Personally I think it might also have to do with the shipping/location of the line. I know Vieve is sold on Cult Beauty and therefore open to European buyers without large shipping costs. Auric on the other send does not have a European seller, so one would have to pay for shipping costs. On the other hand, I'm not sure if Vieve is easily available in the US, so...


As someone who lives in the UK, the availability of these lines in UK retailers is the biggest decision for me in choosing to buy. I know a lot of brands are too small to be available internationally but I’m very rarely willing to pay for shipping fees.


Yes, especially because personally for example I wouldn't buy from a website just for one item, and I also wouldn't want to buy a bunch of items either from just one specific brand


Same, I really dislike paying for shipping if it goes into double digits. I know it's simply not possible for a lot of the smaller or indie brands to offer free or inexpensive shipping for international customers, but at the same time, I would rather be paying for product with that money instead of paying for shipping. So unless they're stocked at BeautyBay or Beautylish another online retailer who does offer free shipping, I rarely desire the product/s enough to make a purchase.


Right? I really want to try colour pop but I can't be dealing with the shipping and potential tax


I paid 30$ extra in customs for my colourpop order once🙃 I'm from Poland tho


Omg same, its so annoying… the worst thing is I never know how much I’m gonna end up paying, there was a time when I had to pay more for a 30$ order than for a 60$ one…


Snap, I also want to try Blend Bunny and Black Moon Cosmetics but shipping to the UK is prohibative!


I’m in Australia and same goes. Your product has to be pretty bloody special for me to want to pay $20+ in shipping. Brands who stock at local retailers or offer (reasonable) free shipping deals are the ones who get my money.


Ever since the VAT exemptions for products bought outside the EU went away (and they weren't high in the first place) I've been much more selective about what I buy because everything gets really expensive really fast now. If a HG product was pulled from the EU market I'd consider ordering it in, but I'm not going to pay an extra 23% plus a €10 handling fee for a new product I don't know if I'll like.


vieve is pretty available in the us through cult beauty too! cult beauty’s shipping to the us is fantastic


As a Spaniard who orders from Cult Beauty who received las week her first Vieve product from them... I didn't even know it was an influencer brand (I try to avoid them)!, but their lip pencils are amazing, I've been using mine nonstop.


Same! I just ordered mine a few weeks ago and recently received them. These are the only lip pencils I’ve ever liked and found easy to use. I’m also *such* a fan of the lipsticks and lip gloss. Really justifies to cost to me.


I ordered something else through Cult Beauty last year and agree! Two aerosol cans flew across both an ocean and a continent in 13 days, and shipping was freeeee.


Vieve also has a much bigger variety of products, while Auric only has 3, and they are higher priced. I really want to try glow lust, but it's $45. I realize Vieve's skin nova is $37 or something so it's not that much cheaper, but for some reason over $40 seems to be my limit lol


With Auric, it is a Canadian brand that is in USD, and is $10 USD for shipping. As a Canadian, I just can't justify spending $70 on the low end for one product. I wish she thought about this more, as it really is such high end pricing that likely dissuades a lot of people.


Ya I agree, it's disappointing how expensive it is considering I live in the same province as Sam does. It is legit significantly cheaper to buy the Hollywood Flawless Filtr instead.


Sam also just made dupes of already available products for Auric. if I have to choose between paying $45 plus $8-10 shipping for glow lust or $44 for HFF from Sephora, I'm choosing HFF. and I honestly want to try Auric's glow lust, because the fairest shade of HFF is a little dark for me, but I am absolutely not paying that much for it.


I'm the color of printer paper and the glowlust is legit. You only need a little bit (one small pump, spread with your fingers across the face, tap to blend). At the moment I'm so pale that the lightest glowlust gives me a little sunkissed radiance, which I'm not mad about Edit: I bought the shade "Morganite"


yea, I figured (especially once she redid it) morganite would be perfect. right now I mix the HFF with a foundation that is somehow a little light on me and it balances perfect. I'm neutral leaning cool and usually neutral foundations are too yellow and the fairest cool foundations are too light somehow, lol. I literally don't have a fenty shade, which is ironic given that it was the first foundation really praised for the range.


