Huda Easy Bake Loose Powder. It absolutely had me looking like I was preparing myself for my own funeral service.




If I had fallen asleep, the coroner would’ve picked me up for sure 😂😂


Agree with a lot being meh on CT but I do love her lipstick, lip pencils & really love her Flawless Filter. Her magic cream had so much awful perfume smell to it when I was excited to get it years ago ( I ordered from the UK because it wasn’t available here yet), I couldn’t believe how much I hated it.


The magic cream broke me out so bad


I got a sample size jar of it and when I smelled it I was scared to use it on my face. I’m not against all fragrance but that was just way too much.


I have a love-hate relationship with her airbrush flawless foundation. Any dry patches on my skin and it’s like putting a neon sign above my head saying LOOK HOW SHIT MY SKIN IS!!!! And on the other hand, any oily bits and it just slides right off. And it smells absolutely horrible, really perfume-y and artificial. HOWEVER when my skin is on good form, it makes me look literally flawless in photos and I think ‘maybe I’ll give it another go…’ and I do like the packaging!


😂. I hear ya!


Like you said I love her lipsticks, lipliner, HFF and eyeshadow quad (a lot of ppl hate them) but I actually enjoy them a lot. I love that her eyeshadow give me the glowy eye look so easily. However her skincare line is meh whatever, never found it interesting and it’s so overpriced.


Urban Decay’s eyeshadow primer potion. So many people swear by it, so I’m sure it’s great for a lot of people, but it just does not jive with my eyelids. Had trouble with shadows going on patchy and creasing after only a couple of hours. Switched to the Revelon primer I used to use that’s only like $5, eyeshadow goes on great & doesn’t crease either. 🙃


Is it the Revlon Colorstay primer? I’ve had the UD primer potion forever and it works okay for me, but I’d love to switch to a cheaper/better one.


Try the wet n wild one if you have oily or hooded eyelids.


I’ve used the wet n wild one for years and I have oily, hooded eyes. It has been a godsend, and you only need a very small amount!


the milani eye primer has been my holy grail for years it’s great


Love the Milani primer!


Mines too! Best stuff for a few dollars.


Check out the Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Primer. That is my OG after trying every option under the Sun. I even wear it just to cut down on oily lids.


This was such a holy grail product in the late 2000s. It was literally the only eye primer anyone ever recommended and it really was great. It came with a sponge applicator like a lip gloss does (I have no idea what the official name for that is) and the formula was much less water-y and stickier than it is now. Since then they have definitely changed the formula and made it a lot worse, plus other brands started making the same thing better and for less money. It's somehow retained some of its hype and cult status despite there now being way better products available.


doe foot applicator?


It works super well on me but I hate the packaging


Do you prep your eyelids before you apply the primer? I was just wondering. I don’t have any issues with mine, but I always blot my eyelids dry with those oil absorbing sheets before I apply the potion primer. I’ve been using it for 4 years. I just thought I’d mention that to see if it helps anyone having issues with it. I understand not every product works for everyone and that’s valid :)


I actually have dry eyelids, and so I think the tackiness of the urban decay formula just exacerbates the problem. But that’s a good tip, my mom does have oily eyelids and is struggling with the product as well!


Totally agree with this one, this and KVD lock it were big goose eggs for me.


pur love your selfie foundation. looked awful on me no matter how i applied it


Same. Which sucks because the shade match was PERFECT. However, it's a little too thick so no matter how I tried to apply it, it just would sit on top. It never really melted into the skin, even if the shade match was spot on.


maybelline great lash was very average and the worst mascara i've ever used. I even got the waterproof version and it still smudged and broke down during the day without even touching it. charlotte tilbury pillow talk lipstick is another one that didn't work on my light-medium olive skin (lighter than my lips and made me look very sick and green - however it's the only CT product I don't like that I've tried as almost everything else i've tried is amazing)


Pillowtalk doesn’t work on my fair-light olive skin too! Makes me look so sickly grey! I was so bummed :(


I feel like Great Lash is everyone's first mascara and I personally don't get why you'd keep buying it after that unless you're just a creature of habit. I used to borrow my older sister's and never found it to be all that great. Just a really basic mascara. A lot of people like that, I guess?


Tried Great Lash several times over the decades (yes, decades!). Still sucks. Absolutely don't get the hype.


Sigma eyeshadows 😬 the mattes show up so much darker than they do in the pan (and quite a few shades were very patchy) and the Shimmers are barely a satin with lots of fall out. I have the ‘Untamed’ palette and I was quite disappointed with it after lusting after it for months and it featuring on so many ‘best of’ lists.


