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Not interested. I am over this particular family and feel like it's just a cash grab. I feel differently than other celebrity brands because I felt they were actually connected to the product. This person does so much photoshopping, filters, and edits that I don't trust that any of the products would work as advertised and I'd just be wasting time and money. Hard Pass.


It’s hard to take any of this seriously when you know she’s absolutely not using it for herself. But the packaging is cool


Unless a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon magically emerges like a gene in a bottle when you open one of those things, she definitely doesn’t use it.




Can you put him in Princess Leia buns and have him say “wear sunscreen, it’s your only hope!”




So it emerges from the bottle and beats you with a shoe?


Oh man, my dermatologist is also my state's disgraced former governor, so that would be incredibly funny to me.


Yeah the packaging is cool


The packaging is cool but you know it’s another cash grab for kim so no!


I don’t know if anyone here read the NYTimes article she has out speaking about it all. Her skin care regimen is 9 steps and is totaled at $630 if you were interested in purchasing all 9 steps. It’s INSANE, when you compare her pricing to other celebrities out there including her sister, Kylie’s line.


*deep breath* “I’m tired of this, grandpa!” Celebs: **WELL, THAT’S TOO DAMN BAD**


Isn’t Hailey Bieber also releasing a skincare brand this month? 🤭 I don’t think we’ve ever seen a successful celebrity skincare line.


The only one I can really think of with broad success is Honest Beauty, but they got into the market SO early, relatively speaking. That ship sailed years ago; Kim K missed it by a lot, lol.




The only one I can think of is Jessica simpsons dessert lotion hahahahaha


This literally unlocked a core memory for me


Victoria Beckham has a limited range skincare line backed by Augustinus Bader. It’s not cheap, but smart to do it this way since AB has a pretty good following in the luxury beauty realm. Not affordable but a good celeb example I hope!


VB's makeup/skincare line is my gold standard of celeb/influencer beauty ventures.


I have never tried the makeup range, will defo do so! My partner (40+M) uses the serum religiously,


Also, didn't Scarlett Johansson launch a skin care line this year?


Now everyone is poppin skincare brands and make up because its very profitable.We saw how much Shane Dawson made from his palette with Jeffree. For Kim is another 10 ig story slots a day to be advertising a skincare line plus the makeup-fragrance brand plus the underwear plus all the sisters brands :D Shell be like " Guysss i dont have pores anymoree and i am officially 20 again after applying this creme one time even Pete said what is pores it really works but only combined with all my other products from the line " :D


Yes, she just launched a capsule skincare collection called The Outset. Just read about it - funnily enough - in the issue of Vogue with Kim on the cover.


What happened to Madonna's skin line?


Maybe Tula? Other than that, yeah I don’t think any have succeeded outside of their fanbases ***Edit: KORA, not Tula


Who started Tula?


My bad, I meant KORA. They’re Miranda Kerr’s brand, she’s a supermodel most known for her work with Victoria’s Secret


I really like her Noni eye oil. It goes under concealer so nicely. It’s lasted me hellas too lol.


​ ![gif](giphy|rSi9Fm8Ezy27C)




We are so tired.


These lines are just celebrity merch at this point


I feel like this comment should be shouted from the rooftops


I don’t need skincare products from millionaires who use other skincare and procedures to look fresh and youthful. No thx. Also no point judging without seeing the actual ingredient list. But I’m guessing it’s nothing super exciting.


I do appreciate that the angle is less "this is how I get my flawless look every day" and more "I've curated the top tips and tricks from everyone I've ever paid to fix my skin" for once...still not a fan of celeb skincare


Yes but you know she pays $$$$$$ to go to derms and plastic surgeons lol. This stuff is not the same


....and who then *still* filter the f\*\*\* out of their pictures!


Kim be using illegal procedures from plastic surgeons for her skin its not just skincare.


I am so done with “for all ages and all skin types.” It automatically makes me distrust a brand. Also the fact she’s calling it a 9 step routine is ridiculous too! Most people do not have that many steps in a routine, and there isn’t really a need for it.


