I did this to a friends dog who almost drowned once, it sounded like blowing air into a straw in a water filled glass. I managed to bring him back after working for about 10 mins but sadly he had to be put down because he had too much water in his lungs. It hit me pretty hard.


I did the exact same thing for my little Yorkshire Terrier when I was like 10. She came back around after like 5/10 minutes but she also had to be put down that night due to water in the lungs. RIP Penelope 🐶


I'm so sorry about your Penelope.


I feel for you man. My dog is my savoir. I cry just thinking about that she wont live longer than 10-12 years. She is 3 now and I love her like one of my children. I cherish every day with her. Her name is Izabel and she is awesome.


Awwww. I have a dog who is about to be 12, none of my other dogs made it to that age, one was 10, the other 11. I'm so sad thinking she is an old lady when she was the youngest of my dogs. Sad thing is we got another dog a year ago so she would be alone and he was 6, then we found out he has a bladder tumor and expect to die any time. He still appears to be just fine so I'm always torn worrying about the day when his body is going to give out and when my other dog is going to get too old. The one true bad thing about having dogs is we can outlive them several times over.


Mine's 13, I remember getting really upset several years ago when I started thinking that my beautiful girl was going to get old one day, and lose that magnificent spark that kept her at 100 miles an hour, all the time. As the years have gone on she's got slower and slower, she was really sick in 2020 and three times we actually said if she's not better in a couple of days we'll have her put to sleep because this isn't fair if she isn't going to recover, but she pulled it back and started improving. It snowed in early 2021 and I was glad she got to see snow one more time, then she had her 13th birthday and it was like a miracle she made it after how ill she'd been, then she had another summer and I was happy she got to lie in the sun again....and then she made another Christmas...and now we're hoping she'll make her 14th. To all the old and much loved dogs out there, just keep going and stay well my darlings.


Whatever you can do to make them comfortable in their old age is appreciated. Covering them with a warm blanket when they're sleeping, to keep those old bones warm. Lots of pets and praises. Something delicious and healthy, but easy to eat. Believe me, they can feel every bit of that love.


My son’s Golden Elmo just turned 14. We cherish every day we have with him.


Because their time on Earth is so fleeting, make every day special. Just a littlest moments we share with our dogs make them happy.


You sound exactly like me. My dog is my world.


Can you not hold em upside down and let them cough it out?


Right? Like why do they have be put down? Suck it out or something? Why’s it a death sentence?


I wonder what they do if humans have that? There is sure a way


Many people do actually die from what is called "secondary or delayed drowning" It's due to the water that was inhaled causing inflammation or swelling after it's been removed from the lungs. It can occur hours or even days after water was inhaled. The swelling of the small air sacs in the lungs, prevents oxygen from entering the blood stream. I would assume this is why the dogs needed put down.


Even if not a ton of actual water fluid inside near drownings can cause A.R.D.S. (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) when the lungs get injured (smoke inhalation, near drownings, bad case of pneumonia) the lining that coats our lungs allows gas to pass through... oxy, co2 , but not fluids (our blood and such) during ARDS that lining begins to fail and blood and fluids from out body begin to fill all the sacs in our lungs. Effectively making less room for air. You begin to start drowning internally in your own fluids. Only hope is sedation and a respirator. They keep upping the pressure to push in oxy and hopefully the patients lungs will "reset" and start holding back fluid.... or your O2 levels keeps dripping and they up the pressure in the respirator to the point the pressure beings damaging the lungs and ripping apart tissue. Which then leaks air inside body so they poke holes to release pressure. Once ARDS triggers they say about 50% come back and 50% you have to sign the DNR and make peace with it. Source: Sat next to my sedated mother with a tube down her throat for a month till the lungs started tearing apart and I had to sign those papers. Even with a human they give them meds to help fight, but it's basically just hope they heal before O2 levels fall to far. Very helpless feeling to watch.


So sorry you went through that. RIP to your mom. ☮️


Fuck. I’m so sorry you had to go through that


They put them down


Sad for your loss .


Just in case someone reads this that didn’t know already (because I didn’t until recently) this is secondary drowning, and it happens in humans too. It isn’t safe to assume someone, especially a child, who has has a close call with drowning is going to be OK, even one not requiring resuscitation. https://www.medicinenet.com/what_are_the_signs_of_secondary_drowning/article.htm


It's also called "dry drowning"...


Why can you not get the water out of the lungs?


Our lungs have something called surfactant. It helps keep our alveoli open and stop them from collapsing when we exhale. The alveoli are little air sacs that allow gas exchange in our lungs. When water gets into our lungs it washes away that surfactant, which is kinda like a lung lube, and doesnt allow proper gas exchange in our lungs, causing breathing issues and inadequate gas exchange. Pretty dumbed down explanation lol. If you get water in your lungs, like a near drowning, even if u cough all the water up, go see a doctor ya silly goose.


