Pre-Patch Announcement

Pre-Patch Announcement


Now I'm internally screaming because NEW PATCH YAAAAAAAYYYY but also, noooo I have to start my bad luck run again......


Now that really is bad luck!


The irony!


Nah its true dnd spirit to have a ton of level 1 beginning sessions before settling on a run


Patch 3 (which hasn’t been named yet) is just around the corner, and with it comes the first changes that affect story. Unfortunately, this means Patch 3 will introduce the first save incompatibility, transitioning to the new version. Fret not, however! Each patch will come alongside a secondary branch which will allow you to continue playing the previous version with your existing savegames, until you decide you’re ready to play on the latest version. Maybe you’d like to wait for a few patches to pass, for example, before you re-roll. Totally up to you! It’ll work like this: The **secondary branch** will be the previous version, but the **primary branch** (default download) will be the latest version. To access the secondary branch, do the following: * Right click on the game in your Steam library * Select properties * Click the BETAS tab * In the list under "*Select the beta you would like to opt in to*", select patch2 * Close the properties menu If you do the above steps, you are all set to continue your current playthrough. If you are unsure whether you want to update to the new patch, we recommend disabling automatic updates now, so that you have the choice to manually update to the new patch or opt-in to the secondary branch once the patch arrives. To disable automatic updates follow the below steps: * Right click on the game in your Steam library * Select properties * Click the Updates tab * Select "*only update the game when I launch it*" in the drop down menu You can already move to the beta branch now, if you’d like to protect your save file and continue on the current version. Note: save files are not ‘deleted’ from your computer; they’ll remain in your folder, but you’ll only be able to load saves specific to their respective versions. We know that having to switch branches may be annoying, but this is part of early access. All the feedback we’ve been gathering from your adventures and posts will go right into these patches, so next time you play it’ll feel like an experience you’ve helped to create. Note: Branching unfortunately won’t be available on Stadia for the moment.


A patch has no name.


All saves must die


They probably just call it "Tav"


Well, it's more of an update, wouldn't you think? So they need an update name.


Can they name the update, Patch?


Patches, the unbreakable (or the hyena?)


Mother of Updates, Breaker of Saves.




I would like to roll for Persuasion.


Alright, DC 13.


I’d like to use my daily Illithid power: Unnatural 20!


Well, that right there may be the reason you've had difficulty findin' gainful employment.


Excellent! I Just finished my first playthrough. I was going to make another one, but I may wait for this new patch to come out. I'm wayyy too excited about this.


I just hope GOG version doesn’t make you download all 64gb, while steam only 4gb, previous update.


I think they mentioned that this issue had been fixed on their twitter somewhere


Yea that sucked. Although I prefer GOG over Steam, simply because of the noDRM.


Every patch in steam I needed to download all the game again, let's see this time


Yes, me too, somehow the game was unable to work with 200+GB of free space, the first installation and first patch were absolute PITA.


**For anyone checking comments first, no patch notes here.** Finally a real update and not some fool posting about steamdb updates.


Interesting! What are your predictions (if any) for the changes? I'd love to see some new classes or races. I don't mind waiting at all, but I admit I am VERY excited to play a Druid or Barbarian. Or maybe they'll add multiclassing with the classes that are in right now -- that would be kinda neat, too. Races (I *think)* should be easy enough to implement when compared to classes, archetypes, etc. But maybe Larian saw all of the class mods that are already out and said, "Well, I guess it's time." LOL


I’m going to be modest in my predictions — I think it could be tweaks to things like adding additional ways to solve quest chains (especially the goblin side of things, since a lot of feedback has been around feeling like there’s not a lot of incentive to side with the goblins aside from just being evil for evil’s sake) and maybe the Kagha child murder introduction scene since they said they found a vast majority of players reloaded and didn’t like the way things played out if you failed the save. Maybe adding more dialogue options overall (maybe not a lot of options, just at points where stats show dialogues that got very under-selected for example) The thought of adding in races made me realize — will they change already-implemented character’s races as they add in new races? Or will, for example, Dragonborn and Half-orcs only show up in the game in Act 2 lol.