That is really good to know as I've had my eye on two palettes from them. Thank you.


I also got this palette and I just dont understand how to work with the shimmers.


Shape Tape. It was so thick and dry that it gave me the undereyes of an 80-year-old. It refused to stay put around my nose. I still don't get it. Horrible.


I like it for blemishes, but I would *never* use it on my undereyes. It's way too heavy for that. Also, the tube I had kept leaking so much that I had to store it in a separate drawer because it kept getting all over my other makeup.


I thought I was the only one with a bad tube! The leaking is so annoying.


Omg remember the ‘influencer triangle?!’ A huge triangle of shape tape under the eyes. I do not miss 2017.


Jaclyn hill would like a word with you.


i really liked shape tape. i used one dot for each eye and it gave me the coverage i wanted for my dark under eyes. bonus that i didn’t need to set it.


Agreed! I feel like we have all been gaslit by marketing to think this is the end all be all but it’s dry and deceivingly thick.


Pat McGrath Divine Rose 1. The mattes are terrible for me to blend and way too dark for my preference, same for some of the metallics. I think I like 3 of the 10 shades, such a waste of money. I love Natasha Denona’s palettes so I’m not against spending that much but the quality has to be worth it.


SAME. I got Divine I and the Bronze palette at the same time and was so bummed about how terrible the performance was for the price. They've been sitting unused for over a year now because I'm so annoyed I fell for the hype.


Yeah I bought several PMG products and I returned or sold them all online. So overhyped and I feel like I can get the same or quality in viseart pallets


My skin and the Milk hydro grip primer were not a good combo. None of my foundations looked decent with it. I'm glad I waited to get a sample instead of buying a full sized.


Every single foundation / concealer I used with this primer did that thing where it balls ups or was patchy. The mascara was also a massive fail. I got the waterproof one and even with my primer which holds under most mascaras, it caused my lashes to drop instantly :(


I used to have this issue as well, but I finally discovered it was my skincare that didn’t match with the primer and caused it to ball up and since then I just make sure to give my skincare some time to pull into the skin more before I add primer on top and this has really helped ( the two foundations I use with it are the Revlon Photo Candid Glow one and the UD Hydromaniac one)


Ah thank you so much, I was considering checking my skincare but I for sure will now. I am guilty of going straight from skincare to makeup in the mornings!


Aw I love hydro grip! Are you leaving it for a minute before applying your foundation to make sure it’s tacky?


Kat Von D Lock-It Foundation. I know it's advertised as full coverage but damn I could have spackled my bathroom with it, it was so thick. I never finished the bottle, it was so cakey. These days I use the Maybelline SuperStay, which is also full coverage but looks way more natural.


I mix the lock it foundation with the loreal 24 hour wear and it's beautiful and lasts all day.


Unpopular opinion, but I feel like if I buy a foundation, I shouldn't have to mix it with another brand's product to make it work.


Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara I’m so glad I purchased the mini first. Flakes so badly, didn’t do much. I’ll admit looked great on my bottom lash line. To top it off, it dried out mysteriously in a week. Urban Decay Eye Primer I am flabbergasted how this works. It’s so drying and makes blending mission impossible. Urban Decay Naked palettes Maybe because I’m in the deep-dark realm but what a waste of money. Fenty Flyliner I loved the packaging! Never in my life, not even with the cheapest, have I ever had an eyeliner run. Literally just melt off my lid into my eyes. Was terrible. Estée Lauder Double-Wear Foundation Hard no. Cakey and flashback.


Ohhh the double wear smells like paint. It’s so cakey and extremely heavy.


Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate (the famous dark blue bottle). It's just a bunch of oils, why on earth did I pay 60 euros??? It broke me out and was all in all just a greasy liquid to put on my face.


Saame! And the famous moisturizer was the worst. Actually, a lot of their products just didn't work for me.


The moisturiser is my holy grail! I have multiple bottles round my house. I'd had my eye on the oil though so glad to hear it's a waste


FWIW that oil works wonders on my dry old skin. I’ve tried so hard to dupe it with cheaper oils but I always go back to it - I really think it’s special.


Modern Renaissance. Current ABH scandal aside, I bought the palette 3 years ago because of the hype over the 2 years prior to my purchase. I liked it, but I didn’t get many looks out of it and I find the quality subpar to what I’m used to now.


Chanel No. 5


Chanel No. 5 is what my grandma wore her whole life. The smell of it brings back good memories for me but I would never wear it myself. It smells very old lady to me.


