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For me it was Too Faced Primed & Poreless Face Powder. I didn’t realize you can open the bottom part of it and see a heart shaped sponge. Felt so stupid.


I had the same realization months into getting that powder! I was so shocked when it popped open one morning! Super glad I wasn't the only one.


I am happy I am not the only one too! 😂🔥


Sounds like a happy surprise haha


That the placement of blush drastically changes your face! It took looking back at old pictures & Rob Welsh tutorials to realize this 😛


I, too, have been a victim of the Blush On Apple of the Cheeks lobby 😔


It definitely works on some people though and can help give someone a softer, youthful look! Don't feel too bad haha


Honestly tho I think it can look cute! Like that super pinched look.


*Robert, you mean? 😉cause they’re Not The Same Person


Omg why did I write James 🤦🏻‍♀️ thanks for the fix lol


Its okay, we've all done it at least once. 😂


Similar, but I didn’t know most retractable lip/eye pencils come with a sharpener at the other end!


I’m sorry, WHAT? Brb, gonna go rooting through my makeup bag.


Elf shadow sticks also have a sharpener built into the base!


thank you for this 😭 I feel very dumb lol but now I can use my REM eyeliners again


Wait, they do? Major facepalm.


Pull on the bottom of the pencil. The end should pop off, and it will be a cone shaped piece that makes the tip pointed again. Depending on brand these vary from all plastic to having a tiny blade.


OMG what??


[Yup!](https://i.imgur.com/1DZb2er.jpeg) As an example, here's two of the same type of Beauty Bay liner, one with the end on, one with it off.


I can't believe I never knew this!




This!! Sadly not my current one though.


You can use powder products anywhere in your face. You can contour with eyeshadow. You can put highlighter on your lids. The makeup police won't fine you, and no one will ever know.


I use makeup wherever. I had a friend who wanted to use contour and didn't have any so I pulled out my Violet Voss That's Taupe (or whatever) since it's the same principle.


My mum had 4 makeup products in her arsenal and 2 brushes. An eyeshadow that she used for both highlight and eye shadow, a foundation, a lipstick that did quadruple duty as blush, contour/bronzer and browny not quite peachy lipstick, and a between sensitive eyes safe mascara that she used both as mascara and as an eye liner. She applied her foundation with (clean) fingers. She would start with a little lipstick at the outer corners of her eyes, tap and blend, then use a long tapered brush to apply both her eyeshadow and highlight - the tip for her eyeshadow and long side for the highlight. Then she would dab the lipstick on her cheeks and tap and massage that in, do the same on her forehead, nose and under her chin to bronze. Then apply lipstick. And then she would apply the mascara, and grab some of the mascara with a thin eyeliner brush and apply that to her eyelids. Talk about brilliant! When we traveled Europe together, she managed to pull together a glam look almost every day with just 4 products! Her entire makeup and skin care routine (Nivea + la Roche Posay sunscreen) fit into a tiny ipsy bag!


YES. I have highlighters that are too dark for me because I bought them to use as eyeshadow. Not only that, but you get more bang for your buck with a bigger pan!


Straight to jail!! 😂


Eyeshadow as contour? Straight to jail. Blush as eyeshadow? Right to jail. Eyeshadow to fill eyebrows? Believe it or not, jail. We have the best make up artists in the world because of jail.


This joke will never not be funny and I don’t see it enough.


You overline lips? Believe it or not, jail. You under line eyes? Also jail. Overline - under line.


Over line, under line, Wombling free… ![gif](giphy|jSWQ7IrjKUjUoKJqAK|downsized)


Buxom Jetsetter eyeshadow is forever my perfect contour product


One of my friends used to use a ben nye product called 'beard stipple' since it was the darkest cream she had acess to contour with


Oooh! I have this one and I’m totally going to try it.


Just don't be like me and not realize that the brown in the original naked palette is a shimmer, and use it as an eyebrow powder :// https://www.temptalia.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/urbandecay_nakedonepalette028.jpg wth was I thinking... I don't know if being colourblind is a good defense here but it's my only excuse so I'll go with it 😭


That can be a look though, i'm into it.


