Are bugaboo prams worth the hype?

First time parent here.

Hubby and I are going through the overwhelming process that is choosing a pram.

After looking at a lot of models and reading many reviews the bugaboo fox 5 seems to fit our needs (live in the inner west in Sydney, mostly get around on foot, compatible with rough terrain for walks with the fur baby, large basket, easy to fold). We will likely get a second hand travel stroller for car trips as we realised the fox can we quite bulky. We also checked out the uppa baby Cruz 2, baby jogger city and redsbaby metro5 but all seemed to have a number of poor reviews when it came to longevity and customer service (in amongst many good reviews)

My question is: does bugaboo actually tick all the boxes or are we falling victims to great marketing? Happy to stretch to the premium price tag if it’s going to live up to the hype


I have a bugaboo fox and absolutely love it for walking. I’ve pushed a few others and none come close to how smooth the fix is. Agree about getting a smaller one for the car though - we has our first in London so didn’t go in the car often, but now e are back in NZ with our second we’ve bought a smaller travel pram for that purpose


Thank you! Good to know


Should also say we’ve used ours for nearly 3 years for our first and now using it for our newborn. Still works as well as it did the first day we got it. It was expensive - but it has been one of our most used baby items.


What seats are compatible with the fox 5


Loved the 2nd hand cameleon I bought and loved the new donkey I upgraded to. No issues with quality, and the hoods are second to none. Expensive but good quality accessories as well. Have taken them both "off road" and they've done well, and also do well on rough pavement. If you don't want to risk paying full price, you can get very good quality second hand ones through fb marketplace or gumtree, often with extra accessories thrown in.


I have owned a lot of prams, city mini gt, uppa baby vista, Valco baby ultra trend. The bugaboo fox is by far my favourite, I also have a dog. I found a lot of prams are ok to push in when your baby is little but once they are a toddler and you add some stuff to the basket it really shows how good the fox is. I also found the lighter weight/ more compact prams just feel more flimsy.


Thank you! This is great to know. I’m hoping the one pram (plus a smaller travel stroller) will be it for this bub and any future kids!


Hi! Can you tell me why you like the Fox more than the UB Vista? We took them both for a spin in the store the other day, husband likes the Vista, I like the Fox. I kick the basket on the UB because I’m 5’3” so I need a lower handlebar…pretty annoying. The store worker was really pushing the vista. Both felt equally smooth on the shiny Nordstrom floor, though. Everyone around us has the Vista so I’m slightly nervous to go with the Fox.


A few reasons - the fox is much better pushing over uneven ground and a smoother push all round (it’s noticeable once you have it all loaded up). It’s also more narrow which makes a difference fitting it in the car or down narrow shop isles. I also feel like the toddler seat is more comfortable.


I love my Fox 2. It is incredible for outdoor walks, goes over grass, gravel, dirt, pebbles etc so smoothly. I have another cheaper second hand pram that lives in the car for shopping centres :)


I think we’ll do the same


We have the Fox 5 and love it - it's a very comfortable push for us, seems super comfortable for the baby, has a great amount of basket space and also looks really good, which was definitely a factor in our decision-making. It is very bulky and takes up a ton of space in our boot, but we haven't yet bought a travel pram and we use the car a ton, so it obviously hasn't been impossible to accommodate. Also love the fact the bassinet has a flap that you can lift to expose mesh sides for airflow!


Love my Bugaboo. Highly recommend, it is one of our favourite purchases and we still all about how good it is 13 months in. We also have a Baby Jogger for travel and keep in the car, super lightweight and amazing but makes you realise how comfy and easy the bugaboo is when you are pushing plastic and cardboard for a week. It takes up a lot of space in the car but like you, we walk 99% of places so it's not a massive issue.


We have a Bugaboo Fox 5 and love it, we live on the first floor and it’s not too heavy to carry up and down the stairs daily, very smooth navigation, enough storage under the bassinet, the bassinet has great ventilation options for hot summer days and overall looks and feels like a quality pram.


