I feel like a f*ing failure

I feel like a f*ing failure


You know what…who cares?! Laundry can wait. Work is just work. You don’t need to stress yourself out and torture yourself over a place that isn’t your own. Babies don’t NEED nurseries. Your husband can understand and take care of himself. You take the day to enjoy yourself and relax. You’re growing a whole damn person! Tell the world you’re busy growing a middle finger right now ;) you’re strong and capable and smart and amazing. Believe that. Repeat it every hour. We support you.


I need "shut up, I'm busy growing a middle finger right now" on a mug.


My husbands cousin told me that she would always say that to her husband and I just loved it.


Yes. Totally agree! 😁


This post couldn’t be more perfect! I’m 4 weeks postpartum now, I just can’t keep on top of the laundry and keeping the house in order. The only person putting pressure on me is me! I discovered the real house wife’s of Beverly Hills last week so I’ve made a point to sit and enjoy cuddle time and the dramas unfold. The world will keep turning and this short time with our newborns is precious!!!


RHOBH is a fantastic train wreck! Enjoy!!


I am also watching RHOBH from the beginning with my baby sleeping on me and it’s the best!!!


It’s so bad it’s good!! I love googling what happened to them all and their lives (I only have season 3&4 on Netflix Ireland), still loving it tho!


I'm 8 weeks PP and also just discovered the housewives of Beverly hills. It's my current obsession (along with my new baby, obviously haha)


Oh I’m glad I’m not the only one!! Netflix Ireland only has season 3 & 4, but I’ve watched parts of season one I had recorded. So many glorious episodes of drama, bitchiness and wealth!! I love it!!


This. I’m behind on training my new coordinator and she’s for sure going to flounder a bit while I’m gone. But fuck it. It’s just work. I have a child on the way.


I had a fairly decent nursery (all done at 4 weeks PP, definitely not ready before baby arrived!) and I swear we are only in that room to change diapers


I'm pregnant with my 5th so I feel like I'm seasoned enough to tell you... Relax!!! It's ok to drop the ball (which you haven't by the way). Write a list of one task a day you can get done or partially done. One load of laundry, maybe fold and put away the next day. Double dinner the following day to freeze for a quick meal after baby arrives. And if your baby lives in a diaper the first week it's ok! The baby won't know if the nursery is complete or not. The fact that you are worried shows how much you love your child already. The baby will feel that and that alone is a job well done.


Your last two sentences are everything 💕


This is so comforting!


Yes! So much yessss!


34 weeks here. Currently laying on the floor of the nursery completely surrounded by stuff to put away and Ive got my head on the boppy and I'm just looking at reddit. You're not a failure. You're a person. Have your husband go get you some ice cream and tell him in about 3 months you'll rock his world


Sounds comfy 🥰


Oh I have been there!!


This was me


You sound like a completely normal very pregnant woman. Go easy on yourself. Who cares about the laundry? You’ll remember all the wonderful moments in life, doing the laundry is not something you’ll look back on and think- I should’ve done more housework!!


Aww this is a lovely way to put it.


You and me both. I'm currently sitting in my car bawling my eyes out. I hade 8 of my 12 staff test positive for covid this past week. They can't come back until the 20th. The company won't allow us to close (a resturaunt) so the 4 of us left are picking up the slack. We did thankfully close for dinner, but we are all working without days off. On top of that I have a terrible cold that isn't being helped by all the wildfire smoke. (I tested negative twice for covid and Dr confirmed). I took today off because there was no way I could work, but ill have to go back in tomorrow. Morale is at an all time low and I feel like a failure that I can't fix it or make it better. I'm also 26 weeks and this is a week after my doctor said I shouldn't be working more than 50 hour weeks because I just yesterday hit my pre pregnancy weight. I lost so much the 1st trimester and had trouble gaining it back. Thank God I have a husband who does everything around the house, but between being sick and exhausted form work we haven't had sex a single time since I got my BFP. I want so desperately to have an edible and turn my brain off for a couple hours.


Yes! You are heard. An edible sounds and glass of wine sounds lovely right now.


My husband and I literally only had sex when I was 40 weeks because I wanted that dang baby outta me. He was happy about it but I didn’t rock his world or anything. Haha. I kinda half assed my leave for my sub, and didn’t care. They’re adults, they’ll survive without me. I didn’t dooo anyyyy house chores. Occasionally I’d cut tags off baby clothes because it was fun. We survived. Baby is a beautiful little being. Our home is surprisingly not that messy. Whooo!!