I think my problem was that it was one roll, and that there is only the one way to save the child. Its literally all or nothing and if you specced wrong you're out of luck essentially.


I think the right idea would be to have this be an 'Authority' moment. The idea of using the power to save the life of a little girl is a perfect slippery slope moment for morality.


Yeah, that’s very much true, and would be awesome, but it’s not like Kagha or Rath bear the Mark of the Absolute, which allows you to use Authority. And it doesn’t make sense for anyone to be a double agent among the druids, otherwise they’d tell the goblins (and they’d know, because both Sazza and Volo talk about the Absolute).


While Kagha is technically a double agent, there are four factions at play here" the Druids, the Tieflings, the Goblins, and then also the Shadow Druids. Kagha is just a double agent for the Shadow Druids, who have no concern for the other factions. Minor spoilers ahead It's even possible to redeem Kagha and get her to turn against the Shadow Druids.


Really? Every time I play it she ends up demoted and a new, outside, Druid taking over...


I think you have to confront her with the information you find in the swamp area before you rescue Halsin. However, that path was broken for me (seems to be a common bug) so I'm not entirely sure.


This is spoilers correct, but even if you redeem her, she will be demoted. In the case that she is redeemed, she accepts her fate as a consequence of her own decisions rather than spites you for it.


That wouldn’t make sense though because you can only use your Authority power on people who have the brand of the absolute. That’s why it says “the mark glows” it’s magic and makes it easier for mindflayers to manipulate them


Yeah. At least let me try other stuff before the dialogue. Every other encounter seems like you can approach it that way, but she instantly drops dead if you do anything to the other characters or the snake.


I was really hoping I could use a revivify scroll of true resurrection scroll on the kid after I killed kagha but nope didn't work. Which kinda took a little it the shine off the sense of "I can do anything" in game.


This could be a good option. In BG2 ToB, outside of Gramnir's fortress in Saradush a little kid's father was killed by a boulder from a catapult and if you have a cleric in your party you can bring him back.


Issue isn't even that it is one roll, I'd say the biggest issue is that both rolls are way too high for the character level that you are likely to be at combined with there only being 1 chance. Even assuming min maxxed stats and a nature skill prof. I think you would have at best a 50/50 shot of passing the nature check, which is kinda fucked up if a life is on the line.


Its funny to me because I understand its a game, but the comments I see about such gaming are that they don't reflect what people perceive would happen in real life. I guess the limited choices in this instance are bad simply because there might be more ways to physically save the girl, such as the fact that A DAMN DRUID CIRCLE HAS NO WAY TO FIGHT POISON OTHER THAN SHAKING THE CHILD (sorry - personal rant about nature mages that deal with poisons all the time) or maybe a high dex character being able to stop the snake from striking by kicking it or flinging it with a quarterstaff. The reality is that many situations in life are hinged on a single decision.


About the child, in all honesty it’s pretty hard not to reload


I wish they just made alternative solutions work. Killing the snake or throwing it to the other side of the room shouldn't make her instantly drop dead.


Little do you know, the child is a **LICH!** The snake is her phylactery, and by destroying it, you destroy her! You think she's **dead?** Ha! **FOOL!** You've only played into her hands. Or maybe Kagha's just an ass.


My problem with that encounter is that the failure state should have been "are you will you fight the druids over this" and not we all just stand idly by while they murder a child. A player who fails a persuasion or intimidation roll against Kagha failed to convince her to stand down, but that doesn't mean she succeeded in convincing the player to stand down... ideally there should be an opportunity to react, are you willing to draw steel and murder the druids loyal to Kagha to protect a child? Maybe you have a spell that would help? Maybe you just have you archer friend loose an arrow at the animal companion... Kagha could get enraged, kick out the Tieflings etc... The problem boils down to unreasonably high stakes attached to a binary pass/fail state that robs the player of any sense of agency... so they reload...


> My problem with that encounter is that the failure state should have been "are you will you fight the druids over this" and not we all just stand idly by while they murder a child. This complaint though is fair. Sure, I'm with you on this.