Nice packaging but oh my god this family needs to give it a rest!


I actually like the name and the packaging but I'm just so done with all of it!!!


like don't they have enough fucking money


Yes the packaging is gorgeous!


The prices are more hefty than I'd be willing to pay for a celebrity brand. (These prices are taken from an Allure article announcing the brand.) • Cleanser: $43; $37 refill Toner: $45;$38 refill • Exfoliator: $55; $47 refill Hyaluronic Acid Serum: $90; $77 refill • Vitamin C8 Serum: $90; $77 refill • Face Cream: $85;$72 refill • Eye Cream: $75; $64 refill • Oil Drops: $95; $81 refill • Night Oil: $95; $81 refill I'm personally disappointed. I actually liked KKW beauty and hoped she would just revamp that. Celebrity skincare lines are so boring.


The hyaluronic acid serum for 90 is robbery. It’s one of the cheapest skincare products to make 😭


When The Ordinary makes the same thing for $6 and it works (probably better)😭


holy shit a $43 cleanser?! that's absurd. I don't think even Drunk Elephant or its ilk have prices this inflated.




How much can a banana cost…?


I mean it’s one banana Michael, how much could it cost? $10?


3 gallons of gas for sure


My 8 oz bioelements cleanser is $54 but that’s also a brand that esthetician’s & cosmetologists use. It’s the only cleaner that works for me. However To me it’s worth the price & not over inflated due to a celebrity name.


I'm all for spending money on the products that work for you. I myself use SK-II soo i'm willing to shell out for the right formula. but exactly that, this is just a celeb cash grab without skin health in mind -- and about two years too late for a celeb skincare brand to really make a splash anyway.


Yeah that’s the brand I was going to mention. Their vitamin c serum which is one of the better ones on the market die rue to its packaging because of the complexity that is vitamin c serum costs $78 AND Sephora has them on a 5% discount if you sign up for auto replenish. No thanks, girl!!


So around $583 dollars just to start out with the complete product line? that's literally RENT


NINETY DOLLARS for HA Serum. this is a joke.


At least it's refillable... but for NINETY FUCKING DOLLARS you should at least get the first refill included 😭


Holy moly! That’s some high end/luxury pricing. I’ll stick to my reliable and efficient skincare from the ordinary…


A $75 *eye cream*???? No words


not that i was ever considering purchasing but those prices! yikes! i’ll stick to my cerave and prescription tretinoin haha


Same prices as Guerlain, Barbara Sturm or Augustinus Bader.... Pete's weed must be GOOD


Holy *shit*. These prices are INSANE


Kinda pricey for some no-name products coming from Kim. For those prices, I’d rather even pay more money and get something from a brand I actually know


Does anyone else think expensive celeb brands make *more* sense? I mean if I’m supposed to believe Kim is using this, I’m more likely to believe she’s using a $43 cleanser than a $5 one. I thought the gimmick with celeb brands was that the celeb has nice skin and these products will give us that, too. But I always see them releasing cheap stuff, so idk what the goal is


You've definitely got a point! At least THAT part is belivable, lol. The thing that holds me up about any celebrity skincare brand is that we know they've been getting procedures and treatments for YEARS, and at most they've been using this routine for a few months. I wouldn't think they'd risk their skin to test the non-final formulations—maybe I'm wrong, but I doubt most celebrities are THAT involved in r&d for products they put their names on—so I assume they're receiving it basically at the same time as it's ready to release. And no matter how long they've been using their own products, you KNOW they're not going to stop getting Botox, fillers, facials, etc. So the claim that "this is what makes my skin so good" is kind of clearly bullshit, no matter what.


yikes! better off getting skincare from a medspa or esthetician at those prices


holy guacamole. i wasn't interested before, but im certainly not now.


lol! thats close to medical grade skincare level of prices!


Didn't Kris once have a luxury skin care line that went nowhere? Kim is now taking up the slack.




Honestly I love how she manages to make minimalism look trashy. It's a hard thing to pull off.


