Which game had the most wasted potential?.

Which game had the most wasted potential?.


Probably Knight. But even then, I wouldn’t say the game was a disappointment. There were just a few things that could’ve been executed better but all in all I think it’s a great game and as perfect a finale a series like this could’ve asked for


A better Deathstroke fight is pretty high on the list right?


That part was definitely really disappointing, but the game as a whole wasn’t disappointing to me


Yeah it was a good game and despite how many tank fights there was I actually liked it


Yes. The tank fights were repetitive but there’s a lot more to the game than just one annoying reoccurring sequence


am I the only person on this sub that really enjoyed every tank battle? like I agree a hand to hand battle with Deathstroke would've been a good addition but I also really liked the tank battles


I loved tank battles and the bat-tank in general but they did overuse it a little


I love all the bat mobile missions especially the boss battles and APC stuff


Lol me too, and here I was thinking I am a madman for liking those.


A better death stroke fight, a better hush side quest, and Wayne manor plus a bat cave would have made it my favorite Arkham game.


Meh that's too much for my taste I wouldn't wanna be picky


I cannot believe that I’ve just read a thread about the batmobile in Arkham knight that wasn’t just insane screaming 💀 I 100% agree with all of u


Asylum and City were near perfect games. Knight had solid game play, some fun new features and a couple flaws. Origins on the other hand... Could have been a lot better, (not to say it's bad) It just lacked personality and was a tad buggy in places... So Origins!


I wouldn't say Origins lacked personality bcs damn the story was on point and the boss fights were amazing! It just lacked some polish and innovations in gameplay imo


i guess they were under rocksteady's conditions to not add new things to origins. Cuz rocksteady themselves are putting new elements in Arkham knight. Not to say that Origins was a bad game its my second favorite in the series. both Arkham origins and Arkham knight are good in their own way.


Same, Origins remains as my second bcs the gameplay is the same as City with a few things more but I prefer this story than City's. If you are going to put Joker in our faces every game as the main villain, at least use him well. Imo in Origins it's their deepest relation, and everything there looks more alive, like Batman. I feel he lacks so much expression in the other games, not bcs of the VA, but in Origins Batman was raging frequently and it gave him more life imo.


I prefer the story in City. Origins Story is really solid and really great I prefer the story of origins over Asylum and Knight. batman in Arkham origins is very young and brutal and new to crime fighting and we also his character grow after Alfred's advice before leaving off to face joker in the final mission. One of my favorite moments in this game was criminals still believing that batman was a myth and he isn't real. but when criminals saw batman their reactions are so priceless I love it. jokers design in Arkham origins is one of my all time favorite too. he looks young and brutal, his relationship with batman was deep too. In the end Arkham Origins is great and so is Arkham Knight.


Although I would’ve liked more in Knight, they had a lot of solid ass content in that game. I’m gonna say Origins, because the game could’ve been far less overall glitchy and unfinished had the devs actually had time to make it


And map traversal i think is fucking horrible


It’s not bad, especially if you’re using the Batwing, but it’s not as smooth as City or as efficient as Knight in any way


Yeah ofc course the batwing is a nice add to the game, but excluding fast travel. I just didn't like it and found it boring and exhausting compared to knight and city. Especially when I came back to replay origins after AK. Although I played asylum between and even traversal in outside areas in AA felt better than in AO. Don't get me wrong, still a good game, but weakest of the 4 games


Fast travel is also a bit of a crutch generally. A game should reward exploration and some level of fun in traversal. For me Origins was mostly just less polished (fewer grapple points made gliding a bit more of a chore). And the bridge + mission structure forcing you back and forth was a bad choice. If you have such a bisected map like that it's better to target mission lines on a single side so the player can settle in rather than repeating a mildly annoying route back and forth.


Honestly I didn't mind it. The verticality and aesthetic made me enjoy it much better than city imo. I loved the snowy Christmas landscape with the overworld score. Then again I'm biased, origins is my favorite of the series.


I am not remembering this ass content you speak of.


There’s a fuck ton of stuff to do in Knight


I think you misunderstood. I was making a joke about the phrase "ass content."


Sure, I guess. If you wanted to do that, your probably should’ve then just did this: ass-content


No...? In your original post, it would properly have read "solid-ass content." And what you just wrote is not a joke. Just forget the whole thing.


I didn’t write solid-ass content tho


Eh thats debatable


Not really. Now I can see that there isn’t ENOUGH content in the game, but there is well over double anything Origins or City ever had


You missed the joke


Yep! And I enjoy that game too. A little more time spent on it could have definitely made a difference, though.


Orginins glitchy?no it's the least glitch game


It’s filled with a lot of glitches on all of the consoles, especially PC


Not one glitch any of the 10 times i've played it and i played it on ps3


Good for you, but it’s something that is common with the community, especially on PC. I personally haven’t either much at all, but nevertheless it still happens in the general sense




I literally cannot get through the Killer Croc boss fight with him either turning invisible or my game crashing the first time


Never once happened to me


Between Origins and Knight.


There is no "none of the above" option.


