BF3. An improved upon version of BF3 and BF4 would’ve really been the way to go. I’m one of the rare cases of people who actually enjoy 2042 for what it is. I do believe that this game will be DEAD if we don’t get new content before the rumored March release. To add to this, it better be more than 1 map and a few guns because that alone will put this game 6 feet under.


your not that rare, i know a bunch who like it


More rare than people who don’t like it that’s for sure.


I also like it,but i'm also already a bit burned out on it. It's a bit my own fault of course, it's vacation so i play it allot,and i don't really play portal. With just a couple of maps and guns in breaktrough/conquest it gets boring pretty fast. This game needs content fast, not in March.


In my clan it's mostly the terrible party/squad joining system that's the source of annoyance. If they fix that, it'll improve things a lot.


Well. We are not as loud, that's for damn sure.


Very true!


That's definetly not the case. It's just on reddit. I haven't met a single person who doesn't like the game in real life or in other communities.


I think it's a really, really vocal minority tbh. And I mean really vocal


I personally like the classless system. I liked being able to mix and match what I want with whatever weapon. Still no fan of the specialists though. I would rather just have the ability to unlock cool looking equipment like helmets, armor and camo patterns.


There’s at least…5 of us.


Maybe 6


Statistically there will be people that like it. Just like statistically there’ll be someone out there who eats dry wall. It’s unfortunate we’re such a diverse species because there’ll probably be enough of you playing this to convince EA they’ve not done such a bad job with the game


And I like 128 players better than 64 players. It feels more like what the fantasy of a battlefield game is all about, and yes, I played the older bf games (since bf2). The big team fights are just so much more intense now and I love it. RIP to my poor cpu though


I loved bf4. I enjoy 2042 but find myself putting it on less and less. They need to release some serious content (maps, weapons, portal xp, destruction, gadgets, thermal sights, etc) else I feel it will be dead as well.


....just a freaking scoreboard would make me want to play more. I have no idea how I stack up to the other 127 players.


Please not the thermal sight. I really hated that on BF4.


How come? I loved thermal with smokes


I personally hated it. Just felt very disbalance. I felt it was impossible to play with a FLIR scope in BF4


Yeah I feel the same. I can play for a bit, but then I switch to something else


In the past week and a half Ive basically started the game twice, once last tuesday? To get the bolte skin, finished in ~35 mins of playing, then earlier today for maybe an hour just to finish off the required healing/revives. There is just something in the back of my head that keeps me from grinding it out anymore because you know nothing will change with the game until the first season starts.


7 maps was too few to launch with. At that number, they had to be stellar, knock it out of the park quality and together they just aren't that. I've had fun with 2042 but there are far too many maps (as a percentage of the whole) that suck. Anecdotally, it seems that a lot of comments I see mention disliking or out right hating 4-6 of them. They would likely need to drop an expansion sized addition soon (4 maps, buch of weapons, vehicles, skins, etc) to really make a difference in all out warfare. That seems like a lot for a team that with what is likely a massive crunch just barely delivered 7 for the main mode of the game. Maybe DICE decides to introduce a time portal where All Out War happens across the Battlefield Universe so the regular AOW rotation includes portal content.


All they had to do was multiplayer and all they could come up is 22 guns and 7 giant for nothing empty maps. The whole marketing campaign was a scam.


Yeah I like that last point. Idk what they are going to do. It’s a sad near future for the game and I pray they have something up their sleeve because this is my favorite FPS franchise.


Your last paragraph is a great idea. Roll other maps into the rotation from other BFs. That fixes a lot with minor tweaks to them. Then drop some new weapons.


So they’d be reselling the same thing to us. It would be cool but again you’re buying the same thing you already bought. They already redid maps before. I think they need to come up with some original content


I concur. I started with BF2 when I finally was able to build a PC that could run it. My younger brother had been playing since 1942 and I decided that building a PC would be a good way to stay in touch as I'd moved a few states over in 2001 and built my first gaming PC around 2004. BF3 was my favorite for sure. I don't hate 2042. In fact I think it shows a lot of promise. I don't however have faith that Dice/EA won't give up on it before it reaches its full potential. I actually don't mind the operators although I also wouldn't mind restricting some loadouts between them. I see that they list the archetype of the operator (support, medic, etc) and I'd be fine with having several operator options per class but still restricting their loadout a bit so as to give players several operator choices per class but also keeping classes somewhat distinct. Anyway, I'm about to be 42 and only play maybe 10ish hours per week mostly on the weekends so I understand that I'm now a filthy casual and I'm not going to run into the burnout that others that play daily may feel. I just hope that all of the negativity from the vocal minority doesn't become a self-fulfilling prophecy and the game dies an early death as abandonware like BFV did before it can reach its full potential. Just my two cents; The game has good bones, and although content is sparse it can get better. I'm still having fun and hope to continue to do so. I believe that it could be better, but I also wish that the people that absolutely hate it would move along and stop all of the negativity so they don't kill it off early like BFV.