I'm tired of celebrity skincare lines. I think we'd all do well to remember that none of these products gave her the skin she has in the ads.


I have just one question: why?




I read this in Mr. Krabs's voice.


As you should have 😂


but don't they have ENOUGH already




The name is so similar to Lori Harvey’s skincare line. Poor Lori lol


a constant photoshopper and retoucher who also has access to the best makeup artists and skin care experts but is no way qualified herself is selling me skincare sure.


So everyone in this family is going to make skin care now? I’ll pass. I’d rather buy from reputable brands than a family of rich, talentless women. This is how we make the rich richer. You know she’s not using her products on herself.


First SKN by Lori Harvey. And now SKKN by Kim. I’m genuinely so over celebrity skincare, and it’s especially annoying when it isn’t even on brand for them. Makeup & shape-wear are so authentically on brand for Kim.. but skincare? Why? The packaging is beautiful though.


And there is also a SKKN+ out there.


Also Skyn


That’s a condom brand in Australia.


That’s funny, I was thinking the skincare brand Iceland Skyn they sell at Ulta


Well I can attest to the Australian Skyn being gentle and non-irritating on delicate skin… lubricating if you will.


I actually really like Iceland skyn stuff- they have a really gentle face wash, their makeup wipes are nice but you don’t get very many, and they have a red algae serum that I use daily.


I also think the packaging is super close to Dezi by Desi Perkins…surely another person not super thrilled about this? 🙈😬


Lmaoo there’s no other possible name to come up with 😂 I’m sure Lori is pissed


Hey at least she didn’t call it Skin Glass…. Too soon??


almost like she doesn’t have enough money yet after coming out with makeup and underwear and just being born into a rich family. huh. considering it’s kim kardashian I’m probably forgetting a ton of other side businesses that bring in millions a year.


Pretty packaging. Name looks like a typo.


My brain keeps seeing a third k when I read it and mentally cringing.




The only thing I actually like is the name, I immediately read it as ‘skin’ and you recognize that the ‘kk’ is for Kim Kardashian, so it’s her branding, I thought it’s pretty cool


I read it as Sukkin at first (not purposely!)


Hard no


I’m so over the all neutral trend as well as the Kardashians


Can’t wait for James Welsh to review it ( hoping he does) bc Kylie wasn’t anything special so… one can assume that Kim’s won’t be either. Some ppl might fall for the packaging but… I’m looking for real results not decorative items for my bathroom. 🤷‍♀️


dude i’m being 100% honest with this but her lip kits and liner absolutely suck. i want to be a makeup artist someday & have tried a lot of products. her lip liners BREAK so easy. it falls out of the pencil. her matte liquid lipstick is so drying no matter what you do, moisturize etc. you’d have to use such a small amount and even then it doesnt stay on at all and still looks bad. she’s a good fashion and makeup “model” celebrity but her brand sucked for me so i’m not trying more of it


I'm just so tired.


when will it end 😭


What happened to her makeup line KKW?


I could be wrong, but I think all of the KKW stuff (I know the fragrance for sure, at least) was put on sale and the sites shut down. I think she is in the process of rebranding it all without the "W"


Oh brother 😮‍💨. Hopping on the skin care trend. I'm sure it'll be over priced and the same stuff you can get...oh about everywhere else?


I’ve heard the skincare market has blown the makeup market out of the water since the beginning of the pandemic. More people are shelling out more money on skincare as opposed to makeup, so I’m sure Kim and her team have taken note.


agreed! it looks like the products themselves aren’t really innovative or unique in any way


Yet another cash grab for her. Not interested in anything from this family ever. Yawn.




I honestly thought this was a leaked pic of the Dezi skincare line because everything is so boringly nude. I don’t understand the concrete aesthetic at all 🤷🏽‍♀️


I had the same exact thought, that it was a new Dezi launch.


I thought the same!


Trying to copy Rick owens probably


This looks really similar to Desi Perkins brand aesthetic


Oh god, this family needs to stop. Now which one of you gonna give her more money?