It took me like 20 reloads to save her once at this point idc if she dies


Were you playing as a tiefling? I think race affects the persuasion roll on that one, saw a YouTuber cast disguise and go as a drow and had a the difficulty change


Yeah as a tiefling I had to roll a 20 to convince Kagha. As an elf, I think the roll was a 16. Both had the same skill modifiers.


Interesting, as a wood elf capable of chatting Silvanus-ism with Kagha I still had to beat a 15 iirc. Wonder how low it can actually go. Some of the thresholds really are unrealistically high. Especially when it doesn't adjust for how much your party members value you.


Definitely. I feel like approval with party members should cause changes to the roll thresholds. A very high/best friend approval level ought to lower rolls at least by a little bit haha


There is also no actual consequence to the result. You'd think the that would put druid-tiefling reactions to even more strain than it is, maybe even provoking some conflict, but no.


Yeah honestly I genuinely think things like character deaths, NPCs or otherwise, should be tied so entirely to a roll of the dice.


Right? Even when I was trying to be evil, I killed the druids after the kid died and was fully committed to not reloading, but I reloaded anyway. Don't get me wrong, I like that they go there, but it would be great to be able to save the kid by force.


I would love to see more quest and dialogue options! It's a bit awkward when the offered responses to a scenario are not anything like what your character would say/do.


That’s why I liked how Dragon Age 2 basically had emotional responses to everything, maybe you don’t say EXACTLY what the text says, but the emotion behind what you imagine is similar.


I like that idea! When the dialogue options are all (Be an Asshole) when I'm playing a character who wouldn't say any of those things, I feel disconnected from my character. Much like how, if I'm playing a villainous character, I don't want to be FORCED to respond like a goody-two-shoes. Like when >!Nettie asks you to poison yourself. If you agree, Astarion disapproves, and then immediately commends you on being a good liar, at which point you can admit that you were or were not lying. Either way nets his disapproval, even if he SAYS he's happy you're a good liar.!< There should be more "\_\_\_\_ (lie)" options, similar to those found in Skyrim when you had the opportunity to betray someone.


Yes! I have been super confused why al my team mates don’t understand my plans that I am lying when I tell the Drow where the camp is...I succeeded on telling her the fake Druid Grove location in hopes I could catch her out of the Goblin Camp...and then I say “let’s go attack the Druids” everyone is mad but Astarion and she shows up at the right place! That was not my plan!


Wait you can tell Minthara a fake location? If I pass in not telling her where the grove is, she just says my thoughts are muddled and to go sort it out.


It gave me a Deception check that I succeeded on and she got mad at the Goblins and said they suck at torture (aka I got this “location” from the prisoner that I never actually rescued). It said I pointed to “an empty spot of woods” on the map of the area so I figured it was the woods in and around the village. But, nope, somehow she made it to the actual grove.


I can also point to an empty spot of woods, but Minthara just says that the prisoner must have lied, since they’ve explored that location before. I guess I can try again, but I don’t remember a Deception check being involved.


Guess I didn’t read the response well enough...but I thought a Deception was used and I succeeded... If this was not normally possible I hope it can be added. Either way, I am about to finish running Descent into Avernus with my group and I am playing through Early Access to find lore and ways to continue the story by making BG3 into a table top adventure...which will be difficult due to all the homebrew monsters Larian invents (like imps that don’t TPK 2 first level characters).


> maybe the Kagha child murder introduction scene since they said they found a vast majority of players reloaded and didn’t like the way things played out if you failed the save. Outside of cheesing it via Pass Without Trace (which currently gives +10 on ALL rolls), I swear all of my rolls have been essentially a 20-25% chance to save the kid. With Guidance cast...


There's a character who appears as a hobgoblin in BG3 act1 but is an orc in Forgotten Realms cannon. So I think they will insert other races into the content we've already seen as they get implemented, in this case changing him to an orc once they have the model.


......go on


He's referring to Blurg, the Hobgoblin you meet in the Underdark with the Society of Brilliance. He's a Grey Orc in canon.




