Poll: Which one of these six offscreen villains do you wish got an onscreen role in the games?

Poll: Which one of these six offscreen villains do you wish got an onscreen role in the games?


With killer moth we could’ve a cool boss fight or stealth segment that involved lights


I also would’ve liked killer moth, but after what you said, it sounds very copy paste of the Asylum scarecrow levels


I had something different in mind where you use a baterang to destroy lights that come back from goons you have to take down while having to watch out for killer moth maybe


Just a recreation of the boss fight from lego batman where u build a big lightbulb


Yeahs that not the same


I just think it'd be funny


Moth usually uses Infrared vision for his helm in mostt portrayals. Light wouldn't hurt him like that


Great White shark had such a good and interesting bio in Arkham asylum I just wish he at least got a cameo in knight just like Zsasz


If you're interested, read Arkham Asylum Living Hell. His bio is entirely from that story where he is the main character. He pretends to be insane thinking that Arkham would be better than Blackgate. I recommend it.


Thanks for telling me 🙏🏿 I'll definitely check it out


It's also the debut of Aaron Cash if you like him. It's where the hand loss happens


Probably Prometheus. Would’ve been a great side mission and boss fight. Honestly if there wasn’t already a bio on him in Arkham Asylum, I would’ve had him be introduce as the main villain in Arkham Knight as a indirect creation of Batman (like Arrowverse Prometheus). Maybe as someone who had a family that died due to Protocol 10 from Arkham City (blaming Batman for their death).


Maxie Zeus.


I would have added Zeus, but I ran out of space. I’d love to see the Arkhamverse’s take on him.


I can envision him as either the pathetic, disturbing character like in Arkham:Serious House on Serious Earth with motives similliar to that of Deacon Blackfire or a more comic book friendly version that would go down in one punch.


Killer Moth, so that he can team up with Firefly and make his Knight battle better


I know some might disagree with this but I think ventriloquist, because scar face has been shown in some parts of the Arkham asylum. Lets face it Scar face is nothing without ventriloquist.


He was also in city. Atleast a replica was


Killer moth






Okay, so here is my deduction. Harvey Dent is already a financial related villain, so Great White Shark (I feel) would be a copy paste with a reskin of Harvey with a light sprinkle of Black Maak. As cool as Killer Moth would be, he is basically just ManBat with an addiction to lights. While it could be cool to have something with lights, I dont think it would be much different from something they could do with ManBat. Prometheus is, well, Deathstroke mixed with Joker and Azrael. He is comsidered Batmans flipslide. His dark reflection. He has a fixation with the murder of law enforcement. Sound like a slice of Jokers insanity mixed with the similarities of Batman that come with Deathstroke and Azrael. While they could do something with him, I dont think it would be the best, seeing as it would just be Deathstrokes fight from Origins all over again. Not saying that's a bad thing, though. Ventriloquist has some decent potential. He is fairly original, in my eyes, and Scar Face could maybe have some enjoyable banter. If they do add them, I wouldnt even begin to know what they would do for a fight. Would it be time based similar to Johnny Charismas fight in Knight where you would need to move quickly without getting seen, or would it be move closer while he is reloading? Or, heck, would it be Deadshots battle from City? Honestly, i would love to see him, but I have no clue what they would do. As for Ratcatcher, I think he has the most potential. A man who controls rats? Original. As for the boss battle, it could be something where the rats form something similar to Clayface from City and we need to find a way to take them down. Maybe something where we get swarmed and start to lose health if we dont get out fast enough. Who knows? I just see the most potential in Ratcatcher.


Too bad ratcatcher is dead in the arkhamverse. I would have preferred it if the arkham knight was actually prometheus.


God damn it the Arkham story’s get rid of all the good villains


Killer Moth is pretty different from Man-Bat, though. Man-Bat´s very animal-like, but Killer Moth´s just a dude in a moth costume with a gun.


Saw Killer Moth and instantly clicked, didn't even need to see the other choices.