My mom used to buy this perfume and I begged her to get me a bottle of it, she eventually just gave me what was left of an old bottle and I was so disappointed. It smells like old lady perfume, I’m sure others like it but I hated it. The perfume I’m obsessed with the pink Friday one by Nicki minaj, I’ve been wearing it since high school and I am not ashamed!


Don't let my mother hear you say that 😂


This 😆 It really does not smell good. FWIW, I love all the Chloe perfumes.




It looks great on my daughter. Just meh on me.


It really suits my coloring. Love it.


Same. This was my fav naked palette


too faced better than sex mascara is the worst makeup product ever created


Unless you want something that both flakes and smudges…at the same time!


That mascara legitimately baffles me! It’s so so shit but there are people who love it. How are our eyelashes so different? 🙃


It's funny because I've heard lots of people say it flaked on them but I never once had that issue.


I knew this comment was coming and it still made me giggle because it shows up in every disappointing product thread and yet it is somehow my absolute most favorite mascara and the only mascara in the world (besides another too faced one actually) that does *anything* for my eyelashes. It makes me wonder what the hell is going on with my lashes that’s so different from everyone else!


Yes! It's my HG mascara, I don't even try other brands anymore. Maybe helps that I have naturally long curly lashes though.


Worst and irritates my freaking eyes. I don’t have sensitive eyes either. I’ve had cheaper mascaras be better than that.


The full size tube sucks, but the travel size is great - Idgi


For whatever reason, I find that to be the case with a lot of mid-to-high-end mascaras


Whoa, it makes sense now why people tell me they hate it. I’ve only ever used the travel-size one that looks great on my lashes and doesn’t clump!


Yeah actually this is true lol I had a sample and it was so good I bought the full size and didn’t even bother goo hoarding, I threw it away a few weeks later.


Complete fucking garbage. Lash Paradise too. Didn’t learn my lesson with BTS, took lash paradise as my only mascara on a weekend trip, looked like a damn raccoon the whole time. All the flakes.


i felt like i was being gaslit during the lash paradise saga


Lash Paradise was utter trash. Worse than BTS at least for me.


Preach. Horrible, artificially 'weighted' packaging to make you feel like you are buying a luxury product, and not a piece of poo. Smudges like crazy. Irritates my eyes. Does not build up, does not add volume or length. I hate it. Hate is a strong word and that's why I used it. EDIT: also couldn't remove it if I tried a paint stripper. Panda eyes for hours


I agree, my cousin and my mom both like it and asked for it for Christmas I was like “Are you absolutely sure? I don’t want to buy something you don’t like”


I freaking hate that mascara and the L’Oréal dupe. Can’t believe I actually spent money on it. And I bought the waterproof one like an idiot. Anytime I hear somebody rave about it I’m like “yeaaahhh…..no. Not for me.”


It burns my eyes so bad and somehow gets clumpier by the minute 😭 worst $30 i ever spent.


It gave me racoon eyes like no other :(


CT setting spray - as an alternative to UD All Nighter. Don't get me wrong, its hold is as strong as UD, like people say, but it just doesn't make my skin/highlighter pop the way UD does. No setting spray does, tbf, so I've just accepted that the UD is one of my few HGs. Ultra creamy Shape Tape - sure, it's not drying like people say the original Shape Tape is, but it was the first dewy concealer I ever used and immediately after using it I realised that I don't like dewy concealers lol. Maybelline Great Lash - I tried it back in the day before YouTube was even a thing, let alone Beauty YouTube and it was just really dry. I've gotten really into makeup in the past few years and when I started watching Beauty YT and saw people raving about it, I thought that maybe they'd changed the formula. I tried it again and it was just as dry for me as before.


Protip - buy from Skindinavia direct (the bridal formula). Its the same formula as All Nighter, better pump and 2x as much product for same price.


Urban Decay may be so-so when it comes to other products (their new palettes especially lol) but I’ve essentially come to the conclusion that their setting spray is the best ever. Every other one I’ve ever tried dried me out and didn’t last as long.


Elf putty primer - broke me out and made my makeup break up faster. Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder - the oil control is not that good. Colourpop pretty fresh concealer - its super finicky to work with, dries down way too fast, and only looks good with a very small number of application techniques.


Almost everything by Fenty Beauty. I wasn't a fan of any of the foundations or concealers. Eyeshadows and highlighters are very chalky. I only like the bronzers tbh.


Have you tried the glosses? Theirs and Buxom are the only glosses I'll wear.