I used to use a shimmery brown to fill my brows in and it honestly gave a softer look. Idk why it just hit the light differently and looked really cool


I used to use brown shadow with glitter in it all of the time and it just looked whimsical and fun


I used to have a brow gel from BH? Catrice? One of those, and it was brown with little golden shimmers in it which I didn't realize when I ordered it online. I thought it was going to be a disaster but it was actually a really nice match for my natural brow color and the shimmery bits kind of deflected the light in a nice way, my hair tends to get sun highlights really easily so it was kind of like that, just a really good match for me. I was sad when I got through my tube and realized it was discontinued.


My favorite highlighter is a finely milled multichrome/shimmer color in a Juvias place Nubian palette lol. I always get compliments and asked what it is... It doesn't matter what it is, if you like how you use it, keep using it! Lol


amen sis, amén.


I received a highlighter that's way too pigmented for my skin shade, but it makes a great dramatic shimmer shadow!


I used to use one Clinique eyeshadow for eyebrows, contour, and eyeshadow. I miss it


I used to carry a jar of lose mineral powder in my purse and when I opened the lid there would be powder everywhere. A kind SA told me that I don't have to remove the plastic film that covers the fairly large holes in the jar, I could just perforate it with a needle. Now I have to actually tap the jar to get the powder out, unlike before when it poured out of the holes every time it went upside down.




I only partially open anything I own which is loose powder because I’m prone to opening them and having clouds of product come for me, so I only peel back sticker to reveal one or two holes and tap into the lid to dispense because product is harder to get out but more controllable in flow.


On a similar note, I find that opening jars of loose powder upside-down, so that all the powder goes into the lid, creates way less mess. For some reason I can't avoid any amount of spillage when I open it the right way up.


This is more of a PSA at this point: the Kosas powder that a lot of people complain gets hard pan *comes with hard pan*. You need to work through the top layer (even around the edges) and I promise it doesn’t get hard pan anymore after that.


This is a good tip, but also I feel like you shouldn't have to take additional steps to make a new product usable, ya know?


And add to the waste, at that price point they should just be using a biodegradable film🤦🏻‍♀️


Sure, but spending a minute to scrape some product off (and never have to do it again) isn’t that big of a deal if you like the powder in my opinion.


🤯 I've been avoiding trying it because of this!


How do you get rid of the top layer?


Sticky tape. Like you were getting lint off something


I personally went hard on it with a stiff synthetic brush!


I scrape it with a disposable spoolie


Thank you all!


The exact same thing happened to me with the NYX jumbo eye pencils lol. I have the shade yogurt, used it maybe 12 times, and thought "well, we had a good run."


Quick question about those pencils.. when you use them, do they ever fully dry down on you? I've only ever swatched mine and I've left it for like 15 mins and even after all that time if I drag a finger across the swatch it'll still smudge. Bc of that I haven't used it on my eyes yet. I *hate* when my eye makeup creases and I've got oily eyelids so I always use a primer, but even when I swatched over different primers it still smudged. I got them thinking they might be good as a base (to make other similar colors "pop" more) as well as maybe a 1 and done. I suppose I could just always blend them out, that'd probably do the trick.. but there are certain looks I'd want to do where I want full opacity. Just bummed that I can't use them bc I've got like 5 and the colors are really pretty. I'd welcome any insight, thank you!


You're right, they do wear better if you work with sheer layers. At the other extreme, if you ever want to wear an intentionally smudgy/messy/grungy eye look, they work well for that ha ha. They no longer make the shade Cherry, a shimmery red, but that was my favorite in high school. Probably looked like an infection.


Yoo, Cherry was the shit! It did kind of gave an eye infection look if you over did it but it was SO pretty.


Oh man, a shimmery red sounds lovely! I bet it gave all kinds of *28 Days Later* vibes 😂 (but seriously, if I had seen it, I don't doubt that I would've bought it!)


I only own the yogurt shade which is shimmery, and I have dry lids, so I can only speak for my experience. It doesn't fully dry down like a matte shadow but I don't prefer that anyway. I usually apply a generous layer, tap it out with my ring finger, and finish with mascara for a quick one-shade work look. I wouldn't use it for a night out or anything where I wanted more impact or lasting power but it's comfortable and lasts decently through a day in the office.


Ahhh..ok. Makes sense, thanks for the help!