So it's saveable if is treated in time? And ig if someone is drowning and got cpr'ed back to life, what should be immediately done afterwards is to bring them to the hospital? Actually, I'm guessing most of the time an ambulance should be on the way when something like this happens.


Yes. It’s savable. However, dry drowning is not the correct term for this. Dry drowning is when water never reaches the lungs, but hits the epiglottis and sends your throat into spasms and you can no longer get air because you are strangled. You want this one treated immediately… you’ll know something is up because they are actively fighting for breath. Secondary drowning is what they are referring to. It usually happens when the person goes home afterwards… people decline the ambulance ride and go home and die (several hours up to 48 hours afterwards). I recommend declining the ambulance ride (who can afford that) and driving/ubering to the hospital for a once over just in case. It’s the pulmonary edema that kills you in this case, it’s a slower progression. 1-2% of cases, so the risk is low, but if it’s someone you care about who wants to gamble?


> I recommend declining the ambulance ride (who can afford that) This will never not sound horrific to non-Americans. We know, and yet we forget so it’s always jarring.


Believe me, I’ve had socialized medicine in the EU and I’m one of the lucky ones with veteran benefits (low to no cost to me… thanks tax dollars!) and this shit is horrific for us too.


Especially the way he ended his post with 'who wants to gamble?' while suggesting the lower cost option


It’s not immediate. Pulmonary edema takes a good couple of hours to develop. So save yourself $7000 so you can afford the rest of the treatment if necessary. Follow up, why do people always assume I’m a dude? I’m not offended but curious. The user name was random.


> lung lube /r/bandnames


I guess the problem is the damage to the tissue, cell death necrosis inflammation and all, rather than anything about residual water at this point..


Happened to my nephew. It's the old story, my sister left them in the bathtub for just a moment, stepped into the hallway...came back to him under water. Literally seconds. She took him out, he coughed a bunch, seemed okay for a bit. But even after bath time and dressing him, he was still wheezing, still struggling. My sister called me, worrying...scared, embarrassed, afraid. I honestly thought she was overreacting. I'll never forget the fear in her voice. She just suddenly said, "I'm calling 9-1-1". I said I'm on my way to you. Got in the car and made my way to her house. She called me on the way and said she was already in the ambulance, they were on the way to the hospital. She called her husband who drove home in a panic. She wanted me to drive him to the hospital....I of course said yes. It was a horrible drive, he was so mad...so scared, so angry and confused. I kept imagining the worst of course. How this would go if little guy didn't make it. How they could ever recover as parents, as husband and wife. My nephew recovered after about a week in the hospital, first day was touch and go though. So the story should end with the classic moral...don't leave your kids alone in the bathtub. But in reality, most of us probably "almost die" a lot more often then we realize.


I’m so glad he is okay. That is scary


I'm so glad she listened to her instincts when she did and called 9-1-1. Could have been a much different story otherwise.


So my sorry goes…my MIL was watching my 22 month old son. The lock on back door was unlocked (both FIL and MIL say they didn’t unlock it) and he got out and climbed up steps to pool slide. MIL realized where my son was and she is terrified of open waters like pools, lakes, etc…and never learned how to swim. My son went down pool slide and she never attempted get in pool to pull him out. Just yelled for him to swim. A friend/neighbor had to pull him out after he had been in water 15-20 minutes. He was successfully resuscitated and breathing on his own but coded 2 more times while being life flighted to hospital. Upon arrival to hospital, SO and I had to make decision to stop all life sustaining measures and hold my baby for 52 minutes after they turned off all machines for him to take last breath due to the damage his brain and body had suffered. Moral of the story? Don’t have pools unless you have a fence around it or the adult’s know how to swim and save a life.


I'm so sorry that you went through that.


So story time , I was eating dinner and when to drink a little water and somehow the water got stuck somewhere I couldn't swallow it and I couldn't put it out. I was terrified asking for help. My parents were laughing. That is when I found out that I have dcks for parents


Dang, that sucks. How'd you get out of that situation?


I got lucky and inventualy I vomited the water out, they got angry that I dirtied the table


Sucks dude. Parents can be something else sometimes. At least you were ok and it didn't turn into something serious.


Oh god what in the world! In my house when someone starts coughing or showing signs of distress all movement in the room stops and everyone watches the person. It is a little embarrassing but you got about ten seconds to raise your hand and croak out "I'm okay I'm okay" before people move in to help! That seems like the kindest response.