Buxom <3




That’s odd, mine doesn’t do that at all and never has! Is it possible you got a dud?


Same! My bottle also leaks constantly if I don't store it upright... Very impractical


The Kosas concealer. It seems like it would be a perfect formula for me but I cannot get it to look good under my eyes. It’s okay as a spot concealer on the face, which is what I use it for now, but I really thought it would be a holy grail and it’s definitely not. And the Kosas Cloud Set powder. Everyone seems to think it’s magical, but I think it’s just… fine? It works, it looks nice, but I’m not head over heels in love with it like everyone else seems to be.


I agree with you on the Cloud Set! Nothing out of the ordinary IMO. I’ve started realizing it actually looks cakey throughout the day on my forehead, so I use a different powder there which is annoying but I refuse to have wasted so much money on a powder and not use it at all lol!


I’m the opposite way. The kosas concealer looks okay under my eyes (I do mix it with a little NARS concealer to fix the color) but it does nothing for the redness on my cheeks.


Funny thing, the Kosas concealer used to look great under my eyes. Then one day it just looked awful, and has ever since. I agree though it's great for spot concealing.


Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. I honestly don’t know if it’s me, but this powder is dry af on me. It’s fine when I put it on but within the hour my under eyes feel and look super dry and crusty. I tried setting powder but that doesn’t really help either, so I just stopped using it.


How do you apply it? I find almost setting powder to be so dry for me. Here’s what I do: 1. Apply setting powder with a small blending brush, you only need a very small amount of setting powder for every day looks. If you are oily, I suggest oil blotting sheets throughout the day. 2. Spray something like MAC Fix+, let it dry then go in with your setting spray. I do this every time I use a setting powder and my under eyes never end up dry like they used to.


It’s not just you, I feel the same. That was such a let down for me. Also tried Charlotte Tillbury’s setting powder, also disappointed. After lots of trial and error (Hourglass, Dermablend, etc) my HG setting powder is Fenty.


Maybelline Lash Sensational makes my lashes look amazing, but also it makes my eyes feel like they're full of this gluey goo and I have to blink a hundred times a minute to see anything lol :(


Almost everything from Milk, especially the primer and mascara, though I still kinda want to try the setting spray and loose power :/ The pressed power from CT… like, it’s average at best for me. Saw people RAVING about it being blurring and undetectable but it is absolutely neither of those things, I think any power looks blurring if you’ve got shiny/oily skin and put a power on it? All of Glossier skin care. I quite like the futuredew but if it vanished from my collection now I wouldn’t miss it.


I had their mascara in the sample size and loved it so much that I bought the full size version. Worst mistake ever. Not sure why there’s such a difference between the two bottles?


My favourite topic. I would be glad if I can help you save your hard earned money: 1. Too faced better than sex - flakes like crazy 2. Briogeo scalp revival shampoo - irritated the heck out of my scalp, packed with esssential oils and known irritants, would not recommend for sensitive scalp 3. Drunk elephant virgin marula oil - pretty mediocre and unnnecessary product 4. Yttp kale cleanser - stripped and dried my skin and who thought it would be a good idea to sell a glass bottled cleanser? 5. Wetn wild eyeshadows - poor longevity, blends into nothing 6. Charlotte tilbury airbrush powder - not as finely milled as people hype it, looks dru under the eyes, there are better options at similar prices 7. Too faced born this way complexion products (foundation, concealer, powder) - too thick and heavy looking, all shades lean super yellow 8. Sigma brushes - too expensive for the quality and performance. I would recommend zoeva for better quality and prices 9. Guerlain mon guerlain edp - poor longevity and siliage 10. Tom ford lipsticks & nars audacious lipsticks - they go off way too quickly, does not worth the money 11. Marc jacobs eye liners - too thick at the top, difficult to tightline or precise line, dries too quickly so hard to smudge, also short lifespan


The Ordinary has a marula oil for $6 that my skin loves! I always wanted the DE but couldn’t justify paying so much.


I think the point of YTTP being in glass is to make it more durable to reuse. I personally am in love with it, but of course this is probably the category that’s going to have to most polarized opinions.


Agree with so much of this! What are some powders you like? I feel like I’m forever searching for a good one.


Hourglass powders (pressed and loose) are the best for longevity without looking heavy. The elf halo glow is comparable and the beauty pie powders are AMAZING! Get a day pass to shop, it’s so worth it!!


I swear by Hourglass powders, I wish I didn’t love them so much because of how expensive they are but they’re worth it!