I thought I was the only one without a Fenty shade!! I’m in a similar boat as you, sounds like - very very pale but cool-leaning neutral. So very pale yellow undertones look orange on me; anything very pale but too pink/red looks weird and too dark as well. But then extremely neutral foundations are bizarrely too pale and make me look like a corpse. I usually have to go with the corpse foundation and warm it up a bit with blush, but I just bought the HFF so it’s exciting to hear that it might be what I’ve been looking for. As a white person I don’t like to complain about being too pale because I don’t want to drown out POC whose shade unavailability is a matter of racism rather than them being a niche shade, but it does make it hard to look polished when everything is the wrong colour.


I’m POC and it’s actually hard for me to find my shade because the darker their range gets, the more orange/red tones are added, but some of us don’t have that kind of darkness. I used to be darker and have more warm undertones but have got more neutral ones as I’ve got older.


And while the products are nice. They are not so nice and so unique to justify the prices.


I’ve purchased all of my vieve from cult as well. I’ve been able to get discounts on most of my orders and the prices are mid range. They also have a lower shipping threshold I believe around $40 and my most recent order was in the USD versus the previous ones that were converted after. vieve used to be free shipping at $50 and now it’s $120 so I haven’t bothered to try their website


This and the fact that VIEVE has outside investors and Auric doesn’t (that I’m aware of). Pretty sure Sam said in her launch video that she put up the money and it’s really just her and her mom doing the brunt of the work. You can tell by how fast VIEVE is expanding into retail locations, pop up shops and online retailers that someone with pull/connections is invested in that brand and helping it with those steps.


Sam has to have some kind of connections and not only doing it on her own. Her brand is under the company Magic Dusk.


EM Cosmetics seems to do pretty well, their three blush formulas get rave reviews (from both myself and a lot of other consumers from what I can tell). I'm old enough to remember Michelle Phan's failed skincare line IQUU and EM's initial flop Life Palette before she did the brand overhaul to what it is today, so it's certainly refreshing to see her create a line that's seemingly sticking around for good with quality products.


>I'm old enough to remember Michelle Phan's failed skincare line IQUU Yes, and her short lived jewelry line too. I'm pretty surprised she's stuck with EM this long and that the products are actually good.


I LOVE Em Cosmetics, though I wish they were slightly less expensive.


Wish I could get Em Cosmetics in the U.K. without having to sell my organs. The shipping is too much for me, but their Heaven Veil blusher looks so good!


I have a few of their products and they’re all great! Especially the lip cushion, it feels sooo good on your lips.


I think TotalMakeupJunkie101 Rani Cosmetics is on no one's radar. She does nothing for her brand and only posts content for the brand when there is a product. She maybe a small business but I see no effort being put in so no one will care or notice.


I was surprised she still has the website TBH. Her last post on the brand IG was over 2 years ago!


For a while it seemed like Manny's line was doing pretty well, I haven't heard much about Lunar Beauty recently but I had a palette of theirs and it was gorgeous!


Just this afternoon he announced his Nude Prism collection! I'm stoked for it and love his brand.


Everything I’ve gotten from them has been really solid! Plus whoever does his packaging is a GENIUS. I want to try the brushes next; something tells me they’re going to be a step up from Morphe, lol.


I’ve loved everything I’ve gotten from Manny, except for the brushes and moon spell vol. 2. The nude prism collection has me tempted for it one more time just to see if it was a formulation issue on the pinks and reds. But I do not recommend the brushes at all. Made me so disappointed


The formula of the eyeshadows is something I’ll be on the lookout, as well.


When he switched labs I was nervous, and I’m worried it was that. I really want the bundle cause the blushes are calling my name, especially with how widely raved moon prism was. But the lab 🥴🥴🥴. I still think I’m gonna get it though.


What did you not like about the brushes?


The hairs in the brushes started falling out almost immediately and after a first wash the hairs started spreading out, ruining the shape, and I’ve been washing brushes for years. Most of them feel very flimsy and cheap when putting on product. I will give one of them credit, the big powder brush is great, but I’ve only washed it once because I was worried about it falling apart. I do need to wash it but I’m scared 🙃🙃🙃


I believe Manny designs it!


