Mini cake for Father’s Day

Mini cake for Father’s Day




im not op but there are a few options! 1) chocolate buttercream + black gel gets you there with less/no bitter flavor, this is my favorite option when i can use it 2) use either a deep blue or red gel, depending on the type of black you want, and let it sit for a few hours. then add black until it’s a few shades too light and let it sit overnight. some people can taste this amount of dye, but most don’t 3) ice the cake in as dark a color you can get without tasting the dye (or white, but it shows easier of you pull it up!) then put as thin a layer as possible of black icing on the outside to minimize the flavor some people use activated charcoal, but you’ll still need gel and not everyone can eat it


I use swiss meringue buttercream and I’ve not had an issue yet using the darker colors (black, navy, red etc). I use both hobby lobby and americolor. This was hobby lobby’s black :)


I found a YouTube video on getting rich colors without an impact on flavor...make your buttercream and add your colors then microwave for 30 seconds. I gave it a shot and it worked perfectly!


Look at that perfectly black buttercream!




chocolate? or some other taste




I went to a local shop the other day and I inquired on the black food gel they had. The employee told me bakers tell her the key is to put the food coloring in the freezer first.