I like the Viseart one. It's extremely fine. I'm very pale so I don't know if it would leave a cast on darker skin tones, but I love it.


The Marc Jacobs liners are my go to when I want a smoky/smudged wing, but I kind of load up and use a pencil brush. I think the dry time just helps me keep th smudging contained. And also I hate the smell of briogeo products.


I do love my Sigma brushes.


I find it crazy that some Sigma brush prices are on par or just a lil bit cheaper than Hakuhodo. Idk if they’re just overpriced in my country but they have no business being in that price point.


Something in Brigeo products causes me to have an insane rash. I must be allergic to something in them - which is surprising for a product that "greenwashes" itself from a marketing standpoint. Makes it sound like your conditioner is going to be made out of pure fruit.


L'Oreal Lash Paradise. So clumpy, even if after a month after being opened.


The CT Fire Rose quad, TF quads and newer PMG releases like the Bridgerton palette and Huetopian.


The damn Fenty Skin Tint. I'm so annoyed that I bought it. I hated it on my skin. Also, Charlotte Tillbury products are pretty overrated IME


Same but I can’t bring myself to throw it away. Skin tints just aren’t right for me.


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk lipstick. I dunno, it looked like such a pretty color but it looks almost... greyish on me? If that makes sense. Also, their pressed powder. I don't get it??? It does absolutely nothing special for me.


Essence lash princess mascara was so disappointing, left clumpy bits on my lashes!


Given how cheap this is I didn't really care that it was rubbish but after trying it I was baffled by how much people raved about it.


Same! It was too wet and smudgey on me : /


Loreal Infallible fresh wear foundation. Tried that at a outdoor wedding last year and it melted off my face. Of course it was hot as hell cause this was in July but still. Milk kush mascara just smudged off of my lashes. Love the packaging tho. Wet n wild photo focus, it smelled like paint. Shade range isn’t good and it looked terrible on my skin. Mac lip liners, I got one as a gift and it hurt to apply. Edit: added ABH liquid lips to the list. I loved the shade range, so beautiful but These did nothing but dry out and flake on my lips. Not worth the $20 price tag.


Totally agree on the ABH liquid lips. My best friend and I picked some up a few years ago because on the packaging it says like "#1 liquid lip in America" or whatever, and it's Anastasia -- you can't go wrong! Well, you can go wrong. They gave us butthole lips and got all up in our teeth, flaked on our face, everything. Never again.


Yeah, I had a girl in a one of my courses brag about them and she had on this vampire purple shade and it looked amazing on her. I was told how it never cracked or smeared. So I order two immediately, one was a burgundy shade and the other was Ashton. Both were terrible on me, just really killed my lips. Crumbled, gave me the butthole lips like you said. When I removed them my lips would be stinging and irritated. One time my lips got so dry the started bleeding. I swear my lips are sensitive to this day because of that formula.


NARS Orgasm blush - is nice enough but not amazing


Tarte Shape Tape, hands down. My undereyes had never felt so dry, they were like the sahara desert. Glossier Skin Tint, it did basically nothing. It was like adding a drop of diluted pigment to moisturizer, but it still looked dry on my skin somehow?? Their concealer slaps though. Stila’s Liquid Liner, it dried out so fast for me! I don’t spend more than $10 on liner now, I’ve found that it’s just not worth it. Finally, that ColLab beauty mascara. It flaked and smudged awfully on my eyes! Pretty disappointed to be honest, especially for a low-mid price point. Again, I don’t spend more than $10 on mascara anymore for this reason, lol


The Stila Liquid Liner is my sister's holy grail, but I can't do it. It felt so dry straight out of the package and was barely workable. I was thinking that maybe I got a dud, but I got it in a different color from a different store months later and had the same experience. I just can't get behind it.


100% agree about the CT. I like the flawless filter, but everything else I’ve tried hasn’t been great. My biggest disappointment was the Hourglass concealer and setting powders. Both make me look incredibly dry. I’ve tried everything to make them look good since everyone raves about them, but they just don’t work for me.


Dior mascara - it’s fine, just nothing special The Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer - really didn’t do anything for me


Essence lash princess has such a wet formula, I can’t use it on my lower lashes. I turn into a panda. I’ve never experienced such horrible smudging.


It seems its a coin toss if the lash princess will be amazing on you or bad. I honestly believe it’s has to do with ones body… but at least it’s cheap enough to risk it. Imagine buying the benefit they are real and find it lacking 😬


its goop city tbh… and it’s one of those formulas that’s impossible to get off but still transfers to my lower lid!!!