I definitely agree that the overall finishes and fabric feel sturdier and a higher quality then some of the cheaper alternatives


Also look at the small but convenient details like the magnets for the flaps that open for ventilation


I have a donkey one. It has gone through four children. Still working and a great pram. They are expensive and my donkey is heavy but the amount I paid for it, I so got my moneys worth with the abuse it’s taken from my kids. I love how many attachments and changes you can make to them. Great pram :)


They sound like they last


I love my donkey. It’s hands down the best money I ever spent. I had three of those four kids on the pram at once. With two in the chairs and one on the skateboard (always a fight for the skateboard). Everyone told me to get a single pram. To me I always thought well I want more than one kid later on ( little did I know I was going to have twins first go) so I should plan now. Perfect pram. Down sides it is heavy though, but even though it’s a double pram it does change into a single pram with a side basket :)


We’ve got a bugaboo fox 3 and so far it’s great for us. At the moment my baby is still in the bassinet which seems comfy for him and has good ventilation. I walk it with my dog up and down hills and sometimes on the grass at the park and it’s easy to maneuver and smooth off road. We walk to the supermarket and the basket is a good size for me to fit a shopping bag laying flat under the bassinet. The canopy is big and keeps the sun off. With the bassinet it is a tad bulky to fit into the boot but it think it will be a lot better once we transition out of the bassinet. I find it easy to fold up and down and it’s not too heavy. I think it was worth the cost and would recommend if you are going to do a lot of walking and want something that’s a smooth ride and easy to handle.


Good to know. So far I’ve only heard positive feedback from people who own one


It is much easier to fit the seat in rather than the bassinet!


I don't have a bugaboo but from friends and family who got them I feel they are a good solid pram, however they aren't streaks ahead of other prams and overpriced in my opinion. For $1700 it's not miles ahead of a Steelcraft or redsbaby pram where you're paying under $1k. If you were going to spend closer to 2k on a pram, I'd recommend looking at silver cross or upper baby vista. While those prams are more expensive, they have more features and quality that justifies the higher price. While I feel bugaboo, while a good pram is just more expensive because of the brand name and because you can personalise with different coloured sun shades if that's your preference, not because it's better quality.


Personally we found them too fiddly to get up/down and adjust when we were at the shop (bought an Uppa baby vista and love it!). So for us, no they don’t live up to the hype. I have two friends who have them- one loved her bugaboo pram and the other thinks it’s fine but doesn’t rave about it. I think you’ll always find a few negative reviews of anything as lots comes down to personal preference. The second hand pram market is great so you can get most second hand, I think for me once we narrowed down to ‘these prams meet our needs on paper’ it was then about what we liked best when test driving/putting up and down etc. getting to a baby store and/or baby expo is often great. We also have a city jogger mini (purchased as. Travel pram for recent overseas trip with a few flights and didn’t want our Uppa baby damaged by baggage handling) - while nice and compact/good fold it is no where near as good/sturdy as our Uppa baby. I find it flimsy, basket is tiny and seat isn’t as supportive; I personally would hate it as an every day pram.


I sympathise with pram overwhelm. I was paralysed with indecision. I know two people who had really bad experiences with Bugaboo, and their customer service. I ended up with the Uppababy vista, I probably could have gone the cruz or even the babybee but the amount of people recommending the vista was enough to make me take the plunge after a test drive. And the one person who I know had an issue, Uppababy replaced it immediately. Sorry I can’t provide more feedback - but good luck with your choice!


I haven't committed to one yet. I've spent aaages fucking around at baby bunting trying to fold and lift them. I reaally wanted to like bugaboo and uppababy because we do have budget for it, but my preg brain struggled with the size, weight and shape when folded and finding the buttons. I'm leaning towards a steelcraft mini. I like how when you fold it up, the bar comes higher, so you don't have to get too close to the ground to pick it up.


A friend has the Fox 5 and is planning to get a little stroller for when her baby turns 1 soon because she finds it too clunky. By contrast, we have the Uppababy Vista and have used it at home in the country and in the city with no issues. We’ve taken it overseas and interstate and it still looks and handles like new. The basket is huge and it takes about 45 seconds to fold or unfold. I’d recommend it to anyone.


My friend has the bugaboo, and is jealous of our upppababy Vista. She hasn't said why, but has used ours a couple of times and loves how smooth it is to navigate. Her bugaboo seems to take up an inordinate amount of space in her car too.


