I totally get where you’re coming from. Something about their branding just seems…off. They really need to change their marketing. I have tried their mascara. It doesn’t smudge because it is a tubing mascara and comes off very easily with warm water. I prefer the mini version because I find the formula gets clumpy after the tube has been open for a while with the regular size. They don’t seem to offer the mini version year round though. I usually buy a few around the holidays to use for the rest of the year.




I second everything posted here!


There is a vitamin MLM called Thrive, but it's not affiliated with Thrive Causemetics as far as I know. Edit: I haven't tried the brand but for eyeshadow crayons I love the Jouer, Nudestix and By Terry formulas. Wouldn't recommend the Clinique ones. If your mom doesn't mind a liquid shadow the Rimmel Wonder Clouds are great too.


Lmao it’s their packaging that comes off that way. I know because I felt that way too! But from what I’ve heard, they have really great products.


I’ve tried the mascara in brown, eye brightener in Stella and eyebrow pencil. I liked the mascara and it lasted me a long time, I didn’t repurchase because I have others to use first, plus the price hurts me a bit. The eye brightener is good, I use it mainly on the inner corner. I have not tried their new eye crayons though. The brand in general was good IMO, packaging seems nice quality, nothing mind blowing though Edit: I also liked the eyebrow pencil, but this is the only one I’ve ever bought, so I have nothing to compare it to.


They are most definitely not MLM and the mascara is my holy grail. It doesn't smudge and gives me huge long lashes. I also like their CC Cream and the eyeshadows are some of the smoothest I've tried. The packaging feels really heavy and solid- it all has a really high-end feel. Oh and their bronzers and marble blushes are really nice too.


I thought they might be overrated, but then I got the mascara in a beauty box. The mascara is amazing, but I find I have to open it, let it dry out a bit and then use it. Freshly new is not as good for me. I also LOVE their lip liner in the mauve shade. I've never gotten so many compliments and it's the perfect texture of not exactly dry, but not so creamy that it disappears. It lasts hours and hours on me. Already bought a backup. I have a few of their eye sticks as well and they are awesome for a quick lazy, but super flattering look.


I got one of their eye crayons in a FabFitFun box a few years ago. It was fantastic.


I have only tried the mascara, but I will never buy another mascara. A lot of my friends recommended it. I have terrible issues with mascaras smudging (allergies. All the allergies) and this stuff is fantastic. I haven't used anything else, but I can recommend the mascara with no reservations.


Oh, this is good advice. I don't typically wear makeup every day, so it starts to get clumpy before I can use it up. Still buying it.


I've tried a pretty wide range of their products and here's what I'll say: The eye crayons are great for an easy everyday eye..most are somewhat neutral colors, blend really easily and last all day. Same for their eyeliners. Their lip products are highly underrated imo - I find them really comfortable and glossy. Much like their eyeliners, the lipliners are AWESOME. Their CC Cream is pretty good in terms of coverage and makes your skin look glowy, I like that it has vitamin C and SPF. Their concealer is a nice texture, but I wish it offered a higher coverage (it's medium). Their powder is fine, but didn't blow me away. I have had both shades of their powder blush (the cosmic ones or whatever) and I have loved both.. they're shimmery but don't look weird, just give you a gorgeous glow. Their bronzers are also great, and their lightest shade doesn't pull overly warm which I like. I have their eyeshadow palette no. 3 which is an awesome color story, and they do matte shadows really well!! They're never patchy, minimal kickback - big fan of this one. Their brow product is an interesting concept, it's supposed to gradually tint your brows with use...but it doesn't have enough hold to keep my brows up all day. And of course, their mascara is a top seller and fan favorite because it gives intense length and drama, wears without smudging or flaking because it's a tubing formula, and I am a big fan myself - however it can be tedious to apply sometimes, and you get one shot (it doesn't layer well, you'll break apart the tubes once it starts drying). Personally, I love that they support women's charities, too.


