What to do with BeamNG

What to do with BeamNG


BeamNG is honestly just fun to mess around in. If you don't like games where you decide what to do or just freeroam, you might not like this one


Scenarios usually help with passing the time, or build your own custom car driving around in a map in your own car is also quite a cool experience.


In order to build a car I have to buy automation too? Or there is something like that in BeamNG?


They mean modify your car. You could build a new one tho, but you’d want experience in the game first.


Just muck about. If you get bored, download a mod, and muck about with a mod. Then download another one, and see what you can do with both. I saw a post yesterday where someone had screenshotted their hours on Steam. They had more than 2000. And you can download a multiplayer mod, and muck about with other people.


Things to do in BeamNG (not an exhaustive list): Drive - fast, slow, whatever. Add traffic and weave through it. Add cops and get chased. Be a cop and do some chasing. Time trials. The ones in the game or your own. Drive a truck. Tow a caravan. Crawl. Drift. Crash. Make replay recordings. Take photos. Download mods to do all of the above even more. Anything else you can think of. My only warning to you is that it will ruin a lot of other car games for you, as they feel like driving indestructible bricks on rails. This was always going to be a biased place to get an answer to this question, but definitely buy it. You won't regret it.


Dude I got bored really qick and regretted the decision to buy, but after I explored the mods for this game my boredom made a 180. The car mods are honestly not that good oftentimes bit the maps you can download are really really great


500h on this game and I admit - I can't get bored with it. One day I wonder if car with opened doors will bend more on 100 mph crash. Another I check how long you can run without coolant. Then I check if driving in water will help with overheating. Next day i put 3700kg boulder on Pickup and see how long will it last. Then I check which car is best for drift. Maybe hillclimb today... with 50s italian air cooled buggy? It's the ultimate sandbox, everyday you can try something new. Or you can download other mods and see if they are fun.


100 mph is 160.93 km/h


I’ve only ever done free roam, it’s endlessly fun especially with mods


Its basically like xplane11, a flight sim if your not aware. Theres no career mode or anything so I was just making shit up, like I was running drugs for awhile trying to fly low n fast or id fly helicopters delivering shit. Point is beamng is only limited by your imagination


Its just worth it for when you are tired after a long day and all you want to do is smash cars into a wall for 20 minutes.


there is no career mode yet in this game, career is not equal to campaign. career mode will be amazing.


What I do is mostly creative stuff. Mostly modifying cars to do things they shouldn’t (such as my 600hp V8 Soliad group b rally car) or trying to make a wacky car as fast as possible (such as my sub 7 drag pessima) I also dabble with map creation and map modification. Through this I create paths for the Ai and setup my own races and see who wins between the Ai and sometimes even compete with them. Honestly BeamNg is just about booting up the game and doing whatever you please


Drive every car in the game and see what they are good at doing. Then build a custom config of that car and have fun driving


I have 180-190 hours ( rookie numbers am I right? ) and I bought it last summer. I haven’t played it recently but I haven’t played video games in general lately. You could always get friends and play beammp. ( or play in random lobbies ) Bearing in mind that I like playing alone so you if you’re a multiplayer person you might like it less. Either way it’s fun for me and a really good stress reliever or a good turn off your brain game. ( or turn it on by racing or drifting )


If you want to freely explore the maps you will easily get many hours from each. Then you've got all the vehicles to play around with, and adding on top of all of this are the many mods for the game.


I have 4000 hours, you'll be fine.


At some point you should *definitely* get the BeamMP multiplayer mod. Playing with other people is way fun. Just be aware of what your processor can do because your computer has to simulate all the cars in the map and can be taxing if you don't have a processor with very many cores. For me, I have an AMD Ryzen 3 3100 (cause I'm cheap) with 4 cores and 8 threads and I can have about 5 cars and get 60fps. Six cars is where it starts dropping some frames and I would be comfortable up to that. Anyway, its really fun racing with other people online.


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