I don’t have a Bugaboo, but when I’ve pushed my SIL’s I’ve noticed the handling is fabulous! However… it does seem that pretty much everyone I know who has a Bugaboo, also has a smaller, lighter pram for the car because the Bugaboo is too big and bulky… and ultimately they seem to end up using the smaller one all the time. In fact I only had the opportunity to experience my SIL’s Bugaboo because my own daughter was occupying her Redsbaby Metro - her usual pram! Obviously if you have the budget and the storage space, then it’s a non-issue. But if your expensive pram is only suitable for travel on foot to wide open spaces, and you mostly take your kids out in the car and into city cafes and shops, you’re probably not making a practical choice. I have a Redsbaby Jive from 2017 that is still going strong. We do have a tiny GP pockit stroller for travel, but when we are in our home state the Jive is still our primary pram. We are justabout grown out of prams now, though. If I were buying a new pram now, I think I’d actually go for a Babyzen Yoyo. So compact but has a lot going for it. That said, the Redsbaby has been fantastic for most applications and customer service has been great on the odd occasion I’ve needed it. Edit: spelling


We have the Uppababy Cruz V2, going on nearly 2 years now and still as strong as ever. We walk everywhere so it’s been used a lot, and I have zero complaints! It’s slightly smaller and lighter than the Vista, so it fits in our small boot nicely. It has loads of storage space and our toddler is very comfortable in it. Compared to our friend’s Bugaboo Fox, whose toddler looks like she is sliding out because the footrest can’t be adjusted.


This was the other main contender. How do you find folding and unfolding it? We found it a bit finicky in the store and I was worried it might not last but given you’ve had yours for 2 years maybe it’s not such a problem?


It does require two hands to fold/unfold, but I assume most full sized prams would need both hands. I don’t find it hard at all, so once you practice it a few times you’ll get the hang of it. It can also be folded and stored upright rather than laying on the ground, if that’s something important to you. Ours has been bashed around so much and I’ve honestly never considered it to be flimsy at all!


Honestly I found the bugaboo a nightmare to fold up! Happy with my vista instead


Did you have a bugaboo or was this trialling folding it in a store?


Trialling in store and playing with a friend’s one. If it wasn’t for the folding annoyance we probably would have gotten the fox!


I am also a FTM, and we were tossing up between Bugaboo and Uppababy Cruz. I've had feedback from family and friends who had issues with Bugaboo, and had switched to the Cruz and have loved it. We decided on the Cruz, just picked it up for $999. Also for me, I found Bugaboo sat lower to the ground compared to the Cruz. I'm a taller person so would have found it more annoying to bend down that much.


I opted for Nuna. Just upgraded to the Demi grow after the birth of our second so I can have an extra seat for the toddler. A little on the pricey side but thumbs up to the off road capability.


We loved our Fox 1- I wish the Fox 5 was out when we bought ours because it ticks even more boxes. The bassinet is *bulky* and it took some Tetris-ing to get it to fit in my Tucson and be able to see out the back. But once LO upgraded to the seat it was much smoother. Basket is massive, ride is very comfy. Many naps were had in the pram from my contact napper. It also never squeaked once- so quiet! Don’t bother with the parasol, unless the sun is in the right spot, it won’t cover baby much. I didn’t bother with the cup or phone holder so can’t talk about those. The snack tray is prefect! I love that I can swing it out of the way but it’s still attached with the food/ bottle sitting in it. You can’t do that with the Uppababy tray. I did like the Breezy Canopy but it lets in a lot of light (obviously) so sunscreen LO up. Needless to say I would buy another one in a heartbeat.


Thanks! This is super helpful


You’re welcome:)


I have a secondhand one and it's pretty good, I also had a $300 steelcraft pram from big w and the was just fine too. I defs wouldn't buy one brand new


I treated myself to a Bugaboo Lynx . I love it. It’s easy to steer, light and handles curbs and steps etc easily . Only thing I get annoyed with is the buttons you need to manipulate to open/close the frame to set it up. My bad wrists and hands don’t like it on a bad day. I’m going to definitely upgrade to a Donkey as I want another child … and bugaboo have changed the buttons on the pram in their new models . I’m sold !!