Sounds like...you're at 35wks to me🥰🤗 it will all be okay! As long as you have a place to put the baby down safely when he/she arrives so you can catch a break you'll be fine! Not to sound depressing but laundry will always be there.Try not to speak negatively about yourself. I started saying "I feel useless" around 25 wks and my husband got upset with me and said "nah, you're body's just changing a lot and you have to surrender to the fact that it's...well...changing. Took me a min to get on board with his logic but I thjnk he's kinda right. A big part of pregnancy is going w the flow and adapting as it changes. You.got.this!


You’re growing a human. Congratulations. You’re doing great. 💙💙💙


Also 35 weeks and due to pain have been reduced to a lump that can’t do any real housework and had to go on maternity leave early. I feel like the first 34 weeks were nothing compared to this.


You are alive and baby is healthy? You are a success! Husband can wait on sex, the nursery can wait too as baby won't even notice it for months, laundry can wait... Or husband can do it...coworkers will figure it out and Dog loves you unconditionally and can deal with the yelling. You are doing great!!


Your only job and number one priority is growing that baby. If you are able to grow a baby and partially train your Replacements at work, then you are a rockstar! Not only did you do your job while growing your tiny human, you were able to get people partially trained to do your job in the process. So what if they didn't get 100%? That's the boss's job to make sure staff is adequately trained so if they areputting it all on you and aren't giving you all of the resources you need to do it effectively that's not your fault. All that other stuff like sex and laundry are merely details to fuss with *when you feel like it* And when I was busy growing a person, I didn't feel like it! But that's ok because I was too busy making an eyebrow, or a liver, or toes. So you aren't being lazy, you qre simply prioritizing your labor ;)


I feel like you’re me? I’m 34w + 3D. I have so much piling up at work and it’s so stressful. My boss is on leave for the year, my other colleague just left for a new job, just just hired TWO new people, and I feel like everything is falling apart. We start classes in a week (college professor) and sooooo little is ready for the classes and programs I work with, let alone any of the actual things that have to happen to cover when I’m gone. We have made zero meals for the freezer so I’m planning on pizza and Chinese for the duration of maternity. My home office is still very much an office and very much NOT a nursery. We haven’t found a pediatrician, wrote a birth plan, or filled out our hospital admin forms. And all im capable of right now is watching the bachelor/bachelorette/survivor reruns and eating cookies. And I don’t feel like I can even do that because I WANT to make the cookies but am too tired to do so. Your post was important for me to see to know that I’m not alone!!! 🤗 hang in there. We will have our little babies in our arms so soon.


I’m in your same boat here. Preggo college prof (31 weeks). Just getting by.


It’s so tough! Students are moving in, parents are everywhere, classes start in less than a week. And the whole time all I can think about is leaving. I’m nervous to go to campus because even though vax rates on our campus are high, pregnancy makes me more high risk and there will definitely be COVID cases. But I feel obliged to be a part of the fall term kick off because I’ll be leaving and I have stuff to do to set up for my leave. Ugh and I am so uncomfortable physically all the time lol just walking to my office takes all my breath and energy.


I think you’re nailing it. Your backups will have other people to turn to during maternity leave. The laundry will happen when it happens. If it doesn’t stink, it’s clean. Nursery doesn’t need to be done. As long as baby had a place to sleep, you’re good. Your husband didn’t marry you for the nonstop sex, he’s about to have no sex for six weeks anyway, he’ll survive. Find new ways to feel intimate. Your puppy has already forgiven and loves you.


Stop!! Be kind to yourself! The tasks you listed aren’t solely your responsibility. You have plenty of time, and even if baby comes early, all you need are some diapers, wipes, a bassinet and some clothes. Don’t be so hard on yourself, mama! Give your self some grace. It’s hard work growing a human. [Pregnant women are basically endurance athletes. ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/nypost.com/2019/06/11/pregnant-women-are-basically-endurance-athletes-study/amp/)


Wow thank you for the linked article, gonna share that with a few people.