My mom is big into eye crayons, she didn’t love them, she said they were too dry and stuff. I bought her a trio of mini Laura Mercier caviar sticks and she LOVES them. Your mom might like them too!


I love my Laura Mercier caviar stick. I have been using Plum for years as an eyeliner.


They're definitely not an mlm but I do think their advertising gives those vibes. I've tried the mascara and the eye brighteners. Unpopular opinion, apparently, but I hate their mascara. It pulls all of the curl out of my lashes and makes them clump weirdly. The mascara tube is nice and heavy... I actually like that about the packaging.


Their mascara is hands down the best I have ever tried. It doesn’t smudge and lasts forever. Totally worth the price to me.


They’re not an MLM at all. It’s actually a great company that focuses on supporting women, especially women in need, and they make tons of donations! 100% trustworthy - I think people confuse Thrive Causemetics with the MLM Thrive. I love all of their lip products and the eye shadow crayons are decent. Their tubing mascara is hit & miss. However, they’re kind of pricey sometimes.


I wouldn’t call them 100% trustworthy at all. They were sued in 2018 [for not actually donating what they claimed to be](https://truthinadvertising.org/class-action/thrive-causemetics/) They settled out of court and had to massively adjust what they claimed to donate. [They also currently have a disability discrimination lawsuit against them pending.](https://www.accessibility.com/digital-lawsuits/linda-thrive-02/05/2021) Perhaps they *are* now donating what they say they do, but I certainly wouldn’t call them a trustworthy brand, and personally wouldn’t touch them with a 10ft barge pole.


Eh, I don’t care for their charity angle- be a business or be a charity, but you can’t serve two masters. I bought their mascara and got all these emails pressuring me to buy more because my money would support all these noble causes and it weirded me out.


Wait, you are really saying for profit companies shouldn’t donate to charity? Where do you think charities get their money from...


Not at all. I think that’s great. But they’re still for-profit companies and advertising themselves as if they were primarily a charitable organization is disingenuous. If I’m buying mascara, I want it to be good mascara, not just a contribution to a charity.


I think that’s kind of unfair lol. I get all these emails pressuring me to buy things from brands that don’t donate to charity… so to me that isn’t that weird? You’d prefer all businesses to just be selfish and not support causes they are passionate about?


Not at all. It’s fine if businesses give to charity. But they are not charities themselves. If you’re super motivated to be charitable, why not just... start a charity? That’s why I find their marketing disingenuous.


The only brand that does this well is Rare Beauty. They don’t use social causes as the forefront of their marketing, but make pledges. In the back end of things, this is how social businesses work anyways, they jus make pledges and then market it as a “buy one give one”.


Oooh yes ok this is exactly what I thought! A good friends sister went super hard into the MLM thrive for a while and I had not completely made the connection but thrive causemetics always gave me a ‘isn’t there something off about this company?’ feeling


I think you’re thinking of thrive the wellness mlm Thrive cosmetics is different - not an mlm. Have never tried their eye crayons but their cc cream is amazing


I got some kind of a shadow stick or something from them in a Fab Fit Fun box from them once and it was OK but just OK. People seem to really like their tubing mascara but other than that I don't hear much about the quality of their products good or bad. AFAIK they're not an MLM but they get confused with one that has thrive in the name. They used to claim they would donate one product for every product purchased. So you were really paying for two items but only getting one. This made me feel like I wouldn't be getting my money's worth if I bought from them, and come tax time, they were the ones who would be getting that sweet, sweet write off. I feel like it's a kind of scam. If it isn't, it's not a business. It's fundraising and the fundraising is their priority, not the makeup or the customer. Someone sued them over this when they went to some other kind of donation model but I don't think they were transparent about it. I don't know how the lawsuit turned out but they've never gone back to the one for one AFAIK.


After the lawsuit they shifted to a more general statement that a portion of their profits go to charitable causes.


Love the Eye Brightener in…Mieko? The pink shimmer. Haven’t tried anything else from them. Don’t think it’s an MLM.