Knight, just look how they treated Deathstroke and Hush


But honestly though, that's exactly how batman would've done it. 'he wouldn't have fought deathstroke head on after a long and exhausting night


well yeah and thats exactly what deathstroke would do after batman had a long and exhausting night


Hush literally killed half a dozen people, cut off their faces, cut off his face and surgically put parts of their face on his all so he could walk past the receptionist during a city wide evacuation.,,


Um not really, he did that to make himself look like bruce wayne to kill the real bruce and steal bruces fortune. That's exactly what he was doing in city and in knight he just saw it as the best opportunity to do it, and then batman stopped him. His WHOLE plan has to make himself look like bruce the whole time not to "walk past the receptionist during a city wide evacuation" he was trying to steal bruce waynes life


Everytime I replay it, the speed at which he can type a few keys and transfer *all the money* always makes me laugh


Trying to steal his money not his life. He could have literally done what he did without killing 6 people.


Well yes but actually no, he did steal bruces face and tried to kill bruce aka assume his identity


you just said exactly what he just said


that makes me think the batmobile has a nice comfy sofa in it next to a fire


Do you really think that Deathstroke, one of the strongest, smartest, and most resilient assassins in the world, would leave himself completely open to being taken down by Batman without a fight after years of preparing for their rematch?


He did not just leave himself wide open lmao. I think you forgout about the fact that he got bombarded with rockets by batman. No matter if he was sitting in a tank, that’s definetely painful and exhausting


Knight alone for the Deathstroke encounter, two of the bests martial artists in the DC universe and the shoot each other with tanks.


I hate in Knight that you can’t slide to push open wall vents. I loved doing that in origins


You van do that but not on every vent


The Deathstroke fight, the Arkham knight, most of the side missions.


Origins: Black mask could have been a very interesting main villain


I agree I know Joker is an amazing villain but he was the main villain of Asylum and was a very important part of city and Black Mask was a good choice to be a new big bad because I remember that what we did see of him was pretty threatening and the fact that he was a lesser know villain made it better since it could have been someone’s introduction to the character (not counting Easter eggs in the previous games ) but it was just Joker with the mask on.


If only they mixed battles similar to the last 3 games instead of becoming batman world of tanks


Origins for sure for me. I would've liked to see them play around with the fact that Batman was still an urban legend in the game. Like for example there could've been side missions where someone's getting jumped and the goal would be to knock the thugs out within a certain time limit/in the dark so the civilian doesn't see or something.


I'd say it's definitely Knight. The Deathstroke and Arkham Knight fights are a joke and should've been better. Hush should've done more than just try to steal Bruce Wayne's money. He was genuinely creepy and had a lot of build up in City and then his mission in Knight is basically one cutscene that honestly feels like they forgot about him until the last minute. I would've liked to have been able to free roam as different characters, especially since you can free roam as Catwoman in City. All of Batman's allies are disappointing and spend the game getting captured to the point where its actually humorous. The side missions could've been more creative than just copy and paste missions with more guys. Every side mission is like that. Firefly has three identical chases that just get longer, Two Face has three identical bank robberies and then he is just a dude who gets wrecked instantly, the million militia checkpoints that are all basically the same, etc. Its a ton of content but it's all just copy and pasted. You only get to do the dual stealth gameplay once in the whole game. I loved the predator room where you use both Batman and Robin but that literally happens once and then Robin gets locked up and later kidnapped because every one of Batman's allies is incompetent in this game. The gameplay and open world is amazing in Knight but literally everything else from the story to the side missions is wasted potential imo. I could probably go on for a while if I wanted to list everything I thought could be better


Who voted for city and asylum


Arkham Knight had the most wasted potential and it's still leagues ahead of the other games. It was too ambitious for its own good but what ambition was met did so completely and successfully. The best Arkham Game that could only go from masterpiece to complete gaming perfection. From a 9.5/10 to *THE* 10/10 game.


that fucking ***t a n k***


No i saw it it’s a car goddamit


Knight, by far.


Knight can be the best game but still have the most wasted potential. Deathstroke, hush, lame AK bossfight. 5 minute dlcs. But the amount of content is the game already is more than enough.


Knight just has too many batmobile fights imo


I gotta go with origins. I found the map traversal bad and boring, excluding deathstroke fight I think most of the boss fights were really boring and unimaginative, also anarky side missions and riddler collectibles were very annoying in this game. The riddler stuff being much more annoying than in other games. Also the glitches in the game were really annoying.




I’m saying Origins just because I thought it was too short.


Origins surpasses the expectation. Everybody knew that it was created as a big Arkham City “DLC”, but it has many iconic moments do the franchise. Batman Arkham Knight had much more potencial, because he was greater than any Batman game in many ways, but the game lacked in many basic thing that fans liked. I’m still salty about the fact that there are one section for battle challenges and 3 for the batmobile, for example. Don’t even get me started about the atrocious game launching, too.