My house is a disaster. Im 34+4 today. I can't even get up my stairs without huffing and puffing and needing to lie down. We have a changing table/ dresser, crib, side table to put together and a glider to take upstairs and none of it is done. Our guests bedroom is horrific and my mom is going to stay in it. Laundry everywhere. Guest bathroom is where we keep the cat at night and it's awful too. So listen, I'm here in solidarity. If you are a failure then me too. And I may be a failure but I'm good with it. If it weren't for the pandemic I would have spent the money to get a maid to help me clean (me and the maid at same time) cause I really need help. So you are not alone. This is hard. My belly is huge. My heartburn is ridiculous. My feet- whew honey they hurt! My back? Ugh I need a massage. List goes on. I have an appointment tomorrow to go over my birth plan. All I've written down is please test my iron. L. O. L. I'm probably going to forget to tell the doc I don't want an episiotomy


I totally get the feeling!! Please try to be kind to yourself, you are growing a human and almost at the end of that journey!! You will get back to yourself, promise 💜


I sobbed all afternoon yesterday because I was convinced my partner hated me and didn’t want me around (he did nothing aside from make a dumb joke to warrant that reaction). I haven’t been able to sleep properly in weeks, I puke into my mouth every time I try to poop, my house is a mess and my dogs are getting way fewer walks than they need. I also ate hot dogs for dinner because that’s just what was quick. The last month of pregnancy is truly bullshit. Just wanted to say that I commiserate with your feelings of failing at life 100%z


I feel like I can relate to you. I sobbed because my husband was nice and patient with me when I was unnecessarily snippy with him. I puke like 1/4 of the time when I try to brush my teeth. I mostly just eat cereal at this point. I keep forgetting the refrigerator door open until husband or I notice it getting cold in the house like 30 minutes later


In a new level of low, I had to go to the hospital today to get an enema because I couldn’t poo for three days. Cool.


I definitely felt this way toward end of my pregnancy. I was so unmotivated at work to do anything but the bare minimum and when I left I had some paperwork still wasn't finished so I ended up having to submit it after we came home from the hospital. The house being a wreck definitely doesn't change after you have baby. Our little guy is 1 month old and our house looks like a hurricane hit especially in the laundry and kitchen departments. Have grace for yourself. Also you husband will get sex again someday and he can live without it. I'm four weeks posted partum and husband and I haven't had sex since I think Begining of the third trimester. It sucks but like I mean you are just too uncomfortable. Also if you get really desperate you could always give him a blow job but you don't have to! I agree with below post he will be ok and it's only for a season. You are doing awesome and so close. You can do this! Also I should add we didn't have the nursery fully finished until our first day home from hospital. That evening lol. It was totally ok! It was ready for baby when he needed it but not before I went into labor which was 38 weeks.


The laundry can wait or your husband can do it. The baby is safest in your bedroom until 6 months old, so they don't need a nursery until then, just a safe place to sleep. You don't owe your husband sex. I felt completely the same at that stage of pregnancy with my first. I have friends who would say the same. I found it helped to pack (and repack) my hospital bag. It was something I felt in control of and helped me to feel like I had at least one thing ready. Hang in there. The last few weeks can feel like a tiresome waiting game and it's tough when you feel like you're not ready, but you're more prepared than you think and a newborn needs precious little. Anything you don't have can be picked up as you go along. It's ok and normal to feel unprepared but go easy on yourself. You're definitely not a failure.


I’m 35w 5d, and I just told my husband last night how hard it is to accept that I’m slowing down. Normally I can do so many things, and I just tried to take my siblings out for an easy day trip yesterday (they were visiting for the baby shower), and I felt like I was going to die at the end. I have piles of stuff around the house, nursery is also not finished, the kitchen is a huge mess, and I need to find the energy to wash a couple outfits because school starts tomorrow (I teach). I broke down crying because I don’t have the energy to do even half of what I can normally do. Luckily he was very supportive and is having me do nothing today to recuperate, after that it’s just 1 day at a time until maternity leave. I’m trying to accept that if I have a place for the baby to sleep and a car seat to come home in, that will have to be enough. I think we all put too much pressure on ourselves to do it all, without realizing that growing a human is a monumental task in itself.


I smiled at this. I was 35 weeks and feeling like this last Tuesday. I had gestational diabetes, breathing difficulties, lightning crotch, they told me at the scan that my baby was already 6lb 8oz and were whispering between them about induction (I think they didn’t want to scare me- I have anxiety) It all paled in comparison when I got home and felt unwell. I went to bed, and couldn’t get up after due to a back ache. Hubby helped me up and I went downstairs, where I planned another gestational diabetes friendly meal. I walked to the kitchen and my waters broke on the way 😂 Everything suddenly didn’t matter. The house was a mess, many things weren’t ready for her arrival, but none of that was important because I had to focus on delivering her! Be gentle with yourself, you go through so much just in pregnancy. You got this, and you are doing well!!!