If you’re looking for more long-wear, I HIGHLY recommend the ELF no-budge shadow sticks. Only $5 and they last all day.


Thank you! I have a few and you're right, they're great! I got the NYX ones bc of all the different colors, it was such a bummer that they don't dry down. I'm hopeful that maybe Elf will release some fun colors in the future bc their formula is a good one 😊


I have extremely oily eyelids that's also hooded, folds and rubs over themselves, and those Jumbo Pencils never dries down on me. I used to use the matte white, Milk, as an eyeshadow base, it does dries down quite a lot more than the shimmer shades. I do a thin layer, and then set with a very mattifying powder. But I eventually stopped using it b/c when used with NYX own glitter glue, the whole thing bunched off my eyes, leaving my eyelid bare. My current favourite mattifying eyeshadow primer is the Wet n Wild PhotoFocus (still have to set with powder, but it works with glitter glue). The NYX Slide On Glide On pencils that everyone swears up and down on YT also smudges on me. The best eye pencils I have ever tried are from Bourjois, vibrant colours and seriously do not move, at all, all day. But they're harder to come by unless you're in the UK.


So, um. Thank you. I just looked it up and found out you can in fact sharpen it. I tried twisting, and gave up thinking that the packaging was just misleading and that was all the product


Pro tip for everyone in this thread realizing which pencils can be sharpened: especially for jumbo ones, freeze/refrigerate them for a while before sharpening to reduce product loss


Another pro tip: I usually depot nyx jumbo pencils since they are so creamy


That was the thing to do back in the day!


Wait. How??


I did it with a small spatula just scoping and scraping, Idk if a regular would fit tho


There's quite a few tutorials on YouTube, you can look them up!


This is the quality content I'm here for! I've only bought twist up ones because I couldn't imagine being able to sharpen without losing a lot of product!


This exact sequence of events with this particular product is like a makeup rite of passage lol.


Wait what the hell. I have the same one. I didn't think it sharpened.


**put softer/kohl eyeliner pencils in the freezer for 5ish minutes before sharpening them. no more squished/flaked/never sharpened product!!!!**




I did the same with the plastic type lip pencils before I realised you could sharpen them lol


Yup same I had a lip pencil from Colourpop I used twice and just accepted I couldn’t use it anymore for MONTHS. Idk how I figured it out but it was really an oh duh moment 😅


I only knew to sharpen them cause my teen daughter told me when I was going through a small declutter lol she looked at me like I was stupid and proceeded to tell me “ how do you not know this ?” Lol


I used to preach the gospel of the Shu Uemura eyelash curler, I thought it was the be all and end all of lash curlers. To meet a free shipping minimum, I impulse bought the Surratt one and when I used it for the first time I was like...oh shit, *that's* what a lash curler is supposed to be doing!? I haven't touched my Shu one since.


It all depends what fits your eye! The surratt pinches me a little and I get better results from shiseido.


Once I switched to a curler made for almond eyes it was a game changer, no more eye pinching or lash pulling.


Which eyelash curler do you use? I have almond eyes and always get pinched so I’ve not used one


I use the Mac half curler. It’s easier to get into those corners.


Half curler??! I’ll look into that, thank you :)


The great Robert Welsh taught me about this.


It was by Tweezerman. I don’t know if they still make it.


They do, I bought it this past weekend to see if that vs the round eye one worked better for me.


Awesome! If you remember let me know it works out :)


It turned out that the round eye one worked better for my eye shape! But here are the links to the almond eye ones: [Ulta](https://www.ulta.com/p/curl-38-degree-eyelash-curler-xlsImpprod17751125) [Sephora](https://www.sephora.com/product/promaster-lash-curler-P398357?skuId=1707207&icid2=products%20grid:p398357:product)


Glad you found something that worked! :) thanks for the links!


I have serious FOMO now


Yeah, why did everyone preach the Shu Uemura eyelash curler?


What's so bad about it? Genuinely asking. My current eyelash curler is some bog-standard probably drugstore one that I've had forever, and it works great. I just googled the SU one quickly, and it looks like a pretty basic curler? Unless everyone is talking about [this one](https://www.shuuemura-usa.com/4935421384407.html#start=2&cgid=eyelash-curler), which is unlike anything I've ever seen and frankly scares me, haha.