Same...it was unusable for me!! I thought I was crazy for hating it since everyone raved about it. I'm still not sure how people get it to work


Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin foundation. I was SO hyped to try it, bought it before a work trip, wore it the first day, came back to my hotel room at like 8pm and…holy separation Batman. I looked SCARY. I primed my skin before using it, used setting spray, everything you’re supposed to do, and that shit looked weird. Never again.




ELF Hydrating Camo Concealer. Cakey and still dry for me. Glad I figured out a way to make it work and it’s by misting my face before blending it.


UD eye primers balled up and dried out my lids like crazy


Charlotte Tilbury quads, specifically the Star Aura one that came out holiday of last year (or the year before maybe?). I mean its OK, but its not $66 Canadian "OK".


The ordinary skin products except for the red mask and the oils. The actives feel like they did nothing for me after using them for a month, and the vitamin c’s all pilled and burned. The cleanser wasn’t awful I guess, just didn’t feel like it cleansed much and the moisturizer was definitely not enough for me.


Hm! I really like TO. It’s one of the few brands that nearly every product of theirs has made a noticeable difference in my skin. I use the red mask on rare occasion, but it got rid of a burn scar on my chest very quickly. I once brought nothing but the retinol in squalane on vacation with me and had a friend comment on how quickly a horrible zit I’d had when I arrived resolved during the stay. I use the zinc/niacinamide, which does pill when I use too much, haven’t exfoliated, or use too many other products with it, but it has definitely improved my redness and hormonal acne. If I miss a few days I really notice a difference. I recently started using the caffeine eye solution, and it’s up in the air whether or not that works, but I do feel less puffy and a bit tighter around the eyes, so I have faith. I guess everyone’s skin is different!


Totally agree on Charlotte T everything has been dreadful. Tom Ford bronzer, Mac Ruby Woo, any Estee Lauder Mascara, Chanel eyeshadow (all of them).


Chanel Pourpre Brun eyeshadow is my all time holy grail plum colour, but the formula would drive you to drink. It's put me off buying any other Chanel eyeshadows.


Such a shame because their liners and mascara are second to none but that shadow formula is something else.


Haha do you mean liner? Because that bitch so dry and utterly unblendable it's all I could ever use it for. My lids were made raw only to have to wipe it off or cover it. It's a gorgeous colour and a gorgeous colour for a liner, but I most definitely like getting what I signed up for at that price point. And I most definitely don't like being messed around and cheated out of my money and gaslit by customer service. Especially when another shade came in the same order that was actually usable and is less dry now 2 years later than PP was when I first opened it. Haven't touched it in ages, scared I'll find it rock solid after what must have been 5 frustrating uses.


The Filmstar bronze highlight duo is incredible on fair skin. I don't like most CT products but that one is legit gooood. https://www.sephora.com/product/charlotte-tilbury-mini-filmstar-bronze-glow-P463822


Yeah fair skin only. It was more like non existent for me. Returned if


I saved and saved for the Naked 2 palette and oh god was I disappointed. I loved the shades to look at but my palette had so much fallout and very little pigmentation. I still see people saying how much they loved it but I’ll never understand. I switched to the Tarte palettes and never looked back.


Oddly enough the fit me foundation. It looked terribly cakey on me


IT Cosmetics CC Cream…it’s the thickest, goopiest, most intense cc cream I’ve personally ever used and I just couldn’t make it work.


Kylie lip kit. This was when it was super hard to get one because you had to pay to be apart of her now defunct app. I remember I followed a girl on instagram who would announce the launch dates for those who didn’t sub to her app. Anyway- the lip kits were hyped and because they sold out quick I wanted one. I got posie and my god it was horrible. Horrible horrible horrible. I applied the lipstick and it cracked and flakes off my lips almost immediately. I thought it was maybe just a bad shade I got but I tried another color (I forget the shade but it was another pink colored one) and it did the same thing. After that I felt ripped off considering the liquid lip with the lipliner (that never sharpened right) was $29 and probably worth $10. I just use drug store brands like Milani and it’s so good for the price.


Nearly everything from glossier. I did love their lipgloss, but nothing that stands out to make me buy it again. I feel like it’s a brand that’s been overhyped because of the aesthetic.


I love their cloud paint blushes but I haven't liked anything else from them


yeah most glossier stuff is MID…. i’m trying to think of one product from them I am actually in love with and it would be the generation g if colourpop and burt’s bees didn’t make basically the same thing


I will say that I love their concealer. It’s not full coverage but it works really well with my dry under eyes!