Very well said. I’m 32 and have a family so play time is also relegated to a few hours a night if that. I also play a good amount of other things so I’m not as burnt out as some people are on 2042, but it is getting some what stale.


I'm most excited for portal's future, I hope to god that it becomes a warzone type game that gets updated throughout each new bf release.


Add me to the like list. Has issues, as does pretty much every launch of the franchise. Can’t agree with it not having content. Feel like people have gotten entitled. Has 15 maps, and yes, portal is temporarily hamstrung due to people exploiting an oversight. Its the holidays, they should be addressing that soon.


Fairly sure it's going to be 1 new 2042 and 1 or 2 Portal maps.


Oh I’m also fairly sure it’s going to be that.


I'm pretty much with you here. It had all the "potential" but it's a mountain of things just off the mark.


I started playing again after their December patch, I’m still not happy with how the state of the game is :/ the recent patch kindve upset me because they released it in the beginning of December and was like “here, were going on break now. K bye” And to put this game on sale in this current state is such a bad call as it’s pulling more ppl to play and realize how much undercooked this game is at the moment. Oh yeah the bolte spamming from enemy base is so damn annoying too.


The list goes on and on. These next few months is pivotal for this franchise.


I agree with the lack of content, idk why portal maps aren't included in the rush 2042 rotation and conquest 64 rotation. Those extra 6 maps alone would be a nice addition because I don't really want to use weapons from the old games without progression or mastery badges.


Bf3 noshar canals team/squad death match hc. B-)


You spoke truth


I just wanted BF4 with BF5's engine


This is 1000% exactly what I wanted. (I like the idea of 128 players too though if they attempted to play it themselves and balance it)


Lmao imagine operation metro or locker with 128 players


More like Operation Meat Grinder.


LOL! That would be insane! I’d play the heck out of it.




I don't need Levolution. Levolution was the same thing over and over and triggered by player interaction. Weather was supposed to be dynamic and random. What it's missing is an actual effect on the map like Levolution had plus there are times, like in Breathrough, were the tornado completely misses where the current engagement is...that should never happen. IF weather is happening it should ALWAYS effect the battle.


I just wanted BF1942 in BFV's engine.


We just got BF5, we needed a modern game


Waited 15 years for another WWII game, got BFV. The last modern Battlefield was just like 5 years ago, and they were three back to back.


That's Battlefield 9, coming out in winter 2026


I would rather see series evolve than release the same game over and over with a fresh coat of paint. Especially when that fresh coat of paint has diminishing returns every year. I mean bf4 doesn't even look old, the graphics still look just fine. It's honestly disappointing to me how often gamers will openly state "I want the exact same thing again." Y'all have no right to complain that a series has become stagnant if you think this


I don't,


I hope they will eventually create a battlefield 6 that is more in line with what bf4 was in terms of game mechanics. I see 2042 more like a bf hardline or bc 1/2, where they try to do something that is outside of what a normal battlefield is like. But that’s just my speculation.




With BF2's commander mode


BF3 & 4 are the prime examples of a battlefield game. There, I said it.


Well originally BF2. But yes, they were the only true sequels to the series. BF4 being the closest to a sequel with map size/vehicles.


Bf2 gun play was horrible though. Didnt age well at all sadly.


It does feel a bit stiff going back to it nowadays


Stiff and incredibly random. I didnt remember the spread/recoil patterns being like that in BF2. Until I replayed it recently.


It feels rough nowadays, but I think part of the intention was that a single player couldn't just mow down entire squads to turn a match. You really needed to play with your squad if you hoped to kill multiple people. Battlefield wasn't really intended to be a twitchy shooter until the BC games and BF3 changed the overall feeling.


There aren’t any "real" battlefields. BF2, 2141, etc were still Battlefield games despite being different from 3 and 4, the bad company games are different from V and 1 etc…


I liked 3 more than 4 but I do generally consider 3 and 4 to be the peak.


Atleast Bad Company 2 knew what it was meant to be.


Exactly. It show cased the destruction system and gold rush. BC2 improved upon BC1, no complaints. It just wasn't a full BF game (from BF2) and that was okay since it was BAD COMPANY.


