She is 100% self-taught

She is 100% self-taught


Whats great about these videos is it highlights what it takes to get even a small job done. A truckful of assorted tools, another truckful of assorted materials, the knowledge and skill to put them together appropriately and up to code, and the time involved.


And a loan from the bank, because that's like $250k worth of wood.


Would that be in 2019-dollars, or in today-dollars? :)


How many doge we talkin?


I need to know how many updoots


I think you meant in 8:50 dollars or 9:30 dollars.


Lumber futures prices have fallen 18% in a week, and are down 40% from their record high on May 10th. It honestly seems like the market is correcting somewhat, though futures prices are expected to stay 40+% higher than the long term average (1992 to 2020), due to longer term shifts in the industry.


Hopefully that translates to the actual price of materials soon because im still at $10 for a 2x4 and $40 for a sheet of 1/2" osb and the only clients that still want stuff done are the very wealthy and commercial jobs


Yeah no kidding. There will be a lag as retailers attempt to recoup their high buy prices, and the lag will be even longer for anything other than green wood straight from the sawmill. Apparently the skyrocketing price actually lead some people to hoard dimensional lumber for resale, which is mind boggling.


But if you want to come build my deck for free it will really help get your name out there!


Deal, what a generous offer, i hope you have friends who can pay me even more of that valuable nothing!


And then to do it on an older, out-of-square house!


So just a house


This is a small job?


You can gauge how long it took by the changes in light. I’m now feeling better about a few of my projects that have dragged on.


Comparatively, yes. This is one staircase, it's more work than building an end table, but imagine building the whole house.


Yeah. I see that now when compared with regular professional contractor jobs.


You could do it with a shovel, hand saw, circular saw, hammer drill and a hammer. The hammer drill you can rent. You don't. Need more. Ok maybe a tape measure and pencil unless you like lopsided stuff


That Jack trick to remove the post was awesome. Will be using that later this summer...




You can remove that stick from out yo butt.


Fuckin ~~booked~~ boomed them


I got a back molar needs gone.


Believe it or not she is a dentist too. 100% self taught.


Totally 300iq. They say a person's tools are only as good as the one using them


It’s a high-lift jack that you can get from Harbor Freight for like $50. While you are there, get a tow chain with a slip hook on one end and a bite hook on the other. Put the chain around the post with the slip hook. As you jack, the slip hook will allow the chain to tighten on the post. Don’t screw a board to the post like April did. It doesn’t work as well as a chain.


Those jacks are awesome for ripping out rootballs and stumps, too.


I busted that trick pit back in my handyman days, and it blew this old guys mind...was hilarious the look on his face.


I used to work for the company that made the Jackall brand as a design engineer. Designed a variant.


Instead of bolting on, you can also wrap a strap or chain around it and connect to the jack.


Unlike her please use safety squints. You only get one pair of eyes and I've had two friends lose sight in one or both due to accidents


I think you misunderstand what safety squints are. That's when people squeeze their eyes to almost closed to try to avoid debris going in your eyes. Basically squinting your eyes to keep shit out. And the dude was very conscious about making sure you wore your glasses and not be skimping on them.


I know but we never see ave so my imagination is like he's norm Abram


She has safety glasses on her head, you can see she puts them on when she's sawing.


I've broken hi-lift jacks doing this. Be careful.


Me too, I’ve also sheared off the fasteners holding the block onto the post and shot the block 40ft into the air. Probably wouldn’t have felt too good if it hit me or someone else.


Been there too. The only thing to survive has been the post and the chain 😂 Someone decided a standard 6ft fence needed 42" deep posts with 300lbs of concrete.


Yeah, I am really disappointed in myself after seeing that. I dug mine out.


The jack is cheaper than the wood it’s removing. Can’t wait for wood prices to level out.


She received help for 10 seconds.


Lol recorded her struggling for a little then a dude swooping in to pull it. Didn't show the end of the second one coming out...


That's a fence post remover. Buy them in farm stores.


Its a farm jack


Or a high lift jack for 4 wheel driving. She just needed a base board underneath it so it didn't sink into the ground.


No, that’s a jack and a 4x4 scabbed to the side of the post. Same concept, but that’s definitely a jack.


It may be. I work in a farm store though, and fence post removers look exactly like that and work exactly the same way.


I own and use both regularly. Fence post removers are basically just large levers.


That was some mental gymnastics that came up with that. I am in awe.


I LOLed when Jack came in and took it away for her. Edit: what? It’s funny!


You can just wrap a chain loop around it too but the block attached to post works better I guess


Nah, having tried both the chain loop works better.