Missed opportunity to call it Skimcare (Skimkare?).


skimcare is a cute play on words but it sounds…meh




Kimcares💕 because she really cares. About our skin. 🤣




The name makes me feel like my brain is glitching.


Thanks, I hate it.


It just looks like Kylie skin but in brown Nothing special either, ingredient wise


I refuse to buy skincare from someone who lives her life through photoshop! Girl! You don’t show ANY skin imperfections and you want us to believe that we can achieve that? No thanks! I’ll stick to my Drunk Elephant products, thank you!


I have no interest in this but I do like the aesthetic of the packaging


same! it looks like it will possibly be refillable which is cool but i will not be purchasing


That packaging is boring & basic af, and the prices are ridiculous. She obviously has fans that will keep buying the stuff she sells


Idk in general I do not go for celebrity skincare because it’s not like their skincare is why they look the way they do (lookin at you JLO). I think what really solidified that for me is Millie Bobby Brown coming out with a skincare line when she was like 15. It just shows how any famous person can be approached to create a line, having zero idea what they are doing or anything about skincare. Kylie basically has st Ives apricot scrub in her line! It’s just ridiculous.


I really doubt she curated ingredients or anything actual esthetician secrets, more like the product types and none of this is new or needed.


​ ![gif](giphy|TAyqF0VYMVkMo)


This reminds me of Desi perkins skin care line that she’s releasing one product like a year for 😂. Honestly I think it’s a little late for “influencers and celebs” to release skin care lines. The market is full of them now idk if anyone even cares anymore.


Absolute zero interest. Next.


Yet another celebrity skincare brand nobody asked for. Bye.


Thoughts: I literally had to remind myself not to downvote the post just because I don't like the content XD


Never in my fucking LIFE. NO. Not a dollar to this vulture


She needs link what she actually uses; Botox, filler, plastic surgery, Tretinon.. like let’s be real here she wouldn’t be caught dead using her own products.


Oh just fuck no


yeah I don't think I'll be buying skincare where kim k has put in her "knowledge"


Ah, Kylie skin but beige. What fun.


Gotta *love* the promo shot... full body even though it's for your face... and half her face is in the dark...


Can this family go away for good?


They're an infestation.


How about Kimmy brings back her brightening powder and lip liners instead because I’m running low 😭


Right?! I want the effing lip liners!


I'm honestly really over this aesthetic.


I’m so confused omg. Why do celebrities keep releasing skin care lines!! I will never buy from one like how could it not be a cash grab from people like Kim or Kylie. Ugh. I feel bad for the ppl who buy their products :/


Jesus with the beige monochromes all the time. It makes sense for shapewear but for packaging it’s just feeling so dated. It’s gonna be like the shag carpets and waterbeds of the 70s. For someone who works SO hard she’s not coming up with anything new.




yet another celeb hawking their own shit to achieve perfection as if they don’t have access to the best products, dermatologists, and estheticians money can buy. with every new thing this family does i can’t help but think ‘jfc does she really need any more goddamn money??’. i’ll pass


The cylinders look like toilet roll cardboard 🧻


My dumb historian brain sees kk and always adds another k...


Did anybody else see the New York Times Instagram post about their interview with her that starts off with, “”If you told me that I literally had to eat poop every single day and I would look younger, I might," Kim Kardashian said in a recent interview with The New York Times. "I just might."” Excuse me WHAT???


I have not read any of the comments, but I am 100% sure that the people in this subreddit are going to absolutely love this concept!!!!! I know how much people enjoy the celebrity skincare brands😀 /s if it wasn't obvious haha. There is zero chance I'd be interested in buying it but honestly the packaging is kind of sick. I like the spheres for the eye cream and what I'm pretty sure is the face cream




At what point is enough enough? Enough money. Enough products/packaging/waste. At what point do we collectively say this absolutely ridiculous. Millionaires/Billionaire encroaching on every industry, for the sole purpose of wealth creation. Adding to an already insane consumption problem. How many more beauty lines from celebs that don’t even use the lines themselves.


