A lot of what I do on my amp depends on the place where I'm playing: tiny room, boomy hall, crowed room, dead room....usually on my bass, I find something I like and stick with it.


I usually try to dial in the amp with my bass itself neutral, so then if I need to change something on the fly I can do it on the bass.


I do this on my active, but I'm still figuring out how I like it with my passive bass.


I usually run both volume and tone up full and adjust from the amp or my preamp pedal as needed. The tone knob gets turned down for slow songs.


Use the amp to account for the room's acoustic. These are the settings you won't be touching during the gig. Leave the EQ on your bass flat for that. Use your pedalboard for fine tuning and to setup tones for particular songs that require toggling on a specific effect or EQ, if applicable. Use the on-board EQ for quick, on the fly adjustments. At least that's how I do it.