Yeah hoping they have updated the evil-side of things to make more sense and give you a better reason to use your illithid power.


I second the desire for new races/classes, not to mention more storey!


More story is confirmed, which is great, I want Paladins so bad. Even if it's only one subclass. I need JUSTICE in my life rn


I am DEEPLY intrigued by how they're going to handle Paladins. Divine Smite will be interesting, but so-too will Find Steed and the Auras!


They're going to have to either overhaul the current reactions system or completely re-work smites, because right now the two are not very compatible.


The auras won't come into play unless they also raise the level cap for EA, but I can't imagine either the auras or divine smite changing from tabletop. They work well there and they should work well here.


I couldn't imagine Actions and Bonus actions changing from Tabletop, they work there and...oh wait.


But we've actually seen other classes ported over, and other than the notoriously shitty Ranger getting a rework they stayed pretty much the same as far as I can remember.


I mean, actions and bonus actions work the same, it's really just that hide is now a bonus action for everyone. There were already alternative rules which put shove as a bonus action.


Uhh.. homebrew rules? Also, disengage is a bonus action.. which is definitely a far cry from RAW.


Auras is easy to develop in this game. No need to rethink, it's a "just put it" thing. Find Steed maybe will not appears here (but I still wanted my warhorse so badly) cause we don't have may streets / spaces to something like a horse, and IDK how to manage these steeds in battle, but we can hope! Now, divine smite... Maybe a pop-up everytime you hit an attack? Seems bad but I think that'll be the best choice, I mean, they can make an "Divine Smite Attack" like they did with Thief's "Stealth Attack" but is a bad decision imo


>Now, divine smite... Maybe a pop-up everytime you hit an attack? Seems bad but I think that'll be the best choice, That's how Solasta does it, and it works like a charm.


That's good to know. In the long play, this pop-up still good or it turns annoying?


It's real fast, so I don't find it super annoying.


I agree, Smite should definitely remain something that you decide to do after you hit but I’m honestly at a loss at how you’d implement it. Because the pop up bit would work but I could also see it getting annoying as fuck


I think they are gonna make it a toggle, with hopefully misses not counting towards the spell use. They seem averse to popups, otherwise there would be some for existing reactions already.


Eh, I'd say Smite is easy to implement. Probably something like having Smite as an action like any other spell/ability, but the "charge" is only used if the attack hits. I.E. you choose to smite and if you miss you can still choose to smite until it hits and uses said charge.


That's the problem, like, I want to use my smites on critical hits, how can I know if it'll crit if I doesn't rolled the dices yet?


Maybe have the pop-up only on crits?


Just have Smite as another ability that you can put in your toolbar that lights up after you land a hit. If you move or do something else it greys out again.


I'm not too familiar with paladins, but how different are smites than a fighters superior dice?


Divine smite is a free action you get to use on any hit. Which means you can save limited resources for crits or more dangerous enemies. Spell smites are cast as a bonus action and trigger the next time you successfully hit the enemy.


So a paladin has to expend a spell slot to divine smite (adds 2d8 radiant damage + 1d8 per slot level above 1st with an additional + 1d8 if the target is a friend or undead) but gets to decide after they know whether or not they hit the target. Being a half caster with significantly more limited spell slots the after knowing part of it is HUGE. I really can't understate that. It's common practice that if you crit and the mob isn't bloodied you burn your highest spell slot in an attempt to go nuclear on the bastard.


I expect divine smite to work exactly like battle master maneuver's do right now as they are both on hit effects.


"My religion is Justice"


"Do you let the hag take your eye" Me: "She can have both, Justice is blind and so I shall be as well!"


Gave one to the Hag and one to Volo


I think multiclassing might come in last, after we've gotten all the races and classes and their skills mapped out.


I think we are good on races for now. But Druid, Paladin and Sorcerer would be very nice. Fingers crossed for Draconic and Shadow as subclass. See: [Sorcerer: Shadow Magic - DND 5th Edition (wikidot.com)](http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/sorcerer:shadow) & [Sorcerer: Draconic Bloodline - DND 5th Edition (wikidot.com)](http://dnd5e.wikidot.com/sorcerer:draconic-bloodline).