This is the source video [Building a Large Outdoor Staircase](https://youtu.be/pCFsroLfTaI). She has a great [YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4v2tQ8GqP0RbmAzhp4IFkQ).


I am disappointed in her channel now a days. Not to be a hipster shit head but before she got big and successful her videos were better. Now they are so sponsored and full of ad placement I just don't enjoy it. Finally unfollowed her on Facebook when her post was just her torso in a revealing shirt as she worked a set of pliers she was sponsored by. I liked her for her skills, not her titties and ads.


I agree with you, and feel this way about a lot of DIY youtubers. I think it's awesome that they make it and can make a career out of it, but once they move on to a bigger shop and move beyond the general DIY practice, it's a bit less appealing. "And today, we are going to build this awesome birdhouse with a CNC machine. You could use a jigsaw if you don't have a CNC, but I do, so here we go!"


I call it the Norm Abrams Effect. Today we are going to watch Norm Abrams build this 1604 Bureau of Drawers replica in his multi-million dollar workshop on New Yankee Workshop! I still enjoy April's content, there are moments of DIY inspiration. She is not afraid to highlight mistakes or poke fun at herself. She is just as likely to recommend a 2"x4" as her tool of choice as one of the products that she likes and is sponsored by. She used a leaf blower to handle dust, I didn't get the feeling that she was looking for ways to insert the sponsored leaf blower into her content. She used a reciprocating saw as a concrete agitator in one of her latest videos (which was oddly satisfying to watch). I don't get the feeling that she is taking herself too seriously, she is just grabbing a few extra bucks when it makes sense.


Yeah I'm happy she is so successful just not my jam anymore. Well said


April! In Texas! Her new studio space is amazing. This stair build is from her early days I think.. and her SO Cody is no slouch w the tools either. Great channel. Yea, the sponsorships get annoying, but the teaching is worth it.


They are divorced.


Those stairs cost 256,000 dollars


Not for long! Have you seen the futures?!


In all honesty, does it look like it’s going down? I’m looking to get a new roof on an addition. This dude said it was going to cost $40k to rebuild a 20x20 flat roof and gable it. Edit: holy shit. You’re right. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/lumber-prices-are-falling-fast-turning-hoarders-into-sellers-11623749401


Who quoted that?! That's crazy talk even with prices up


So it’s a flat roof now. This would add a gabled roof. $30k to just replace the flat roof. I’ve had some water damage, so we think the whole roof needs to be replaced. TBD, until we rip it open. But the $40k just seemed asinine. I’m getting more quotes. A lot more. I might wait a few more weeks now.


Oh, ok I thought you were getting a flat roof again. That doesn't seem quite as crazy. Remember the roof is all the rafters, insulation, any wiring, sheetrock finishing, shingles etc. At least I'm assuming


Indeed, it will be replacing some interior pieces as well. So it’s not just the shingles/etc. it’s literally the entire 20x20 roof (everything inside the roof). But at $40k.... that’s like 14% of my houses current cost. If I did that for my entire house, it would probably cost more than my house.


Yeah...if you replaced every part of your car, it would cost more than your car, too.


Yeah that’s not a bad price to be honest, I would charge more. You get what you pay for.


You could try a tin roof? That's what a friend of mine opted for when the only quotes he was getting were astronomical.


Self taught or not, she should be very proud of her work....stairs are a bastard to build.


Just cutting the stringers alone is a difficult skill to master.


They can be slightly difficult, but it's not too bad. Here's a master showing how to make simple stairs really easy. https://youtu.be/yh6cMQnWGwA?t=2928 Bonus points if you knew who it was before you clicked.


Great video, thanks.


Watching him drive nails in makes me feel inadequate.


Lol. Not only did I know who it was, but it resumed at the ~55:00 minute mark. Guess I didn’t fully finish watching the video.


“Self-taught” is a weird term. If the information is already out there, and you study it, are you really self-taught? I don’t know. I’m not taught enough, self or otherwise.


> “Self-taught” is a weird term. If the information is already out there, and you study it, are you really self-taught? Yes.


What self-taught implies is that you didnt require any oficial formation to handle the matter but rather look the stuff on your own through youtube and google.


Self-taught implies you learnt by trial and error, watching videos that break down the job into micro tasks and then copying that is akin to following the instructions for an Ikea kit and calling yourself self-taught.


Totally not shitting on her, she did a great job and I think the Jack trick is something I’ll keep in my tool bet. However, I think most amateur carpentry/handymanning is self taught.