Girl I’m like 16 weeks and didn’t do shit all weekend. Our lawn is the only overgrown one on the street, we have cardboard boxes up the wazoo just waiting to be broken down. Laundry not done, bedding should have been washed this weekend. Fiancé is sick (not Covid, thank god) and I’ve had the same headache for like 48 hours. But at least we’re carrying and nurturing our babies which is #1 priority!


It's quite normal to feel what you are going through right now. Depression and anxiety are very common, even I have them. Always remember one thing, mental health is most important in this time. Take one step at a time. Wake up in the morning and stand outside in fresh air for 10 mins. Just think about what you want to achieve and how you are going to move towards that. If possible add in a 2-3 mins breathing exercise. Remember asking for help is always good, be it your husband, parents or in-laws. It gives you mental peace and much needed rest. Nursery, laundry and sex all are important, but your peace of mind and baby is most important. Plan it, delegate it and take help if necessary. Have a chat with a doctor or your husband. Once you are all set, then you can give your husband all the sex he wants.


Tomorrow is a new day. Some weeks you feel like a ton of bricks, some weeks you get a burst of energy. Try to go with the flow and don’t be so hard on yourself.


37 weeks yesterday and in a similar boat. Our nursery will definitely not be done, but you know what? The baby won't know or remember. As long as you have a car seat, a safe place for the baby to sleep, and a few basics, you are doing just fine! You are growing a whole human right now, which is more than enough.


I felt very similar in third trimester. LO is now 2 mo and just yesterday I told my husband “I should have been kinder to myself.” He totally agreed. For real... be kind to yourself.


32 weeks here. I haven’t done anything but to wake up, eat, take a nap, eat and now checking Reddit on sofa. I got zero motivation to even move my toes at this point.


I totally feel you. My job ended in July and was a temporary contract so no maternity leave. Transitioned to a another company with flexible hours, a week in the company went belly up. We were waiting for my first paycheck to buy nursery stuff. Then my cat suddenly needed to be put down on Friday breaking my heart and costing is hundreds in vet bills we don't have. I'm a total disaster, knee deep in job applications during a heat wave of 106 when I should be relaxing and setting up the nursery. I can't even manage to put together a registry even though financially we really need it. BUT... I've had crazy times in my life and above all its important to keep the negative thoughts and negative self talk at bay. Everything will work out in the end, it always does one way or another!!! Forget about what you thought pregnancy SHOULD be. Do you best and it will be OK. Love is what babies need. And I'm sure you'll give them that in spades. Chin up, you can do it and so can I.


Had my son very unexpectedly early at 34 weeks. Literally had him the day after my hospital lamaze class. There were so many things I didn't get done or didn't get to do, laundry, organizing, finishing things up at work, last night out with husband, etc. The only thing you need to be prepared for your baby and to start off as a successful mother are two open arms full of love. That's literally it. Everything else will get figured out. You're going to do great ☺️ *Oh and edit to add that your husband can fuck himself. Literally and metaphorically.


Girl I’m with you. I swear. But you’re going to get through it. Take it day by day and don’t be so hard on yourself. We are doing the best we can!!!


You are making a whole human FROM SCRATCH! I say that’s enough.


38 weeks and set to induce in 2 days (found out I need to deliver sooner than later on Friday). Haven’t even opened my pack and play yet. I can barely move and my husband is so stressed with working overtime to finish a project that we just haven’t been able to get it together. My mom thankfully agreed to come down earlier than expected to help out and she has been literally the reason we can get anything done. I’ve been trying to pack my hospital bag for the last week. So I’m right there with you! But we still got this


I’m 34 weeks and I could have written this post myself. It’s hard. There’s fatigue, stress, 3rd trimester symptoms and a global pandemic. I try to do 1 thing per day to prepare for baby. But some days I can barely manage the bare minimum.


Girl, you’ve got this. Go sit down, watch some trash scripted reality television show, and take it day by day.


I don’t have anything to add beyond the incredible comments here (all so true!!), but I want you to know that you are enough exactly as you are right now - even if it doesn’t feel like it - and I wish I could give you a hug (or, if you’re not a hugger, an encouraging wave). Be well ❤️


You are doing an AMAZING job already. There is only one thing you need to worry about and you are already the best at it. You are the best mom in the world.