Likely no shadow since they've said they're starting with PHB first. If that's true then we have draconic and wild magic for subclasses


Here are my predictions from most likely to least likely imo (besides just more story): * Add Karlach as a fighter companion * Add the bard class * Add Helia as a bard companion * Add the paladin class (this high compared to the rest of the classes because it shares most of its spells with the cleric) * Add the druid class (this high compared to the rest of the classes because there are already druids in the game so it is likely they are working on it) * Add the monk class (higher because it is less complex) * Add the barbarian class * Add the sorcerer class * Add more spells * Add more subclasses


Bit much. Doubtful. My guess is Paladin/Karlach/Creche. Alfira isn't a planned companion. Pretty sure Helia is the planned Bard companion.


About Helia, yes I meant her, I tried to google the name because I am awful with names and idk how I got to this name. Fixed it. Also, about being unlikely, I don't think even a third of it is gonna be added, probably 2 bullet points max, but the closer they are to the top the higher I think the chance that the bullet point will be added.


That's fair! I admit, I want Druid more than Paladin, but I am also quite happy to accept any new class that comes up. I enjoy Paladins, but shapeshifting is kind of my jam! I kind of hope that Druids have an **option** for a deity to worship. Heck, I think that **characters** should have that option, if for no other reason than to get some cool RP with some of the events and NPCs. If Drow can >!convince spiders that they're Lolth!<, I'd like my Druid to be able to worship Silvanus, Malar, or some other nature deity. Maybe my Fighter isn't a Paladin, but perhaps he still worships Helm for one reason or another. I usually play characters that don't focus much on the gods, but when I do choose to play a religious character, I want that deity choice to matter! *Especially* if I'm a Cleric or Paladin, but even for other classes as well.


Wait what’s that about Lolth? If you mean the pit spiders, I think it just has special dialogue and makes the check easier. Unless you’re talking about the phase spiders?


You can convince the spiders that you are Lolth, earning their undying loyalty if you succeed. If you fail... >!Lolth hears you, and sends the spiders after you while they scream in rage.!<


Well, good thing my Drow follows Eilistraee, fuck Lolth!


Highly doubt they'll give us a second fighter companion since we already have one. I think most people are expecting karlach to be the ranger companion.


The wik says she is a fighter but now that I think about it they probably mean she is a fighter **right now** since the class she is supposed to be is not in the game yet so probably a paladin. I agree that the ranger fits her more but why would they make her a fighter if the class she really is is already programmed in?


Is the wiki published by larian? I thought it was fan made


It's because Minsc is the planned Ranger.


I just want Party Rolls so I can start dump statting...


They said that this patch is only affecting story so I wouldn't hold my breath for additional classes or races. Never the less I hope they do add some.


Fwiw as far as I can tell the statement is simply that there will be changes that affect the story, not that there won’t be any changes that don’t (plus one could argue that adding companions changes the story). But like you, I’m not really holding my breath for classes or companions.


I'm just hoping that they're rebalancing either HP or Saving Throws to make it so that spells that force saves aren't underpowered compared to spells and attacks that make attack rolls due to AC being lower and HP being higher without changing enemy's saves.






So, when are we going to get the patch? I wish they gave us a date for the patch. But it is a cool heads up nonetheless


I agree. Them giving exact dates for releases has never steered us wrong in the past


Given the delays that happened at the beginning, I can understand them being a bit gunshy on committing to a date, even if we were more accepting than _most_ communities about it.


I think it also has to do with game creators realising how much or a double edged sword giving exact release dates can be. Just take a loot at the shitstorms that have happened with No Mans Sky and Cyberpunk, all because they needed extra time but locked themselves on a specific date.


I'm really hoping for this week (like tomorrow please!) but I would understand if it didn't drop until 12/1


I wouldn't hold them to a date, let them do it at their place. But an idea of when, a range of dates, especially since it sounds close, would be good. Like, this year (December) or not this year (Jan and on).