😂😂 That scares me too! It's more that the original one was hyped up SO MUCH when it literally was, as you say, bog-standard. I was in my early beauty-obsessive years so I made sure I absolutely got it, and then realised it was the exact same as any old drugstore eyelash curler.


I need to know what’s a good curler for my eye shape, I’ve tried a Sephora Collection one my sister has and I couldn’t even curl them because it was too rounded for my eyes and didn’t fit them. Does anyone have suggestion for curlers for almond-shaped/flatter eyes? Thanks in advance.


The Surratt eyelash curler has been life changing for me. It’s everything I’ve always needed!


I second that. I have hooded eyes and it's what I use


I need to try it


Similar to another user, I have more of a PSA because reading the reviews for this product makes me giggle. The NARS liquid blush has a ***pump***. Do not twist off the lid, it will take off the pump as well. Just gently pull the lid off and you will see a pump. You do not need to spill out half the bottle of product.


I did this with the older Charlotte Tilbury foundation and I thought 'why is there a stick in here' lmao it was the pump tube obviously. 😅


You just changed my life.


How do you like the blushes?


Not the OG commenter but Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush shows up waaay better and is more pigmented than the original powder Orgasm blush and much less of a glitter bomb. The pink color is more saturated and shows up better on the skin. Especially if you have a skin tone deeper than a light tan.


Thank you so much! I always liked the color, but the powder blush is too glittery, so will maybe try the liquid one.


Beauty blenders/sponges should be dampened…🤦🏼‍♀️ I know they *can* be used dry but once I tried it damp it was a lightbulb moment for me.


One other part to this is with the dampening… I use setting sprays to wet my sponges. My foundation DOES.NOT.MOVE. It’s amazing.


I dampen with water, but after I use setting spray, i blot in in all over my face with my sponge. Game changer!


My friend’s sister didn’t know you were supposed to clean them and keep using them. She was spending $20 on Beauty Blenders, using them until they got really dirty and then throwing them out lol.


Thanks for the reminder to clean mine!


I had no idea about this either when I bought my first beauty blender. I used it dry for months. 😭


I literally learned that a few months ago - I think it was in a Robert Welsh reaction video where he giggles and says something like “Mmh this beauty blender should have been dampened first, but I think we all know that, right?” Me: oh yeah totally (*panics inside*)


I love Robert. I feel like every single time I watch one of his videos, I learn something, and he's so calming to listen to.


newbie q, but uhhh what do you dampen it with? water? I was wondering why my liquid blush wasn't blending .__.


Yes, water is what's used. Soak then squeeze out the water. It'll be damp and bigger in size. Some people also use seeing spray also but that can get pricey as you use spray more quickly.


Water, yep.


I also use water. I’ve seen people use sponges dry for blending things like under eye concealer because one you get the sponge wet, it sort of absorbs the product more and will give you a more sheet application. Should help with your blush to get the sponge wet!


but a dry sponge absorbs more product. a wet sponge already has absorbed some water which is why it won’t absorb as much foundation. isn’t that the whole reason you wet it lol


I think what shannymac4 means is that the water from the sponge mixes with the product so it applies more watered down and sheerer, not that the sponge absorbs the foundation/concealer. If you use the sponge dry it will soak up a lot of product and waste the product, but it also applies more heavily because it absorbs moisture from the foundation and applies the foundation drier.


Definitely had a gay male friend roast me for not knowing this one. Some of us didn’t go to cosmetology school, okay??


Oh yeah that was definitely my “oh duh” moment too. I also used to wash my sponges by soaking them in… Borax. Wtf. Why did I do that??


How the Pür eyeliners release more product! They sent one out as a freebie with Raw Beauty Kristi's palette and I absolutely loved the tone of brown it is. Didn't take long to use up what was exposed. I kept trying to twist different parts of it but nothing more came of it. It was a comment in a makeup subreddit, don't remember which one, but they had the same problem and figured out you have to click down the top part. It does not look like a click-type at all. Was so thankful for seeing that comment; still my favorite brown liner today!


Does it last?!


