10 drones can plant 400,000 trees

10 drones can plant 400,000 trees


So each drone can plant 40,000 Trees. This is scalable 100 drones 4,000,000 Trees 1,000 drones is 40,000,000 Trees 10,000 drones is 400,000,000 Trees Can any drone be fitted with the delivery system?


No definitely not any drone. Drones range from tiny little guys that fit in your hand to the full bombers the army has. There are a lot of things like camera drones that could probably be fitted with something. Realistically though, just build like 100 of these specially designed ones, send them out in shifts, move locations.


Alright everyone, you heard the internet! Let’s build 100 and start taking shifts.


This could absolutely be a real guerilla project.


Oh, I like this. Too lazy to lead the project, but motivated enough for a go fund me to fund some brain-type smart person.


We could even have a competition for whichever drone pilot plants the most trees!


gamify the system, I love it! We should get a leaderboard started lol


Trone coin. The coin for tree drones.


Put it as a game on steam that you can play similar to Ender’s flight “training” and make it achievement based


And then the metagame starts, when drones start fighting over control of forestable territory. Sounds fun.


Breaking news: Evacuations ordered for an additional 100,000 residents in Texas as the massive Central-Tex wild fire, started by weaponized tree-planting drone battles, continues to spread.


This is exactly the kind of ironic outcome humans excel at.


"drones drive desert lizards to extinction"


If I remember right, they usually have the drone fly a grid pattern shooting a seed every so often and the entire thing is automated.


Yes! This could be the horse races of tomorrow. And we could come up with cool names for the different drones and have them represent different places


Still too lazy good luck yall, thanks for the oxygen.


Yes, can we fire seeds at the deforestation fuckers in the Amazon so that they stop whilst we're at it?


You think if we fire acorns with enough speed they could be used as bullets? I'd love to weaponize trees.


Like a bow and arrow?


Very old problems require modern AMERICAN solutions


No way gorillas can fly drones. Chimpanzees, maybe.


And even then you'd be lucky to get them back. Best keep this a human project.


Hey, I feel lucky when I can fly them back!


Too busy buying stonks sorry




this guy stonks


r/guerillagardening is calling




r/guerrillagardening (note the double-R) is more active.


But the loss of jobs… How are lax bros gonna spend the summer making bank without heading to the deep wilderness and spreading seeds in each other's mouths


Your tastes in “movies” is likely similar to mine.




be the change you want to see in the world. engineer a launcher or get into contact with these people and ask


Most of the land is covered by farmland or is too dry to grow trees anyways. These drones are for planting after wildfires and stuff.


Nah, make them autonomous, and preferably with the ability to improvise resupply. Nothing could possibly go wrong by sending out a fleet of autonomous drones with the charter of firing missiles at any land which is not covered by trees. "Three billion human lives ended on August 29, 2021 …"


I was remembering the guy that rigged his drone to his pistol and set it to fire. Actually worked. I think they arrested him or sent him to DARPA or something.


They did arrest him, it’s a federal offense to weaponize a drone (unless you’re the government). I think it would have been cool to have FPV drone shooting competitions.


Shits. We need to be taking shits on any politician that stops this. Right square on their faces.


Username checks out 👍🏻


Who’s starting the GoFundMe?


Is this 40,000 trees in a day? Week? Drone lifetime? I wonder what the survival rate of these trees is


Even if they get a 10% survival rate , that's still a terrific ROI and a very promising solution for carbon capture. I would certainly love to know how long it takes to plant that many trees. That's probably in the drone's lifetime, which is still great.


If it is a lifetime it is rather bad. A normal human planter do plant 1500 trees in a day with high survival rate (up to 2500 for a really good one, all according do discussions on a Swedish forum where I found when I looked for this speed a year ago or so). If 10% survive in the drones lifetime it plant what a human should accomplish in 2-3 days. Really bad in that case. If it plant 40000 a week it is something and better than the 7500 a human would plant. But you need to have a over 20% survival to have any use of the drone in that case.


See my other comment, where I link to the original article, which appears to indicate it is 40,000 per drone, per day, with just two human operators able to run 10 drones at a time planting the 400,000 shared earlier. And please keep in mind, the survival rate isn't shared in the source article, so it is likely much higher than the hypothetical 10% used for the sake of conversation above. Drones have some other advantages over human planters, too, like being able to reach difficult terrain, being able to plant in unprepared ground, and being able to plant amid other growth where you want to increase biomass by planting more. I'm in favor of all of the above, when it comes to carbon capture. If human planters can resow trees effectively, with drones covering what humans can't, let's do it.


