it's been almost 20 years now and im still in love. who's with me?

it's been almost 20 years now and im still in love. who's with me?


I still remember playing the Battlefield 1942 beta at my local LAN center and being blown away by the fact that you could roam around these huge maps and hop inside literally any vehicle you came across--even the aircraft carriers on Wake Island! At the time that was a huge step up from the small, infantry-only maps in games like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (which I was also playing religiously at the time). I've been fairly disappointed with how the franchise has panned out since the focus shifted away from PC following BF 2 and 2142, but I'm still a Battlefield fan and probably always will be. At the very least, it's been a wild and interesting ride since those early 1942 days.


Started playing bf3 on pc back when it came out and I had the exact same feeling. I specifically remember one of the first times I played it I was flying the f-18 on Caspian Border and did a low pass across the map with the afterburners on and was like holy crap the entire server of 64 people can see that. Its stuff like that that made me fall in love with the battlefield games.


I played Caspian Boarder on BF4 last night, one of the new 2042 maps gave me flashbacks of it, my all time favourite map


I can not tell why but the BF3 version was the better one for me


Bringing back command of huge vehicles like the carriers or bombers is on my wishlist, and has been since BF3. Jets are cool and all, but nothing was neater than running a few hundred yards and pulling a plane out of a hangar and through the runway. Or being bombed at the hangar to prevent air take off.


I like how they removed control of the carriers. Way too many assholes would drive the capital ships out of bounds on purpose and nuked your teams chance to win


IDK, I feel complete removal of a feature as an anti-grief measure is kind of lazy at this point.. but I get it.


Trust me, I’d love to see some compromise. Just I started avoiding wake island as the Americans as more of then than not, I’d get stuck with an asshole who’d drive every ship off the map and we’d lose. I still loved using the destroyers. Especially when there were smart Recon players who designated targets for you allowing you to see where you were shelling and adjust your aim.


LMAO, I remember that!


You're prolly ancient by now huh


Early 30s! I was about 12-13 when I first played 1942.


The intro song was great, I I was totally blown away the first time I saw a Tiger and realized I could drive it


BF2 is still the best and my favorite one!


For me it Battlefield Vietnam


I haven’t been this excited since I saw the BF1 trailer


Like the whole community. U not alone soldier!


Like the whole community. U not alone soldier!


The BF1 trailer was fantastic. Althugh it is my least favorite game in the franchise, but still a good game. My issue with it is that it doesn't really feel like a battlefield game. You don't have those Battlefield moments nearly as often as other games, and the behemoths and elites were two of the worst additions to any battlefield game. Battlefield 5 was a slight step up from BF1, but I'm glad it looks like we're going back to the BF3/4 feel.


Aye. We old farts gotta stick together.


And my bots are coming baaaaaack!!! Whoohoo!! (Because I still suck online just as bad as back in BF1942!) Not until Overwatch was there another online FPS that gave me the teamplay pick-a-role sense that I love about BF. And 128 players? Oh yeah, dreams coming true baby.


127 snipers across the landscape.


Only because the helicopters are all on respawn cooldown because they tried to fly them and crashed.


Hey shhh I'll be a good pilot.... eventually


The best time to learn is when we’re all tied up 5 tickets to 5!


WTF is that? You couldn't play 1942 on a console


Our PCs were the size of cabinets back then, it’s how you fit the gears and windmills inside.


Yours was powered by a windmill? How cool. Mine had a little gerbil that ran on a wheel.


He's actually tapping in both pictures. There is no controller in they're hands


you meant "fapping"?


Ah shit I doooooo


And their.... I'm gonna just delete Reddit


Had 1942 on my pc that shouldn’t have been allowed to play video games then played everyone of them since.


Remember. No preorders.


Remember. My money (don't even start telling me that I encourage Dice to make shit games and get paid for it, I trust dice I want to support them and even if game will be shit which I highly doubt in I will still be happy and not regret it)


Remember my freedom of speech Preorders encourage ea to push out unfinished games with no incentive to finish them later. After a decade the problem has only gotten worse not better You are welcome to spend your money freely. Just remember the only support you are giving them is encouragement of bad behavior. Using the same freedom some of us will continue to call this out One action will continue the status quo. The other will makes better for us consumers


Read the section in () I understand that this can be a problem but I want to support the company that made the best game in history (BF3) soon even if BF2042 will be bad I will support them soo soon or later they will make a masterpiece again


Then YOU don’t order the game. YOU don’t spend your money to support them. You have every right to use your money as you see fit, but you want to deny people the same right. If you don’t support the pre-order concept, don’t participate. But understand that people work for their money, and it’s their right to do with it what they want.