I don't know I'd trust it during a heavy cry session but normally yes. :)


I’ve been buying Dr. Jart’s Premium Beauty balm for at least 5 years now. I mix it with lighter foundations. I always thought it had the stupidest packaging. Well, there’s actually a super squeezable white tube in that black/gold hard plastic packaging. You have to take the end off (black clip like thing on the bottom) and un screw the cap off. And then basically that squeezable tube is in like a clam shell of the harder plastic case. I’m glad I finally discovered this. Because the pump stops pumping when you have a good 1/4 amount of product left in the tube. I squeezed about a tablespoon or more of product into an empty sample pot I had of belif moisturizer rather than everyday taking the white tube out to squeeze. Hope this helps someone and I feel like an idiot for never figuring this out. Lol


didnt realize till months after getting it that the colourpop eyeshadow sticks have sharpeners on the bottom. hadnt needed it yet, but still a complete shock.


Elf does too! I think the CP lip crayons also have sharpeners!


yup. now that i know its like “duh”


Sharpening pencils was never an issue for me even if they didn't come with those sharpeners on the bottom lr were chubby. I'd just buy one of those ones for school with both sizes. I even remember my grandpa sharpening pencils with a knife, so trust me, if pencils don't come with sharpeners, there will be a way 😅. THIS BEING SAID, my duh moment was finding out about the plastic thing to remove flakes (?), which was months ago. I legit thought my sharpener had broken when that thing fell! (but not all sharpeners come with it)


I knew you could sharpen some pencils and some were retractable, but the ones were the pencil was more plastified instead of wooden baffled me. I looked up how to sharpen specific products online because I didn't want to possibly ruin one. There was a FleurdeForce video from a long time ago where she was talking about NARS products and mentioned a pencil that she assumed was a wooden-pencil-type and sharpened it and the plastic tip came off because it was a twist-up


1) That "hack" going around on TikTok that most cosmetic sharpeners have a little tool that you can pull out to clean it?? I always thought it was just a screw but apparently it's not? **Edit:** [Link to show the hack.](https://youtube.com/shorts/SovBAKRjywU?feature=share) Some brands have a little stick you can take out on makeup sharpeners and the stick is meant to clean out shavings and stuff. 2) Realizing that I could get more/hard to reach product from tubes if I removed the stopper. I had extended the life of other stuff by like adding water to shampoo bottles or cutting open lotion, but I had never tried it with like lip gloss or concealer until a few years ago.


Number 2 is also mine. It's especially handy for my TooFaced Pillow lip balm. Not only are they expensive, I tend to go through them quick so I wanna make sure I scrape every last gob of it out. Even got the lil scraper stick specifically for that product.


I've never even seen that little tool! Once I watched the video I basically jumped into my drawer to check and I was oh so happy


I don’t use TikTok but…whaaaaattttt?!


Edited my original comment to add a link to the videos I'm referencing! Some brands have a little stick you can take out on some makeup sharpeners and it's meant to clean out shavings and stuff from said sharpeners.


Thought my eyebrow wax was doing nothing and just leaving crusty white wax pieces in my eyebrows… you have to wet your brush first idiot 🤦🏼‍♀️


Gtfo \*me running to throw some eyebrows on at 8:00pm on a Tuesday\*


1. That I don’t need to fork over a bunch of money for setting spray! I used the UD All Nighter for years and while I liked it, Milani’s setting spray is a great replacement 2. That I don’t have to get foundation a shade or two darker than my skin tone. It looks way better on my fair skin if it matches it 3. That I don’t need to have all high end makeup. Granted, while there’s a small handful high end products in my collection, I’ve found many drug store products that I love too! 4. That I don’t need full coverage foundation. While I struggle with small breakouts and dark circles, I’ve never felt this comfortable literally in my skin before. I just use a full coverage concealer now


Had the same realization about high end makeup. I go through mascara and brow pencils like my life depends on it, and paying $30 for each product just isn’t sustainable for my budget. Wet N Wild has $4 brow pencils that give MAC a run for their money, and Cover Girl Flourish mascara makes my eyes pop for 1/3rd of the price.