Origins. Although I do not hate Origins it failed in plenty of ways that made it so Knight had to attempt to fix the storyline. Also, Origins was mostly a reskinned Arkham City, of course there were BIG changes, but the base mechanics were exactly the same as Arkham City, which definitely left me feeling like it was a giant DLC. If it wasn't for the storyline misshap, changes in character models that ruined continuity and overall copy paste of AC I wouldn't think there were too many faults in any of the games.


IMO I think none of them were wasted Cough....Batman Arkham origins blackgate edition cough... Arkham city lockdown cough...


Origins for one major reason: it’s the only game where we’re in an unaffected Gotham City. So evacuation, no big prison, but there’s zero civilian traffic. I know there’s a “curfew” but there should’ve been some sort of crowd events or something. We’re Batman in year 3, let me protect the streets dammit!


There’s a blizzard going on in Origins. They’ve ordered a lock down and for everyone to stay indoors for the duration of the storm. That’s why only criminals are out. The real reason of course is time constraints and hardware limitations, but Knight had no such issues and should’ve given us a fully populated Gotham at last. It’s such a waste they didnt.


That’s a great point tbh


WB Montreal were limited on what they could do for origins because knight was meant to add all of those features so I don't think its fair to bash origins that much.


Deathstroke boss fight. Enough said


For me its Knight. I feel like they should have just had scarecrow as the main villain, there wasn’t really any build up towards arkham knight. Like how am I supposed to give a shit about jason when knight is his first arkham appearance lol. Also the tank missions were horrible for me. And we got like zero boss fights in the storymode like wtf.


They should’ve done away with the Knight, militia, and tanks altogether. The Batmobile could stay for traversal and car chases only.


Knight, they made the boss fights cheap and overused the Batmobile to a point many people stopped liking it. Also, the plot wasn't as great as the other 3 games' plots.


Knight by far. The story in particular was a massive letdown to me.


Knight for me, I wasn't a fan of the way they did Jason Todd in it, he) with the way it was set up there should've been a one on one boss fight, with a mixture of stealth and hand to hand combat


some people are going to disagree, but knight is personally my favorite of the series, but i still voted for it just because of tank battles


Origins. It was the best game and it didn’t even get a remaster. We could’ve been playing multiplayer on the new consoles!


as said the top comment here, Knight just had things that could be a little improved. But i don't think any of those games has the most wasted potential. However, i do think they wasted an opportunity, by not doing an Arkham Origins Sequel. Way more villains Introduction, for both known and unknown character from the Arhamverse could have been made.


easily knight i genuinely do not see any other answer


more than 2k voters , only 100 upvotes , man redditors are assholes , this is why the top posts of all time on the site have 150k-400k upvotes even though the site has 300 MILLION users


I got what I expected out of origins but arkham knight had the potential to be the greatest batman game ever made but they made it a tank simulator. It still has the best combat in my opinion.


knight doesn't have enough catwoman


Origins, it played up the assassins hard with the trailer which gave me the impression that assassins would be aggressively hunting you down even cutting through each other to get to you, but the game barely used that idea and reduced a lot to side missions or under 10 minutes in cutscenes, not to mention having black mask as a villain was unique until it was just the Joker, all Black Mask got was a shitty side mission fight


People who are voting Origins, are you saying that being developed by a different group is wasted potential? Because I don’t think origins had wasted potential I just think people don’t play it because “nO LiKe wB!!!”


Arkham Asylum. Now before you jump at me hear me out. This game was supposed to be a game with a giant scary asylum full of villains, and while it captured a big part of this, a lot of the villains weren't even fought. I expected a lot more boss fights (and good ones). We only got to fight a small number of villains and half of the bosses were just Titan goons. And while it was scary it could've been a lot scarier. Villains like Scarecrow and Zsasz (his tapes were pretty scary but him actually in the game didn't get a lot of time to shine) weren't as scary as they could've been and some like the Ventriloquist could've gotten at least a minor part. I understand they couldn't have gotten all the villains but I feel like some less popular and pretty disturbing ones could've been in there. I only felt the atmosphere was scary in the Penitentiary with the lunatics and the Medical facility, more places could've been made scarier so it could really feel like an asylum. Still a great game but it could've been more imo.


It took me years to appreciate Knight. Its ahead of its time in many ways, loading times, graphics, details, and more. Also took me time to accept why rocksteady did what they did with the game. At first I thought it was wrong not letting Dini write the game and made me feel like they were assholes because of that (paul writes the first 2 incredible stories and now they leave him out?!) but The Arkham series needed to end this way. Alot of people complain that the story “sucks” or boss fights, most villains are side missions and more which are valid complaints, but Rocksteady wanted to make this the ultimate batman game. You taking down foes in 1 night. The story became this larger than life psychological tale with Joker and that took center stage to the usual “batman needs to takedown the big bad guy”. Rocksteady wanted to deliver a bigger game in many ways. Took me so long to appreciate it and I love Batman Arkham Knight the most because of it.


Knight by far imo. Its like they didnt take boss fights seriously and the side missions are repetitive and dull however the gameplay is incredible


People are so dumb. Can't even begin to understand people's thought process here.