Will Shadowheart finally approve?


Probably not


Dear Larian, please allow us to climb Halsin like a tree. xxoo


I romanced Astarion and I think he'd be down for a threesome.


Yippy! 80 some hours in and I'm just about to finish my first play through. I'm definitely going to hold off on my second run till this is patched.


And here I thought my 50h first playtrough was "too" long, ah!


40 hours , didn't even finish the goblin camp and save the druid quest


Now I feel strangely validated. Thank you both (also, enjoy the rest of the game! I surely did)


These Acts are so long. I knew I missed a lot in my first playthrough because I was underdeveloped against the witch and avoided her lair.


Nice! I'm happy there's a way to not lose our save files yet. I've been fucking around doing everything EXCEPT the main quest, and I'd like to finish that before I update and try a new run to see the changes haha.


Any predictions for what the story-impacting changes will be? It's fun to speculate! Maybe more in-depth development of consequences and rewards for siding with the goblins to wipe out the druid camp? Perhaps more Githyanki content with the dragonriders?


I'm guessing it's one of 3 things: 1: (Most likely): More ways to solve quests/more interactions with companions. It's a probably IMO 2:(Possible): The Creche: Al lot of it is more or less done, and it's really really important to Lae'zel's story 3:(Hopefully): Karlach: Paladin pls. Who knows? Maybe it's all three.


act 3 :)


Think they will allow you to recruit that female teifling who is injured.




Kagha rewrite, maybe Mintharra rewrite. Recruiting Karlach possible, but very unlikely.


Sooo.... when? :|


Yep, im waiting for this to play


Crap, I've dropped my EA playthrough in the Underdark, hoping they will add 5th level and the finish it. I guess I might as well play it until the end now. I don't want to do another playthrough to not spoil the story too much.


Do we have any idea how soon Patch 3 will release? I don't want to spend too many days holding out on playing, if it'll be a while I may as well continue my file for now


Well we’ve rounded the corner (the week) and are in a new month. If the patch isn’t released today imma be pretty salty; no need to give us more than a week notice! C*ckteases not welcome! Let’s get this patch rollin, Larian!


This! Honestly 3 or 4 days is sufficient. I guess a week because of the save issue. They need to drop today


Changes to spell management, so I dont haven't have to every level in the tool bar! One can dream!


What if the only thing this patch adds is the missing romance scenes?


"Story" :P


... won't be mad.


If an image there is any indicator...Does this mean that there will be a new class too? Since that robe looks like a dyed version of Wizard's robe. Perhaps a sorcerer? Or will there be a dye for clothes? Either way, I'm excited about these changes.


Awww time to say goodbye to my drow ranger named 'F', he will be remembered forever


Uh, with a name like that how do we pay respects? XD


I hope they give us romance scenes haha the thirst is real


I am more than ready to just scrap my saves and go from the start again without thinking about yesterday


Patch out yet?! It’s been a week!


And that is why I am patient with this game and refuse to play it until it's ready. I want to savor it as perfectly as possible. I bought it to support Larian and to see if my PC can handle it (which thankfully, it could). But when Dragonborn are released? Whoa, it's going to be tough waiting then ...


No shame for doing that, but I personally revel in all the things wrong with the game currently. Some are frustrating, but others hilarious. I know for a fact if I had waited for release I would have never gotten the chance to try to make a religion check with my raven familiar to convince enemies that the familiar followed their religion.


So many funny glitches


I'm a fiend. Ill playthrough this game probably 10 more times til release and not even bat an eye


Ill buy the moment I can play as lizard/dragonborn or if we get a companion of that race.


Same. I did a couple runs at launch, had fun, ultimately got teased by the story (as expected) and I've put the game down 'till full release. I can't imagine playing with every single patch, I'd be completely sick of this game by the time the full version ever released.