She is a youtuber doing this stuff with a professional crew. She's no more or less self-taught than any tradesperson. Her YT content is good stuff.


I think we're secretly supposed to be amazed because she is a woman.


I don’t think anyone can be ‘self taught’ nowadays. Information is so accessible that whenever we need some tips/tricks they are just a tap away and someone has gone to the trouble on the other side to share that knowledge.


Self teaching involves validating and appraising your work yourself and improving based on that self-evaluation. Having a master craftsman or teacher appraise and advise your work is a huge difference from being self-taught.


I see self taught as being teaching yourself totally from scratch through trial and error such as the way Jimmi Hendrix taught himself how to play guitar


But jimi had music to play along with and had talked to older more experienced guitarists to get tips, although he never took formal lessons from anyone. I think it is fair to say it has been a very, very long time since anyone has truly taught themselves something with ZERO help from anyone or anything, humans just don't work like that, and further more finding anyone who is isolated enough to truly not have any outside influence on anything they do is a far cry. The reason we have come so far as a species is because we can learn from what other people have done. Not saying Jimi Hendrix or anyone who has taught themselves something is full of shit, but if you are smart and can recognize patterns quickly it is not surprising that you can figure out an A chord pretty quick after hearing one in a song.


I see where you’re coming from, but tons of things can be self taught. I’d say most creative skills are self taught actually


Taking it a step further, nobody is self-taught or selfmade. Somebody taught you how to read/write/math/speak/etc. So even if you studied all by yourself, somebody got you to a level of competency where self discovery can occur.


I think people confuse "self taught" with not being formally trained in something. It's not so much that people were "self taught" back in the day, say a farmer for example, they just picked up enough of what they needed to know to do what had to be done. If something breaks on the farm the farmer knows how to fix it, this isn't because he has fixed his plough a dozen times with no prior knowledge so he figured out what the best way is theough trial and error, his father most likely taught him how to fix it at a very young age to help him develop a mind for mechanical things. That may be a poor analogy, but it is a bit of a stretch for me to think that because we have the internet all of a sudden it is not fair to say a skill acquired by your own means is not "self taught", even if you watch a dozen videos to help you. At a young age my Grandma would tell me storys about going to the the library to get books on knitting, baking, gardening, making bird houses, etc. and would tell me about all the things she had picked up over the years through reading. She learned none if that stuff on the internet, so you would consider her a "self taught" knitter, because she had never taken a class. My question is what is the difference between information given by word of mouth or book and a video format? Information is information, at the end of the day you are still the one doing the thing so if you make a staircase from wood with your own hands with no formal training besides YouTube videos, I'd say you were a self taught carpenter. If you don't agree then what would you consider this women, a fully trained carpenter? Amateur carpenter? Edit: I also forgot to mention that while a staggering amount of information is available at your finger tips, you still need to go out and do the thing you are doing. You can watch a ton of YouTube videos about carpentry but you still have to build that deck, youtube wont do that for you.


Sorry but I think I didn’t make clear what I meant in my first comment. I was being a lot more simplistic than you give me credit for. My idea of true self taught is like when a person takes a knife and whittles a statuette out of wood straight off their own back without any instruction from any outside source and therefore has taught them self how to whittle wood. Many kids teach themselves how to ride a bike, play the piano etc. I think you chose the worst possible analogy too I’m afraid. Farming really is built on one generation teaching the next. I think you’re a good guy though so don’t think I’m getting at you.


self taught used to mean trial and error and using your own ingenuity. now it means i watched youtube videos.


If one puts in the effort to teach themselves, on their own schedule, choosing their own sources of information, creating their own assignments, grading their own work, judging their own weaknesses, and finding new sources of information that help them improve upon those weaknesses, they’re self taught. Autodidacts live their lives doing this very thing over and over. They’ve been lauded throughout history. How is this hard for you to understand?


Couple of things to keep in mind for DIYers 1) there’s a reason for those cement footers - to provide strength and support to the weakest point of the staircase. As-built is ok, but they probably aren’t going to be able to move a fridge upstairs. 2) reused slabs - as long as they’re not cracked it’s ok depending on how thick it is (basically the weight carried by the footers is now entirely on the main slab) but if it’s cracked the staircase will eventually force the slab pieces apart and you’re gonna be rebuilding this in a few years (our neighbor made this mistake) 3) with our new deck the contractor made the same assumption she did about the handrail, and the inspector made him build a separate one a minimum standard height and diameter just below the top rail. If a person is falling they need a round rail to grab ahold of - that rounded plank won’t be enough.