It’s aspiration pneumonia. And foreign body (unclean water) that gets in the lung can easily cause a raging infection. You need to take them to a hospital, get an X-ray or better yet a CT and be prepared for them to give you antibiotics.


Thanks for the info that’s big


I think you’re supposed to roll over anyone you suspect has drowned to let any water drain out. I have no idea if this works.


I believe that the current advice it to administer mouth to mouth and CPR if necessary. Rolling them over would prevent that. https://www.webmd.com/first-aid/drowning-treatment However, it is not the necessarily the actual water that kills you in secondary drowning, it is your bodies reaction to it.


I performed CPR on my family’s Labrador once. I was heading to bed, and just as I was about to turn the corner, I saw her cough, gag, and collapse. I’m still not sure if she was actually suffering a heart attack or just choking, but chest compressions and rescue breaths (through the nose) brought her back. I had three more years with that wonderful dog because of the forgettable film Corky Romano. So, thanks, Chris Kattan, for helping me have extra time with my best friend


Thanks to you, your friend had a chance to say a proper goodbye to a beloved pet, and that’s pretty priceless.


Years ago I came home to find my Shiba suffocated from a chip bag stuck on his head. I tried to give him cpr and it didn't work. It was one of the most traumatic days of my life. Dog owners if you throw away a chip bag remember to open both ends of the bag.


God. That’s such a horrific discovery. Had a friend come home to their dog that way. Got into a bag of his own treats, suffocated the same way. Absolutely heart breaking. Happy pupper just trying to get some snacks, must be confusing and terrifying for them when they can’t get free. Makes me sad to think about. I didn’t realize that happens more often. I’m sorry that you had to personally experience that.


Great I’ll just go cry now. This is EXACTLY what I needed.


Shit. Didn’t know this was a thing!


yikes that’s awful, I just pulled my Shiba out of the trash can he was going after extras, now i’m terrified! Sorry for your loss


This happened to my friend’s corgi. Im sorry for your loss!


My experience was the chip bag on top of the countertop bread toaster… The dog jumped on counter to try and grab chip bag but instead started the toaster and therefore caught the chip bag on fire and then burned down the entire house with both dogs inside…. Don’t be an idiot; unplug all toasters, space heaters, and any fire hazards before leaning your dog home alone!


Sheesh, I’m so sorry. This is horrible.


I‘m sorry for your loss, but also thank you for this tip, i will think about it from now on…


PSA about CPR Cardiac output (forward flow of blood) drops precipitously every time you stop compressions and it takes several compressions to reobtain adequate flow, which is why breaks should be kept at a minimum. It is no longer advised to provide breaths when you are performing CPR alone. If you ever have to give CPR as a layperson, do not stop compressions unless the AED (box that provides shocks) tells you stop for a rhythm check (assuming you are doing it on a person). Compressions should be deep enough to compress the the ribs several inches, hands should come up to allow the heart the fill between compressions and the rate should be 100-120 per minute (to the beat of “Staying Alive”). Edit: Since this is gaining some traction I’ll add a few pearls: If you see an unconscious person, always start with calling for help (ie, 911) and asking someone else to get an AED (a machine which can detect a heart rhythm and shock the heart into a normal rhythm if appropriate). The biggest decrease in mortality (death) in out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is minimal time to defibrillation (shock with an AED). The AED will provide you with directions on how to use it. After you send for help, check for a pulse. The best place to check is in the neck. Feel for the windpipe in the middle of the neck and slide your finger backward along the side of it for the pulse under the chin. If there’s no pulse, start CPR. As others have brought up, you can still provide breaths if you have been trained in CPR and know how to open the airway appropriately. But if you ever find yourself in this scenario as a layperson and are unsure, focus on good compressions - you can save a life. Edit 2: This comment was geared towards those with no experience or formal training in CPR. If you’ve taken formal training on this and have heard variations in care, you should do what you learned in your class.


Excellent advice. An adult human generally has enough oxygen in their blood, but you have to keep that blood circulating. The exceptions to this are CPR on babies and CPR on adults pulled from the water.


PSA: you will likely break the sternum, and it’s ok. Don’t stop compressions just because you feel the chest “pop” and rub past each other. It’s scary and doesn’t seem normal. It is. Breaking the sternum in a backwards way, is a good sign: Your compressions are deep enough to be effective!


Is it not a concern that the broken sternum could cut the heart? I'm genuinely asking, because that's one of the reasons why blows to the chest can sometimes be really dangerous.


You take the risk, the alternative is certain death. Gains outweigh risk in this case.


