blush release 🥲


Do people not understand what an oversaturated market is?


go girl give us nothing!!!!!!!


Are both of the lashes supposed to be the same? If so that is bad quality control. I bet these are going to be $$$$.


I was wondering the same thing. When I saw the photo I was like "those lashes don't match each other".


No, they are displaying two different styles


Such a pass for me. I don’t wear lashes. She really isn’t thinking about what a everyday person wears.


I don’t wear lashes like I used to, but I’ll always love them. I can see the value of a pricier pair when they’re really well designed. But these lashes honestly don’t appeal to me. I wouldn’t pick them up at an Ardell price, unfortunately. And I’m sure this will be more in the $25-$40 range.


That's what my eyelashes look like when I have a really stressful week and my repetitive behaviours go wild, one of which is rubbing and playing with my eyelashes... I'm not sure I understand why they have so many gaps and seem so uneven?


So, I’m not seeing this announced anywhere other than Trendstopia. Both of dans accounts, the auric account, nothing. Even checked their tiktok and YouTube. I’m just, confused as to why Trendtopia would be their go-to announcement platform?


It probably was a leak.


I always thought Trendstopia was the more ethical beauty news page. And, wouldn’t Auric have said something by now? The entire narrative around this release is controlled by a small Instagram page, why not bring control back to the brand itself? Edit: I would appreciate it if someone could tell me why I’m being downvoted? I’m not understanding : (


It looks like at least 2 of the pictures are from the video posted here yesterday. This may just be screen grabs. And really no brand has to force an announcement just because of stuff like this.


Are they many times reusable maybe ?


I don't think they've officially announced one way or the other, but I think it would be safe to guess they'll be reusable because Sam always reuses her lashes 🙂




I don’t understand what lash shape they were going for? Either way, you’re going to have sparse lashes on one corner of the eye


Generally people who wear lashes regularly favor 3/4 lash styles. Full lashes are pretty dated and generally for FULL GLAM evening looks.


I get that, I wear lashes almost daily, but I don’t think having lashes in the shape of a city skyline was their intended effect


It’s definitely not for people who like a natural or wispy look. Personally, I think a spikier look like this only works with heavy eye makeup.


If you see some of the reels- she brushes them out. She messes the lashes up so they look fluffy and less spiky.


This is a very common style. I’m surprised you wear lashes daily and have never come across this style


Are we sure it’s plastic? 🫤


Although I won’t be buying I think Sam has done a good job of putting out things she has consistently used and seems to be on brand for her.


Looks like I’m in the minority, but I’m buying them. I’ve bought everything from their collection so far and nothing has let me down. Downvote me to hell, but I’m a sucker for this brand.


Fair enough if you particularly want/need these kind of lashes but I’ll never understand brand loyalty to the point of buying anything a YouTuber puts out no matter what


Yeah and celebrities too. It’s fine to be a fan but don’t feel like you have to spend money on their every move just to be loyal to someone who most likely has no clue who you are.


I get that for sure. I enjoy the packaging and the overall aesthetic so that definitely skews me toward buying something I might not be in the market for already. But everything released has been stuff that’s gotten plenty of use, and I imagine the same with the lashes.


Same! Sam's the only influencer I've ever really cared to keep up with since my huge makeup phase circa 2015ish and I've been really pleased with the products I have purchased from Auric. I buy makeup maybe 1 or 2 times a year now (besides restocking staples) instead of cheaper, less interesting products every few weeks like I used to. Her branding is so gorgeous and I enjoy getting luxury items, personally. People always get mad about every influencer, but this sub seems to disproportionately skew towards disliking Sam in particular. I get it, dislike who you wanna dislike! I just wish I'd started following a different guru earlier on so I didn't have to be sad every time she's mentioned lol Edit she did blackface Please, if you're reading this and are going to DM me again, keep in mind that the only women who have ever DMed me upset that I like Sam have been white women in this sub. If you're not POC, please for the love of god just type it out and delete it, or block me and send a message into the void. The last thing I need is another non-POC pov on the topic. If you'd like info on why I still follow Sam and are willing to talk in good faith, please feel free to ask in the comments. No need to white knight my DMs because it makes you feel better to "call someone out"


Many people can’t get past the fact that she did blackface (myself included). She did apologize but that’s one thing I will never get over no matter who did it or how/if they apologized.


Maybe I should just put it in my OG comments from now on? That I know she did it? I'm tired of DMs "educating me" when I'm aware Eta on this one: Please, if you're reading this and are going to DM me again, keep in mind that the only women who have ever DMed me upset that I like Sam have been white women in this sub. If you're not POC, please for the love of god just type it out and delete it, or block me and send a message into the void. The last thing I need is another non-POC pov on the topic. If you'd like info on why I still follow Sam and are willing to talk in good faith, please feel free to ask in the comments. No need to white knight my DMs because it makes you feel better to "call someone out"


Not sure why you put all of that in a reply to me instead of just an edit on your original comment since I did not message you


Because I got another DM like 2 minutes after posting the 2nd comment, even though I'd already edited the first one lmao.




I've used Rapid-lash in the past and I would recommend it, particularly to those looking for extra length. I have naturally long but sparse lashes so I tried it, hoping to get some extra volume, and while I did see some results in that area, the added length it gave my lashes was much more noticeable. My lashes normally touch my brow bone so I never look for lengthening lash products and had this serum only given volume, I would still be using it but I had to stop because the additional length made my lashes freakishly long with just one coat of mascara. You do, however, have to be consistent and I noticed results after about 4 weeks of nightly use.


Honestly, not really a lash girl, but I got around to watching her video about them today and I appreciate her using 8 diff models for all three sets of lashes. I never want to buy lashes because they get gross fast when I'm sliding them in and out of the packaging they come in. So, I'm kind of on the fence. Usually, if I want to buy lashes I have to go to an Asian-centric website, but their style of lashes seems too cutesy? Idk. I like Doe Lashes, but I wish they had more diversity of eye shapes on their models.