Barto's election




This prevents the Barto era so yep.


This is an extremely pivotal one


Bartomeu's father having access to a condom on that one fateful night all those years ago.


Also Rosell


Pep staying at Barca much longer, if not to this day. It's a shame that he's spent more time at City than with us, and I definitely think we would've won a few more UCLs and league titles than we already did.


Pep left because of Sandro rosell, same as Txiqui Bergistain


I keep hearing this but it's not like he'd come back. I think there's more to it than that.


Those are facts man, bartomeu is the same as rosell so obviously he’d never come back, Luis Enrique left because of that to, he wanted to make a cleaning in that dressing room and barto didn’t let him, instead gave the power to the players, hire Valverde and that’s how it went for us with a vicious squad that didn’t respect the coach, the staff, that didn’t train and work and those are the results. Now we have a strong president, a strong board that works side by side with the coach and plan together, listening to him and giving him the confidence that any coach needs


Yea and my point is Pep isn't coming back, not even to work for Laporta. I think he left for good.


The fact that pep had a world class team including a 24 (!) year old Leo at the peak of his abilities and chose to walk away will always haunt me. I can’t even comprehend what we would’ve witnessed had Pep managed Barca and Messi into his late 20’s


Pep leaving Barca and Ronaldo leaving Madrid seem to have both been equally bad decisions. Both could have and would have won my UCL trophies.


I’ll name two off the top of my head: - Bojan disallowed goal vs Inter in 2010 - Messi missed penalty vs Chelsea in 2012 We would’ve won the UCL 4 years in a row


Dembele's weak ass shot against Liverpool


Same thoughts here


Bartomeu's presidency


We got destroyed by Bayern one year later… what makes you think the same thing wouldn’t have happened in 2012 Final with pretty much the exact same team?


You have to take into consideration that the team wasn’t the same without Pep in 2013 and also if I’m not mistaken Tito was in critical condition during the Bayern matches and that affected the team mentally


Tito just get back from a chemo in New York. When Your menager battles with cancer don't expect miracles.


Go and compare the games of 11-12 and 12-13 in march april and may. The difference in class, intensity and consistency is insane. We would have easily won against any team that year. While we struggeled against weaker opposition the next year.


Why did you do that? 😭


Nah we wouldn't have! You are forgetting inter there!


Anfield. Rakitic never makes that god awful pass to Jordi Alba when everyone else was open. Or Suarez scores his easy chance to open the second half and we win the champions league. I didn’t recover for that loss for a very long time


I bought tickets to the final as a once in a lifetime gift to myself . Already had the tickets when Anfield happened . After the first leg, I thought ‘holy shit, I am actually gonna see Barca win the UCL’. I will probably never get over the disappointment of going from that to watching Liverpool Vs tottenham haha


I had a friend who did something similar in the euphoria of the first leg. Such a disappointment lol


I'd not even have gone to see the final after that.


Fr I nearly cried when the game ended. I couldn’t simply believed that we choked in back to back seasons.


My whole family loves Cristiano too, the Messi slander almost broke me after those two. Don’t think I can ever get my hopes up that high about sports after those humiliations + some similar American Football games


My whole life has been darker ever since.


So many people think Dembele’s chance is the one which cost us the UCL, but the fact is we missed A LOT of opportunities at Anfield. Alba and Coutinho’s chances in the first half, as well as Suarez’s one or two clear chances. We could have easily got one or two goals and ended the game early. You know what, this game should have been a replica of Bayern’s away game in 2015. They score early and get all excited, but we manage to score. Only difference is we didn’t convert our chances.


Very true. Another thing I might add, while not the exact same situation, is MATS. He made one of the best saves I’ve ever seen in Munich but could not bail us out once in Anfield. So many little details doomed us that day. I’m getting mad thinking about it again.


Also Messi’s chance in the first half


Offside. Would have been overturned.


The first goal was very much alba’s fault when he tried beadering it back to to pique


The defending on that goal was comically bad. You’d think you’re watching a youth team with that type of defence. And against Origi and Henderson lmao


He acted like a scared defender in front of the goal. Looking for someone capable to finish.


I blame it on our willingness to always have possession. Sometimes you have to clear it


If you change Anfield Barto would've probably won two Champions League and would've ended up destroying the club.




Rosell and Bartomeo era not happening. Barca could easily have won 4 Ucls in this 2011-2020 decade with a halfway competitive management. But instead we had to sit thru 4 real madrid UCL wins in Messi's prime years.


they have never played us to win them.


Sandro rosell becoming president in 2010. Losing cruyff and Txiqui Bergistain in that moment and Guardiola 2 years later.


Without reading the comments I’m sure Bartomeu’s name will be mentioned a lot Growing up I always wondered how things would’ve been different had Alfredo Di Stefano played for Barcelona instead of the BS that happened.