Also the heart isn’t directly behind the sternum. It’s typically a little more up and left and will slide over into the lungs about of the way while the chest is compressed. It’s also pretty tough. As far as a blow to the chest being dangerous. You have a couple reasons, but none apply here. You simply want to squeeze the heart to push blood, release to let it refill, then squeeze/push again. Simply to keep oxygenated blood moving to the brain. Blows to the chest, a HARD punch, or a fastball can stun the nerve firing of the heart. You’ll likely never be able to generate that kind of force and it’s assumed your doing compressions because the heat is stopped already. The other risk of excessive force is rupturing a vessel somewhere else. But this takes A LOT of force in a very specific impulse. For example a deer rifle gunshot like a 140gr .270win generate 3,000 about foot pounds of force (muzzle energy) It’s not the bullets physical damage per se, but the shock rupturing other tubes downstream, like a stomp-rocket and rupture blood flow in the brain. It’s why some big game shots on deer for example drop in the spot from a body shot; the shockwave blows out the blood flow in the brain and damages the control centers. Usually if it hits exactly as the heart is mid-pump. You’ll never generate the physical force or snappiness to cause that sort of damage. You’re simply trying to make sure the heart is squeezed enough to push blood in a reasonable cadence until help arrives. They’d feather be sore than dead. I mentioned the commonality of breaking the sternum so you’d not get weirded out, and keep going as you save a life.


Well...a person requiring CPR is already functionally dead, so you can't hurt them anymore than they already are at that point


That’s what my first-aid teacher pointed out. It’s hard to make someone much deader by mistake.


My first aid teacher told us “ you will break bones, and they will probably vomit on you” but better than dying


Mine too! Pain is a reminder you’re not dead.


I know that feeling. I did (what I could remember of) CPR on a friend who overdosed. (And tbh I hadn’t heard about NOT giving breaths until this moment!)I will never forget the sound and feel as the bones crushed under my hand. It felt like a hundred years had passed, when blessedly, he took a breath again. He went straight to the hospital and into treatment. He told me I broke three of his ribs and he would never be able to thank me enough. At the time of the event, when he came back, he was furious. Tried to swing at me. Obviously he was hardly even able to stand up for more than a couple seconds, and he never connected. He was pissed. He kept saying “I was with my dad!” When we talked after the hospital when he was in the treatment facility, he told me he was so angry because he was with his dad and I took him away from him. His dad had passed away five or six years prior. There were a few things that happened that day that changed my outlook on life and afterlife. I won’t get into it now, but a couple years ago I wrote about that story in detail here on Reddit. Anyway, we have both been clean for about ten years now. Those were dark days, but we both got our shit together. For anyone who thinks they’re too far gone to get clean, I can tell you, you aren’t. If the two of us could get clean, anyone can. We were what most people deemed hopeless. Nobody is hopeless. As long as you’re still breathing, there is hope.


I would love to read that story




>vikkivinegar > >Good for you vikkivinegar. not many people get to tell the story of such recovery. I agree with you... it can be done. it takes unusual courage to face the pain, but you and your friend are proof, it can be done. Your friend's father is your witness. As are we. Continue to take good care.


My wife is an RN and had to cpr a dummy recently. It had telemetry that recorded a pass/fail result and when she was finished it said she broke some certain ribs during the process (but still passed). As she was telling me this I said but the dummy would have survived? Good enough, the broken ribs are someone else’s problem! Then she started to throw a bunch of nurse words like pleural effusion and some such nonsense. I told her that was for the ER doctor to fix.


Can you expand a bit on the drowned adults part? What is the procedure in those cases?




That makes complete sense. Thank you


Also for arrests caused by choking, they don't have oxygenated blood either.


All of these tips are for compression-only CPR, which is commonly taught in the most basic CPR courses as a way to maintain oxygenation in situations where help is relatively near by (most urban/suburban situations), and as a way to eliminate barriers for the average person to begin CPR (no worries about MtM fluid/disease transfer if you don't have a barrier available). Full CPR courses still teach 30:2 compressions:rescue breaths to aid in both circulation and oxygenation. In a drowning victim, their lungs have been filled with fluid reducing the amount of oxygen in their blood prior to losing consciousness/cardiac arrest. Rescue breaths help provide oxygen. Chest compressions in drowning victims will also likely push water back up out of their lungs to some degree, so you'll need to be prepared to roll the victim into a recovery position to drain fluid from their mouth, then roll them back to continue CPR (unless you happen to have a suction unit available). Also you'll need to dry a downing victim's chest prior to using an AED, so the device can accurately analyze any available rhythm and the electricity from a shock does not just arc across their body instead of traveling through their chest. Also, CPR alone is highly unlikely to actually resuscitate a person. It's a link in the chain to definitive care. That's not to say it isn't possible, it's just not probable. It's also extremely tiring. Both of these are why the first step in CPR is to call for help (or have someone else call if available).