No, he has good vision and creative ideas, but he 1000% works with a fantastic designer to make it all happen. Which is the perfect way to do it


Ahhh, thank you! I think I heard at one point that he did it. But you’re right, having a designer help you out is much better


Really wanna try lunar beauty but also skeptical because of where it’s made :/


I looove his glosses. I havent tried his eyeshadow palettes bc I already have so many... I love the colors in his blush palette but they have Talc and it makes me break out :(


I’m so fascinated by vieve. I have to say, I’ve got a number of products and they are all excellent. I’d love to know more about the business side. Jamie is always noted as the founder, not CEO or owner etc. I’m sure I read the investors are the same as Charlotte tilbury. I get the impression Jamie has a massive amount on input I’d love to know if someone is higher than her. I think vieve is quickly heading in the direction of being a legitimate brand, not an influencer brand.


I agree with this. I know how much she loves NARS and between the aesthetic and product decisions made, I can see the brand heading in that direction. A lot of influencer brands feel like they’re all over the map in terms of packaging and limited edition releases, but Vieve is very cohesive and is quickly growing their core products.


I just want to add that the Vieve eyeshadow sticks are excellent and worth the hype lol I’m endlessly curious on the stats for one size by Patrick Starr. Imo he launched his line way late into his career, way past the point of his peak popularity. And it’s hard to really gauge public interest by going off what other beauty gurus say. The Internet beauty space is a small sample and very different in their purchasing habits than like, the average consumer.


I was in Sephora a few days ago and was surprised to see that One/Size had its own display section. Not an end cap, its own space. So it seems like he's expanding the line & doing well. Also shocked that Hyrams line is stores and placed next to upscale brands.


I think there was a post on here a few days ago about Hyram not getting as many views as he used and that's what initially made me wonder about BG brands; I was wondering whether his line is actually still doing well.


I think Hyram’s line is piggybacking off the popularity of The Inkey List - they have a lot of hardcore fans. I’ve definitely talked to people who bought it because they love Inkey despite feeling neutral or negative about Hyram.


Patrick Starr's makeup line is really good! I have the blurring foundation and it's genuinely one of the nicest ones I've ever tried (and I'm extraordinarily picky with my base products). I've also never watched/followed him, so that didn't play into my decision to buy from One/Size at all.


I just have to say that the O/S Visionary eyeshadow palette is pretty trash. I wouldn’t even pay the 50% off price at Sephora right now. Super disappointed with the performance of the shadows and it’s too bad they wasted the cool packaging idea on those sad pans of crap. I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy, I just wanted to put this out there in case somebody mistook your comment as saying *all* his makeup is good so they ran to Sephora, saw the palette on sale, and bought it 😂 Clearly I have an overactive imagination lol


Haha yes good point! I did phrase things very generally. I don't think there's any brand really that doesn't have some bad releases, and I'm not surprised one of the first releases from O/S isn't good. I do think that the brand is doing well though because it has some good products in the line!


I never watched him and have never tried his products. But all the chatter during his launch was that it would a "here today, gone tomorrow" type brand. So I'm impressed he's expanded & stuck around. Also, glad you found a foundation that works for you, I know how hard that is.


I’d never watched him either but I LOVE the One/Size primer!


Been on a mini eyeshadow stick kick recently so thank you 👀


I went through an eyeshadow stick phase about a year ago and my favorite formulas are ByTerry Ombre Black Star, Laura Mercier (a classic), Kiko Milano (just as good as high end but cost 2-3x less), Julep and Etude House. Julep, Laura Mercier and Kiko have the largest shade selection but I wouldn't say I prefer any one formula more than others. My favorite shades are Misty Rock from ByTerry (a neutral lavender taupe metallic) and Orchid from Laura Mercier (a pale cool lilac metallic). Every stick I own is a shimmer or metallic so I can't speak to the matte formulas from these brands. Lastly, I have one from Bobbi Brown, Heather Steel, but I don't use it because it's a gray matte not the lavender gray with a satin sheen finish as it was described. I also found it the texture a bit more dry compared to the others.