3. Yes! Ive realized how much I regret spending so much money on highend and get buyers remorse that I now use 98% drugstore and it gives me the same results. I no longer care for pretty or luxe packaging and look at the functional part of it. Aslong as it doesnt break on me, i prefer to spend less


Same for the high end makeup! I have always been in and out of makeup, but I got into it more seriously this year and went on a bit of a ‘beginner’s shopping spree’. The amount of high end stuff I bought because “I should invest in quality”… I mean yes, I like my Chanel lipstick or CT foundation, but then I discovered that so many things could be duped with cheaper stuff and I was like 🤯


My neighbor’s car got broken into and she claimed she lost “$1,000 worth of makeup”! I was dumbfounded. It was her gym bag that was taken. Is she buying only Guerlain and Chanel products? I probably have $1,000 worth of makeup in my bathroom but that includes all kinds of Ipsy stuff I never used and I cannot imagine not knowing that drugstore priced makeup is still great in many cases.


Same, but if she's putting on gym-proof makeup, she might have a higher ratio of expensive stuff. I feel like that would last better in the gym than drugstore, but that's just an assumption. Storytime! My cousin's bachelorette party was one July in Arizona. One of the days, it poured buckets, so most of us were hanging out on the covered deck out back. One of her bridesmaids went for a long walk before the rain started but didn't make it back until after it stopped. She was the type of girl to put on a full glam beat even for just laying out by the pool. When she got back from her hour-plus walk in the downpour her face had not. fcking. MOVED. It was amazing. She came out back and the first thing we all asked was, how is your makeup still flawless?! It was mostly expensive makeup. I have to say, that was honestly the best ad for splurging on the good stuff I have ever seen, haha.


I just discovered the same about full coverage foundation. I’d much rather use tinted moisturizer and light coverage options.


Slashed Beauty on YouTube is great for drug store recommendations!


I have a MAC sharpener and I seen someone on TikTok say they have a small plastic wand you can pull out to clean the sharpener and it's true. I've had it like 3 years and never knew 🤣


Warning to other users that the tool in the ABH sharpener likes to yeet itself into the trash though so you might not have one 🤣 I've had mine for like 6 years and know it exists because it constantly falls out with the lid off.


that you should dampen your sponge or cushion puff with setting spray, not water. water can make your oil or silicone based products separate, so just use a cheap setting spray instead to blend and also set. ​ ps: use setting spray before and after powder to have good and long lasting makeup!


I did the same thing with the sigma solid brush cleaner. I kept the lid with the holes on and I was wondering why it wasn’t cleaning my brushes. It fell by mistake and the lid came off and I was duh!


Lol this is recent like a few days ago, but mine is it’s okay and acceptable to apply foundation/tinted moisturizer with your hands since models also do it according to [Victoralyn](https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRDWqrbu/?k=1). This also works with concealer under the eyes according to Pro MUA [Scortezzbeauty](https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZTRDWSjUY/?k=1). I tried it today and I do notice that the blend overall is just as good as a brush and it’s much faster This is a win for me as a student going back into school


You can apply anything with your hands. Robert Welsh says it's great for warning up products and melting them into your skin!


I wish I knew this sooner throughout my life in school. Although I don’t think it’s a good idea to apply pressed powder with fingers since it could potentially make it hard pan


you can dampen the beauty blender & it works better, lol took me forever to actually do it


I didn't know that concealer was supposed to go on top of foundation until this year. I'm 33. To be fair, I often don't wear both and generally don't wear either, but still. I was like omg no wonder why it always looked shitty.


Honestly, when you place concealer tends to be more of a matter of preference than a you have to do this step then. Whatever step process works for you and gives you the look you want is fine.


I put my concealer on under my foundation. I get better coverage than when I was doing it the other way.


Same. It makes everything look way more seamless, imo.


That the brush cleaner (the one that's made of the same material as the hair bun that goes for $20 something in Sephora, that you can find less $1 dupe everywhere) can be cleaned lol. I heard it first from LBD Beauty in one of her videos, and everyone in the comment section was blown away 🤣


Discovering primers, especially eye primer! I always avoided makeup because I had problematic skin and a prominent brow bone so eyeliner would always transfer or ware off. So until I was 22 I only wore chapstick and mascara, then I discovered YouTube and my whole world changed when I realized eye primer was a thing! Now I absolutely love makeup and do it professionally








Maybe you aren't. But you are incredibly rude. Be better. 🤣


You must be fun at parties 😂