The both feature that guy from that episode of Law & Order SVU (Henry Winkler)


When I first started watching Barry I didn't know Henry was in it so when he showed up I exclaimed out loud "It's Henry Winkler, famous for his guest role on Law & Order Special Victims Unit!"


Really? What episode of Barry does he show up in I love that episode


Both are some of my all time favorite series of all time


I love both shows, and especially how they write characters. All of the characters are human, they all make mistakes and make stupid decisions that make their lives worse, even when the "correct" option is obvious. It makes the shows and characters seem much more realistic, even when the settings or situations might not be. I also appreciate how they show that forgiveness and redemption aren't easy or obtainable in a simple way, if at all, and that people are well within their rights to choose not to forgive characters for their actions.


Spot on with the last points- saw it this season with Gene and Annie just like Bojack and Herb


My favorite parts of Bojack were probably the Herb scene and (spoilers for season 5) Holly choosing to cut him out of her life. I really like seeing those same ideas explored with Gene and Sally this season of Barry. Of course Sally chooses to go back to Barry after flipping out, but that's a whole other issue


Glad I’m not the only one who was noticing this. Both shows are very, very dark comedies that satirize Hollywood, and feature surreal and dramatic elements. With these two series being some of my all time shows, I may have found my tv niche lul.


Bojack really hit on the idea that wanting to change is not enough, you have to also stop your destructive behavior. Bojack was really true to my personal experience with narcissists. I think the same concept is present in Barry, though I think because Barry has mostly kept his wrongdoing a secret so far, very few characters have had the opportunity to pointedly tell Barry that he can't be a good guy until he stops doing all the murders and cover ups and other psycho stuff. Albert and Gene sort of got there this season


Noho Hank is Princess Caroline


NoHo Hank is Mr. Peanutbutter. Overly enthusiastic acquaintance who thinks the two are much closer than they actually are.


Hank, wearing disguise in LuluLemon: What is this, classic crossover episode? Barry: that's not a crossover episode, what the fuck are you doing here! Hank: I'm pretty sure it is crossover episode


Not Diane?


I think Sally is definitely Diane. Diane is all about projecting her insecurity in the form of baseless superiority. Sally was painfully that at the start of the show - labeling others as a way to promote her idea of herself. I'd guess Hank is more like Princess Caroline -- work acquaintance with blurred lines, positive but occasionally good for a tough-love pep talk, and pushing himself perhaps too far for the ones he loves.


Fan reaction to Diane is very similar to fan reaction to Sally too


As awesome as Diane is, NoHo Hank lacks that sense of doom that seems to seep into Diane’s self-esteem. I feel that Rabbitowitz is more alike to Hank, or even Stefani Stilton for being a tad out of touch and silly.


There are some similarities between Bojack and Barry, although we don't know much about Barry's childhood like if he was abused by his parents as a child like Bojack was. I think it would be interesting if we get to know about his childhood and youth in season 4.


Barry is an amazing show but Bojack Horseman is the absolute GOAT.




Bojack was pretty good but honestly after he molested that high schooler I really just had to stop watching He was kind of just an irredeemable piece of shit and although I know it's fictional that just made me not care what happens to him after that. Don't get me wrong Barry is a pretty big sack of shit himself but I feel with his murdering and the dark humor there's a little bit more suspension of disbelief or cognitive dissonance. Don't think the show would have quite the same effect if he was out there sexually assaulting people.


>Don't get me wrong Barry is a pretty big sack of shit himself but I feel with his murdering and the dark humor there's a little bit more suspension of disbelief or cognitive dissonance. Don't think the show would have quite the same effect if he was out there sexually assaulting people. It's interesting that in your mind, sexual assault is irredeemable but murder you can come back from.


I'm talking about in fantasy TV land. Like it's interesting to watch Dexter a serial killer but if he was a serial rapist the show wouldn't have the same effect. Or how I don't have a problem watching Darth Vader blow up a planet of billions or slaughter younglings but if he was sexually assaulting pre teens.... again the suspension of disbelief.


>I'm talking about in fantasy TV land. Like it's interesting to watch Dexter a serial killer but if he was a serial rapist the show wouldn't have the same effect. Yeah, but you're talking about redemption. What Barry has done is infinitely worse than what Bojack ever did. Neither is very redeemable, so I guess it's just semantics, but Bojack is the lesser of two evils.


In the real world yes a 50+ year old making out with a highschooler (Bojack) is more redeemable than a mass murderer (Barry). But again for a TV show I find a character like Barry more interesting. Also I never said Barry was redeemable I said I'd rather watch a TV show about a POS who's an assassin than someone like Bojack. Now that doesn't mean Bojack Horseman the show is bad or anything. It's an amazing show. Just me personally BoJack got to a point where I just got no enjoyment or interest in watching him.


I know exactly what you mean. I enjoyed the heck out of the first couple of seasons of Bojack, but by the end I had absolutely no interest in what happened to that character. His relentless self destruction became just tiresome. I still want to know what Barry will do next, and that's why I watch, but I can't imagine any sort of redemption for the character.


Patriot has a very similar feel, too.


I've been trying to remember the name of that show for two weeks now. Thank you so much!


You're right, it is cool


My partner said this!! I agree


You're definitely onto something. They are both shows about a titular character whos arc takes them to darker and darker places, challenging the viewer's feelings on these protagonists along the way while begging the question, can they change? Can *people* change? Plus both shows explore one of the same themes: trauma. Specifically the cycle of trauma and how it spreads and the patterns of behavior it causes. Maybe we'll only see those similarities grow stronger in season 4.


They both show trauma. One does it responsibility. One doesn't.


Which is which?


Barry shows truama with little to no set up or follow through. So Barry is the one. I can explain set up and follow through if you like but just keep in mind that just because you can handle watching visuals of trauma without the need of a setup and a responsible follow through. There are a ton of research that indicates the sort of damage that can be done. I'm sure the producers don't mind and I get why. I'm just against it sort of like a vegan. Thanks for the question.


Both have heavy influences from The Sopranos


Oh absolutely. They share I'm common HOW DAMN HARD IT IS FOR ME TO GET PEOPLE TO WATCH THEM. I swear everyone, they are 2 of the best TV shows in existence. 😭


Yes!! I've been thinking the same thing this whole season especially. Super similar character development themes and use of comedy to allow the show to get to really dark places while still being enjoyable. And this season of Barry was very similar to the final season of Bojack where everything is catching up to him and we don't even know what's gonna take him down first, but we've seen enough of his character that we're no longer fully rooting for him (even if he is still sympathetic enough for us to be invested in him as a character). In both shows, it takes incredibly smart and nuanced writing to put the majority of the audience in a place where we want Bojack/Barry to see real accountability - yet we also still feel some semblance of attachment to the character and don't want to believe they're wholly evil. We're simultaneously rooting for their redemption and for them to be held accountable for their actions.