I miss Glossier Play. They had some great stuff!


Mac soft n gentle! I kept reading about how it was a holy grail. It’s nice.. but I like my wet n wild so much better. Shade blossom glow


I DO NOT get what everyone is up in arms about with the essence lash princess mascara. It is so bad. It smears, smudges, flakes and clumps your eye lashes. For reference I have long, full eyelashes that don't hold a curl that well.


Danessa Myricks’ Twin Flames & the multichrome eye pencils. I’ve noticed she uses MyKitCo brushes a fair bit and maybe that’s why I can’t get Twin Flames to apply evenly? I didn’t want to hate, but damn I felt cheated out of my coin. Most regretted purchase of last year.


Bobbie Brown lipstick do not last but one hour on my lips. I returned it.


All of mine are pretty old (from what I remember, I've been pretty lucky with my recent purchases!) but: Nars orgasm blush. On me, it doesn't look bad or anything but I don't think anything could live up to the hype that blush had. Bareminerals foundation. It's so pretty on practically everyone I've ever seen it on irl, but it oxidizes and turns several shades too dark on me even if the starting color is too light for me. Oh, and it turns insanely shiny on me to boot. Kaleidos primer. The one new disappointment on my list. Not sure anyone hyped it up to me (except myself), but I was so excited to try it cause i love everything else I've tried from them. It sucks. Maybeline falsies mascara. I tried this one probably a decade or so ago, when it was super hyped and it literally did nothing for me but make my lashes look darker. And I had really nice lashes to start.


Maybe I just got a bad one, but I couldn't get any pigment to come out of Nars Orgasm. It just left this frosted sheen and no color.


Elf Camo concealer, Too Faced Chocolate Solei Bronzer, any Physicans Formula product


Natasha Denona Glam Palette...lots of fallout, not as pigmented as you would expect, they're gone from your lid and all in your crease by midday.


Tarte foundations. Especially the foundation concealer combo one. Oxidized like crazy and was so cakey and dry no matter how little I put on


Would you believe, I bought Armani Luminous Silk Foundation on four different occasions throughout my life as I really wanted to love it, and every single time I’d buy it I’d end up selling it again because I’d remember how much I hated it 😂


Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. I don’t see any thing when I wear it.


Fresh skincare products in general. Their soy cleanser is fine--definitely does the job well, just not a pleasant smell--but I've had such awful luck with their other products. I tried out their overnight mask (the one that's two components together) and had to return it after two tries because it was unusable. I think what frustrates me the most is that some people just assume they're good no matter what, and the Sephora saleswoman seemed to have a system malfunction when I told her I didn't have good results after she recommended some other products to me.


Shape tape! I was SO bummed. Also got a chemical burn from the beauty bakerie foundation that sent me to the ER. It wasn't allergies. It was a chemical burn, according to the doctors oof


Tom Ford quads lol ugh


Pat McGrath eyeshadow. I just don't get them. Her formulas are not great.


I have one of her quads and holy fallout, right? I got it on discount so im keeping it but the shades aren’t as special as shown in her promo videos or swatches.


I agree. I picked up Bronze Seduction on sale and it is horrible. One shimmer shade absolutely will not pick up with brush or finger. The “blitz astral” shades are not that special considering everyone is doing duo-multichrome now. I have the 2021 Christmas palette and it’s pretty good. But I’ll never buy her mothership palettes again


I’ll agree. I got a holiday palette and all took 2-3 layers to show and I’m ghostly pale. I ended up giving it away


Charlotte Tilbury is the most overrated brand ever. Not only are the products mid, the packaging feels cheap as hell too. For the price of the products you’d think they’d get it together ![gif](giphy|78EYl1VZVA9KE)


Right?? I only have the Flawless Filter which, product-wise sure is nice and glowy but way overhyped. But then the writing on the bottle started to rub and flake off on my hands which I can’t say I’ve ever experienced with high end or drugstore make up and was so annoying because I’d have to wash my hands after touching the bottle or else it would get on my face - figure your packaging out CT.


Agreed, products are mid at best, mostly poor. As everyone kept raving about them I though I was the problem and just sucked at make up. And don't get me started on 'magic cream' created backstage for models. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|grimacing)


100% agree about the CT. I like the flawless filter, but everything else I’ve tried hasn’t been great. My biggest disappointment was the Hourglass concealer and setting powders. Both make me look incredibly dry. I’ve tried everything to make them look good since everyone raves about them, but they just don’t work for me.