I saw it after I printed my comment - and that is a big amount. I just needed to point out that the "big amounts" of 40k trees that always is lifted by someone as "oh so many" ain't that much. It is normal treeplanting. 400 k is something else - but as a person living in a country with forest industry I always get confused when there exist such great areas where trees can grow but nobody have planted them before. 400k trees is a lot of money 30 years from know..


Wait so you’re saying a return of 4,000 trees (10% survival rate) in a drones lifetime is a good ROI? I have no idea how much it would cost to build/operate this drone but that doesn’t seem like many trees.


Planting 4,000 trees for one done is a wonderful trade-off. I went and dug up [the original article](https://megaphone.upworthy.com/p/tree-planting-drones), and it doesn't say what the survivability is, but it does say this : > just two operators could send out a mini-fleet of seed missile planting drones that could plant 400,000 trees **a day** That's a helluva lot of trees. Imagine what a non-profit planting trees could do in a few years time.


Sounds like they can get 400k min per drone then - likely many many more. Question is how many trees reach adulthood? May not be as perfect / scalable as they’d like to believe. Does it work in any terrain? Is it weather dependent - will animals eat half of them? How frequently are returns to replant required? This is fascinating. Definitely gives me some hope we can do something about the mess of a planet we’ve created


Think of all the happy deer these new saplings will be feeding though :) they wake up one morning to find the best banquet of their lives


>that's still a terrific ROI and a very promising solution for carbon capture. Musk: $100M for best carbon capture solution. Instant response: Trees.


Yes, 40,000 trees, we will not be taking any more questions thank you and good night


Any drone can be fitted with ***a*** delivery system, but not ***this*** delivery system. Not all drones are equal. Also we should note that tree planting isn't linearly scaling either. And I don't know about this specific project, but the number of planted trees vs the number of trees that become adults are orders of magnitude different. There's also a question of how effective this is. [China started planting trees in the late 70's to stop the spread of the Gobi desert and there are some issues](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-North_Shelter_Forest_Program), specifically with biodiversity. Unsurprisingly this is a complicated topic. Cool! We should continue researching it/doing it! But it is a lot more complicated that "yay trees." Nature is a complicated beast, and purposefully terraforming is more difficult than accidentally.




Peat is still being touted as a good choice for environmentally-minded gardeners to use and it's bizarre to me. They make "bio-degradable" pots out of peat so you can plant the whole thing and let it break down right in your garden. Yay, no cheap one-use plastic pot! Except harvesting the peat does a ton of damage to a unique environment that takes an extremely long time to develop, and it doesn't even break down like it's suggested to do.


Plus peat pots make crappy pots, they dry out super fast. Plastic pots you can reuse year after year if you are careful with them.


>If the trees succeed in taking root, they could soak up large amounts of groundwater, which would be extremely problematic for arid regions like northern China.[9] For example, in Minqin, an area in north-western China, studies showed that groundwater levels have dropped by 12–19 metres since the advent of the project. This seems to be a long term problem that isn't talked about enough


Geoengineering isn't hard, teraforming is. Lots of coupled variables and many are latent.


Pretty sure you can’t go to Walmart and buy a drone that can carry and launch 40,000 seedlings


Only in America, its your constitutional right no matter what the gubbermint says


I doubt any drone. But I’m not an expert on drones. I’d expect them to have to be able to compensate for weight and aerodynamics.


I've never used one but I know they are a popular hobby. Looks like the type of thing I'd either get bored with or crash within the first 20 minutes


The hobby isn’t the drone, it’s where you travel to to take video with it.


The environment isn't composed out of trees. You can't fix it by firing trees into the ground. Sorry. Farmers will likely just pick this up and clear more grassland to plant.


Awesome. Now all we need is 100,000 drones for the effect of planting them to actually have an impact.


There are 4 trillion trees in the world. 100,000 drones would only increase the population by 0.1%, given an unrealistic 100% seed-to-tree conversion. It would take 10,000,000 drones dedicated to this to see any sort of difference.