I fucking loved that game fucking fuck man shit


One thing I've noticed is we haven't seen the same level of destruction in the Frostbite engine since BC2, likely because of gameplay balance issues. You could totally collapse or destroy some structures, this reduced cover to almost non-existent at points in Conquest. For Rush, some of the MCOM stations were inside these buildings, and merely collapsing them was enough to take them out. For those situations, this was basically a give me to the attackers, even when they nerfed the artillery strike for Recon they still couldn't stop them from taking out those MCOMs with artillery. Every BF game since has never had total building destruction, you can chew them up fairly badly but outside of specific situations like the tower in Siege of Shanghai in BF4, there will always be some indestructible building chunks left for cover.


BC2 had indestructible chunks left for cover, you could even hide inside the rubble and shoot through the holes (my favorite thing to do), don't give them a balance excuse. I also loved how you could take out an MCOM by destroying a building, it was a nice change of pace and it wasn't that easy


It was total bullshit on the jungle maps, where you could obliterate the defending team's wooden shacks until there was nothing left to hide behind, but I fucking loved it. Sneaking into the enemy base, planting c4 on all of the corners of the building, and then blowing up the crate on rush in one quick sneak attack is one of my favorite battlefield memories which hasn't existed since BC2. I remember the total destruction being a big selling point among all my friends back in those days.


2142 and 2 I would say encapsulate what it means to be a BF game in my mind. Open, large maps, hectic firefights, combined arms warfare, teamwork via balanced classes which compliment each other, and most importantly: NO ATROCIOUS PROGRESSION SYSTEM. If there is one thing 2042 has done right, it was letting players skip the grind via bot farming, good riddance.


Once upon a time games retained their players by being good games and not relying on dopamine drip feed progression systems. If I had everything unlocked in 2042 I’d still play it, in more frustrated by having things locked than I enjoy unlocking them. 2 and more so 2142 did have some unlocks, but nowhere near what progression systems have become.


Yeah 2142’s progression was so minimal that it never got in the way of enjoyment unlike most modern AAA shooters.


I don't know, but BF2 and BF2142 still had weapon unlocks. They were from memory atrociously long (especially BF2). But they were mostly only weapons.




Bf2 was the best title imo


BF2 is still the GOAT in my eyes, but since 2142 was my first it will always hold a special place for me.


It’s really hard to explain to people how crazy titan mode was. Its basically two shielded air craft carriers/ behemoths in the sky. Each one could basically be it’s own map, meaning you had three maps in one. Imagine that with levolution and maybe 64 players + bots.


Yeah, when you compare the modern BF tropes of levolution and the like, they just don’t compare to the absolute player driven spectacle that was Titan mode. From pushing through the map via combined arms warfare, to boarding the ship and fighting on the deck, to the absolute claustrophobic interiors, nothing has come close.


I remember hearing mechs approach me from the distance, and me having to hide behind shit cuz I couldn’t do jack shit to them. Honestly, I was hoping 2042 was going to be a setup for 2142. Unfortunately, I was let down.


Its even worse because they have been teasing 2143 for YEARS. And then they release this which basically retcons 2142’s lore.


I loved it since they introduced vulnerable points to vehicles during 2142. Not to mention two different versions of tanks (hover vs armored traditional), mechs (still vulnerable to emp/hitpoints), and spawn beacons/drones/squad leader skills.


Defintely the best teamwork & map design, BF2 map design is unmatched IMVHO. Nothing too small or too big, flows very well etc.


2142 was fantastic and easily my favorite Battlefield (I've played 2142, BC, BC2, 3, 4, and 1). All the gadgets were really cool, and every class was balanced and necessary in a team. Vehicles were varied and fun to use, and the Conquest maps were large enough that vehicles could be used effectively but small enough that infantry combat was still doable. Titan Mode was extremely cool and fun to play. Maps were really varied (from deserts to snowed in European towns). 2142 didn't really do anything wrong. You can't believe how excited I was with 2042's arrival and the leak that futuristic gadgets would be introduced, only for them to also be tied with the dogshit specialist system. EASILY the biggest letdown in the past few years for me (since they hyped it up so much as a return to form and a "love letter to fans").


Even BF2 / BF2142 had an awful progression system. A good number of servers preferred to enable Global Unlocks though, so it definitely had a solution to sidestep it.


Yeah, as long as you can choose to ignore the system it is fine, to each their own.


These are the same reasons I enjoy 2042 so much. (Conquest) Battlefield games haven't changed much since BF3, and I really missed the BF2 sandbox feeling of big open maps with a bunch of vehicles and objectives. All of these 'true' fans that say 2042 isn't a battlefield game obviously weren't born early enough.


I love the lads who say "been playing since BC2" - oh right, you started with no prone, 16v16, no jets, smaller maps... And you started with the worst selling of the entire series... No wonder they say 2042 doesn't "feel" like a Battlefield game eh?