Bartomeu election for president of the club


Rosell never becomes president People might think it all started with Barto, but imo it was Rosell that started Barca's decent into mediocrity


Pep leaving. Look what he has done with every team he’s been at. Imagine him with us during that time. Imagine him with MSN


Spend a ton of money, build super teams, and still consistently fail to win the one trophy everyone cry’s about on this sub?


He didnt have Messi though


downvoted for speaking salty facts


Registering DiStefano and not letting him go to Madrid


This for sure.


wow, i never knew this Damn. thanks man TIL, we learn new things every day this does makes mewonder.. what if..


I highly recommend Fear and Loathing in LaLiga. I learned a lot of interesting stories around Barca and Real from it.


Is this a book ?




Slap some sense into Neymar, imagine he never left


Either Coutinho's purchase, or Anfield 2019.


I would rather not win the treble in '15 than winning it then having Bartomeu win the election and wreck the whole club to the ground.


Tbf it was the perfect sendoff for Xavi. So I'm more reluctant about this one.


Buying Mbappe from the Neymar money, or not selling Neymar at all. We would probably still be one of the biggest clubs in the world and perhaps we’d have 1, or even 2 more UCL’s.


Selling neymar wasnt a choice though.


Then you could just say the thing to change would be giving him a €1 billion buyout clause instead of €200 million and he would not have left when he did


The Neymar buyout clause was considered outrageous high if you included the salary of Neymar and other fee's. The total cost of buying Neymar for PSG is probably around 500M if not more.


I think selling Neymar for such a ridiculous amount was one of the few thing Bartomeu and the board got right… How he then spend all that money is a shame, like snow in the sun


Letting Thiago leave. Disastrous decision, he was Xavi/Iniesta level quality and was basically the successor to both of them. Horrendous move not to play him enough that it triggered his contractual condition to be allowed to leave.


Tata Martino neglected him, if I remember?


unpopular one but tito's death,loved the guy


Was searching for this comment. Thx. Most others are thinking about moments that were important for the team winning the big price, when they actually should’ve cared more about a loved one losing his big price, live! You comment deserved more imo.


Bartomeu never gets elected president 1. We never get the overpriced players who don’t fit into our system 2. Pep stays for a few more years 3. We have a coherent plan sportingly and economically 4. so we take full advantage of Messi’s peak 5. Profit… We get players that we need and fit into our system without wasting all the money


Pep leaved under Rosell, 2 years before Bartomeu took over from Rosell. Agree with your points though.


Tell Johan to quit smoking in 1969


I would probably say Neymar has a higher clause than €222m. If Neymar stays, Barto doesn’t panic buy, and maybe the team invests in other positions instead of overspending to replace Neymar. This is a big maybe but one I often think about. Barça had opportunities to win another treble in 2018 and 2019. I believe Barça could have won at least one more UCL with Neymar. He’s exactly what the team needed in those two collapses. Just a goal would have changed everything.


Lets be honest no sane person thought anyone would pay 222 million for one player


man, this is very sad to read but u are right.


Benedito's vote of no confidence in 2017 actually going through. Can't really speak to the details of our history before 2014 though.


We keep Di Stefano


everyone has been mentioning him, i learned today that we had the chance to keep him but he went to madrid i must have written this incorrectly because i do not know the full story can u please explain this.. he is one of their best legends, how it would have impacted us back then and maybe now?


For instance he was one of the reasons Madrid won 5 european cups in a row back in the day. He was going to sign for us but Franco’s regime influenced the signing as rumors say, so he would stay 1 season at Madrid and then 1 at Barcelona or something starting with RMA obviously, which he ended up staying.


>so he would stay 1 season at Madrid and then 1 at Barcelona Barca rejected that proposal I think. That's why he permanently moved to Real


Inter 2010


Bartomeu doesn't become president. He's the first domino in our downfall


The first domino is actually Sandro rosell in 2010


Dembele's miss against Liverpool that would have been a UCL title right there.


Liverpool still scored 4 goals at Anfield. What could've stopped them from scoring 5? I don't get why people still blame Dembele for our loss when it shouldve been our defense who stepped up or should've killed the game at Anfield from all of Messis created chances


we all know that 4-0 comebacks are impossible in the Champions League…people who still blame Dembele are just agenda driven or didn’t watch the match at Anfield.


>we all know that 4-0 comebacks are impossible in the Champions League A certain something happened in 2017 that you may know of But tbf you would have to shit the bed really hard for something like that to happen.


Coutinho, with that money we could have afforded a much better player, and Liverpool 2019 wouldn’t have happened


Competent presidents.Messi could’ve won so much with Barca. If any other club had such incompetence, they would’ve gotten liquidated.


Bartomeu getting elected as president


Barca beating Liverpool and going on to win our 6th UCL against Tottenham.




Panic buying Coutinho


If I recall it wasn’t a panic purchase because supposedly he was bought to replace the aging Don Andres. Did Barça overpay? Yes.