This is not quite accurate. Sure some trees don’t survive - but the ones that do, create more trees on their own. You’d need to figure out how many new trees one planted tree on average makes.


I was being facetious.


Now, if we had one really BIG drone...


I'm listening...


I just want to know how long does the drone need to plant these 40,000 trees


What you fail to understand is no one of authority actually cares. It's really pathetic when you think about the budget or this project that could forest the world.


People can plant 196 million trees, which is what [this group](https://edenprojects.org/the-problem-and-the-solution/) did in 2020. They hire local people to plant trees, and it's actually way less expensive and more effective than drones. One person can plant 3,000+ mangroves per day, for about $5 in compensation. That may not sound like much but in Madagascar it means food security for the entire family with enough left over to pay school fees and maybe buy a chicken so you can sell some eggs.


Yeah I'm having a hard time believing that drones are more effective at planting trees than less novel methods....


Certain areas are hard to get to for humans, that's where drones come in


But these hard to reach areas either already have trees, as nobody went there to chop them down, or the terrain is so rough that trees can not really survive there. So is it really worth the effort to send a drone there?


They could be downrange or areas affected by people or just landslides natural disasters etc that could use a bit of speeding up. Queenstown in Tasmania comes to mind tin refinement lead to extreme localised acid rain on the mountain slopes outside of town and killed off everything, people probably could scamper across the landscape but it’d be extremely tough. I agree with you whole heartedly people are terraforming masters and the more people involved with rehab the better but this is still super cool and the technology should be improved


Oh trees have no problem growing in rough terrain. I see trees growing out the sides of cliffs and in other really awkward positions all the time around the Niagara escarpment.


Your statements aren't necessarily true. There are plenty of reasons as to why trees might not be growing, and why it would be valuable to have them planted this way. This is in Myanmar, but I could see it being useful in places like Hawaii where invasive trees are moving up in elevation, but where it may be difficult to get people up to to remove invasive and replant natives.


According to the documentary I watched, the example I used was an area post forest fire that would have taken longer for humans to traverse


Also planting a large number of trees isnt hard. The Problem is selecting the right trees and most importantly maintaining them.


This is it. I work to restore wetlands and forests. Species selection is key for the trees to survive. You can't just throw seeds out everywhere and expect them to survive. Seed sources are very important too. A seed from a red maple in Texas will have different genetics than a red maple seed from Minnesota. One will be more heat tolerant and the other will have better cold hardiness as a simplified example. But maintenance is possibly more important. A slight drought can seriously affect a seedlings survivability. Many seeds may stay dormant if conditions aren't right, but once they germinate its a different story. Many times the soils will need to be stabilized so the seed doesn't wash away in heavy rains. Understandably, many locations are inaccessible to humans. But if the use of drones to plant, can have good timing and conditions, it should be somewhat successful. This method is ok, but many of the seeds won't germinate for a number of reasons. You would aim to plant a hundred while expecting 10 to actually grow. It is vastly more complex than just shooting seeds in the soil. Still pretty cool.


The cost of human labor and ease of access to land are different across the planet. In Madagascar you might be able to get people to plant 3000 trees a day for $5, but I doubt you could pull off 3000 trees a day by a single person in the Amazon. I also doubt you would be able to get anyone to go plant 3000 trees a day for $5 anywhere in the US or most of Europe. Yes doing this by hand is cheaper and faster and more sure in some parts of the world, but that doesn't apply universally, and a drone platform that can plant 4000 trees a day can most definitely be beneficial in many parts of the world.


New tech is clearly ALWAYS better That's why ive built this giant space laser designed to scratch your butt for you It costs 10 million dollars to position and fire each time but its better dam it!


Mark Rober actually made a video on this when team trees started explaining what the benifits of these things are you should check that out if your interested


My seed missiles were over 20 inches tall in 10 months.


Well fucking played. That made me laugh




And they fire their own missiles in due time. It's a chain reaction... Give it some time and suddenly it's 7 billion drones!


When you bury the seed, that’ll happen.


Does size of the drone matter what depth the seed will be buried?


I think it’s just the height you release from.


No, but timing is important.


I read it as the drones themselves are growing!


So can this be some major passive-agressive combating of deforestation? like, "Man, look at all this money and time and resourcez you spent clearing all this stuff out... I'd be a shame if someone spent a week using drones to fire seeds into the ground you just cleared... such a shame..."