Often, when a person is drowning, it's a respiratory arrest leading to cardiac arrest. The cardiac arrest has occurred due to a lack of oxygen (hypoxaemia). Correcting the lack of oxygenation is vital to saving these patients. As a paramedic, drowning or a child is pretty much the only time I'd ever consider doing mouth to mouth (outside of work, where we have oxygen equipment). Adults no way, and hands only CPR is perfectly good for most cases.


The reason they quit suggesting doing breaths is that people wouldn’t tilt the head back and open the airway so it was a futile practice. They still suggest breaths in first responder training, even for one person.


Head lift chin tilt, two breaths (that go in) and then you can just keep going on compressions. The whole stop every x amount of compressions is to essentially make sure their airway is still open. If you have two person CPR, compressions constantly and secondary is keeping that airway open with the occasional breath to confirm. Sad but the only time I had to do CPR as a lifeguard the kid came back and was “awake” by the time careflight came. But died later . PSA: if you ever have to do CPR for any reason, that person MUST go to a hospital. Even some of the best outcomes will include some brain damage.


I just took a first aid/CPR course earlier this week. What I was taught was.. 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths, although breaths are not required if you're worried about their/your safety (anything transmittable). Depth of your compressions should be able 1/3rd their chest to back length. Rate of the compressions. For adults, 100 per minute. For children, 120. EDIT: CPR masks (barrier device) can be used to keep the rescuer safe. The person I'm replying to almost has it right, The American heart association no longer recommends mouth to mouth adult CPR




Am I the lurker in this case? My course was done through Canadian Red Cross, I'm simply regurgitation what I learned.


AEDs these days often actually tell you the rhythm (“press press press press press press”) so that’s neat


“At first I was afraid, I was petrified~”




*No, no, it’s ^ah ^ah ^ah ^ah stayin’ alive. Stayin’ alive*


I remember you! I saw you in the parking lot earlier.


That man is a super great human!! Good soul for sure.


We use “Hero” very loosely these days, but this man is a Hero in my book. God Bless you!❤️


I think the issue is that people accredit more to hero than what the definition actually states. A hero: a person who.is admired or idolized for their courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Doesn't have to be all.


Did they run the poor thing to death strapped to that bike??? I’m guessing the woman is the dog owner, but no telling. Anyone have the story on this?


Boxers are prone to heart disease, and will often have episodes of syncope where they faint. CPR is rarely successful in a hospital setting, let alone performed by an untrained individual on the street - this dog probably fainted and did not actually have a cardiac arrest. Source: am a Registered Veterinary Technician.


Exactly this is exactly what I was going to say and you said it better than I could ever have. Source: I'm a Veterinarian


Every time I see one of these and point out these facts, I get downvoted to hell for being "negative" or a killjoy. 🤷 People like to believe dogs can go from dead to up and walking around after 2 minutes of CPR, but that just doesn't happen. And very few people actually perform appropriate CPR on people or dogs (understandable, especially for dogs).


Thank you for your service 🏆


So the redness on the poor thing’s neck isn’t from being jerked around beside a bike? Please tell me it’s normal or I won’t be able to get it out of my head. Also, thanks for what you do!




Boxer are also not the greatest endurance dogs and this person looks to have brought zero water for the dog while running them on pavement in direct sunlight. As an Aussie owner that takes him mountain biking regularly, I can notice him slow down significantly on 85+ degree days, even when running on a soft forest trail in 100% shade with plenty of water breaks. Mountain biking also has significantly lower average speeds than even a casual street bike ride does, and expecting your dog to keep up a 7+mph pace for long distances is asking for issues. Not saying this was caused by overexertion, but too many dog owners are horribly unaware of how to properly run and exercise a dog, especially in the heat.


I wish this comment was at the top. Licensed Vet Tech here. CPR is rarely successful in a clinical setting where a team of experts works on a patient with access to oxygen, epinephrine, atropine, and so on. I work emergency and critical care and we perform CPR frequently. I work with board certifies criticalists, absolute fantastic doctors. Boxer = cardiac problems. Syncope is a way more reasonable explanation than successful CPR.


It looks like the dog soiled itself. Does that happen from fainting? Honest question.


The dog definitely did soil itself. This could be due to the apparent episode of syncope (fainting), or it could be a stress response since it appears to occur as the dog is recovering. When dogs are frightened, they often urinate, defecate, and/or release their anal glands due to stress. Edited to add: boxers are also prone to seizures. This dog could have had a seizure event.


This is actually what I thought, but as a sub grade lay person I wasn’t sure if I was just being a dumbass. Good to hear I was in the ballpark (just maybe in the nosebleeds) lol


In recent decades, breeding selection for extreme brachycephalic features has resulted in dogs that are predisposed to upper airway tract obstruction and subsequent respiratory distress, among several other health issues. https://www.vet.cam.ac.uk/boas/about-boas/recognition-diagnosis


Well, she didn't seem all that choked up about it.