Im not going to. Nobody is denying any body anything This is about communicating an ideal. If you read it and understand and decide to participate then awesome. If you dont. Throw away your money as you see fit Whereas on the other hand. Youre trying to deny free speech


Holy god man. No one is denying you your free speech. Freedom of Speech protects you from prosecution by the government. It does not protect you from commentary and criticism from other people. I don’t see you bring charged for what you said. If you don’t like people disagreeing with you, don’t put your opinions out into the world. I nor anyone else on Reddit can deny you that freedom. So stop victimizing yourself and grow up.


Digressing here. But the point is youre telling him what not to say. He can say whatever he wants. He cant stop anyone from preordering Why does one side get to lecture the other? The argument to let people do whatever they want is ironic when they dont want to let people lecture them


Hold up my man. Firstly there is no digressing: you and I are having a discussion that has nothing to do with Ollemeister_, or their post. We have been discussing you and your commentary. The concept of free speech does not mean that someone has to stop saying what they are saying just because you got offended. It means you can speak freely, even when people disagree with them. It’s not for the pettiest person in the room to use to silence speech he didn’t agree with. Someone has an opinion, I am free to take exception to how they say it. You went out and were telling people that they need to respect your “freedom of speech” which, as I pointed out, is not being infringed upon by ANYONE. I skipped over the hypocrisy the first time, won’t this time. You’re only worried about YOUR rights when you want to play the victim card. You never told Ollemeister_ to respect others rights. He states his opinion, which you agree with: silence out of you. PixelPlays4Fun gives his opinion: and he needs to “respect your freedom of speech”. Be consistent, otherwise you’re no better than a flip flopping, two faced politician (which is a nasty insult). Stop playing the victim card, you’re acting by like an online Karen. Ollemeister_ is absolutely allowed to say his piece, and others are free to criticize him, that’s the real freedom of speech. If you can’t handle the thoughts and opinions of other people, don’t go looking for them.


I dont know how your mental gymnastics spun this into me not being able handle commentary. The original OP merely made a statement saying not to pre order. Then got responded to by people not being able to ignore it proclaiming they can do whatever they want. And me pointing out the hipocrisy that he can do watever he wants and lecture. Sounds like to me the people who cant simply ignore the "no pre orders" are the ones who cant handle commentary


“I don’t know how your mental gymnastics spun this” It was explained in detail, I’m not sure where any confusion should arise from. This entire conversation has to do with YOUR comments, not the OP, stop hiding behind him. You do not understand how your freedom of speech works, or how it applies to others. I have tried to shed some light on this subject for you, and you have argued with me. The correct response is: I understand, and thank you.


Seriously, what’s the point of this comment? If someone wants to preorder the game then they should do it, if they don’t believe in preordering and want to wait for the game to release first then don’t preorder. Either way it’s fine, it’s *their* money and *their* choice. Do you honestly think someone was planning on preordering and saw your post and thought “Hmm… Ollemeister_ is right, I’m not gonna preorder now.”? Stop beating a dead horse, some people are gonna preorder (and judging by the steam sales numbers *a lot* of people are) get over it and move on… Edit: Downvotes but no discussion/response, sounds about right


It’s because they don’t like what you say, but can’t argue against it! You’re COMPLETELY correct, don’t be telling other players how to spend their money.


You know what... I'm gonna preorder even harder now!


I’ve bought like a dozen other Battlefield games and enjoyed them all. I’ll be fine, but thanks for your concern.


I might preorder because i am going to buy it anyway.


Your not my boss.




Hey man, next time you have a thought... why don’t you go ahead and keep it to yourself. Thanks.


Lmao its ok for you to control his thoughts and actions but hes not allowed to voice his opinion Thanks hitler


I agree it’s uncalled for, however... It’s called turnabout is fair play. If he can tell people what to do, so can I. If he’s got a problem wit it, maybe he shouldn’t be telling people what to do with their money. And I noticed you said nothing to him, hypocrite. So stop crying.


Like all good long term relationships, I have my ups and downs. I loved 1942, enjoyed 2, then stopped. Picked it back up with Vietnam, then nothing. 3 and 4 were extreme high points. Then 1 and 5 came out and I immediately thought I was betrayed, this feels less like an actual Battlefield and more like BF:Indiana Jones. I await 2042 with muted interest.


you missed out on bad company? too bad


I still remember when my dad introduced me to 1942 way back, it was my first fps!


My dad introduced me to bf2. When i wanted to play an fps game a few months back he tild me that battlefield is a good choice. Bought bfV, 1 and got 4 for free. Very exited for 2042


Yup, we're getting old


I loved Battlefield 1942. that expansion packs and more. taking the helm of a destroyer, submarine or even battleship. can't remember if carriers were drivable as well.


Yep! Except, now I have grey hair.


2 kids showed up too…man 20 years flys by.


I miss commanders


Yeah, it was the role you could assume and eat pizza and still enjoy playing, then when you were ready go back to boots on the ground.