I have a bugaboo lynx and bugaboo butterfly. Purchased the butterfly as the lynx is too big and hard to fold and as the butterfly is a travel stroller would fit in overhead in airplanes. Personally I should have just skip the lynx as the butterfly is sooo much better to fold. I use the butterfly in Sydney trains a lot. Bub seems pretty comfy asleep even it doesn’t lie flat. If you’re into bugaboo there’s a new model the Dragonfly and it looks like it’s a one hand fold


Was going to say the Bugaboo Dragonfly too. The Dragonfly is their new model and designed specifically for city parents that want more than just a travel pram, but less bulk than the bigger Fox. I haven't tried it yet, but it's at the top of my list as an inner city dweller.


We got a secondhand bugaboo chameleon (I think). We were the third family to use it, I think it's been through about five kids and it's still going strong. I find it awkward to fold and unfold in and out of the car but I think that would be smoother if it was new. Oherwise it's great


I bought a bugaboo fox 3 from fb market place (almost new condition), its amazing! I live in Sydney too and got it based on reviews from other friends about how the bugaboo fox does well on all terrains and is super durable! Which is definitely something needed for Sydney’s lifestyle. I’d say go for it!


We have the Fox 3 for our 7th month old. Absolutely love it! We live by the beach so it was important for us to get something truly all-terrain. It’s also done it’s fair share of mall visits and handles that just as well. I’ve never struggled to fold it up, anything white does something on the pram. It is fairly big when folded up but I’ve fit it in some very small cars. We also have a small travel pram that we’ve never used as the Fox is just so good. My only regret is we should’ve just got the Donkey cause we really want another baby haha! Edited to add - It is definitely a pricier item but we’ve never regretted spending the extra, I think we would’ve regretted if we’d got a cheaper that hadn’t been as good. We regret not spending a couple hundred more on a better capsule!


We wanted to get the fox but fox 5 came and it feels really expensive to be spending that amount on a pram. Fox 3 wasn’t really sold anywhere and also at a higher price than when they were clearing off the stock so we ended up getting Bugaboo Bee 6. Got the bassinet off fb marketplace and we are absolutely happy with it. Baby is still using the bassinet so can’t comment on the pram seat feature yet, but handling and folding of pram is easy. I was initially worried it would be difficult but I mastered it fairly quickly while my husband puts baby into the car seat. Can’t complain!


I love the quality of our bugaboo donkey (twins) but we did end up purchasing a ‘travel’ double stroller that folds up small because the bugaboo is so damn bulky. SO BULKY. Pushing the bugaboo vs the other stroller though is like night and day- would definitely recommend a ‘good quality’ pram like the bugaboo, and a travel stroller if you can swing it financially. Bugaboos also have fairly good resale potential (we got ours from marketplace)


My sister just sold her bugaboo today lol she didn’t have great things to say about it like a pain to fold and accessories too expensive. I always thought I’d go for bugaboo but her complaints were enough to make me look elsewhere. My partner and I went for a test drive of a whole bunch of prams at the PBC expo and landed on icandy peach. I love it a lot. I find it easy to fold and unfold and I like the quality like it seems sturdier and nicer finishes than uppababy (was tossing between vista and peach after the testing)


I went for a Thule Sleek. It is a fantastic pram. My autistic self got so overwhelmed with all of the choices, I made a spreadsheet. I went to stores, test drove a bunch of them & the choice was either Uppa Baby Vista or Thule Sleek. Thule Sleek won because while they both drive smoothly, the shopping compartment of the Thule has a zip cover. The Vista was also at the time only available with a scratchy aluminium frame, with possible scratches being an issue for me, not sure if this is still correct. I got the extra extenders so bub has always sat quite high up, it meant no unnecessary bending after the birth and such.


Bought the fox 5 and love it. Smooth to push even on the most uneven pathways but more importantly, the bassinet has doubled up as a make shift crib for down stairs!


Keep in mind that in Asia, any service request / warranty request has to go through mainland China. Dealing with customer support in China is a nightmare.


We started with the Fox 5 and wound up purchasing the Butterfly as well, because we loved it so much and wanted the same quality for shorter adventures and when we needed a smaller/lighter option while traveling. So pleased with each!! They are SOLID and little one is extremely comfortable. Definitely worth the hype.