Nah, dog probably has an undiagnosed heart condition. Common in boxers to have murmurs or arrhythmias that cause this kind of stuff.


Being “attached to the bike” is for the digs safety while cycling so it doesn’t get the leash tangled in the bike wheels. This is a very common dog sport.




Not really fair to say that. The breed looks like a boxer. Boxers are known to have genetic heart issues, so much so that it’s referred to as Boxer-cardiomyopathy. Dobies also suffer from this. Whole video is less than a minute long with no original audio. She could be a super nice person for all we know.


Ah, you must be new here. We don’t like to think rationally like that!


They’re gonna learn fast that the standard Reddit position is to assume the worst in people until proven otherwise.


Dumbass logic


Correct, I've owned 4 boxers and I'm always terrified of this. I had one collapse on my like this (he survived). They're also prone to heat exhaustion due to short snouts.


Please stop getting purebreds. It's because of the AKC and similar organizations that these issues have become issues.


yea i mean its saying a lot that shes even outside exercising with the dog in the first place..


the dog owner should know that they have a boxer and that a boxer tends to have heart problems that’s why you don’t get a dog without knowing the breed first.


Maybe she does know? I have had 4 boxers and know this going in every time. You try as best you can to make sure they don't have those traits.


Are you asking if she worked out so hard the dog couldn’t keep up? Have you ever owned a dog?


Heavens, this comment is so dismissive. They could have biked/ran 12 miles before this. But your assume the dog could still run if that were the case. In fact, humans are the most resilient long-term running animal. So, given the person was on a bike, it’s absolutely in the realm of possibilities the dog was over exerted.


I own an australian shepherd and go mountain biking with him regularly. Most we did in a single day was 18 miles together when he was 4 years old (7 now). I live in MA and mostly ride late March through October/November so we ride through all 4 seasons and let me tell you, heat above 85 degrees is brutal for dogs when they exert continuous energy like that. They can't sweat, so their only heat outlet is panting or water intake/jumping in a stream. In anything close to 90 degrees, I never go for more than maybe 5-6 miles with him and make sure there are both plenty of clean streams around I pack a water bottle specifically for him and enough water for both of us. This looks to be in a hot state and I wouldn't be surprised if it was 85+ degrees and they only brought a plastic water bottle for themselves and nothing for the dog. Now, mountain biking is one thing, where the average speed is around 5-7mph, but I would never take him on a street bike in the summer heat as you can easily average 10+mph without trying particularly hard. Mountain biking is mostly all ebbs and flows, with some faster downhill sections and sections where I'm going maybe 3-4 mph climbing up a hill. It breaks up the continuous exertion and allows my dog to cut corners on the trails. Mountain biking is also mostly in wooded areas and there's plenty of shade, although I'm still careful with my dog if it gets to around 90 degrees. None of these things are true for biking on the streets, where there are no corners to cut, no hills to climb for the dog to catch a break, no shade to cool down in and no streams to jump in. Running on pavement is also a hell of a lot hotter and harder on the joints (for both humans and dogs), so if you want your dog to happily run for longer, make sure they can do it on soft ground like forest trails or grassy fields. Not to mention, Aussies are endurance dogs, bred to run all day on farms while Boxers are certainly NOT endurance dogs, especially a big boy like this one. They are capable of extremely fast speeds while sprinting, but have several predispositions for health problems like heart murmurs, and most vets recommend you don't take boxers on runs for more than maybe 30-60 minutes (that's runs, not bike rides). Even if being run in the baking sun for too long with too little hydration isn't what caused this scenario here, it's still pretty irresponsible to do as a dog owner and will likely lead to several issues down the line, like joint and hip problems. TLDR: dogs can't cool down like humans and when exerting your dog in the heat it's ideal to keep it short, bring plenty of water, allow rest, try to find shade and provide an adequate running surface for them.


That's what I was thinking too.


that guy deserves and award that is truly amazing.


Why are they not taking the bike thingy off though? Not like the dog is gonna go anywhere while having a heart attack??? Definitely easier to do CPR that way though


This is such a shit song for a moment like this, infact, no song should have been used, and the fact that no one mentioned anything about it is crazy


I had a similar thought. Maybe they were going for a dark humor angle?


I scared that the person on the bike was going too fast…


Or too long


or hasn’t given the dog proper stamina training for it. Dogs are like humans too, you need to build up their stamina if they haven’t been at it for a while.


Yeah that falls under the category of “too long”


Wow did he have heat stroke or something??


