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She’s the worst host too


A real bias girl. I would have loved to see Perez host the season 11 reunion. He would have embarrassed them 😭


Say it louder for the ppl in the back


And Crimson Chin on Season 8. I was praying Perez was going to drag her for filth


thru the mudddd


I did not like her on her season. I found her funny sometimes but thought she was a bully as well. She grew on me through her involvement with later seasons. I didn't always agree with her but she softened up quite a bit later on as she became more savvy


I see your point BUT Tanisha also GREW by the end of her season and that’s why she’s where she is, in addition to the timing of the show and the era. But there were moments towards the end where she was showing concern and help solve issues versus adding to them like she did in the beginning. I also don’t blame her for going off -someone needed to- on Neveen nor getting upset with Hanna about it because atp they had a bond. I do agree that they way she spoke to them on a reg WAS mad aggressive BUT many people -me included- do have naturally aggressive ways of talking so you can’t really judge.


Yes! Tanisha had some great growth on the season. I think the biggest change was when she got arrested and even after all the shit went down Cordelia, she was the only one who asked if she was okay. She even regards cordelia as a true friend. Neveen was the worst bully of the season imo and she manipulated and used tanisha as a punching bag every time shit it the fan. I always found it convenient for someone who didn't drink to constantly trash talk how girls on the BAD GIRLS CLUB acted ... trashy. lik DUH GIRL THATS THE WHOLE POINT. Post season I think the producers realized that having someone physically bigger than most of the girls can cause an imbalance of power. I feel like Neveen out the gate started slut shaming Cordelia and got everyone to dog pile on bc no one wanted to be the designated bitch of the season. There is snippets were you can tell Tanisha in particularly aligned herself with Neveen bc she knew her weight would be open game since Neveen loves to swing low.


I agree with not liking Tanisha but to pretend Cordelia was innocent and cleaning is crazy 😂


I didn’t say she was innocent but she did clean up after herself and wasn’t like Jennavecia and Darlene who were nasty asf. She also didn’t mess with ppls stuff


I've been down voted so much for this. She's the fakest of any season. There's no way she acts like that when there's no cameras. She played a character on a reality TV show. The absolute worst.


i say this ALL the time and people get so mad lmao. that's why i truly believe there are still a shit ton of BGC fans that haven't even seen her season, they just laugh at her memes. because if you DID watch her season, it's really hard to like her. she was annoying and crazy as fuck for reason, and so were her two sidekicks. honestly that season was just super toxic overall lol


I didn’t like Cordelia as a person, but I hated the way the hyena sisters treated her. Tanisha got more tolerable towards the end of season 2. She is funny but I hated her bullying tactics Fromm prior to jennavecia leaving




I think, and this is just me. If she didn’t go to jail - she wouldn’t have the stranglehold on the series. The fact the production didn’t back her up, and let her get arrested has a lot to do with it. She was, unfortunately, a sacrificial lamb for the show. As for Adryan, that’s a conversation for another day.


This is a conversation I wanna have!


She was a mess. I couldn’t stand her. All she did was whine - well why did you go on the show? As much as Tanisha is obnoxious - she knew how to play the game with the crew & got them behind her. Adryan was too dumb to figure that out, and look where it got her?


I kinda felt the same, but I think had she actually just run up on Tanisha then she'd have a bigger fan base. Her weird standing up and not actually doing anything shot her in the foot.


I agree. I couldn’t stand her on S2. I’m glad she beat up Jennevicia tho


It's all because she managed to be iconic, that's why people stand up for her. It's the same logic that can be applied to people defending folks like Joseline Hernandez because she made iconic moments like calling Mimi Faust a maid or like almost anyone from Black Ink, especially the New York crew.


I agree with most of what you said, except for the point about Adryan. I don't feel like Adryan was bullied at the reunion because she went in with the sole purpose of attempting to take Tanisha's role as the host. She was very confrontational and was standing up in front of Tanisha while Tanisha was sitting down. I understand her saying the code phrase, "I feel threatened," to get security involved because I would feel threatened too if I was in that position. Tanisha never went into that reunion with a goal to bully Adryan and didn't act like it on stage either.


That girl is 5 faced and people seem to feel special if she pays any attention to them. Like it makes them relevant somehow. 🤣


I thought they were trying to give Cordelia tough love. I thought Tanisha was ok, until the epidemic hit-she was upset about people getting that $1200 (she made a post about it, I asked since she was fussing about it was she going to return the money.) she was acting as though the president was the reason for the epidemic. Since then, I haven’t cared for her -I just hope the younger generations don’t see her as a role model.


Cordelia wasn’t innocent. And she started a lot of drama in the house even without the Hyena sisters involved. She also called Tanisha a slur. So you’re kinda painting her out to be a victim when she isn’t.


Cordelia never called Tanisha a slur. Only Jennavecias nasty ass called her the N word. She called her ghetto and a slut which was deserved because they were literally talking so much crap on her for no reason.


She called Tanisha ghetto. There was an entire segment on tyra banks of people being angry about it.


I guess since ghetto is a slur. What about “slut”? Which they called her consistently. Where were Naveen and Hannah when tanisha got locked up? Oh they didn’t care but Cordelia was there doing stuff for tanisha her even tho they bullied her relentlessly. Funny and ironic how the “slut” and “ghetto” girl get along in the end 🙄


Ghetto and slut are no way shape or form comparable. Cordelia has no idea where Tanisha lives. So to call someone black ghetto is a micro aggression. Tanisha could easily be richer than everyone in that house but because she’s yelling like everyone else she’s called ghetto. Slut is something someone chooses to be. Tanisha called her that based off of her knowledge of Cordelia’s sex work history etc. it was ignorant but far more realistic than calling Tanisha ghetto.


She literally repeat “I’m from Brooklyn son” over and over. Brooklyn has a reputation. I’m sure it has nothing to do with her racial identity and more so about her being loud


There are plenty parks of Brooklyn that are not ghetto. So again, it was a micro aggression. And even Tyra banks held an entire show for it. So you can try to pretend like it wasn’t racially motivated but if a white person said their from Brooklyn no one would assume they live in the Ghetto.


Gurl ghetto is not that bad of a slur and is thrown around all the time yesterday towards all races ghetto is no different then calling someone trashy. You made it sound like Cordelia called her the N word. Dramatic much? Tanisha was screaming in Cordelia’s face and they kept calling her weak. So because she throws ghetto she’s bad? They nonstop bullied her on her season. She did cause drama it was the bad girls club but didn’t need to be bashed that harshly.


The way you don’t understand why ghetto being thrown around is such a issue says everything😂won’t assume your race but I have an idea.


I watched her season and felt she was annoying and overhyped for sure. I didn’t realize people thought she was a bad host until seeing this sub lol


THANK YOU, I always hated Tanisha on her season and never understood her praise and hype. Overrated af, everyone loved her stupid I didn’t get no sleep cause of y’all scene and pop off. Fun fact, Ty on season 1 said something about popping off before Tanisha.


Natalie >




Honestly nobody was likable on S2 except Hanna


Darlen tho >>>>


I don’t understand how we are judging morals and how people are on the bad gurls club. Like cool yes feel how you feel but do y’all know what show you decided to watch and why? You think they cast prim proper girlies? Most of these girls are bullies. There’s a handful from all seasons who were not. Not saying I love tanisha but I don’t enjoy any of them as people. Because the show was never about that😂