Yes I'm totally into shimmer or glittery effect shadow sticks only as well. I bought a KVD stick on a whim after swatching it and I also have two VDL x Faber Castell ones. Thanks for all the recommendations!


I bought 2 of the KVD sticks when they first launched and I liked them but they were too crumbly at times so after my 19 yr old niece asked asked what I had on my eyes the few times I wore them, I gifted both to her. She adores them. I've never really looked into the VDL brand but I will now. Thanks!


What is VDL?


A Korean makeup brand


Thanks for the info!


Wait, Faber Castell, like the pencil?


Yes they collabed with Faber Castell the art supply company. So the eye pencil looked like pens, the eye primer was a short chubby pencil with an "eraser" and the eyeshadow quad looked like and opened like my colored pencil tin 😍 I'm an artist who specifically loves colored pencils so I literally couldn't not buy one of everything. I display the quad by my colored pencil tin and it's like big tin and baby tin


OMG this is insanely adorable.


As someone who loves the most natural/easiest make-up ever, and want to find a good eyeshadow stick, thank you for doing Lord's work!


😄😄 You're welcome!!


I’ve tried a fair bit of the Vieve line myself! Love the first eyeshadow palette, blushes, lipsticks and liners SO MUCH. The highlighter is a dud though.


I watch a lot of drag queens and it seems like One Size is very very very popular in the industry! Apparently the powder is LEGIT.


Hi! I have a sample size of the One Size Translucent Powder and it is really nice! I would consider purchasing it.


I would love to know if people are really buying Jaclyn Cosmetics stuff- I know they quickly sell out, but I haven't seen really anyone using the products or heard of anything stand out. Same for Manny's Lunar beauty line.


I was in my local tjmaxx today and it was overloaded with Jaclyn stuff


I love her accent highlighters! I have her prep starter hydrating under eye cream and I like it alot. I have a bronze and blushing duo I'm not sure about, but that is only because the blush seems to be too light for me where as the bronzer is perfect. I'm going to try it one more time before I consider returning it.


I don’t think you can ever really know without comparing all the financials. A brand that is not popular in the online /social media beauty community could be doing perfectly fine, even doing really well, with other consumers.


Yep, and they don’t have to be the best or even really popular. Just profitable.


This is benefit’s ammo. They don’t make new products often and they don’t pay much for influencers/ads. Yet they are super profitable and one of the best selling at Sephora and ulta


I feel like all the classic beauty counter brands get 0 attention on YouTube, but they do just fine with their regular customers


Nailed it. Like who is out here raving about Dior makeup? Noone, but they are always front and center in every high end makeup section in department stores. Also shade range who?


Wait what???? They have sooo many viral products on tiktok. The blush, lip oil, concealer, etc.


Yes! The rose blush, lip oil and new concealer are everywhere! I'm still tempted to buy the lip oil.


I desperately want the lip oil but I think it’s sold out everywhere. I haven’t been able to find a single retailer online or IRL who has it. I ended up buying the Kosas one instead out of frustration.


I’ve been using Dior for years and now it’s always sold out due to TikTok 😭


Ok im not on tiktok :D never seen any youtuber jump on any new launches really, maybe some HG like the lip oil but not following the new drops like they would with colourpop or whatever. Anyway im pretty much talking about the legacy brands as a whole, ysl, dior, guerlain, lancome etc.


Ahhh ok! I do think dior is having like a moment now but the others like you mentioned not so much.


Ahhh ok! I do think dior is having like a moment now but the others like you mentioned not so much.


Oh my god have u heard their recent ad? D-d-d-d-dddddddiorrrr


I’ve been over on r/simplynailogical and a lot of people seem to be saying that Holo Taco’s quality control has gone down and the launches haven’t been exciting. The brand has always been a hit on my nails (long lasting, smooth) but people are getting bored


I do like the Glossy Taco, it's my holy grail top coat, but I agree I am not as excited by the last few releases. But, to be fair, my nail polish collection is massive, and at that point not much impresses me. I think she filled some staples that were missing, sometimes it's necessary but not very exciting. I'll keep buying the top coat since the other recomanded one is KB shimmer and they don't ship to my country.