I grew up in the woods up north. People would pay you to take trees off your property. We'd let them thin the woods yearly for a nice bonus check. These things would make that a completely sustainable industry with almost zero effort.


Don't do it like Sweden with huge areas being completely deforested and then replanted with one type of tree crowded together so tight it becomes impenetrable for people and animals. You end up with things that look like forests but really are tree plantations with a fraction of the biodiversity and life of a natural forest, and with zero tourism value as they are monotone and impossible to go through.


high density forests are also at higher risk for wildfire in dry climates


Same here in Finland, like 70% of our country is forest but it's mostly just tree plantations. Our few ancient forests are teared down and replaced with parking lots and shopping centres. Makes my blood boil :/


Bruh you mean logging?? Lmao


[You see this? I got this selling trees. Comes out of the fucking ground - I couldn't believe it!](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pDTiFkXgEE)




Well, if it was like the rest of the west, generally it started with genocide. I presume the next step was stealing coffee beans.


Unless it was for logging industry, in which case they’d be rich and happy




Couldn't they just make a magazine with different types of tree missiles and plant to based on a map or use AI?


Hey. Oh yeah I’ve seen my fair share of cutblocks. I’ve planted trees in BC, UK and all over Australia. Are you a forester in Canada? Over there yes, the land is rugged, but here in Australia it can be like BC, but it can also be creamy flat sandy cultivated rows, no obstacles in sight.


It could even play DJ Khaled on loud speaker. For every tree shot out: “ANOTHA ONE!”




Maybe [these](https://www.droneseed.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAst2BBhDJARIsAGo2ldXLo2CZvjtb23Ne_NY9aDTZv98NA_tGy0DbBlTG08Hob0ha0zy33IIaAhWFEALw_wcB need someone) guys offer franchising, be your own boss, you could probably go after government contracts.


Wait, so tree planting has gone MLM?


Where do you live? You know tree planting is an actual job. We use a shovel and big bags that go around our waist to carry 200-400 trees at a time. I’ve done it in Canada, UK and Australia.


That sounds like a tough job.


Yeah it can be. But it definitely has its perks


*definitely has its parks


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Pew Pew Pew Grew!!!


Alexa, play Fortunate Son.


ɴᴏᴡ ᴘʟᴀʏɪɴɢ: [Creedence Clearwater Revival](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I) ─────────⚪───── ◄◄⠀[▶](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec0XKhAHR5I)⠀►►⠀ 1:34 / 2:22 ⠀ ───○ 🔊 ᴴᴰ ⚙️


40,000 trees and then they can't plant anymore? Over what period of time?


>According to Fedoranko, just two operators could send out a mini-fleet of seed missile planting drones that could plant 400,000 trees a day -- a number that quite possibly could make massive headway in combating the effects of manmade climate change. [good.is](https://www.good.is/articles/drones-planting-trees) I wasn't able to find an article that mentions the number of drones in this specific context. I've found only meme sites with the same photo as used here.


Holy crap can't believe I had to scroll so far for this lol What is this post? Makes no sense at all. I can plant a *million* trees if you give me long enough, food and water, land, trees, etc. It's that that's the hard part.


I fire my seed missiles into a sock.


me too man me too


Now that’s a drone strike I can get behind.


So great! I can’t imagine a drone firing things at the ground ever being something we wouldn’t want!


[Bill Hicks was way ahead of his time](https://youtu.be/1o_8b31GRnU?t=46).


My very first thought as well.


DARPA hosted a contest for flower bullets a few years back.


And here we are using them to blow up poor people in impoverished nations.


So, start killing them with tree seeds?


Force feeding with food missiles... MFW I'm walking down the street and suddenly find myself deep-throating a burrito fired at me from a drone.


Hopefully now we can shoot trees into them. The people, that is.


Ok where are the guys that come in here shitting on everything like “this isn’t practical” and “hand-planted saplings have a much higher survival rate.”


Hah, I was expecting the same!


Well, you’re not wrong...


The drones get taller??


But this article is from April 2019. Has anything happened since then?


"Firing seed missiles" .... Am I a drone too?


Dawg, I hate to break it to you like this, but we all are.


Except for, you know, the *other* gender. We don’t speak of them though.


The birds arent real after all.


The wild Drone used Bullet Seed!