He was a #10 that we splashed 150M with no plans to play him in his best position. That sounds like panic to me. I originally bought that Iniesta line too but that was also panic induced


How was it panic induced? We bought Dembele to replace Neymar. Then Coutinho to replace Iniesta. Then Dembele got injured and Coutinho had to replace Dembele. We couldn’t sign Coutinho in Summer and even waited till winter. Coutinho wasn’t a panic buy. Buying a 10 and planning to play him as an interior isn’t such a disastrous idea. Football is replete with examples of such. KDB, Silva, even Pedri. The man just couldn’t fit in here, it was not a panic buy.






Neymar leaving. It all started going downhill from there.


Bart signing and 2018-19 UCL exits. Choked 2 leads


Bartomeu becomes a cashier at Aldi instead of president at Barca


I would rewrite the way we spend the neymar money.


Election of Bartomeu


Neymar's sale to Paris. Not that I missed Neymar that much. It was just just that every other transfer afterwards was either overpriced, bad fit or wrong overall and it played a major role to our current financial situation


Away game at Sevilla in March (I think) 2007, a win makes it a 10 point lead over Madrid. Up 1-0, Sevilla red card and a penalty for Barca... penalty missed, game lost 2-1. Sends the team into a spiral and you know the rest: multiple Madrid comebacks, late draw with Betis, Tamudo, title is lost. To this day, the 2006/07 season hurts me the most as a fan. Not even Messi's rise and Pep years that followed could erase that entirely.


That Barcelona accepted the invitation for the European cup when it was first established instead of giving that right to Madrid. I’ve been reading Sid Lowe’s book: Fear and Loathing in LaLiga and according to it Barca didn’t think it would be a success and so gave the rights to Madrid.


Rosell and Bartomeu getting elected.


1st priority: liverpool game 2019 ( could be our 6th ucl at that time ) 2nd : never bring setien to barca in 2020 3rd : juventus game 2017 ( made us lose neymar and spend a lot more on coutinho and griezmann and dembele ) 4th : roma 2018


Not having bartomeu


Anfield never happened


Bartu business still have effects till this day and will aslo have upto 4-5 more years




Koeman should have kept Yusuf Demir in the B team.


Brought in Xavi instead of Koeman.


2018/19 season.. We should have won the treble 😔


Alfredo di stefano to Barcelona.


I am going to say something really uptodate. Signing young Haaland when we were offered.


Better financial management under Bartomeu era.


I’m going to go a slightly different route because my decision isn’t directly a Barca decision but as a Uruguayan and a Barca fan. Mine would be Suarez not rushing back from injury to participate in the 2014 World Cup. As much as it pains me to say this since he absolutely won them the match vs England, he ultimately didn’t play the rest of the time due to biting chiellini. I think if he doesn’t rush back from that knee injury, let it heal and be healthier he would have been 100x better between 2018-2020. And I could see those games where it barely looks like he could run turn out a lot differently. He also would have played the entire 2014-2015 season. Considering there would be no ban.


‪Sub Dembouz off during the liverpool game at the Camp nou, someone could have scored the 4th and ‘Corner taken quickly’ would have never happened.


Having wasted many years of Messi without winning more Champions League. It's just a shame. I suppose what needed to be rewritten for that to happen is Rosell and then Bartolomeu never becoming Barça presidents.


Champions League final 1994.


Apart from the obvious, one that always got to me was leaving Dani go the first time. We never could replace him anyways but I never thought it would be that bad. We struggled to fill that position until he came back, and now we’re struggling to fill that position, again. Outside of what he brings on the pitch he has one of the most positive personalities I’ve ever saw from a footballer, and it’s clear his teammates loved him, not that this warrants keeping any player. His leadership and experience was missed hugely after his departure.


No Bartomeu, obviously.


Distefano to Barca instead of Madrid


Ok, but Dembele's miss against Liv in the first leg of that semifinal


Make Neymar's buy out clause €1B


Would have kept Pep as manager. We have a second chance with Xavi.


Bartomeu not winning is the only right choice.


Changing the way we are treating Frenkie de Jong now. I’m a club member and this is not Barca, the beacon of how clubs run. (Players, Supporters, United we are strong)


Pique never comes back to the club in 2008


Interested to know why?


The most toxic, political player to ever play for the club. He had Puyol posting how much of a club legend he is and how good he is right when Kounde was signed, and about 5 minutes after the “illegal” contract news came out a few days ago, AS and MD or Sport were claiming that Pique offered to play for free. Never seen anything like it. That’s just the last two weeks. Let’s not forget the whole debacle between he and Messi. The leaks with Rubiales and his dealings. Claiming he only was on 5 million by posting his bank account, but having a salary this year worth enough to register 3 or 4 players. Saying he would step back for new blood, but blocking De Ligt, and trying to be a starter with Araujo, Kounde, Eric and Christensen here. I could go on but I think that’s enough.


Leaving to United when Barca was bad and returning when things started to go well for us. The dispute with Guardiola The dispute with Luis Enrique (blaming him publicly for the lost to Juventus and defending Valverde because we all know the players, especially him, want to rule the team His out of football scandals His night outs with jordi Alba and riqui puig