I am 25 weeks and had a rough morning also. I am finally getting a break from my other two kids and got a chance to just s l e e p uninterrupted. I felt down this morning because a family member just passed and my anxiety was getting to me. I have laundry piling up also, I know just how you feel. Thank you to everyone who posted. You really did make me feel better. I hope op was able to smile after reading the encouragement. Sometimes I feel like I don’t have anyone to talk to who understands what I’m going through. Hubby does not always know what to say when I’m down. Communities like this make me feel like I can keep going and I’m doing the best I can and that’s ok. Just wanted to post to say that you are not alone and we are doing an amazing job. This too shall pass ❤️❤️


You’re growing a human, cut yourself some serious slack. Hormones are going crazy right now, just getting out of bed, feeding yourself and going to the loo a million times is work enough for now. Babies don’t need nurseries, they sleep in your room anyway (or maybe not, whichever you decide) but fancy nurseries are for the parents definitely not for the babies. Laundry is a never ending thankless task that just carries on as soon as it’s done. I couldn’t even reach round my tummy enough to have sex at 34 weeks, he has a hand if he needs to sort himself out. In a few weeks you’ll have other stuff to think about so just try to enjoy some quieter time and give yourself a massive break.


Laundry can wait, work will sort itself out eventually and if you're still having sex at 35 weeks, that's great, but don't put pressure on yourself, the vast majority of people do not feel sexy at 35 weeks. My son is 3 years old, he's never had a nursery or bedroom. We had a cosleeper cot and then eventually he just moved into our bed and now has a toddler bed next to ours and he climbs in with us in the morning. Certainly in the UK, the medical advice is that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first 6 months, so there's really no rush. The lovely nursery photos on here are great, but I'd be happy to bet that very few of them actually get used from birth.


Sounds like the end of pregnancy to me. You’re not failing, it’s just really hard! Try & be easy on yourself


Your husband can live without sex. He can also do the laundry. Work will manage without you. Just relax and enjoy putting together your nursery.


One thing at a time 💕 can you throw a load of laundry on and tell your spouse you’d like to have sex before HE folds the clean laundry? Kill two birds with one stone lol forget training your backup, let your employer do most of that! As far as the nursery goes, write down every single tiny thing that needs to be done and ask some friends to come over and help knock some stuff off your list! Or don’t do ANY of the things I just said other than maybe cuddle the dog lol


Don’t worry I’m 32 weeks and in the same boat - solidarity mama, I think it’s just life for us right now.


It’s all going to be ok!!!! I’ve seen so many times on this sub “sleep when the baby sleeps, fold laundry when the baby folds laundry” so bb can help you when you feel up to it lol. You’re so close to the finish line! But I totally get it. I just stopped giving af at work and half ass trained my replacements (they’re doing alright now, only so much I could do). My fiancé was in a sexless desert for most of my pregnancy, because like, don’t touch me I’m miserable. And I think we OFFICIALLY finished the nursery like two days before I went to the hospital. Take a deep breath, then do it again. You will be ok.


Wow I feel like I'm reading about my life right now! I'm so exhausted balancing everything is too much. Hang in there !


I'm pregnant with my third, and it's taking me 2 months to finally get the energy to go through all the hand-me-down baby clothes. To figure out what I'm using this time and what needs to be donated. I don't have a super fancy nursery, we own our house... But I still haven't gone all out painting and decorating. I just don't have the energy. As long as the baby has a safe space to sleep, and a few pairs of jammies some clean diapers and a loving family everything's going to be fine. Work can suck it. Your husband can figure himself out you're 38 weeks pregnant. Everyone's really hard on you when you become a mom, but it turns out that we are our own worst critic. Take it easy on yourself life's a journey not a marathon.


Did I write this post? No? Just checking, cause I feel exactly like this and I’m only 18 weeks. Someone kill me now.


It's okay you are not a failure I feel the same way. I cry a lot but honestly it's okay. We are building life. You've got this!!!


This sounds pretty normal to me. 37 weeks and have stretches of days where nothing happens and I feel like absolute shit, and then I’ll have a productive day or two and play catch up. Is there anyone (a friend of family member) who can come over and just help you catch up on laundry and chores? If you have a partner can you ask them to help take some things off your plate?