Hell no, it wasn't just the artillery, vehicle drops and the scanner thing. They could zoom in on their map and actually see the enemies from the top down *and spot them* When a good commander happened to take that role they'd watch over people and call out everything around you. It was insane. The chat was 90% "Enemy spotted" from the commander. They'd put a scanner in one area, then go someplace else and watch over a squad who was approaching the enemy line and do manual spotting there. When on the front, you had every infantry unit already facing you before you saw them. It would turn battles upside down, cancel flanking attempts, and made the game very interesting.


Seeshhh you had a huge flat screen in 2002??


It’s been 20 years?! That makes me feel old


They should bring back manual reloading just to really mess with people.


Guess I'm in the lonely boat who fell out of love after bc2, bf3 onwards just didn't feel the same to me.


Ahhh, the days of talking to my BF1942 clan on TeamSpeak about how we would “own” a wake island scrimmage. The days


I remember playin 1942 against bots all day long. Man those were the good old times.


I never could take the final flag as US on Omaha Beach, I could get to the top of the hill, but that last flag… what a bot-blood bath.


Slow your roll. We haven't even played the new game yet.


I started out with BC2 and haven't turned back since.


I remember only having the battlefield 1942 game, played that like crazy.


There should be a bald spot at the back of our current characters head.


That's a big screen for 2002...


My first experience was Bad Company 2. Playing Gears of War, Halo and CoD (I was terrible at old CoD games.) CoD put me off to other military based online shooters. I remember a friend playing BFBC2 all the time and told me to buy it. I had to skip lunches at school to save for stuff. I remember watching videos on YouTube of epic moments, funny etc and getting super into the gameplay. So I saved up enough and finally bought it. I will never forget the BFBC2 days. One of my all time favorite online gaming experiences ever. It made me a fan of the series and I’ve played every game since. I’m so excited for the next adventure! This and Halo will keep me busy for a long time! :)


Once again no bf Vietnam


Should I get 2042? I haven't played a Battlefield game before but the movement and gameplay looks amazing -sincerely, A Titanfall 2 Grapple Pilot player


Just curious, did you make this OP? Battlefields instagram account reposted it from another instagram (@battlefield_cl), but it looks like that account may have taken this without giving credit to you.


I remember I did a paper round 7 days a week morning and night to save up enough money each week to go to my local lan cafe and play BF1942 on Saturdays as we didn't have internet at home. It was wonderful, I still remember the smell of the air conditioning and junk food they sold.


Yessss! Our high school computer club got it installed on 20 PC’s for us the week it came out and we played that shit for the next 4 years!! We are all still friends and all still play this fucking game haha. Battlefield or die!!


I would love a remaster of the game.


Love this


I've been playing bf4 recently because of 2042. It's lovely to see so active


Don't forget about Codename Eagle (1999)! The prelude to the battlefield series. I remember playing this on LAN. Fun days.


I miss 1942, rip gsa Excited for huge maps and large player count. I play alot of arma3 but loved the battlefield series on pc. Alot of great game communities during them times


Yes sir, been here since the beginning. I remember watching the trailer for 1942 and being blown away. Still one of my favorite Battlefield trailers. Battlefield 1942 was my very first online gaming experience. The place this series holds in my heart is real.




Battlefield 4 was my jam, but holay, I just can't keep up with the more skilled players, haven't played BF in awhile.


My first was Bad Company 2 when the Vietnam DLC came out. Been hooked since


I was 14 years old when I know BF4. I didn't have a PC at that time. But now I have it. I'm looking forward to the release.


I feel this picture. And the keyboard I played BF1942 back then is still the same on this current machine.


Damn, been that long huh?


I am 100% with you Bro!!!


My cousin used to sleep in until 2 pm when my family would visit. He was a heavy sleeper so I’d hop onto his desktop during family visits and play BF1942 as a middle schooler. I’ve had every game ever since. I used to love being able to run around in battlefield 2 and hop into commander mode mid action.


I remember I was 16 and saving up for a PC to run Planetside (2003) (The Pentium 4 Northwoods had just released, so I was upgrading from a pentium 3 500mhz to a 2.4ghz) when 1942 was released, so I missed out on it. I picked up Vietnam on release and I've bought every battlefield from that point on. Battlefield 2 though on a Winfast a350 card though.... that was amazing.... that card was massive (physically) for the time XD


19 years later, and he's still living in mom's basement




I'm only 14 but I still remember the first time i saw Battlefield


Uh, you guys know BF2042 is a hero shooter right?


We’re all heroes, pal. At least the ones who stop whining and PTFO.


You guys are 100 years old? lmaoooo sit down grandpa


Zoomer humor go brrrrr


Technically I’m a millennial who played the first BF 1942 game at launch in college. Y’all are just young as fuck.