M240i buying advice

M240i buying advice


If you really enjoy driving manual then get a manual. It probably will carry a premium because there's fewer manuals of these cars sold in general. The auto is good and fast, it probably shifts faster and gets more fuel efficiency than a manual. But that's not why you buy a manual, right? It's for the sense of engagement and fun and because _you want to_.


I’d suggest waiting for the right one to pop up, not sure what it’s like in your country but whenever you settle for what you’re unhappy with the one you want always pops up.


The 8 speed automatic is very good but don’t settle for it if you want manual.


Seems to be the consensus then, thank you!


What about a Civic Type R? I had one and it's an insanely good car, although I cannot compare it with a WRX as I've never driven or had one... I thin it's a great value as well, slow depreciation, low maintenance, reliable. You can jump on one while you wait for your dream m240i comes up for sale in the specs and price you want.


1. If you really want to, I guess yes you should wait for a good price (I think it’ll be still a long time since the manual M240i isn’t as much as the autos, and the demand is still high) 2. Yes the auto is really that good. It shift quickly, smoothly, and it just feel perfect. I think the review said that is because the manual is really fun to drive (well you know because of manual) while the auto is good as well but lack of manual-thingy (I guess you can feel more control to your car in manual)


Wait for the manual. 1. You'll probably regret settling for an automatic. 2. The automatic won't be as enjoyable or engaging to drive (especially coming from another manual). 3. The manual may carry a premium, but that premium will help you later; should you sell the car. 4. The manual would likely be cheaper to own/repair over time (less parts = fewer things to break).


I live in the southern U.S. and my husband looked for 2 YEARS to find a used m240i convertible. Took a long time to find the 135 I had before that. I just don't think there's much inventory to be had. I love driving a manual, but this does have paddle shifters so you can sort of drive it as such to get your manual groove on; I've just gotten lazy as the automatic is very nice. I push sport mode and I can blaze all the way up to the local 35MPH speed limit :)