Pass! I just can’t take celeb skincare seriously! maybe if she released some scented body care with this packaging I might be interested


Will most likely be overpriced and nothing new.


Oh my god, it just doesn't end.


Nope. No no no no. Of all the things I don't trust from celebrities, I trust a skincare lines the least. These celebrities have access to surgeons, dermatologists, makeup artists and the most expensive skincare and treatments out there. Their skin does not look great because of a line they are launching. And I have yet to see any of them come out with some innovative new product that you can't already find on the market, usually at a better price.


I personally won’t give anyone in that family a dime.


Honestly, in this day and age when you know a celebrity is relying on fillers and filters to get to what they look like in a picture, I really wouldn't trust anything they come up with. Even if it's with the world's leading estheticians or whatever.


Without (her) surgery, it’s a wash. Save your money


The short answer is : LOL NO The long answer is more of the lines of: who does she think she is fooling? She obviously didn’t use those products to have that look, at least she mentioned she went to specialists but girl you might as well do publicity to those than this bullshit


Well look at the money grab.


There is already a skincare business called SKKN+. There was a ceased and desist filed last year by the owner, apparently Kim won. This bundle is over $600. She “worked very closely” with her aesthetician. That aesthetician has her own skin care line that was released a couple months ago. The refillable packaging looks like even more waste. Curious to see what it’s all made of.


Since Sephora is becoming a celebrity owned makeup store now, I wonder if this will be an exclusive of theirs


Ulta would be more likely


Never have or will be interested in anything this family puts out. Also I am tired of their neutral beige aesthetics that have spread throughout insta for years now lol


Kim is out here looking like 30 year old Eleven.


Even if this stuff guaranteed my skin would look like it did 25 years ago, I would NEVER buy it. Fuck these people. They are all trash.


This looks like Desi’s brand


Who buys all this stuff ?


It always feels like she’s 4-5 years behind Kylie lol like Kylie came and played the game. Kim showed up after it was over


I really like the packaging, but unless I was sent it through like Influenster or something, I wouldn’t use it. I’m going to assume it’s gonna be a bit too pricey for the ingredients in it. The Ordinary and ELF has kinda ruined expensive skincare brands for me lol.


Anything with a Kardashian/Jenner name on it is a no for me...but especially no at those prices.


Awe yes another celebrity skin care line. Justtttttt what we need 🙄


It's just unwieldy! How do I say it!


We all know her face looks like it does from skincare…


So am I supposed to believe that by using these random products she maybe smelled once that I will have the same skin as a billionaire with endless estheticians at her beck and call? ‘Cause… Nope.


Wow hyaluronic acid serum. Cutting edge!!! /S


So are her and Kylie in competition or something?


how do we know she won’t shut it down in 2 years 🤔


Won’t be purchasing but I do like that they’re promoting refills with these


I agree, but I’d like to see more of a price difference between the cost of the original and its refill. It feels like she’s pushing the idea but without enough incentive to make people actually do it.


imagine how tired we are


I really don’t trust skincare from any celebrity. Point blank period.


I wouldn’t trust using this but my god the packaging is to die for 😭😭😭😭


I don’t think this will do that well. It will do well of course, it’s Kim K, but I just can’t see that yet another celeb skincare brand is needed. Having said that, I do like the look of it all, the packaging is very appealing to me. However, I can’t see any of the products making a huge impact.




Ngl the packaging is stunning, shame it’s her brand


Thanks but no thanks.


![gif](giphy|l378Bef6ZGteFCJuE) 9 Steps?!? I have 4 kids in my late 30s. I’m assuming I’m her ideal target market. I am lucky I remember to wash my makeup off with a makeup remover wipe and slap on some Moisturizer. Usually whatever lotion is close by. 😆😆 9 steps…GTFO of here




Why bother when I can just use Photoshop to look younger, thinner and a different skin-tone? Just like the Kardashian’s! /s


I was hoping she’d switch up the boring minimalist packaging now that she’s free from Kanye, but I knew it was a longshot. Either way, I don’t need more skin care by people with zero experience in dermatology.