This post is just a complete and blatant disregard towards the reason why people say this Battlefield isn’t a true Battlefield.


Easy to defeat an argument if you strawman and don't attack the most common arguments.


I'm amazed there are still people on here simping for 2042. Game is as good as dead at this point.


Sad that my favorite game series for going on over a decade at this point has been ruined.


Bf2042 simps are pumping so much strawman and bad faith onto here instead of playing their broken game.


Bf1 is my fav


BF2042 is the first BF game that I saw and got like "*I have absolutely no interest in playing this*".


The only true Battlefield is the romanticised, platonic ideal formed by nostalgic memories I have from the franchise entry I played as a child, when I had a lot of free time, friends and few responsibilities, and I won't hear a word against it 😤😤😤


There may be some truth in this


Yea and its called bf3 😎


Man everyone gets mad at me when I point this out


Now this is real talk here


1942 seemed great at the time though.


For the standards of video games in its day, it was fantastic




These comments are just a bunch of people who's first BF game was BF3.


You wish. Old man 1942 here to tell you bc2 is barely battlefield. Edited: there was no reason for me to call this person a bitch


Battlefield Vietnam (Not the BC2 Version) was some top notch gaming, helis could play music u had in your folder on the PC.. 1942 was great.. BF2 with mod maps... Some maps where huge and the speciel ops addon... Then they had the $5 DlC maps. Then came consoles and BC....


Keep the formula of BF3&4 and some improvements and add-ons from newer bf games that people really liked... This could just be it,a better more fluent gameplay (remember back in BF3&4 that you couldn't jump a 1.5 meters wall?) That's what I mean by "fluent",add some new weapons,some new maps,add COVER IN THESE NEW MAPS FOR INFANTRY,maybe add skins for players BUT not over the top skins like Santa skins and other childish shit. And just release the game,I would have loved to be playing a game very similar to BF3&4,people would also populate the new game since there wouldn't be a reason to be playing the old games, currently the player base is spread around 3-4 games.. This is my battlefield,this is what I'd want,I enjoy 4 but it's time to put it to sleep..


BC2 was good because map design was built around building destruction. There were a ton of buildings and tons of ways to go through them.


Grunts not hero’s. Squad play. There’s been many versions of that, everybody has a favourite but even fucking Hardline had that.


I get where they're coming from though, 2042 feels like in order to try to appeal to everyone as much as possible they copied every popular aspect from other games and midway lost confidence that the playerbase wouldn't like all the 'new' features and desperately tried to cobble up a battlefield game last minute and as a result theres ton of things that feel unrefined or untested aka vehicle balance, map design, objective design, gunplay at release, and of course the bugs.


Fav bf4 best to the best


People keep saying BC2 was the best and yet I cannot find a custom portal experience with BC2 factions or weapons. I just want to play around with the XM4.


I think most dont want to hit portal due to xp? I personally havent touch portal yet im just tryingbto unlock mastety.


I’m able to find bad company rush pretty easy tbh


Well the Bad Company games werent real "Battlefield" games, they where spin-off games with mechanics and game modes that later carried over to the main series.


1942 is the only true battlefield.




The same person that talk about small maps in old BF games is the one playing in operation locker and metro.


i just want a nice level of map destruction


*remembers BF2:MC


Best of the series despite all it's issues.


I don’t care what is considered a real “battlefield” game, 2042 is just a bad game imo. Also “small linear maps” is an oversimplification. Bad company 2’s maps and player counts were simplified for consoles and more focused on rush, but as we learned from 2042, player counts don’t mean much if the maps aren’t designed around them well.


Top tier shit post


Battlefield 1 was a true battlefield, battlefield 4 was a true battlefield game


To this day, BC2's maps are some of my absolute favorites out of all the FPS games I've ever played. Far better than most maps in the more recent titles.


The goal post moving that people on this sub do to qualify a "battlefield game" is hilarious. "It's not battlefield because you can't crouch sprint", "it's not battlefield because sniper haz ammo". The reality is that what makes a battlefield game a battlefield game is only four things: guns, vehicles, scale, and a realistic setting. That's it. Everything else is just fluff tacked onto that framework. 2042 is a battlefield game through and through. In fact, I've seen some of the most insane "battlefield moments" from this game. Is it clunky as fuck? Yeah, but when this game fires on all cylinders and you have 50+ soldiers fighting over a zone, tank fire all around you, jets screaming by overhead, it can be one of the most intense battlefield experiences they e ever released. I'm hoping they figure out all the bullshit that came with a much too early release because I think if they do, in a few years from now this will be a fan favorite.


