Pregnancy brain: 1 Me: 0

Pregnancy brain: 1 Me: 0


Done having babies, but with my first I once brought microwave popcorn as a road trip snack. I was legit so excited for my popcorn when I realized I would not have a microwave to pop it while driving. A true snack tragedy.


Hahaha aww man, and pre-popped bagged popcorn is NOT the same!!


It's not. It's better lol


Nooo way! Well except the white cheddar ones, those rank up there with fresh (butter lover's/movie theater butter) microwave popcorn for me 😆


I believe the term you are looking for is "snackcident"


I’m in a hammock right now and just asked my husband to make popcorn and bring it out lol


This broke my heart. Snack related tragedies are always terrible. I got home from work yesterday and reached in the box to grab one of my favorite granola bars. Turns out I had eaten the last one already and didn’t throw away the box. I legitimately got super misty eyed and was grumpy the rest of the night.


I was reading this while eating a salad for lunch, thinking I hadn’t had in pregnancy brain incidents in a long time. Then my friend texted that she was on her way. I forgot we were going to lunch. So I will eat two lunches today.


One for you, one for the baby!!


I did this to my mom and grandma. They were waiting for me at the restaurant and called to asked where I was at. I said, "I'm at home, eating dinner" lol I ended up making more and just invited them to join me. Luckily, they were very understanding.


Where’s the down side?


Relatable. I have gotten into the shower without taking off my socks twice this pregnancy already. Pregnancy is hard lol


I showered with glasses on several times then wondered why it was raining on my windshield while indoors?


So easy to do... At week 39 it's not like I get a visual reminder that I have socks on my feet any more.


Oh noooo that’s the worst feeling too!


Omg yessss- this made me laugh so hard because this is the DEFINITION of my pregnancy! Hahah love it. I can’t wait to not be pregnant anymore lol. Just want my baby, brain, and body.


i got mad because someone parked in my driveway and it was my car 🤦‍♀️




Told my friend I couldn’t help her grab something out of her convertible—which had the top down— because the doors were locked… This was the same weekend I showed up an entire day early for a 1st bday party. Also constantly forgetting words, like “hey what’s that word for when you’re hungry, but for water?” Thirsty is what I was searching for.


I was trying to to tell my husband I have the worst pregnant brain fog and instead said brain frog. I have named him Tim, my tiny brain frog that switches my words.


Omg that's adorable


Today I forgot how to say "fragrance" or "perfume", and i was trying to explain it to my friend like "so you know how we can smell, right", but it still wasn't coming to me so i legit had to Google to remember 😭


😂😂😂 I went to chik fil with my husband the other day and asked if he could order me those things made out of potatoes. He said you mean "fries"


Hahaha words are hard


Sounds like you deserve Mcdonald's! Sorry about your breakfast! The other day I was using mouthwash, throwing something out, and my husband was talking to me. I needed to spit to reply and.... Instead of spitting into the sink, I ended up spitting half on the floor and half into the trash can. smh


I definitely left to get a burrito hahaha. It’s so crazy what it makes you do. Almost like you’re glitching lol


I spent 5 minutes yesterday tearing through my room looking for my phone... which was in my hand and I was staring at it.


I’ve definitely done that before! The other day I lost mine and had left it inside the freezer


I thought I dropped my phone in the recliner and had my bf lift it up for me so I could find it. Turns out it was on the arm rest, right next to me lol.


I do this not pregnant 😂🤷‍♀️


Girl... I've been there. The other day we got Outback delivered and I cut up half of my steak into nice strips to go on a salad for the next day. I then proceeded to scrape my whole plate into the trash. 6 ounces of beautiful ribeye gone forever.


Oh man that one’s painful!


With my first my husband asked me for a can of coke and a glass with ice. I was like okay. So I walk over to the counter (we had just bought coke and haven’t refrigerated it yet) grab a coke and get a glass and I fill the glass to the top with ice. I bring the glass and can over to my husband and try to submerge the entire can of coke in the cup of ice. I said “the can doesn’t fit in this cup”. He’s looking at me like I’m crazy. He’s like “what are you doing?”I said “I’m trying to put the can in the cup of ice” he’s like “why?” I’m like “do you not want to make the coke cold?” He said “yes, that’s why I asked for a glass with ice, I was going to pour the coke into the glass with ice”. Took a minute but it finally clicked in lol that was the worst case of pregnancy brain I’ve ever had lol


That is hilarious!


It's ok I threw an egg directly on the floor last week. Just like that. Wee! *Crack* Tears followed


Hahaha tears seems to follow a lot of things these days!


Spilled coffee on myself when I tilted the mug to sip it.. while drinking it from a straw simultaneously (I use [these](https://koffiestraw.com/products/2-pack-mocha-10-mocha-7-with-brush-in-home-compostable-packaging) to minimize teeth staining)


BRB ordering coffee straws I didn’t know I needed


I found my missing block of parm cheese in a random drawer. 🙃 Still have no recollection on how it got there in the first place. It wasn't even the drawer with the cheese grater. 🤦‍♀️


Tbh, it doesn't always get better post baby! I grabbed the bottle of ranch instead of my water bottle yesterday. Thankfully caught myself as I was bringing it to my mouth because I saw my water bottle still on the table.


