Krystal Ball: Was ECONOMIC ANXIETY A Factor In Capitol Riots? New Study Says Yes.

Krystal Ball: Was ECONOMIC ANXIETY A Factor In Capitol Riots? New Study Says Yes.


IMHO, economic anxiety is the core animating element to Trumpism. However its followers have been successfully programmed to believe that anything remotely resembling socialism is heresy and that economic policies which enable corporations and the rich to accumulate wealth benefit them. They've also been convinced that the reasons for their economic anxiety are driven by minorities -- favoritism in hiring, welfare payments, and criminal behavior. Trump also capitalized on a false model of economic recovery that would benefit blue collar workers by somehow returning the high-wage, low-skill manufacturing jobs that had been lost. I admit to being kind of surprised that as his Presidency wore on and Trump most decided that going all-in on pro-corporate/pro-wealthy tax cuts and economic policies that he managed to keep the support he had based mostly on racism and trolling liberals. I still wonder to this day what would have happened if 2016 had been Bernie vs. Trump and can't shake my feeling that Bernie's economic policies would have pulled in enough blue collar Trumpers to win the election. Plus he wasn't associated with the kind of pro-capitalist globalism that Hillary was. I think you undermine Trumpist populism by relentlessly pushing the idea that continually doubling down on tax cuts for rich people and enabling massive corporate power is the real reason for economic insecurity.


I think their fear of social programs also just boils down to "Who is going to pay for that" and they assume it's going to mean more taxes and less $ for them, when the reality could mean military spending cuts and more realistic taxes on businesses and top earners giving the middle class on down a much better standard of living.


It's part of the con job that anything that increases government spending will always be paid for by the working taxpayer. It's half true to the extent that tax increases almost always end up getting shoved upon middle class taxpayers because the rich and corporations successfully win special concessions that lower or eliminate their tax contributions. The big lie is that trickle down economics works to begin with and should be the basis of tax policy. I have to hand it to Republicans for pulling this off and persisting it like some kind of perpetual motion machine where they voters to continue to believe there's a benefit to having the rich not pay taxes while simultaneously selling people the idea that all government funding comes from workers. That being said, I think we are crossing some threshold point where income inequality and the self-perpetuating wealth of the rich and corporations has gotten so bad that everyone kind of feels it, even elements of the middle class squeezed by housing costs, education quality and higher education costs and the relentless pace of health care cost increases. Maybe in 1980 when Reagan was elected there was some element of truth to excess regulation and taxation and something to an argument that the economy as a whole benefitted from money invested vs. taxes and spending, but it was always kind of minor, and ignored the investment value of social welfare spending elevating people out of poverty and into economically productive work. Alas, I fear that shaking the weird ideological love affair with "capitalism" and the hatred of "socialism" is a durable and exploitable division in our society for some time to come. But I can't help but think we are on the cusp of that being so obviously untrue and unsustainable that it might stop being useful to Republicans as a wedge issue.


Actually I think the fear of the “ other” getting the same benefits of those social programs is the reason the WWC won’t vote for progressive policies.


Bullshit. Anytime you suggest to a MAGAt that we should tax the rich or cut military spending, they call you a communist. They pretty much all believe that they’re just temporarily embarrassed rich people and will only vote for politicians who promote Christian superiority and enable their love of gun hoarding.


I think all the racist flags tell a different story. It seems clear to me that it’s a bunch of people who don’t think that they should be as destitute and powerless as they are because of their racial status. We owe them more than we have given them. This is also why they’re so afraid of socialism. This is their country not someone else’s. So I think it’s an interaction between race and being poor (lack of power).


Economic anxiety is the gasoline that runs the engine and racism is what comes out the exhaust pipe


I dunno how you claim economic anxiety was the motivating factor in the same post that you acknowledge that they stuck with Trump through economic policies that blatantly worked against them. They stuck with him because the racism and hatred and childishness was always the point.


Trump: Come for the myth of a new blue collar manufacturing future, but if it doesn't play out, stick around for the racism and white nationalism as a next-best solution to your economic powerlessness. You may stay poor, but at least I'm enabling your continued false status by OK-ing white nationalism.


I mean yeah, maybe. Or maybe the party that has cultivated stupid racists for decades found the ultimate stupid racist and made him their god. Trump's the obvious direction the party has been heading in for a long time and he got *more* votes after four years of an economic agenda that was blatantly catered towards the wealthy and powerful.


Cultivating racists has always been the way of achieving votes in bulk as well as distracting those same voters from the principal Republican goal of enriching the wealthy and corporations. Who would vote for Republicans in numbers sufficient to win if their only appeal was making the rich richer?


Yeah... that's the point. They're voting for Republicans because they embrace racism, not because their economic agendas align.


He lies, and lies, and lies. And then you don't know what to believe, so you accept more lies.