Yeah removing those footers and not replacing them seems kinda sus IMO.


If you watch her YouTube video at the link below - she mentions she is going to add two more posts/footers in to support it more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCFsroLfTaI&feature=youtu.be


If this was a man, would you be as impressed?


I legit thought she was falling down the stairs for a hot second then I realized she was taking them apart 🤣


I thought I was watching a reversed stop-motion video. XD




Let’s be honest, it’s because she’s a woman. I mean fucking hell, nobody seen stairs before or something? Title could quite easily have been “who’s a clever girl”.


> mean, that is quite the insult."!<


Whats the big deal here? That she is a woman? Untold numbers of people wake up and do this sorta of stuff every day...


How dare you! -Greta Thunderburg


You had me at the car jack.


Those spindles e gonna be a b#tch to weather. Did a whole patio deck at my house and I really really really regret it.


Amazied at Tempe craft or cus she's a woman?


Not trying to shit on the job but you really shouldn’t notch your guardrail posts like that, it’s not code in many places and it removes a lot of the strength of the post, as well as making it easier for the post to degrade faster


The notched 4x4s were my issue, it's not code here, you can notch 8x8s


Well THANKS A LOT. Now she’s not self taught.


I doubt she is self taught tbh. I don't think I have met anyone in the construction industry that would call themselves self taught. It's most likely good old reddit throwing up fake title to get upvotes.


Anyone could do this, male or female, with a bit of research on the internet or using good old books. Whether or not you consider that self taught is another discussion I guess.


this is not true at all🤔 i notch posts all the time when building decks...


I mean it absolutely is true… Notching exposes the untreated inner wood, accelerating rot. It also creates a stress point in the very corner of the notch that allows checking and cracking. Notching removes material for which the carriage bolts can transfer load. A guardrail post by code needs to be able to withstand a certain lateral force, and snapping what is effectively a 2x4 is a lot easier than a 4x4, especially after 10 years of point #1. Just because you do it and you haven’t had any issues doesn’t mean its correct or right. How long has your oldest deck been standing? Have you inspected your notched posts after 10 years in the elements? Also, have you checked your local code? I know code varies greatly but in my (limited) research against different local and state level building code in the US when building my deck notching was universally against code. https://www.prowoodlumber.com/en/Blog/2019/March/Notching-Posts--Is-it-okay https://www.finehomebuilding.com/forum/to-notch-or-not-to-notch https://www.builderonline.com/building/code/attaching-deck-rail-posts_o


Did you say * untreated inner wood?. Yeah.. thats not a thing. I didnt read past this bullshit. I am a building inspector. Notching deck lumber is normal Also. If you look Closely thats not treaded lumber.


Seriously dude? Lol the chemicals used to treat wood have a penetration of about 1/4”, more for higher grades, but no pressure treated wood has 100% penetration. You cut into the wood deeper than that, you’re exposing untreated wood. This is why you should also be sealing your cut ends, but let me guess, you don’t do that either…


I was unskilled labour helping the builder extend my verandah. One thing he said to me that I'll always remember - he was so emphatic about it: Always, ALWAYS seal your timber cuts, even it's treated timber. Keep a can of undercoat close by, and slather a thick coat onto cuts. He said that when considering exterior or exposed work, that water will inevitably find its way into joins, and that starts the rot.


There are many different grades of treated lumber they even make them for underwater use. Your information is incomplete.


For I hope you don’t inspect many building. Wonder why so many new builds are shit…..*looking at this guy*




It's really frustrating for me to see. I do this shit every day for work and have for the last 2 decades and I'm still treated as a spectacle by so many people. I'm not special. I don't want to be treated any differently. I'm just going to work and making money.


Whats so amazing about this? Its just someone building some stairs. Am I missing something?


How do you build stairs? One step at a time.


Be amazed? People do this all the time. Oh, you mean be amazed because it's a woman doing it? Sexist bullshit.


So no one showed her how to do any of that?


I need to learn how to do stuff like this.


Whats the jack called for the post removal? I can't find it. Thanks


Farm jack


looks like a "farm jack" . . . I didn't know I needed it! https://www.amazon.com/Hi-Lift-Jack-XT485-48-X-TREME/dp/B0017T7WHW/


Am I the only one wondering how they're planning access that propane tank in the future? Looks like she completely blocked access for refill


100% self taught implies she just invented how to do these things. You can't convince me she didn't read and watched a fuckton of videos on how to do most of this shit


What do you mean by “self taught”? So she never watched YouTube?