Oh man thank goodness you realized!! The ranch always comes out so fast hahah. This is my second baby so I thought that it wouldn’t be as bad. But it is. Lol


I have a million alarms set because I will go to appointments when they are set to end, not start....


Oh man that’s a rough one lol


I have done two seperare loads of washing, only to find when i went to get the washing out I never put it in the machine.. Today i drove past a hairdressers and thought "i need to book in before baby comes"... oh yeah, i had a haircut last week


Hahah I frequently put my wet clothes in the dryer and then forget to start it!


I was driving home from the grocery store and drove well past my neighborhood. I didn't notice for a full mile.


I carried my bowl of beaten eggs into the living room with me instead of my tea. Left my sour cream in the counter and instead put my tea box in the fridge.


I did that the other day except I put a bag of sunflower seeds in the fridge


Sunflower seeds contain health benefiting polyphenol compounds such as chlorogenic acid, quinic acid, and caffeic acids. These compounds are natural anti-oxidants, which help remove harmful oxidant molecules from the body. Further, chlorogenic acid helps reduce blood sugar levels by limiting glycogen breakdown in the liver.


Good job, sunflower seed bot


It’s so real. I am such an organized person and forget even important things if it’s not written down. I told my students this year do not get offended if I forget to do something for you- remind me again


It truly is. I however, am not an organized person and forget things with regular brain. So I definitely struggle on the daily. My husband made fun of me for asking what goes into a salad the other day. I just blanked


I went to the grocery store two days ago because I really want to tacos. I get to the check out, bag all of my stuff. Only to realize I forgot the shells. Literally had everything else for the tacos except for the shells.


Dang at least you didn’t get all the way home!


Oh there was like 30 people waiting to check out so I went home. Made something else for dinner then went back the next day to get them


Went looking for my phone that was in my hand.


At 36 weeks I thought I was in the clear. And then I made cookies and I still don't know what the hell went wrong. I swear I did everything right, like I have a million times, but the only thing that makes sense is I put half as much flour in. Oh well, they taste fine


Tell me why I did almost the same thing except I put double the amount of butter and they spread to the whole pan:/


Cookie cake!


I put the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the cabinet, tg my husband realized 10 min later lol. It’s going to be a fun Saturday morning…


We live in an apartment complex and we have a communal laundry room with a few other apartments, so I have to go downstairs every week with our laundry, detergent, etc., then bring them back up after it's done. Every single week, without fail, I attempt to put the detergent and fabric softener bottle into the fridge instead of the shelf they're supposed to be on.


The other day, I sat down in my car and stuck my phone charger in the ignition. Didn’t get very far.


I lost my phone. Asked my husband to call it. He couldn't find his either. We searched high and low for 25 minutes. Finally decided just to leave it behind, as I was running late and opened my purse to look for my keys. Both phones were in my purse. Must have put mine in my purse and then grabbed his thinking it was mine and put it in my purse and than thought to grab my phone and couldn't find it. He laughed and then I laughed and then I couldn't stop and then all of a sudden I was just ugly crying all over him. Thank God for my husband's sense of humour.


I put my dirty plate in the fridge instead of the dishwasher 😬


I opened my dishwasher while holding a dirty fork, stared at the dishes for a solid minute before going, "These are dirty." Another minute went by before I realized that the fork was dirty too and finally put it in the dishwasher. Husband just watched to see what would happen, haha.


I work in a school office and a parent was paying ahead for the first three MONTHS of his kid’s after-school daycare, but I wrote three WEEKS on his receipt 🤦‍♀️ he called the office a half hour later to point it out and I had to apologize and correct it in our receipt book. He was really nice about it but I was so embarrassed!!


I work at Starbucks and I was trying to ask our support person to restock the cups but I couldn’t remember the work for cups so I just said liquid holders while pointing to the cups 😅


I gave my cat his cat food and then decided to feed my brother's bird.. with the same cat food....


I have chopped up veggies and then tossed them straight into the compost. So annoying!


While pregnant, I locked myself out of my car so many times that Geico canceled my roadside assistance. #PregnancyBrain 🥺🤦🏾‍♀️


Yesterday I went to put something in the recycling and instead put it in the dish drying rack. I'm only 6 and a half weeks in. I'm doomed.


… I forgot my own phone number, that hasn’t changed in 10 years…


Also pregnant, making breakfast recently and cracked the egg right back into the egg carton to create a lovely mess. You're not alone!


Me. My brain is not performing at its peak. So much that I almost made my company lose $85k because I put the wrong number on a wire transfer slip.


Second pregnancy I lost two bank cards in two days


I’ve been losing everything I put down, leaving the ice cube tray out, having to come back into the house 2-3 times to get things I forgot before leaving…


I put anti-itch Benedryl ointment on my toothbrush thinking it was toothpaste 😂😂


i have done this not preg with ATHLETE'S FOOT CREAM :(((




During pregnancy I was carrying the laundry basket downstairs, set my new phone on top as I needed both hands for the basket. Got to the washing machine, in went the pods, the scent boosters, the phone and the clothes. On a 90 degree boil wash.