I meanst some point she had to put out the basics, you cant build a brand on only tacos and glitter toppers. Im dying to get some of those holo toppers but I cant justify the price when adding shipping to Europe :/


Yeah, the shipping is really expensive, but for me it's worth it cause all of everyone's shipping is expensive, and I didn't find a good alternative for the top coat. Bought 7 bottles of it in Black Friday so I am good for a while. Tacos are nice, but I think you can find alternatives, as they are not that special in my opinion. The metallic ones are my favorites.


I just miss the dedicated and edited videos she did for each collection. She sounded so excited and proud to show each color and talk about the box. Now she only does the live streams. I don’t want to slog through an hour long stream just to learn about a product.


Her switch to livestreams over edited videos has basically made me stop watching her. It’s incredibly sad, but I hate watching lives and she always seems so distracted and meh the entire time. It’s also not an ideal format for showing stuff being done on nails. I do enjoy her chillhop livestreams of Menchie taking a nap though. That’s content I can get behind.


Check out the Stream Highlights videos, they are edited down in an short and entertaining way so they feel a lot like her old videos with all the info on the collections


I agree their quality has gone down hill. I was a repeat buyer of Not Milky White for several years. It's like a whole different polish formula now. And even though I don't remember the exact name of their recent 'back to the office' launch, I do remember being like "Wow....that's the most boring theme I've ever seen." I swear I don't hate them either, I used to really love them.


I've been disappointed by the brand overall. Her products have felt very generic indie, like there just hasn't been any launches I couldn't find elsewhere.


I bought her black polish during her initial launch and it was the worst polish I've ever used. It was so thick and goopy and basically unusable. Even if I thought her polishes were special I don't think I'd ever spend money with her again.


Her top coats work well being sandwiched with gel polishes.


Nadi's highlighter brand. He keeps saying he'll be launching new products "soon" but it honestly feels like vaporware at this point.


What a coincidence, I was thinking the exact same thing. I think the reason why JG is getting more people to follow and use her brand is because she's more on social media. She posts more, she does vlogs, etc. You have to have a constant online presence with interesting content in order to get the attention for your projects.


Salt NY seems to be doing swimmingly.


Wait is Salt NY a beauty guru's line? Who?


kiki! (kikigmakeup)


I keep filling up my cart but haven’t pulled the trigger. But the products seem well thought out and I like the minimal waste/ magnetic palette design. It definitely stands apart from other influencer brands.


The magnetic palettes are so nice. Definitely worth the higher price point for the sturdiness and more luxurious look. I haven't tried the cream products yet because I'm trying not to buy creams while masking is very much a part of my routine (I don't wear base products with a mask because my skin would get very angry). They have a quicker/more definitive expiration date.


Salt NY's formula is very nice. I have a bronzer, contour and 2 blush shades in their zip palette. They're dummy proof to apply, the tones are nice and the effect is really natural. Took quite a while for them to ship my order out, but great product nonetheless.


There many variables. What products you're coming out with, where you are selling your product, how seriously you're taking the marketing, PR budgets, perceived accessibility of your brand (e.g. shipping costs), your influencer/online persona and network, etc etc. In order for your brand to do well in this climate, usually you need to everything right. For example, I don't follow Jamie but she appears to be posting 10 times Sam does. Naturally her brand will have a wider reach, while Sam's brand appears to be stuck with being limited to her diehard fans only, mostly due to her "I don't care if I never gain another subscriber or youtube algorithm never picks up my videos" attitude.


I’ve never tried any products from Shannxxo, but I really want to. Only thing is I hear you have to pay customs and I have no idea what that is. I think they ( Shannon’s husband and herself) really put a lot of thought into products and the products compliment another , especially with their wide range.


If you don't know what customs are, you don't have them lol. The US doesn't have customs for things like this


We have payment of duty and it’s “subject to” but not always


Customs are import taxes, and you pay for them upon receipt of the goods. If you don't pay for them, you don't get your stuff.