The mascara is amazing, it’s one of the only ones I’ve found that doesn’t smudge on me. I’ve been repurchasing it for the past 3 years or so. I have the eyeliner and it’s good quality too, I just don’t reach for pencil liners a lot.


If you’re sensitive, you’ll probably have success. I have fussy eyes and can’t use Maybelline, Almay, DiorShow, Lancôme, etc, but I can use, and love, everything I’ve tried from Thrive. I haven’t used any face products, but the color collection is amazing and I love the lack of transfer/raccoon eyes with the mascara.


definitely not an mlm. haven’t tried them personally but i’ve heard good things from my mom. they can be pricey since some of the profits are going to charity.


The eye brightener crayons are amazing. I did not get the hype about the mascara


Same. I love tubing mascaras, but theirs was not a standout for me.


I have used the mascara, lip liner, and blush stick. I have repurchased the mascara and lip liner several times. It’s all good and not an MLM. Ipsy and other beauty boxes send this brand out pretty regularly.


I don't think it's mlm. Their products are solid. I've tried their crayon eye shadow, loose powder and mascara. Crayon shadow is average. It's good but not amazing. I love their mascara tho. Loose powder are pretty good too.


I recently got a facial cleanser set from them, but haven't tried it yet. A friend of mine has purchased their make up in the past and I never heard any complaints.


Their branding is atrocious. Beauty Pie, Laura Mercier, and Kiko Milano have some of my favorite cream eye pencils. Beauty Pie’s shade Little Star is HG status for me.


I love thrive causemetics! I use their mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, setting powder, eye shadow primer, face primer, cc cream, and eye brighteners. Really quality products. I've been extremely satisfied with everything I have purchased, especially knowing it benefits womens charities. I can't wait to try their shadow sticks.


Definitely not an MLM (at least at this time) but I do suspect they did some undisclosed sponsorships with a bunch of YTers like around 2018-2019 that also left me a bit hesitant. I did take the leap and have only tried their mascara a few years ago, but it’s my holy grail tubing mascara and the only mascara I’ve purchased since trying it. Their website has a good points/reward system. I’m interested in their bb cream next… any legit reviews from fellow commenters?


I love Thrive causemetics. Not a crazy range of products, and i think they’re made well. Reminds me of bare minerals in its hay day but better IMO. I have their no filter powder, mascara, cc cream and blush and they are all just good 🤷🏻‍♀️. The mascara has to be applied carefully to get a good tube on your lashes without clumping and looks amazing. I try and do it very quickly over a single layer of drugstore mascara (rimmel orange cap is my fave) so it looks full and long. Never tried the crayons. I do get what you mean about MLM-y looking and checked that out before buying. I’m about done with all the products I bought and will only be re-buying the mascara though. I have enough blur powders and blushes.


I sort of wish they’d rebrand because the products are beautiful. But I think the combination of “thrive” (which calls to mind a wellness MLM) and “causemetics” (which is dumb) really cheapens the brand.


Their packaging/branding is HORRIFIC, it totally has MLM vibes. And it’s thrive causemetics, how dare u


They're pretty okay. I'm not mad at the mascara or the lip stick I bought from them.


My current fave shadow sticks are from Vieve and I use them daily!


Thrive products are quality based on what I've tried. The mascara is my all time HG. The eye brightener pencil, lipliners, liquid lip and lip glosses have all been great quality too. I really like the brand, just wish they were more widely available.


Love their mascara. Bought the eye crayon, but I had tried the Tarte one prior (which I loved so much more) so I was disappointed I spent the money on it. Def doesn’t work like they say online and I got so much more color payoff from the tarte one. But both I use a brush to smudge.


Their mascara is a must have for me and I have been using it consistently for about 3 years. I will say if you don’t wear mascara everyday to pass on it because it does dry up pretty quickly. Their lip pencils are beautiful and I love them! I’ll probably be purchasing more mascara in a month or so and more lip products.