Honestly, the only one I would feel bad about is yelling at the dog, which I have also done.


You’re doing just fine, mama. Hang in there.


It’s okay to suck at your life when you’re spending so much energy on making a brand new life.


You’re doing amazing! You’re growing a baby and that’s HARD and no one but us mama’s truly knows. You can do it!


Perflectly normal, don't be so harsh on yourself!


My place was a total wreck until I hit 37 weeks and I had started my maternity leave. It’s hard to do anything outside of work when you’re massively pregnant let alone chores and sex. I haven’t had sex since probably 34 weeks and it was so painful and uncomfortable we probably won’t have sex again till the baby is here and I’ve been approved to do it again by my ob lol. It helped me get things done with a checklist of things I did everyday, some days had more chores than other days but it helped to check it off. I also called my in laws to help me clean and organize because they had said if I needed help to let them know, and normally I’d never take them up on the offer but I’m so glad I did. If you have other people able to help try to reach out and see if they will. You’re doing amazing and you’re doing what you can right now, try to be easy on yourself, it’s a lot of work making life ♥️


Babe. That’s just being a mom and a wife. And good one at that. (You wouldn’t really care about those things of you weren’t) Take it one day at a time. Your only pregnant once. Everything else can wait!


Don’t feel bad. I’m 32 weeks today, am having crazy allergies, and I can count my accomplishments for the day on one hand. Being pregnant in the third trimester is no joke! Give yourself some grace.


You are growing a human. Give yourself a break! If you and the baby are healthy you are winning at life right now. Take it easy on yourself.


Tell your hubs to knock it off and do the laundry instead!!! 😂 you are doing great!!!!


32 weeks and it’s f*ing hot out so if I overdue it I get contractions so that’s fun! You are not failing so don’t even let those thoughts in! You are growing a human. This is your turn to ask for help! Also just Amazon prime some undies and poof laundry done. One task at a time. Celebrate every single one, even if it’s I put a dish in the washer! You are on the home stretch which means sit, write out what you back ups need to do for work. Feet up. Pet dog.


36w and I’ve been trading blow jobs for full body massages. He did a bunch of reading up on massages for pregnant women lol. He’d do it anyways, but I just consider it to be mutual motivation. Down there is so uncomfortable, especially since I had to be hospitalized for hemorrhoids. Yeah, unavailable.


Are you me? Because actually same to every point except instead of a dog I have cats. I’m 24 weeks and I haven’t been keeping up with my weekly baby journal, my apartment is in no way shape or form ready for my baby, the nursery isn’t even cleaned out of storage stuff much less painted. I don’t feel that urge to “nest” that everyone talks about. I feel like I’m already failing at being a mother. Also, the laundry situation is crazy for me as well which is ridiculous because I think I have maybe 7 outfits that fit me right now so where is it all even coming from!?


My daughter’s nursery wasn’t finished until she was 6 months old. My son is 3 months old and still doesn’t have a crib. No worries mama. You’re doing great.


Oh sweet mama, this last bit is so so hard. You are wonderful and you are doing great! You’ve almost reached the finish line (starting line?). So much love to you mama!


I didnt have sex with my wife for the entire pregnancy. Other things like growing a baby are more important. Things will get better.


My son is 1 in 2 weeks and my nursery isn’t done. There’s laundry in the hallway, and we haven’t baby proofed. He’ll be in school before I ever catch up. I assume anyone that actually finished a gorgeous Pinterest nursery actually hired someone to do it for them. I don’t know how to roll onesies. Relax, you’ll be running behind schedule for their whole life.


With my first I had everything set up and then my house flooded the day I went into labor. Once you go into labor it’s like NOTHING else matters. Laying in my postpartum room I wouldn’t have known if the world was at war right outside or my house was a soggy mess because everything was fine in that moment. Husband had the house fixed before we got home and the nurses gossiped about him not staying with me in the postpartum room and how he was probably having his last bit of fun. I didn’t care, I knew everything was ok. When we got home nothing I set up was even used for a while besides diapers and wipes. It didn’t matter if the baby had a nursery or any of the things we picked out so precisely bc he cuddled with me for the first few weeks anyways. Anyways, it’s fine and will be fine. If you can, hire a housekeeper!!!!! At least for now and when the baby is newborn!