What makes me nervous is I see people saying it varies, could be low as $30 but high as hundreds and that makes me not want to risk it


It varies based on country. For example, Canada pays the equivalent of our sales tax for Customs fees. Depending on your province, that is up to 15% of the cost of the products. The UK charges 20% VAT on imports but they also include the cost of shipping in the calculations so you pay tax on that. There are then fees for 'brokerage' so if they use Fedex etc, it can get expensive. Even Canada Post charges almost $10 just to collect the customs charges. If you are in the US, you can import $800 per shipment without customs fees so not really something you need to worry about


Thank you! That’s so helpful!


I love everything I've ever gotten from her. She's not my favorite YouTuber anymore, but I still very much like her products. If you don't have to pay out the ass, wait until she does mystery boxes. It's a nice grab bag of products and you get good stuff.


It's basically impossible to see how well a brand is doing from the outside. For example an influencer brand could be seeming to do poorly but maybe they just only make a few of a thing and sell a few of it and that's good enough for them? Like I only actively have a few of each of my stickers ready to pack and ship at any given time because I'm not currently able to pump out content to grow (not to mention it's hard to grow anyways) but I'm OK with that while my health recovers. It's doing well enough for my current life and I just print and cut more if I run out. I want to have big plans and dreams for it...once my health can give me the spoons I need. Or an influence brand massively screws up expectations and ends up with product they can't move. Even with big sales if they mess up like that they did poorly because the initial investment is sunk. Hence sometimes I see jokes floating around about how Jaclyn cosmetics sells out because she only makes 5 of each SKU for each launch, or similar digs at other brands. Lots of cosplay ear makers do well for themselves even though they only make like 6 or 7 pairs biweekly or monthly. They sell out in an instant (I cry in the corner) and are priced at a bracket where they can sustain themselves on this hobby to their satisfaction. I think for influencer brands the best metric is to just see how happy with their brand they are. Some influencers it really seems to just be a labor of love (Lunar Beauty comes to mind). If an influencer just stops loving it then the brand is in trouble unless it gets sold because why bother working on something you hate. I wonder about the future of Laura Lee's brand(s) for this reason. As the years pass on it becomes more and more apparent which influencers recognize that creating and then creating for a brand is a marathon, not a sprint. After all, owning your own business is hard no matter which way you slice it. To me it feels like Manny loves LB, has learned a lot of business lessons that he puts to practice, and enjoys the creative process. Whereas Jaclyn never can seem to put on her business hat right and she jumps from creation to creation as soon as she gets bored of the prior one. If her claim is true that Jaclyn Roxanne is funded entirely by her without investors then it'll be a fascinating trip, to say the least, of what ends up happening to it. I am thoroughly unqualified and did not go to business school but I do have design industry and freelance experience and I'm in the pits of trying-to-start-a-small-art-business hell so please take my nonsensical rant with a Mt. Olympus worth of salt 😁


No this is pretty astute, without seeing internal sales data we really don't totally know.


I’m not sure what, exactly, is Sam’s brand. Auric seems so scattered! A liquid highlighter, some cream eyeshadow sets and a lip balm? Things that don’t really go together as a set of products. I think the shadows are totally beautiful but I haven’t been compelled to buy. The lip mask seems so strange to me- the jade spatula is just weird and I keep getting grossed out at putting this dirty spatula back into the container. Plus the pale, milky pink colour doesn’t seem made for many skin tones, although I see she’s put it on a lot of models. And having a coloured lip mask is not something I’m putting on at night. I sleep on my side so having a coloured lip balm against my pillow is not a good idea. I can’t comment if her brand is doing well, per se, but I don’t think it’s primed for longevity.


I have the lip mask and the colour is completely unnoticeable. I have the eyeshadows and the glow lust, I absolutely love the glow lust. I don’t think she’s aiming for a full face look, maybe over several years, but that’s not her goal now.


I think she made a huge misstep by foregoing investors. I know she wanted to maintain creative control, but there has to be a way to do that while still growing the brand. I love her, but I just can’t see Auric standing the test of time. They aren’t releasing enough products and they barely promote the few releases they do have.