I got one of their eye brightener pencils a while back in a Boxycharm and I still use it as an inner corner/browbone highlight to this day


The mascara is my holy grail for the lower lash kine. Doesn't smudge, flake, smear, until you take it off. Shipping, etc are good.


I love their eyeshadow sticks. Their mascara is really good as well but gets clumpy quickly


It was clump city for me!


The tubing mascara is my lower lash holy grail. It never smudges.


it's the turquoise plastic + that horrible font. and their website looks.. cheap and old. the products are fine--decent staples, but nothing magical.


My mom swears by the mascara. I haven't tried any of their products except the mascara, and it was pretty nice. I wish they marketed better. I'm just not interested in any of their products. They aren't exciting. They are the New Balances of the makeup world. They are probably great, but they are boring as fuck.


LOVE the mascara. It’s my holy grail as it doesn’t smudge under my eyes like other mascaras I had tried Edit: I legitimately used to get raccoon eyes by mid day (or end of day, on a good day) at work lol


Haven’t tried the eye crayons yet, but I have tried the - Laura Mercier, wonderful color payoff! (Edit: called the Caviar Stick Eye Shadow) - Bobbi Brown, slightly softer, but great color payoff and used with the Laura mercier. (Edit: called the Long-Wear Cream Eyeshadow Sticks) Bobbi brown just release a mini kit with 3 eye pencils that looks like a good starter set! (Edit: called the Mini Long-Wear Cream Shadow Stick Trio, saw it at Sephora and a Nordstroms) Also, I have heard great things about Thrive Causemetics from Kackie Reviews Beauty on YouTube! I tried the lip liner in Kackie (named after her) and it’s delightful! I tried the brown mascara and love it too (can’t stand smudgy mascaras)! Did not love the eyebrow gel though, that smudges because the formula is too wet, and I end up with streaks on my face lol!


I love Kackie! Just ordered from Salt New York because of her. It’s funny, I never intended to love her content as much as I do but I’m a huge cream makeup fan and every time I would search for a review on something I was interested in, she had a review. And suddenly a few weeks later I’m a die hard Kackie fan ahaha. She is my love of cream makeup personified I swear.


That’s the same way I found her! I just think the way she does makeup is the same way I want my makeup to look! I have so much cream makeup now and I love them!!!! Her blush videos are my favorite!


I was gifted a tube of their mascara and it's awful imo. Made me look like the villain from Emperor's New Groove.


I love the mascara


I love their mascara. I have a friend who purchased it on my recommendation and she picked up the eyeshadow crayons and she loves them.


I've only used their tubing mascara and I love it


I was turned off by them initially too. I tried the mascara because so many people raved about it and it's really that good. I have repurchased it 3 times. I didn't love the cc cream, but I do like their lip products. The liquid balm will probably get repurchased because it is really hydrating and I love that it comes in a tube.


I like everything I’ve tried from them but yeah they need better packaging and marketing because they seem MLM-y


The mascara is my holy grail. Got it in Ipsy and then some other makeup subscriptions and now buy it from them directly.


I love the mascara and have a subscription for it. I also like the eye sticks but the color range is lacking.


I have, and they genuinely make really nice products! Their mascara wasn't for me but it certainly isn't bad, the CC cream is really nice and didn't make me break out like the It Cosmetics one did, and their loose powder is one of the best I've ever tried.


i HATE their mascara. its so liquidy and is a smudgey clumpy mess. does nothing for my lashes


I was using their mascara for about a year before I saw a noticeable change in my lashes. I had noticed that my lashes were shedding much more than normal and essentially balding my eyelids. Had to stop using it. It’s the only mascara in a couple of decades of wearing makeup that I had this issue. From reading the comments it’s seems like I’m the only one that had this issue, so it could have been me just being intolerant to an ingredient. Would like to know if anyone else had the same issue…


I just got a bunch of spam email to the account I created just for my purchase on the thrive website. Don't know if that was intentional or not but wanted to share as a heads up to everyone.