A friend of mine let her employer know she was pregnant at 20 weeks. That gave them 20 more weeks to effectively plan hiring her maternity fill-in, get projects handed off, etc. The company only ended up hiring the individual 10 days before this woman went on maternity, basically making training impossible as it was a really complex legal role. Don’t worry about the company, you’ll be back, and they’ll be FINE. You’re doing great.


My mom comes over twice a week to do the laundry and give the kitchen a big clean. I'm 37+5 and my husband works 60h weeks. I have no energy or desire to maintain the house, nor does my husband. It's okay to suck at life right now. Pregnancy is fucking exhausting.


I passed out at the mall today at 37 weeks because I'm trying to do too much. Don't be me. After today, I'm done with trying to do what I think I should do and I'm going to do what my body says I can.


Maybe husband can do laundry and nursery?


Girl, let that ball drop! Fuck the laundry! Co-workers can figure it out! Hubby's got hands, right? He can take care of himself for a while. This shit is exhausting!! Take care of yourself 💕 or better yet, have somebody else take care of you 😂


You’re not alone. 35 weeks here and dying currently. Stay strong ❤️


- it sucks but they’ll survive and you’ve done your best, work is for the money to take home right not for the stress - laundry is an everyday constant in life and if there’s no pile one is always on its way anyway. If there’s no piles that’s awesome but not normal for a working mom - a lot of people don’t use their nurseries for the first year anyway. - your husband is an adult and he’ll be okay lol. - your dog loves you and will forgive you. My cats drive me to the brink as well, that’s just being a pet owner. You can’t always reason with pets, it drives me crazy. At least you didn’t yell at a person and get into a big fight. - You’re 35 weeks pregnant, being tired in the late third trimester is normal. I’m 33 weeks and this morning I was thinking how nothing is ever clean, I get no sleep at night even without the toddler waking me cause of pregnancy, and this house exists purely to make me miserable and defeated. I had a cleaning fight with the house ALL DAY and won. But for awhile the dirty house was winning. And did the toddler try to eat raw eggs out of the fridge and drive me bananas throwing crayons in the toilet, yes. This will all pass and things will be normal again.


This growing a middle finger comment is so golden. Just what I needed to hear today.


If your husband is getting no sex it means that he has extra time on his hand, maybe you could train him to do the laundry? 😁


This is exactly me!! You are not alone. I'm 36 weeks tomorrow. I keep thinking ' I will get the nursery started this weekend ' and then don't do anything. People keep telling me baby won't be in the nursery for a while yet anyway, so I think we're going to end up doing it after baby arrives, which really goes against my nature but all I want to do is sleep.


I just finished our nursery and I am 39 weeks haha. I had no motivation.


Don’t stress , most baby’s REALLY don’t spend time in the nursery. It’s all for show, just hook up the bassinet and make sure you got a couple outfits/diapers and wipes. My baby’s two weeks and spends maybe thirty minutes total in the nursery a day and that’s just changing diapers 🤷‍♀️. Don’t stress the laundry or sex , you’re husband will understand :) be patient with yourself and try to go with the flow.


Girl, I'm 40 weeks and i still have a shit ton of this same stuff to do. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY. it'll be okay. ❤️


Has your husband said he is upset he isn't getting sex? Could you maybe try oral or hand play? It's important that men get their stimulation, even during pregnancy.


He can take care of himself. Men fucking is not important. A pregnant women remaining stress free is what’s important, not her being nagged and pressured for sex when she has an entire baby inside her. Just stop.


Men have needs that include sex, and if women are not providing them with this, this is why they cheat on their wives. We get it, you're pregnant. We don't need sex all the time, but once in a while, it is important.


Please refrain from leaving idiotic comments. No one gives an F what men “need”. Disgusting


Great attitude. I feel pity for your partner. I'm assuming you wouldn't be saying that if I were a white man. You're racist as well.


Your assumption is wrong and I literally didn’t even look at your avatar (also, this is internet and we both could be white elderly ladies or 13-year old boys). I pity YOUR partner. A woman who sacrifices almost a year and a half of her life to grow, give birth and recover after delivering your baby shouldn’t be concerned with any of your inessential needs. If a pregnant/new mom has sex with her partner it’s only if she feels like it’s something she wants and desires at the moment (and if it matches your mood as well). If you’re too immature to understand that sex is something both partners should want/benefit from, then you shouldn’t have sex whatsoever. It’s not something a woman should or must “provide”. Now get your pathetic attitude out of this channel, plz