mascarpone whip disks. I know what all those words mean and see the beautiful picture, but need more information. Is it frozen and cut with a cookie cutter? Put in a mold? Tell me more!


Awesome question :) I made the mousse and added Gelatin to it so it would set in the fridge (enough to pipe). I used a round piping nozzle to pipe kisses onto wax paper. I then put another layer of wax paper on top of the mousse and used a smaller 4x4 pan to flatten out the kisses by carefully setting the pan on them, enough to flatten but not completely smash them. I put them in the freezer to completely firm up. The wax paper came off perfectly and I was able to handle them with my hands to add on top of the Tarts.


Your lemon curd tartslook incredibly delicious and beautiful 😍 I love all the different little details. Would you please share your recipe for the Mascarpone mousse and raspberry mousse?




Thank you :)


Very cute, one piece of constructive criticism is : fill the tarts more.


Thank you! I was going to, but because of the richness of the lemon curd, I didn’t want to overpower the overall taste. I also was trying to create dimension to the tarts.


I understand but the way it is now, it ends up looking like you ran out of filling. You could try using a less pungent lemon curd/custard and use taller chocolate garnishes to add dimension and height. I only say this because i think these can be even more beautiful but i understand if You construde this differently. Either way I'm sure they're delicious.


I would actually love to see a bitten cross section. Out of this world.


Omg. Wow. This is my dream dessert flavour combination.


Yes please! Do you deliver? These are stunning


Haha I am getting my business ready to start selling some goodies, although I’m not sure tarts would be something I would feel confident in shipping. And thank you for the compliment:)