Because of the breed I think a syncope episode is more likely, in which case this dog did not need CPR. The likelyhood that this man's compressions or ventilations did anything helpful for this dog is almost zero. Where he's pressing, how he's pressing would not be very helpful and he's taking too long to breathe for the pet instead of continuingcompressions. If the dog only went into respiratory arrest, it would be more likely this man had a hand in saving his life. Source: Recovery certified, LVT in ER med


I’m a veterinarian. Echo this. This dog did not need cpr. CPR is very rarely needed in canines - I would do it tops 3 times a year (and often anaesthetics related) and I work at a busy emergency hospital.


What conditions would have caused the dog to piss and poop itself? Because there is definitely both a turd and pee there.. maybe a seizure? Also, it's clearly not too hot out, they're wearing hoodies. So that's off the table.


You can’t revive a dog in heat stroke with cardiac compressions anyway. Seizure disorder (epilepsy etc) and syncope can both cause release of bowel/ bladder. Animals tend to do this a lot anyway compared to people, every when awake and conscious (very commonly in the vets office due to fear/anxiety).


I had a dog with a syncope and she would unfortunately release her bowels and bladder when she had an episode.


peeing and pooping is a normal reflex for any animal in any dire state. It is not a sign of any conditions or illnesses. A human will do it in a state of extreme fear, that doesn’t mean the human is an epileptic


I’m glad you put this because my very first thought was that dog did not need cpr. And my second was that is barely cpr.


Thanks for the back up, fellow veterinary professional!


A veterinary nurse once told me that CPR never/rarely works on dogs - is that right?


Yep. Most of their heart failure is structural - ie damaged and warped heart valves. You can’t CPR a heart with a non functional mitral valve back into health. And for syncope/ seizures they should be left on their side to recover to optimise blood flow to the brain (however, should be raced to a vet if in respiratory distress so we can put them on oxygen etc).


LVT here working in ECC. I've seen this posted so many times today in various threads, and people are bashing this owner for biking with it and all types of ridiculous. (She choked it, heat stroke, abuse etc.) Very refreshing to see this here. Dog needs a cardiologist, not a bunch of misplaced angry redditors...or compressions lol. Also, this always makes me scared people think this is effective CPCR. Wouldn't it be nice if they all popped up like that though?..


I had to scroll way too far to find someone who knew what they’re talking about.


#move the fucking bike


He was attached to it


That's awesome work right there, but why is that dog hooked up the bike like that? I understand probably walking/running, but that's like hooking it up to a car and telling it to keep up. Of course I'm speculating here and have no idea what the real situation was.


I did a pet 1st aid course few years back after I got my 1st dog. If you ever find yourself in this situation, pull the dogs tongue out and to the side of their mouth to keep their airway clear, chest compressions are similar to human compressions. Sometimes it's better to do something instead of nothing. I love my dogs too much to do nothing.


I would die for my dog


For sure


Good for him for trying CPR and trying to save an animal’s life! In reality, it’s probably a boxer with a heart problem that the owner didn’t know about. The CPR might not have made a difference, but good on him for trying. Go to the vet. Probably gonna be on heart meds. And no grain free food.


The poor thing definitely pissed and shit itself too. Dogs are too good for humans most of the time


Absolutely hate seeing people make their dog run beside their bike


Poor dog, I hope they took it to the vet


Absolute legend.


I love that man


I love him too... the smile on his face when the dog starting to become conscious... beautiful love man.


Totally awesome. I’d give my life for a dog. This man is a true hero!!!


Seizure? Looked like the dog urinated.


There’s a turd beside his rear end


**NOTE: The dog poop'd while receiving CPR :^)


Not a good song choice


I did this to a cat, found it limp in my bathroom guess it over fed itself. gave it cpr coughed out a piece of cat food, but still kept cpr because it wasnt really breathing on its own.


Can we not put the sappy music. Pretty sure it was emotionally affective all on its own.


Why did this dog need cpr?


Do not strap your dog to a bike ever. Yes, dogs are faster than humans on average, but we are the long distance champs, even beating a horse in a marathon.. Adding the mechanical advantage of a bicycle and an overzealous animal that wants to please it's owner is a recipe for disaster every time.


Why would you EVER strap your dog to a bike?


lol what?…this is definitely normal….and just because you strap a dog to a bike, doesn’t mean you have to run it full speed…most dogs are easily capable of keeping up to a slow moving bike with a casual trot.