I had to scroll way too far but I’m glad someone said this lol


Imagine walking in a field one day and suddenly a drone starts to fire seeds into your body from above


this post should be on aged like milk, because im pretty sure a fire ravaged through there


"What are you doing step-drone?"


these are the drone strikes i like.


Good guy drone


These drones would make my inner child self soooo happy, like tie my DNA in knots happy.


Is there a preferred tree to plant? Also do you plant trees that are greener all year round and make less foliage as to minimise the risk of fire?




You put the trees on drones so they can get out of the way of all the massive, out of control fires.


Okay let's program permanent sentinels to watch over the earth and wipe ourselves out


Arbor day gonna be lit!


That’s a DJI phantom in the photo. Is this a mod I can buy? I’d love to help.


Man, I have so many questions about this. I really want to help and do my part but have no idea where to start with this one. ​ Where can you buy a drone that can handle this scenario? How do you retrofit it to shoot into the ground? Is it legal??? <--- I mean can you go anywhere to do this or are you restricted to only where?


I hate that anytime a story that includes drones, the dopey journalist/editor puts a stock photo of a DJI Phantom. Regardless of the size, function, or whatever, just include the same consumer drone photo.


Hmmm ... seed missiles eh? 🙊


Man everyone gives drones such a bad rap :(


Am I the only one who laughed at "seed missles"?


Anyone know over how long? 10 years? 10 days?


Wish I could see the trees. I only know what 2 inches looks like 😢


i just hope they researched well on what type of trees to plant there. there can be invasive foreign tree species that might be detrimental to the forest.


So Johnny Appledrone? I’ll see myself out


Great and about. 00001% will make it... Trees are some places because they can't grow there


One drone could do 400,000. But 10 can do it faster. We need a time frame.


Wait, the drones are now 20 inches high? I didn't realize they could grow.


WHAT IS MY PURPOSE You plant trees. COOL


One of many outfits working on this effort. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/12/technology-artificial-intelligence-ai-drone-trees-deforestation/


[Video of it in action](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXophqU-rp4)


Posted like these give me hope and help me see the good side of us comrades. To the comrades who do good in the world, thank you.


Have you guys heard of seeds?


You think that’s impressive? I can fire seed missiles in you mom with my 20 inch tree


I got to be a part of this in college. Not the exact same drone company but still using tree planting drones. It was cool. But the Mexican tree planters were still way faster. But we were planting tree farms with specific spacing. The drones couldn’t be as exact. I think they would be good for replanting deforested areas, burns, landslides, hard to read area for erosion mitigation, etc. Really cool.


Bring em to mars


Now convince the Air Force to do the same For target practice


this is the way


That's nothing, I fired millions of seed missiles into your mom last night.


Call em Drone-y Appleseed


Excuse me, but this masturbatory, useless tech bullshit. I'm living in Indonesia, a land of deforestation, and we do NOT need someone to sell us a fucking drone to plant a tree. You know the nation has? Lots of land that is very fertile. Lots of underemployment and unemployment. Lots of people skilled in agriculture and forestry. What we need are businesses and a government that respects and protects the land, that protect trees and forests, and will pay to do so, and will pay people to plant and maintain trees. Give me a drone that can do that. These are arrogant tech schmucks forcing their solution on the problem, which is not tech related. Oh, spolier: Every drone-planted tree will be cut down as soon as someone can make a buck or needs to clear land to raise crops to eat.


There’s a dirty joke in here somewhere...


Yeah but most companies that cut down, plant ten times that in a few months.


But when i go out and fire my seed missiles into the ground i get called a "pervert" and a "creep"


The drones grew 20 inches in one year?


These are my questions: How’s the maintenance Who waters the saplings How are the saplings protected Who keeps tabs on the saplings


As an Alabamian this is such a foreign idea. The trees here are already firing their own seed missiles. All you have to do is not cut the constantly sprouting seedlings down and you will have thick jungle in a few short years.


Be amazed by what? Another shitty screen shot with zero context, or even the name of the source publication.


Reddit needs to sponsor drones and each time someone funds the account they'll be adding seeds to be planted. Let the reddit community help plant 1 Billion trees.


How much of my seed could be spread this way? Ppb please.


There's more kinds of plants than trees, buddy. Why don't they ever plant bushes or vines?


Finally some drone strikes I can get behind.