> a realistic setting Agreed with everything except this lol. Nobody ever goes to BF for realism. It's always the sandboxed chaos from vehicles and lots of players that you couldn't get anywhere else The problem is that the very thing that you pointed out is 2042's weakness. The "battlefield moment" element goes up when the action density is higher. Because of the large maps, you just can't find it there. And that's the reason why BF1/3/4 have it more than BFV and 2042 because it had smaller maps and lots of vehicles so the action is constant and all around you.


I said a realistic *setting.* Meaning you're not fighting on Bloopborp 9 for control of the moon crystals. You're fighting on Earth, at a given point in time, with realistic weaponry, or hypothetically realistic weaponry i.e. mech suits.


Ah. Fair enough. Yeah, it's always got that gritty feel about it. Which is probably why the whole "competitive e-sport" flavor 2042 has just feels so wrong.


What about the walkers in bf2142? Wasnt that a mechanic suit? /s btw


Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 both really nailed the formula in my opinion.


> no jets no prone This is a bad thing?


yes it is




BF2, BF2142, BF3, BF4 <3


First of all: 24 players only on consoles. 32 PCMR. Second of all: jets could be added with modding, and it was lame anyway. And third: Game is fucking fun as hell and you can play it nonstop. Only BF4 beats it in fun zone.


I'm pretty sure the games with "battlefield" in the title produced by EA, Dice


Probably the smartest reply I’ve seen


Lol, the people on Reddit own the battlefield IP and are just renting it to EA.


whatever battlefield you enjoy I guess. my personal favourite is BF4




No jets 😍


You know it’s battlefield when you unload a 30mm cannon into a 120 pound girl and she winks it off and your entire attack chopper blows up coz she queefed in its direction


Battlefield 3, 4, and 1


Battlefield 3 and 4 are where it’s at


When boom hit wall, wall break. Too many wall break, building break. You inside? You break.


Actually my favourite bf would be a very close tie between bf4 and bf1


Bc2 was more a spin off tbh but a damn good spinoff


A Battlefield game is effectively just any game developed by Dice, published by EA and has Battlefield on the cover


No love for Hardline xD


DICE co-developed so I guess it still counts, kind of.


True battlefield is one made by the developers that left dice


Bf1 BF3 and bf4




The name is Battlefield, but the game is not.


We never tried true battlefied


Battlefield 4


The only thing I find controversial here is how badly misused this format is.


A true battlefield fan would hold EA and dice to a higher standard and not settle for garbage releases and continuously preorder or give them money when their games are basically early access deltas. I have fun taking a shit once in a while. Its quick and and comes out looking clean. At the end of the day it's still a piece of shit. Wouldn't pay money for it.


Any battlefield with campaign is not a battlefield


I wonder how people these days would receive a remake of BF2. I really miss the Commander mode, dropping supply crates on unsuspecting enemy soldiers. Only being able to spawn on the squad leader, and I believe squad chat.. those things made the teamwork much more intuitive. That said, I still enjoy games like 2042, it's just a bit more rare that you get true teamwork anymore.


BF 3 is king, in my humble opinion, followed by BF4 and 1942. Hardline was garbage


It doesn't have to have *everything*. It just needs to have enough of the core pieces PLUS be fun and well (enough) executed. Like, 3 out of 5 things that make a Battlefield game great is a solid foundation imo.


Something that makes you feel like your in a war


BF3, 4, and 1 are obviously the high points of the franchise. They sold the most and had the most praise. Choosing 2 is just muddying the water and you know it.


For me the core of battlefield is large maps, with attack and support vehicles, and different classes that have different roles. So yeah bf2042 is A battlefield game just as much as battlefield HEROS was.


Crazy thought: BC2 was ONLY good because of it's building destruction and a few good maps


True battlefield is the one you have fun with friends and feel fulfilled afterwards Either it’s 2042,Bc2 or what ever Battlefield was always about having fun in a sandbox like environment


I'd rather have no jets than the BF3/4 jets.


I never played bc2, but anything in the bf3-BF1 era, yes I’m including hardline as the mechanics are the same. Those 4 games are what made me fall in love. Played the bf5 demo and hard passed on it. I’m enjoying bf2042 but it has/had more potential.


A good BF game is a BF well made. Details vary. BC2, BF3, BF4 and BFOne are among the bests. BF2042 is trash, but I enjoy it a lot more than BFV.


Heard so many complains on everything that I don't even know what elements should be in "battlefield feel" description


don't forget Rush was a classic


You played a very different version of BC2 than we did on PC. We didn't have prone but we still had a higher player count and all vehicle types.