Take a few workshop classes in your city and you should be able to do the same.


Having all the correct tools when you’re self taught really worked out well for her.




So someone built a deck and we should be amazed?


Looks good but I definitely wouldn't put back boards/risers on those outdoors stairs. You're just asking for bugs and pests and mold to live there.


I'm a chick and I am 95% not impressed by this.


I'm a male and I just gotta say what I feel about this and the title of this post. Yea that's great that she can build stairs. But isn't this kind of demeaning to women like "wow look at a female building stairs!" I'm sure male and female carpenters do this everyday. Why is this so "amazing" for a woman to be doing a good job building things?


I really don’t like the term “self taught” in this instance. She is using pretty standard carpentry techniques and she is building what is essentially a standard set of stairs. So unless she just randomly figured out on her own how to build stairs the same way as 99% of professional carpenters it’s not really self taught. I’m not saying she didn’t learn how to do it on her own what I am saying is she obviously used some non-traditional form of education to get her information on how to build stairs. Maybe a better term is necessary like “self-learned” or “non-mentored”. Let’s say I watch a YouTube video about origami and follow along. I believe it would be insincere to show that to someone and say I learned to do it all by myself(self-taught) and to me it seems that’s kind of what’s going on here.


This is awesome. Major respect.




That doesn't look like pressure treated wood...


Because then it would have cost $100,000 instead of just $30,000 in today’s market.


I hope she got a permit.


It’s called a Ron Swanson permit


Well hello...steps sister.


What are you doing...


100% youtube taught by men


Some of these dudes being so rude in the comments. Probably still wondering why they’re sad and alone. Quite funny and pathetic to be so rude to someone literally just building a staircase. Talk about snowflakes, getting triggered over a woman just simply building a staircase.


I was thinking the same thing. Like damn it's a hard job most of us would hate to do, just appreciate it or move on!


Exactly! Also you can tell I triggered some of the incels in the comments by the downvotes I received! The truth is hard for them to accept!


Hey that's okay, at least we aren't sexist assholes. (;


What an odd looking kitchen


She needed a man. We all saw it. {yes that's a joke and yes it's funny}


Ya'll got a permit?


took her long enough. damn.




I stand myself amazed ma'am!


forgot to tip your fedora


This is so sexist. Look "be amazed" that a woman can have carpentry skills.


Stop looking for an excuse to be butthurt. There’s tons of similar videos with men instead of women. This is showing off that she’s self taught, not that she’s a woman.


Still had to have a man come remove the post at 8 seconds lol.


Cool? It’s not that hard, my dad built a house and a pole barn and he’s self taught


100% don’t care. Men and women are equal remember?


You cared enough to comment. Funny that.


Hilarious right? Lol. It’s easy picking triggering all the little bitches.




All that wood in 2021 that project cost at least $6000


At first I read that she was 10% self taught out of the corner of my mind, and thought, "What does that even mean?"


Part of me was hoping she was replacing those stairs with a slide.


I hate it that GIFS don't have a pause or rewind feature.


Yep. Love her YT channel!


I thought she was falling down the stairs, when it first started moving...was like OH SNAP!!!


How much longer do these projects take when you account for camera setup..


Brought to you by Adderall.


I wish I had her contact info back when I had my own Handyman business. I’d probably still have a handyman business.


With the prices of lumber, she must be rich.


Would've been cheaper to just pressure wash the whole thing.


the top part is only held on by the carriage bolts. i was always taught wood sits on wood. i have no idea if thats correct, but that's what i was taught.


Do you complement women for learning other skills that anyone who applies themselves may achieve? Look at her all self-sufficient. Good for her, being a woman and all.


What a fucking AMAZING trick to use the jack to get the old posts out. I still don't like that she don't put rabbets in the posts that she put the lag bolts through. I was taught that you want any force to be as close to the ground as you can. In her case, all the force is put on the lag bolts and the lag bolt holes. Still looks amazing though.


This is an awesome job. Great tricks too, thanks for sharing.


Not that she needs my validation but those are some very nice stairs. Teach me?


I'm glad we got to see the finished product for a reasonable amount of time!


Ron Swanson found his Tammy III.


10k worth of wood in today’s market


I could barely do what my husband told me to do lol


Not all of us are millionaires here alright.


Are we supposed to be amazed that a woman can learn carpentry on their own? Little confused if this is sexist or if I’m missing something in the project that’s out of the norm for a staircase.


Def pre pandemic because lumber is expensive AF now


Meanwhile, my wife won’t touch a saw, “what if I cut my fingers off?!”