I agree - I just found out that Jamie's brand is backed by the same investors as Charlotte Tilbury. It seems that Jamie has tons of creative control, especially if you watch how the story of Vieve came to be. Then I saw on ig that Jamie's title is CCO as well, pretty much in charge of advertising, branding image etc. Imo Sam just needed to find the right investors.


Sam DOES have investors, right? Magic Dusk?


As far as I know Nabla was founded by MrDanielMakeup, an Italian YouTuber and makeup artist. I feel like the brand is doing well and I honestly was surprised it was founded by a beauty guru


I have made this comparison myself, I was introduced to Jamie through Sam years ago and found it interesting that they both ended up having their own lines at the same time. Jamie strikes me as someone who is building a staple brand, somehow I get extremely luxurious vibes from not only the products, but the packaging, marketing and even the social media posts. She shows the behind the scenes of her creative process and even those posts look luxurious. The way she markets it all makes me confident she'll be up there with Charlotte Tilbury types of luxury brands. She started really strong with a good quality basics pallet, yes it had been done before, but she knew it was a good way to start your own line. Honestly, I like Sam, I even watch her pregnancy videos because I like to hear realistic accounts of pregnancy despite not having kids myself. My problem with Auric is that it is a "dupe" brand, she pretty much said it herself. Her personal brand is "my favorite products always get discontinued" and I felt like she made her cosmetics brand just to recreate all those (existing) luxury products that she likes but for herself I guess. I'm not saying any make up products are revolutionary, like I mentioned, Jamie started with a basics eyeshadow palette. But Sam will have a favorites video and specifically talk about the Tom Ford cream and powder eye duo things and then made an identical product herself. Just like Glow Lust is just her (poorly marketed) version of Charlotte Tilbury's flawless filter and Plush ritual is Laneige Lip Sleep Mask (which I personally purchased on HER recommendation and I enjoy). Glow Lust was a bad product to launch with because people(still!) don't entirely know what it is. I understand its a mixer thing but why is your anchor product something that has to be mixed into an another product (foundation) that you don't carry? that's just bad business, make it so they can buy them together, from you. I understand that people will buy the extremely expensive products from Charlotte Tilbury but that's because she is such an iconic, established brand. Auric is the same-ish price but unestablished and only has 3 products, making it really hard to justify the shipping costs when the original product is on Sephora and you can get free shipping. Auric/ Sam also just do not post enough on social media for a brand. They aren't joking when they say you should be making a post every day. Ultimately, I think its mainly launch product choices and then the marketing. They are both luxury priced brands but when people talk about Vieve they talk about how it is such amazing quality and absolutely worth the price. I've seen people mention Glow Lust but they usually say its fine but they won't repurchase because of the price or because CT flawless filter is easier to get or slightly better. Sams products aren't bad but they're not unique to her brand: CT Flawless Filter, TF Cream and Powder Duos and Lip Sleep Mask already exist. Very different launches and very different products have put their brands in very different places.


Glowlust also seems like a poor first product to launch with bc the bottle is so fucking huge that you will likely never need to repurchase it. At least not for a very long time.


It's interesting because several people here also mentioned that Auric/Sam don't post enough on social media. I too enjoy her mom content; I'm a mom myself and at first I was sure it was because she had a new baby, things are crazy, etc. But even before having a baby she didn't post a ton and that's totally her prerogative but unfortunately I think because there are just SO many brands out there today, if you don't keep posting, people will actually just forget or miss that you have a new product out.


The thing is, most of the people who have tried CT, TF and Auric's products have said Aric's version is superior. So maybe that justifies the price and hassle for them. I haven't tried anything from these brands so I can't say.


I've used both Glow Lust and the CT Flawless Filter (not as a direct comparison unfortunately), and I personally prefer the Auric one because I enjoy the consistency. It was much thinner and easier to blend out, and just melted into my skin and made it look juicy and hydrated, but didn't really feel any tackier than a regular dewy foundation imo. The CT one was too thick and I felt like it stayed super sticky even after I blended it out. I haven't tried Glow Lust as a primer or a foundation mixer, but I've honestly really enjoyed it as a liquid highlighter and would consider repurchasing it in 10 years when I finally finish my bottle 😂 Edit: I have dry and dehydrated skin with texture issues, but don't suffer from a ton of breakouts, so that may affect my experience!