After suicide squad I like ratcatcher


Killer Moth then Prometheus


Prometheus, he could’ve been a real cool side mission and boss fight, but oh well


Prometheus would've been fucking awesome instead of Jason in Knight, I think that Jason could've made an appearance as Red Hood in the story. But then Prometheus could be the title villain. I would have preferred that to what we got in Knight. DON'T GET ME WRONG I fucking love all 4 games.


I’m hoping a couple of them are shown in Gotham Knights/Suicide Squad


Instead of finding riddler trophies you just need to find birds for king shark


I think killer moth would have been cool, but now that I've read some comics involving rat catcher after watching the Suicide Squad I would have also loved to see him In the Arkham games


I would say Great White Shark but in game he would be too similar to Penguin or Two-Face


Ratcatcher has to be one of the most truly underrated Batman villains. His easter egg in Asylum is one of my favorite tidbits in that game


Clue master would have implied spoiler which would have been cool


Ratcatcher would have been cool, he was teased a ton in Arkham city and asylum


I love the idea of taking an unknown or lame considered character and making them cool and mainstream like Gunn did in suicide squad with bloodsport and ratcatcher so I would love to see an arkham with this roster of villains: ratcatcher, blood sport, polka dot man, calendar man, condiment king, clock king, killer moth, scar face, clue master, rag doll, Prometheus and Maxie Zeus


Great lineup. I love it when underrated rogues finally get some respect, and The Suicide Squad was no exception. I hope we get a video game in the future featuring those villains.


Join the moths at r/KillerMothGang


Great white shark had an awesome storyline in Arkham Asylum: living hell (I particularly love the Joker interaction) and could’ve been a great extra side villain


I wouldn’t mind some Shark mob boss stuff


Kite man! Hell yeah


Got a newfound love for Ratcatcher after The Suicide Squad


ratcacher based purely on the suicide squad


If they were gonna put Shark in the museum in Knight he should’ve actually been in the games :/ just sayin


Crazy Quilt


Cluemaster sounds like Riddler’s Robin


They’re actually archrivals. Cluemaster is stated in militia chatter to be active around the time of Arkham Knight, so having him be the villain of a side mission trying to stump Batman before Riddler can would be fun.


Damn I didn’t even see killer moth lol I picked rat catcher


Carmine Falcone!


While I picked Prometheus, I'm kinda surprised that cluemaster had so few votes, if for no other reason than stephanie brown


The main reason I wanted to see Cluemaster make it into Arkham Knight was that there were a lot of Easter eggs and nods to his presence in the game that could have been building him up as a side villain, possibly with Spoiler not far behind. The lack of support he’s getting is probably from the “He’s useless because we already have Riddler in the game” crowd.


A lot of these characters were in that same boat, lots of references, but I will say he is pretty similar to the riddler. But also with all the hate towards Tim and Barbara, now I'm kinda interested in what spoiler would've been like, also cuz I'm not actually a big comic reader, and she hasn't appeared outside of the comics much, if at all.


I doubt she’d have time to interact with Tim in the base game due to his role in the main story, but a DLC episode featuring them teaming up and setting up their relationship would help.


Honestly, at that point it probably would have felt even more tacked on than Barbara and tim. Plus they didnt really do the best at including already established characters in knight, so probably a good thing she wasnt included. Heck, I dont even really care that they made tim and barbara get together, so there's that.


Okay, a boss fight against Deathstroke might have been cool, but a boss fight against Prometheus?!


Prometheus could've had a Deathstroke style boss fight


Who's Cluemaster and where's he referenced?


Stage C in Panessa Studios is implied to have belonged to Arthur Brown, a game show host who later becomes the crime lord Cluemaster (you can find signs for his show around the stage) He leaves objects wherever he strikes that serve as clues to his endgame, similar to Riddler, and militia chatter mentions that he’s active around the time of Arkham Knight.


Thanks ^^