Yesterday I was leaving for work and I got all the way to my car before I realized I didn't have shoes on.


First 2 pregnancies my baby brain wasn't too bad. I was more forgetful but nothing too bad. This pregnancy though, i have it worse. Still not too bad, but i'm only 16 weeks. I will look EVERYWHERE for something that was right in front of me the entire time. My bf will tell me stuff he supposedly told me but I can't remember at all. The other day i was about to get annoyed about an empty package being in the fridge, but then thought to myself: "what if I was the one who put it there?" so i just threw it away. I will constantly go somewhere and forget why. I promise my bf to make him a coffee and it takes me 5 tries to actually make it. (Boil water, forget about it, boil it again, forget, etc... until it's finally made)


I peeled a carrot to snack on then put the carrot in the drawer where the peeler goes after I washed it. Took me 10 minutes to find it....


I poured unground beans directly into the coffee press…


I left the sauce packet in my microwave noodles for 4 out of the 5 minutes it was in the microwave. Literally listened to it pop open and still only wondered why my noodles popped. I then proceeded to cry about it and my wonderful husband made more sauce for my noodles, saved the day.


I was cooking dinner with my mom and said “quit buying it because nobody is selling it”, instead of the other way around as the saying is supposed to go. I’ve also shouted *my own name* at her instead of her name when we’ve been joking.


I can never find my phone anymore


This!!! Every day


I flipped my laundry from my washer to my dryer the other day and then found them damp the next day because I forgot to turn the dryer on 😩


I think i have moments where i just can't remember certain words despite them being so simple lol.


I tried to pay for my groceries with my drivers license 🙃


Ugh! I forgot to buckle my toddler into the car seat twice. This last time I put her in and got distracted because something in my car smelled like vomit then I couldn’t figure out what it was and drove away. Thank god I only have 2 weeks left…


So bad news. I did this sort of stuff before I was pregnant (yay ADHD) so I am doomed because the only thing that helped was several daily cups of coffee.


My pregnancy brain has been kicking my ass lately. Sometimes I do walmart pickup for grocery when im feeling lazy. And there were quite a few items I ordered 2 of, when I only needed 1. But I forgot I had already added them to my cart and didn't realize it until I picked up everything and checked my order online. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂


I’ve run the washing machine without detergent 3 times now.


I was about to go back to my car, thinking I forgot my water bottle, when I was literally holding it in my hand.


I lost my work phone and searched for about 5 minutes then realized it was in my hand under my personal phone. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I threw away the gift cards I got from my baby shower bahaha. So annoyed at myself.


Hahahaha!!! The other day I came home, handed my boyfriend his lunch and then went and threw my keys in the rubbish. Luckily we found them the next day!!!


Pumping onto my pants because I would forget attaching the bottles. At the office, at home… Forgetting to bring my pumped milk back home from the office. All the time.. Dressing up again for the first time in 1.5 years for a wedding. Noticing in the taxi that I left my house in Birkenstocks, instead of the heels I was excited to wear again. Pregnancy brain doesn’t stop after birth 😪


I am running a job right now at a refinery shut down and I’ll be doing our morning tool box and COMPLETELY forget what I am talking about. Dono stand up there infront of a trailer full of oilfield workers looking like a space cadet. I’m not showing and nobody knows so I just look incompetent. Super fun…. My really good friend is my lead hand so he’ll sometimes step in and remind and save the day….. I told him because I need support while away from my hubby. :(


A couple days ago, I was trying to do dishes before bed and couldn't get the water to become hot at all. I let it run for a few minutes while I did other stuff, and I just couldn't get it hot. So then I was up for a couple hours worrying about what was wrong with the water heater.... I brought it up with my husband in the morning, and he went to test out the faucet and got it hot immediately because I just had the knob turn the wrong way 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️


I completely forgot my online banking PIN, a number I use at least once a week for the past 5 years. I eventually reset it… still have no idea what it is. I also recently handed my husband a glass and asked him to put it in “that machine that washes the dishes”


When I was pregnant with my 3rd, my husband was dehydrating fruit, and I said "how awesome would dehydrated grapes be?!" He turned and looked at me ".... you mean raisins?" It's been 3 years, I still haven't lived that one down 😅


Last week I went to pick up my meds on Thursday, absolutely convinced it was Friday (I have to go weekly, on Fridays, and have been doing so for like a year). I didn't look at my phone or anything before I left to see what day of the week it actually was. I just lost an entire day!! I thought pregnancy brain was overexaggerated until that happened. Now I KNOW it's real!!! I was so embarrassed...and had to leave and go back the next day.


I had to order a new debit card because I straight up could not remember the pin... had to reset the pin on my credit card too.


I drank liquid handsoap the other day. It was next to the mouthwash with the lid off because the pump was broken. Didn’t swallow it thank god but …I learned liquid handsoap is salty yet perfumy somehow in case any of you were wondering.