I think you are spot on here. Looking at the data from the redneck area I grew up, Trump barely won the primary over Cruz (which is really saying something!) while Sanders won over Clinton. Trump and Sanders were 2 candidates acknowledging that life in a rural ghetto is crappy, and promised to do something about it. Clinton promised the status quo. I think Trump may have lost to Sanders, though that's pure conjecture. Change vs. change requires a decision to be made. Change vs. status quo was not a hard decision for many, and was a primary factor in voting. People like to give rural people shit for their privilege, but that often falls on deaf ears. If you eat ramen every day warmed up by water from a coffee pot, in an unheated trailer, it's very hard to recognize your privilege. Does white skin give you privilege? Of course! Do the ravages of generational poverty, addiction, and hopeless economics strip you of a lot of that presumed privilege? I think it does. Poor people, no matter their race or ethnicity deserve acknowledgement of their struggle and assistance. Poor people in rural ghettos suffer as do poor people in urban ghettos. The next four years will be an opportunity to recognize that struggle and suffering, enact policies to help, and hopefully reverse the effects of this tremendously successful propaganda machine. Decades of suffering enable a charasmatic leader to emerge. I'm not saying poor white rural people are not complicit in this, but my god, if you've walked in their shoes, you'll easily understand the psychology of it. And if it doesn't evoke your sympathy, I don't know what will. Yang says Trump isn't the problem, he's a symptom of the problem, and I agree with that 100 percent.


I've long been bothered by progressives' inability to see rural white poverty as poverty. Obviously the poor rural white has too often been closely aligned with overt racism and a backer of right wing militancy, but IMHO these have always mostly been a function of economics and manipulation by the political process. It's entirely unhelpful to essentially retaliate with claims of "privilege" -- even if you have a blue collar job in rural America, you don't have any real privilege -- you're at the mercy most likely of a single employer and you face many of the same issues as other people. Priced out of healthcare and higher education, suffering with underfunded public education and most of the same social malaise found in urban areas, just slightly different: drug addiction and trafficking, and some level of violent crime. I kind of hope that the success Sanders had with his economically focused message has taught lessons to progressives generally. If you don't also inspire blue collar whites with a message of economic change, you leave them vulnerable to the pandering and manipulation of Republicans and right wing movements only perpetuating other problems like racism.




Demographics, no; but policies, yes. I'd love to have a female president, but not Hillary Clinton. Not Ivanka Trump.


Weimar conditions lead to Weimar results


I found [Innuendo Studios](https://youtu.be/agzNANfNlTs) hypothesis more compelling. A quick summary, conservatives are motivated by a hidden social hierarchy. They act to maintain that hierarchy. Unsurprisingly they're higher then the outersider groups. Note that to conservatives, they see their hidden social hierarchy as a natural phenomenon, that it's revealed by how wealthy you are. That is they view their made up hierarchy as not an human invention but as a natural law. This is why psychology and sociology are attacked. These sciences often contradicts their social theories. I will emphasize that this is a made up hierarchy. And that conservatives will rearrange it to suit their purposes. Moving on.. When liberals make policy conservatives see us as undermining their social hierarchy. This is because our policies don't care about their hierarchy. Their anxiety is that someone other then themselves would benefit more. Thus move up in the social hierarchy. Racism is part of their social hierarchy. They view the poorest white man as better then any black person. Thus when liberal policy helps blacks people it's viewed as betraying white people. The hope for basic income was that it applies equally, thus shouldn't matter.


The Alt-Right Playbook is so good


This is largely nonsensical excuse making. The reason these people went to overthrow their govt is because they were lied to, repeatedly for a long period of time about how if their demi-god didn't win, it HAD to have been rigged. Then when he lost, him and his sycophants doubled down on the big lie which caused these 'economically anxious' people to attempt an insurrection against their own govt. Their economics is just a convenient excuse for their anger issues, inability to think critically and penchant for authoritarianism.


I dunno man. Economic hardship often precedes authoritarianism. WWII was a good example of this with Hitler and having poor people hate the economically successful Jews. Studies show people who are in economic hardship already have impaired decision making. Most of the stuff you mentioned seems to me to be a combination of anxiety and anger (over job losses, falling from middle class to lower class, declining wealth etc) and more importantly propaganda saying “it’s THOSE peoples fault!”


Would the capitol riots have happened without the former president and other elected leaders lying about a 'stolen/rigged election'? I'm deeply skeptical.


if your poor, you make more dumb decisions. if your dumb, you are more easily manipulated. this is a huge factor.


> if your poor, you make more dumb decisions. I think you need a broader brush.


No. Can we stop pretending that these people aren't just hateful assholes? They've always been here regardless of the economic situation


Trump capitalised on the economy anxiety same as Brexit in the uk. Scared and or desperate people are easy to manipulate. History has shown this time and again.


Anyone have a link to the study referenced? I don't have patience for videos that scream things in brightly-colored ALLCAPS.


So basically, these people could team up with #OccupyWallStreet and try to fight for something good.


Why do you think the corporate oligarchy is keeping them apart? If the wires ever cross and socialists ally with christians the revolution will be unstoppable.




The funniest thing about trumpism is that they all think trump and republican politicians were anything but the reason they have economic anxiety.


If your name was Krystal Ball, why the hell would you want your segment to be called "On my radar"? Why not "Looks into..." or "Peering deeper" or some sort of analogy like that, instead of mixing analogies?


Fuck this apologist horseshit.