Gestational Hypertension is the biggest mind eff. Losing it.

I seriously just need a place to rant about this. I got diagnosed at 30w with GH and they do weekly appointments and NSTs for baby plus I have to do home BP reads twice a day. I was handling it better at first but now that my home reads have started to rise (33w today) I’m a complete freaking mess. I’m scared to go to work, appointments, be alone, and have cried at least once a day from the stress. Meditation /prayer and self care is only getting me so far and I’m terrified this baby or me isn’t going to make it to 37w. I feel like I’m just making it so much worse.


Ugh I went through it, but diagnosed with chronic hypertension instead because I had higher BP as early as 12 weeks, instead of later. It sucked. Took my BP twice a day and logged it on a spreadsheet. I was always stressed about it, it would spike in appointments because I was so stressed. It sucked. That said, despite a ton of tracking and extra tests and stress, everything ended up being fine. I was induced at 37 and 1/2 weeks, and though it was a long labor because induction kind of sucks, I was healthy and my daughter was healthy. I did take labetalol for about 6 weeks after delivery before my blood pressure normalized. You're monitoring it with your doctors! That's exactly what you should be doing! Baby will be here in just a couple months. Congratulations!


That’s so good to hear that you made it to 37! My biggest fear is going before then, I have a countdown on my phone to December 1st!


I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this. One of my coworkers was diagnosed with severe hypertension at 31 weeks and made it to her induction at 37 weeks and said her delivery was smooth sailing and baby is healthy! Try your absolute best to focus on one day, one BP reading at a time. If baby comes early, the doctors know what to do and you’re far enough along for a good outcome! No amount of worrying will prevent whatever happens. I know, easier said than done. I agree with the other commenter who says staying busy helps. And also keeps your BP down! Worrying and stressing can elevate it - I just experienced this in my pregnancy! You got this and you’re doing an amazing job already taking care of and focusing on your health and baby’s health. Hang in there you’re so close to the finish line!


Thank you for all of this 🥹 this is our last little baby and I had such different expectations of how the end would go, and I think that’s not doing me any favors! My other babies didn’t come until 39 weeks so being told I would deliver at 37 scared me and it’s just all been downhill since 😂 but you’re right. One day at a time 💛


Just want to say that I am 100% in your same boat, and I feel like it's all I can talk about/focus on currently. I'm terrified to work because when I sit up, it rises. But ironically, the only thing that keeps my mind off of it is work/staying busy. I also found that having very clear guidelines on when I should call my OB/when I should go in has helped. I don't really have any advice, just commiserating with you. Hope that you can make it to 37 weeks!


Thanks for commiserating!!! It definitely helps. They have told me two readings 4 hours apart 160/100 to haul it there, but I think the closer I get the more afraid I get. My nighttime read yesterday hit 160/90 the past few two nights and I just completely break down. Thankfully by bedtime I’m back down but it’s scary not knowing what’s happening during the day while I’m at work and stuff! I hope we both make it, considering early leave mostly for my mental health


Antidepressants might help. Zoloft has helped me get my bp down.


I keep thinking about asking for it, but I was hoping to hold off until after baby


It’s pregnancy safe from what my doctors tell me.


I was diagnosed a week ago and I made it to 37w today, baby is coming tonight! Lying on my left side while on bedrest all week made my blood pressure go down to completely normal levels— you might try it. Of course it’s always elevated when I’m at the doctor. Hang in there.


I went through it. It was so stressful and a negative feedback loop where I was causing my pressure to rise by being stressed about my pressure. I went to the hospital overnight several times with high readings. Nightmarish. Was induced at 39+1 and had an easy delivery. I was heavily monitored for preeclampsia which gave me peace of mind since I never had any other symptoms of it. It’s really wonderful that we have medical expertise and technology to help keep us and our babies safe and healthy, but more information can also lead to more stress. I follow all medical advice and recommendations. However, had I not been monitoring my blood pressure I wouldn’t have known it was an issue and it never developed into anything more (and normalized within a week or two delivery). I’m glad I knew and was able to monitor myself accordingly, but this isn’t something that will necessarily escalate. Follow medical advice, listen to your body, and trust yourself to face things as they come. You are in the home stretch, stay the course.


Chronic hypertensive here…it throws my providers into a tizzy because they freak out about it more than I do. Your body (including during pregnancy) can handle variations in blood pressure. The problem is when it’s sustained or has other symptoms like dizziness, headache, or blurry vision. If your readings are getting higher (and it crosses the threshold of 160/100, or even 150/90 which is their usual cutoff), just mention it to them. They can put you on labetalol or nifedipine which should knock it down. I just restarted labetalol yesterday (22 weeks, readings have been in the 150’s/100’s) after attempting an unmedicated pregnancy. About 90 minutes after my first dose (100mg), I was down to 128/74. I skipped my night dose and woke up with 134/74. I took another morning dose today and I was 106/68. As for BP readings, I don’t check mine twice a day…I don’t think I ever have. If I do 1 afternoon reading and it’s good, I know I’m probably good. If it’s high, I know it’s high and may repeat a few minutes later. I don’t really see the point of testing twice a day especially since you’re going to get natural variations depending on stress, sleep, activity level, or even after eating.


I haaaate doing the twice a day check, because my evening one is always so bad I spend the rest of the night panicked. I have had vision changes with spikes but as soon as I lay down things come back to normal. And YES it doesn’t help when they freak out. Every appointment the medical assistant looks at me with huge eyes and then I start to panic too.