I was so excited to try the Thrive lash extension mascara and absolutely hated it 😑


It had probably been mentioned already, but it's Lash Paradise for me. I held off buying it for a long time & when I did, I absolutely hated it. Clumpy & just shitty. I was so disappointed.


It CC cream. Made me break out horribly. I like the Elf camo so much more. I do moisturize very well before using it though.


Anything by Tarte. Their foundation, concealer, powder, eyeshadow. All shit.


I had an eyeshadow palette from tarte a few years ago and it was one of my favorites, very pigmented and good colors for my pale pinkish skin. That was like 2014 though and I never bought another one so it can’t have been that good haha! But I mostly buy singles now because I only ever use 1 or 2 colors in a palette


Everyone on Tik Tok was obsessing over the MAC Stack mascara. It was supposed to be endlessly buildable. I’m not sure if it was the brush or the formula, but even one coat made my lashes clumpy and gross.


Elf camo concealer. It just looks bad on me? I think its because I have a really uneven skin tone so it just always looks unnatural on me no matter how much I blend it out.


Prepare for a long list lol Pillow talk lipstick was orange on me (I have fair neutral-warm undertones) Better than sex is clumpy as hell and dried out really fast- I have no idea why people liked this! Milk hydro grip primer separated and balled up under my makeup (I liked my skincare routine too much to bother changing it for the primer) The hourglass ambient bronzers all pull wayyyy too orange on me so looked cheap Fenty glossbombs- I love the shades of these and the formula but the smell is way too overpowering (I don’t mind scented products) and made me feel nauseous because of how sickly it is and the smell lasting all day🤢 Pat McGrath sublime blurring under eye powder: this was ok but too pale (medium is too dark) and really didn’t live up to the hype as my under eyes looked no better/worse … not to mention it’s tiny! Charlotte tilbury Hollywood sculpting duo: the highlight is lovely and natural but the ‘contour’ is too orange :( Maybelline instant age rewind concealers: the coverage was ok but I went through several new tubes and all of them made my under eye area feel like it was burning! Glossier brow flick- blonde shade is way too warm for me and dried out within weeks of being open (despite being stored upside down)


IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream Oil Free was a disaster for me. I was excited to try it, because it looked like it would be convenient & quick. Maybe it works better for others, but it separated and caked up pretty much immediately on my oily skin and I believe it caused a few breakouts. Looked absolutely HORRIBLE. I've tried probably dozens of foundations from low to high end, and still looking for a holy grail. Currently, I'm using Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation. It's not perfect, but the best out of everything I've experimented with. On lighter makeup days, the Laura Gellar Baked Balance-n-Brighten Color Correcting Foundation has been surprisingly decent, although I am worried that also causes my skin to break out.


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Estée Lauder Double Wear Foundation, CT Airbrush Flawless Foundation. All of the new Kylie lipsticks and powder products formulas, Milk Hydrogrip primer, Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer, most of everything Tatcha including their Camélia Oil that contains cheap ingredients and water high up in the ingredients list. I feel like high end brands have been fleecing us a lot after the Beauty Gufu and IG “ fever “.


Nars Orgasm blush, it had *zero* pigment. Even using a setting spray with it, there was just nothing there. I don’t know how anyone could possibly get it to work


Essence Pure Nude. I mean, it's *ok* ... Maybe it was just good for its time, but not these days.


I’ll second the Armani foundation. It was awful!!


Pretty Vulgar Cool AF Lava Water foundation: Bought on Tati's recommendation, was hoping for gorgeous flawless skin, but instead I got dry and cakey Maybelline Colour Tattoos: They were like hard hockey pucks It's funny how things work out for other people! My best friend and I bought the came foundation (CT light wonder) It seemed to disappear on her (tbf she says that's common for her) but it stayed looking lovely on me. Goes to show, grabbing a sample is the only failsafe for disappointment!


Laura mercier translucent powder. Made me look crusty and like I was 40 years older even though I was 19. I splurged for my graduation and that was the first time I used it, I thought all beauty gurus steered me right so I ended up not just getting a tester but a full size. Didn't work for my combo skin at all, to me it looked like the normal parts of my skin were barely set, it completely dissolved where I got oily and it transferred like hell. Never again


PLouise eye primer - no matter how I apply it, or how long I spend patting onto my eyelids, it makes eyeshadows patchy. It's like the pigment clings to certain areas and refuses to blend out. Any "miracle" mascara - but only because my lashes are so short and straight that they're beyond hope. I'll stick to falsies.