Whenever I run with my lab strapped to my bike. I go at the speed she wants to go. It's very easy, if she is ahead of my front wheel I will speed up and when she starts lagging by my back whell I slow down till she is right by my side again. It isn't animal abuse its safety for my dog because she WILL run off if she sees another animal like a squirrel or deer. So I would rather get completely pulled of my bike but have her stay beside me then have her run off chasing something that could potentially hurt her. But so far she has never pulled me that hard that I fell of my bike. She is a great learner and knows if she pulls she has to stop running. Edit: changed pronoun from me to my dog


Exactly! I bike with my dog every day he needs exercise and I can't run as long as him lol but I always pay attention to his speed and body language. I also don't strap him to the bike. As much as I trust him if he gets scared and bolts or just has to poop on the fly I need to let go so neither of us gets hurt. I wouldn't be surprised if this lady had headphones in, wasn't paying attention and didn't notice her dog was struggling until it his the ground. I feel really bad for the pup.


Because dogs can almost always outrun their owners? This is very common practice if you have an athletic breed.


I have a small breed with a smashed face, he was never happier then when he was younger running along side the bike. He's older and slower now, but those were the glory days. Dogs like to run.




Unleash the poor dog and move the bike.


This is why you don’t make your dog run next to you in your bike you assholes. How would you like it if I tied you to my car and made you run


I don't know the story behind this video but always make sure your dog has enough breaks and water and doesn't stay in the sun for too long. A lot of dogs will run until they collapse.


You would have to drag a dog to death like a meat crayon on that bike to kill it, that would be intensely exhausting for the rider. The bike leash ain’t the problem here, looks like the dog may have had a seizure from “going too hard”. I’ve seen many on here drop into an episode from chasing a stick/swimming. Poor thing, hope it’s all better now and the owner keeps its sensitivity in mind.


There were no infinite belly scratch's, no fields of fire hydrants, no cars you could actually catch....there was.......nothing


Unhook the fucking leash and move the bike! That chick is made of spare fucking parts!


Why is the dog still attached to his lead?


Fairly common way to bike with your dog, most breeds need more exercise than the owners provide.


This absolutely looks like she ran that dog to death.




Shouldn't be dragging a dog around like that stupid. people like that . shouldn't have animals


You think it overheated?


Possible but I heard the breed can have issue with heart. We also can't be certain on how hot it is, how long they were out, as that can be a factor. If in middle of heat wave i only take my dog for a small walk unless i have loads of water and wet towel to put on there back.


My dog overheated and died 4 years ago, he was just at the park and had plumped down, we took him home in the car but he died. It’s very easy for dogs to die that way, their breathing doesn’t help the matter, I could only imagine what it’s like for the dog to be running in the sun like that


You don't know what happened to the dog, the video is a minute long with no audio. There's no context, you act like it's the owners fault 100% when the truth is there are multiple possibilities. Stop reacting off emotion for half a second


She has a short leash on the dog c'mon common sense .


That woman clearly was riding her bike with the dog tethered to it! Stupid!!!! You should need a test to own a dog


It’s extremely bad for the dog and unsafe. She doesn’t even look too concerned tbh (not to judge though, it’s hard to read people in a moment like this) But you shouldn’t run or cycle with your dog in long stretches. Dogs arent meant to run at consistent speeds for long periods. You also can damage their joints. If anyone is reading this thread, please be careful if you jog/cycle with your dog. It’s apparently a mile when you should stop for an interval but basically think of it this way, dogs lungs and bodies aren’t designed for elongated running periods, like humans can achieve or what something like a horse has almost evolved to do. Dogs are built to burst with speed and run as fast as possible and then stop. If you play with your dog you’ll know that after about 10 mins/20 mins they begin to pant and lay down/rest consistently, and then all of a sudden they start playing again, and then stop again. Forcing them to keep up on a cycle leash is stopping them from resting when they may be tired and require a rest.




That’s what I’m saying like at least get the leash off while the dude is performing CPR


Shouldn’t be on in the first place. Dogs aren’t supposed to run at a constant speed for further than a mile, even less for smaller dogs. I immediately saw that too once I opened the video. Young dogs shouldn’t be doing it either, period. It’s apparently bad for their bones. Let them off leash in a safe place like an enclosed park and throw a ball\play. It’s the best thing for your dogs health. It’s more exerting as they can gauge their breathing better they get mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. Doing what I’m presuming she was is super dangerous for any dog. Their lungs are smaller and their energy isn’t as constant as a humans. Even the healthiest dogs tire quick. Let the dog control their pace everybody. It’s safer and better for them 😊


These cunts seem to be on the rise there is a woman on a mobility scooter that runs her dog ragged round our town while her fat arse just gets fatter how is this legal, fucking idiots bout time you needed a permit to own a dog.


dont strap your dog to your fucking bike. walk with the dog. if you cant make it how the fuck is the dog gonna make it


Well . Restoration in humans restored!!!🍀❤️🍀


Maybe unhook the leash from the poor dog.


Biked him to death. Be upset more like it.