Same. CT’s one makes my skin look more textured for some reason. And Auric came out with a great shade range from get go. The CT one had 4 pale-light shades, then 2 orange ones….


I also remember hearing that Sam altered one of the shades of Glow Lust based on customer feedback to make it look better on people's skin, but I don't know which shade that was. My sister almost never comments on my makeup, but she asked me what I had done to my skin the first time she saw me wearing Glow Lust because I looked "glowy and pretty," which pretty much sealed the deal for me 😂 it even looks nice if I'm not wearing makeup. I swear I feel like I'm sponsored, but I'm not. I just genuinely enjoy it and that feels rare these days haha


That was morganite aka the lightest shade, it had a slight base and they adjusted it, I found it funny cause she hated reformulated products and it's one of the first things she had to do lol


Only if you have dry skin.


Well one thing to consider is auric is cruelty free, so even though the Tom ford and laneige products exist, Sam created a cruelty free version for those of us that don’t want to support those brands. I’ve never tried the CT product because it just didn’t interest me, but I do actually really like the glow lust. I appreciate that Sam appears to have put a lot of thought and effort into making sure her products are exactly what she wants and that even the components are good quality. So I’m interested to see where the brand goes. I don’t watch JG and haven’t tried Vieve though so I’m not really familiar with the products aside from the first palette. I also don’t see Vieve mentioned in videos I watched yet did hear a lot of positive things about the glow lust. I’m so curious to see what happens with all of these influencer brands because there are just so many other brands out there to compete with. Really just curious to see how everything plays out in the makeup world overall since a few brands have already shut down.


I feel like One Size might be doing better since launching their trios (which look heavily inspired by Patrick ta’s duos), but their initial launches were a huge miss. The fact that their palette is on beauty subscription boxes for heavily discounted price shows me I’m not the only one that thinks that. Honestly I hope the brand fails because I think Patrick star is awful since that mask ig story on Nikita’s page.


I think one advantage that One Size has is it’s availability in Sephora, as this allows for people who are not as interested in the beauty community to easily buy his products


i got the palette in my ipsy bag and it’s fine! nothing special and nothing i would recommend anyone buy for full price. it certainly didn’t make me interested in the rest of the brand either


Yeah it’s not very well reviewed on Sephora. It’s also on sale on fabfitfun and I think boxycharm.


Allie Glines seems to be doing well. I have a few of her bags and like them. I originally wanted both sizes of the Truffle but they were out of stock for so long and then left Nordstrom. She got my money and I’m satisfied. I never hear anything about Nickia Joy. When her line is very rarely mentioned, it’s always positive.


How long have you had the bags and how are they holding up? I’m thinking of buying one!


Bought them a while ago. At least 1.5 years. However, with Covid travel restrictions, I haven’t gotten much use out of them yet. They are sturdy. I just bought the newest brush case to use as a makeup case on trips that I only bring a backpack. I Needed something flat and stiff in that size. It has worked well for two weekend trips I recently took.




Wayne Goss brushes seem to be a solid hit. I don’t know that much about his cosmetics, but the brushes have been popular on Beautylish for years.


Dominique cosmetics


What about them? What a lazy comment




Vieve has zero appeal for me. But ppl may be on to something with the amount she JG posts. Auric is far more interesting in my view, and each launch seems to have a fair amount of attention. Not sure the spatula thing was the greatest marketing idea ever but I'm also sure the lip mask works well, hopefully the next launch will be a bit more exciting again.


I’ve never bought anything from a makeup gurus line which I’m assuming means YouTuber or TikTok. I feel like these really are super niche and that’s why they almost always fizzle out or end up going huge, like Huda beauty. There is no in between.


I didn't even know that Vieve was Jen's brand for the longest time. I got an eyeshadow crayon in one of the Cult Beauty edit boxes and thought it was really good.