I feel you on that! The amount of bugged out eyes I have seen throughout the years because of my readings is so much, I can’t even count. This is why it’s so important to do it at home when you’re relaxed. And this is also why I only do it once a day. I would probably mention the vision changes to your OB, though. FWIW, for my first pregnancy, I remained unmedicated throughout. My readings were always right on the border (136/89). Around 35/36 weeks, my BP started going up a bit…I think I was in the 140’s/90’s or low 150’s/90’s. I made it another couple weeks and delivered at 37 weeks (almost 38 weeks) when I went into the 170’s/110’s. My son was perfectly healthy.


I plan to let them know Saturday at my ultrasound, it’s hard though because I was dealing with visual snow prior to pregnancy too


Love to hear your little man was all good!!


Stay hydrated and (hopefully) you are avoiding all Caffeine (restricts blood flow to uterus). A perspective that helped me afterwards was knowing that if you have high blood pressure, your baby won't grow like they should in your womb. They actually are safer once they are out. I would have been less stressed if I had that perspective before being induced. My 1st percentile baby shot up to 50th percentile on 3 months. He wasn't growing in me due to my stupid placenta and high blood pressure. But once he was out, he thrived. I hope you make it to 37 weeks as well. But thankfully, with modern medicine, I'm sure you and your baby are in good hands. I will send calming vibes your way. It's not easy ❤️


I am thankfully caffeine free (besides chocolate lol)! I was for a year prior to pregnancy for my hormone production. I go for a second growth scan Saturday so fingers crossed she’s growing okay in there too 🥹💛


Happened to me during the last month of pregnancy then I went off the pills completely after pregnancy cause I felt horrible. Now I'm fine. You'll be alright hun. Just try to be as relaxed and calm as you can.


Good to get ahead of it!! My BP was great til the very end, I got induced at 40+4 and landed back in the hospital for 2.5 days after already coming home with baby.


I can relate as well! I’ve always had high blood pressure, but it was well managed with a low dose of labatelol. Once I hit the 3rd trimester though, it was spiking like crazy! Was sent to L&D 5 separate times for crazy readings, my medication was increased and more meds were added on top of it, and I really did not think I would make it to 37 weeks for my induction. I was induced at 37+4 two weeks ago, and delivered a healthy baby boy 😊 The induction went smoothly - I actually went into labor after the second dose of cytotec, and my baby was born within 8 hours (not the norm with inductions, I know, but it can happen!) I had to stay at the hospital longer because they could not get my BP down. Referred me to a cardiologist to help figure out what’s going on and manage it for me. Now at 2 weeks PP, my readings are more consistently in a healthy range, which is a good trend! I’m still on massive amounts of medication, but I imagine we can scale back on that soon. All this to say, I know how stressful it is and how you feel right now, but hopefully my story with a positive ending can give you some peace of mind! Good luck OP ❤️


Currently going through the same thing. Got diagnosed last week. It’s such an emotional roller coaster.


I’m with you, I ended up on meds because my Bp would spike so much due to the stress of having to take it. Then when I’d go in it would be fine after relaxing. I think my highest read was 200/99 which put me in the hospital on a mag drip. Though all my reads thereafter were fine until I got home and had to take them on my own again. Got diagnosed with an anxiety problem later on.


I also have panic disorder so it’s so hard. I’ve worked my whole life to keep it manageable and during pregnancy I’m usually 10x better than normal but this has definitely brought it all out full force


Hi I am going thru the exact same thing! I’m 30 weeks, diagnosed last week, and now they have me doing twice a week antenatal testing. My blood pressure has spiked to 160/110 a few times. GH is diagnosed when you have two high readings after 20 weeks. You can have a high reading after a stressful day - my job is super stressful and it would test high at lunch. I’m going to ask my midwife to sign off on some accommodations, like work from home, for the last few weeks. You should think about that too, it might help you manage your stress level. Gentle yoga was also helpful with breath work I also was very upset at first and talked to my therapist about it. She told me that hospitals are really interested in good outcomes for mom and baby and are most likely just being super conservative with my care. That helped me. Pls reach out if you want to vent about it!


Same. I'm at 38 weeks now and a few days, my blood pressure has been slowly going up during this pregnancy but finally at 35 weeks it tipped over into the "could be pre-eclampsia" level. It's gotten me sent to the hospital twice now to check, both times it came up negative. Basically at this point my doctor told me to just relax as much as possible, put my feet up, take time off work if I can, and keep to a low sodium diet (which is awful because I've been craving salt badly... I just want some french fries...). One thing in your favor, it sounds like they haven't put you on medication and are just managing you expectantly so I don't think you are as bad off as you think. Keep that in mind. Yes, your blood pressure is a concern, but not so much that they want to medicate you. And that's the other thing, if it does start going up, they can put you on medications, so try to worry less. It sounds like you are already doing self care and meditation which is great. You can do this.


So I had one doc in my practice want me on meds and prescribed it, but one didn’t so there’s been some back and forth with that between doctors and I haven’t started anything. I think because my home reads we’re doing great for the longest time and I’d only have severe spikes in office. I have so many appointments next week so I’m hoping to get some clarity on that from someone.


That make sense. It's called "white coat syndrome", and it's very common. It's been happening to me as well. Basically you get so stressed out about being at the doctor and being to have low blood pressure it makes your blood pressure go up. The fact that your readings at home are good is a really good sign. The doctor against prescribing meds probably knows that your blood pressures are being artificially elevated by being in the office and is taking that into account.


This was me with my pregnancy with my son. I eventually developed preeclampsia. However. Baby was born perfectly healthy at 35 weeks. This pregnancy the plan is start meds to keep BP lower.


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdBGc\_8JfnI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdBGc_8JfnI) This video series is a must when I feel overwhelmed. Hugs.


I feel you girl. Mine was out of no where as well, except I got Post partum preeclampsia. I was home with my baby and blood pressure started getting really high a week after birth. And now I’m on medicine and I wishhh I didn’t have to have it but I also know my diet doesn’t help 😫. Blood pressure is the worst