This is great news! I am hoping that Larian will overhaul the Evil Playthrough, as in siding with the goblins. The Illithid options, the Dreams, thats awesome! But the player has no incentive and no reason to side with the goblins. This Questline should be much better intertwined with the storyline. Maybe a path to strengthen your connection to the Abdolute? Either way, it needs to offer much better rewards. Even sparing the Hag, which I would consider very evil, grants you 1 ability point. Thats better than anything you get for raiding the grove. The loot is just bad you miss out on magic items from the goblin leaders, which are very strong.


It's kind of a dick move to go dark for so long then release a pre-patch announcement that only contains information that easily could have been included in an actual patch announcement with the words just around the corner and then going dark again for the rest of the week. ​ I'm not saying this with any real malice, I'm just lashing out due to my own impatience. ​ Please Larian...


I agree it's annoying. "Hey we'll be changing something. Maybe a lot, maybe a little. Won't tell you what, won't tell you when, but you'll lose your saves when we release it and have to start all over. Which could be tomorrow, or could be in 3 weeks. In the meantime, please play and send us feedback?" I wanted to play this weekend but I probably won't since for all I know I'll have to restart on Monday. (I mean I know I can do that branch thing and not lose my saves, but then why get patches?)


Agreed. The soon tm meme is only cute when you haven't already payed full price and invested a bunch of time into the campaign and giving feedback. Also seeing a lot of people hold off on playing like myself because it feels pointless right before a wipe.


Any chance for new spells like Flaming Sphere and Spiritual Weapon???


New classes. New races. New companions. I am so happy.


One can hope. The races most likely are Duergar/Gnomes, and I can hope we get Karlach and Paladins.


New companions? Are you sure?


We can hope, at least. One new companion springs to mind...


Is it me? It's me, right?


Yes. You and Karlach, that wounded tiefling lady that the oathbreakers are hunting.


I'm gonna romance her first thing


Good luck, friend!


Where did you get all of that from?


I should have added that im looking forward to those not that im 100% sure. But it wouldnt bee far from reality to expect at least 2 of those things


I doubt it significantly there will be even one of those things you mentioned. It has only been like a month and a half. They have stated I think (not sure to be honest) there wont be new companions till release, or even if they backtrack on this, I would expect much later. New classes or races I would expect early spring. Keep your expectations in check to avoid disappointment, developing takes time and the game wont be out till October the very earliest.


Do we know when?


Is there a specific date? I've just finished my first walkthrough and planning to run again, however I'd wait the patch if it's really close.


Give it to us. No one cares about having to start over some of us have already done that multiple times.


I can't wait.


Let's fucking GO! I am SO hyped now!


Does anyone know when it's actually due to release?


The Early Access notes say "about a year"


Holy shit I am so ready!


Wow how did I miss this?? I've been checking religiously every day for updates and of course the *one* day I don't look... but seriously I am so pumped! I've been looking forward to this so much.


Considering it is early access and stated save file resets were to be expected on the tin, they really didn't have to go through the trouble of retaining playthroughs. Pretty cool of them.


As long as we get some certain NSFW scenes I'll be happy That coming soon image has tormented me long enough


I really, really, hope this patch brings the Barbarian class.


As someone who constantly build new characters, I dont mind the wipe. I just hope we get half orcs.


Gimme this patch already. I crave it.


Release the patch!!!!


I'm glad to see there are others here checking for the patch release announcement! Nice to know it's not just me being impatient!


Can you make male male hairstyles available to females? They have so many T-T


+1 I'm so jealous of the sidecut option male characters have. And I'm sure there are people who would love to make a guy with "female" options too. Larian should just make all styles available to everyone.


Thank you! I've been searching for this!


This is awesome. Gonna clear my mods folder.


Hmm, i may wait until a patch after this to pick it back up. And hopefully i'll have loads of more content to devour :)


I wonder how this will work on Stadia


Stadia saves will not branch. No save data will transfer after the patch. Stadia put out an article but I cant find atm.


Come on new class!


damn and i just started my play through yesterday


Im So exited i hope its during thanksgiving or the weekend so i can play all day!!!! Aaaaaaaaa


Ooh, I’m excited to see what’s new with e patch