Brand new M4 got totaled and took 3 other cars with him on a test drive

Brand new M4 got totaled and took 3 other cars with him on a test drive

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He must have hit that same patch of water the guy hydroplaned on yesterday. Fuck! That guy really needs to stop splashing water on the road. Causing so many accidents


That dude was hilarious. “There was water on the road so the car just crashed into a tree. So anyways insurance 🤷‍♂️ “


I wonder if he thinks the insurance company reads Reddit and needed to spout the lie to all of us. If you hydroplaned on sprinkler water, cars wouldn’t be capable of driving in the rain at any speed


Don't these cars come with Pilot 4s, which are some of the best street tires for wet roads?


Lol someone brought that up and he still doubled down on the wet roads


Was that the guy that some how lost control "cruising" at 55? Thought this was the same guy


Yup. Same guy also claimed that going 155 in a 45 is normal. I guess those roads never have sprinklers, or any bit of moisture at all.


I saw that comment and it was clearly sarcasm. I will be ashamed if I just got wooshed


The same dude who said he had his friend driving behind him as well lol. I know I’d be showing off my M3 at least and not cruising 🤷🏻‍♂️


"I was only doing 10Mph over the limit in a car thats new to me with the traction control off in sport mode 🤷‍♂️"


He had traction control on since he was on cruise control apparently


Let me just stoke my imaginary beard here for a while. Hmmmmmm.


Yeah he’s full of shit and doesn’t deserve to drive a car that powerful at such a young age. Inexperience kills people


Also while snorring some coco if you look at some of his posts


I saw his post, complete lying sack of shit. Source - Am insurance broker.


Oh yeah and he was using cruise control on a main road which is totally normal.


Aquaplaning is a thing. But the crashed m4, at least one ugly car less on the road


It's likely oil leaks on the roads from other drivers, bmws are made to be driven hard and start to leak oil if you don't drift them on public road weekly


Have never drifted mine, still leaks oil lol. It is a feature not a bug.


The only reason it doesn't leak is because it's empty


It's actually an intended design element and feature. An exec from the company said that our machines only deserve the best for the ultimate driving experience and by having new Flow-Thru oil systems you never need to worry about changing your old oil out, because there will always be fresh oil in cycling through the car.


I've always called jt bmws "active oil renewal" feature.


I drifted mine...and ended up down an embankment. But it was leaking oil before that.


> bmws are made to be driven hard and start to leak oil if you don't drift them on public road weekly 🤣


this, I was going to say maybe it's the same driver




He should have never traded in the mustang


Hey now This was a test drive so the driver still got to go home in his mustang. His reign of destruction isn't over


Cars an coffee and crashes


The natural habitat of a mustang


Don’t drink and drive, lol


I love this comment, especially given all the videos of mustangs mowing down crowds.




So the dealership installed the "drift happens" sticker? odd.


Last time this was posted, someone did some digging and found that it's not the same two cars.


Literally says "BMW Experience" on a passanger door. This car is or I should say was exclusively driven by potential clients to test before making their mind to buy it or not


You would think dealers keep their tire pressure in check...


Alright thank you, I'm done here, I can rest easy tonight.


im sure his mind is now made up. Very much leaning towards not buying that car


Is it common for a dealer to stick "BMW Experience" on a car for test driving. Here in the U.K they might have one car with a X.X% APR in big letters but it won't be one that's driven. It will be a base model 118i in the show rome. Any testing will be done with normal looking or Approved Used cars.


First video appears to be from the height of a car. Second video appears to be taken from something higher… Dashboards also look different… And the drift happens a sticker… Seems odd


Bruh, yes ofcourse its captured by two different people in two different cars. First part is filmed in a city area before crash and the other one is filmed by random person driving by afterwards. It is very unlikely you will see G22 M4 in the streets so everybody is taking pictures or filming it


Especially in Lithuania there are a lot of Porsches but m4s and this colour? I would highly doubt it


You sir, are correct - I don't think these are the same car.


Bmw puts them on presscars and showcars.


The car says “BMW Experience” on the door. Way to go, dumbass!


Repair bills are a big part of the "BMW Experience"


that things totaled. I sure hope he paid the extra $50 to lower the insurance excess otherwise they'd be forking out $3500


Painful truths.


Well, it's a very realistic experience of ownership.


Was this driven by the same kid who lied about crashing his F82 M4? Edit: For those wondering https://www.reddit.com/r/BMW/comments/pob4e2/lost_control_in_my_m3_in_less_than_a_week_of/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Lmao I was just thinking about that kid too


F80 M3 though, still a dumbass.


Thats in florida this is Lithuania


This and the other post just proves everybody wants an M, but not everybody can handle one.


I’m happy with my 320…. For now


N51 gang


While I don't own an M, i do own a car with equal performance and power to an M. And honestly im convinced all these crash videos are of people turning traction control off and then trying to show off In our modern age of performance cars its honestly difficult to mess up like this. I would have to be intentionally trying to drift in order to mess up this bad


Anyone with a modicum of common sense can drift the car in MDM mode, which will sort it out if you fuck up. There is __literally__ no reason to turn the TC fully off to drift it on the road. I guess that's the reason though. These people have no common sense.


I’ve driven lots of cars….but definitely give my M2c respect. MDM mode is as nanny free as I get until I can get some track time to really learn the car. A “moment” on a course can easily be tragic on the public roads.


What is MDM?


M Dynamic Mode. Basically lets the car get a bit more rowdy before traction control reels things in.


> Anyone with a modicum of common sense can drift the car in MDM mode, which will sort it out if you fuck up. There is literally no reason to turn the TC fully off to drift it on the road. Heck, some of us can lose control even with MEM enabled.


Driver is 18 years old, fresh outta driving school. This happened in my country. Crazy.


"Traction control? Oh yeah, just press and hold that DSC button for a few seconds and you're good to go."


Damn idiot


tire pressures must've been off by a ~~couple~~ 1.5 psi


Excuse my language but what a fucking idiot, how could you do that to a car like that.


I know right they should just give the car to me instead.




People try to drive more car than their skill could handle?


Front end looks better after, ngl


My thought exactly


Came here for this.


Fuck the M4 and it's driver. A good w212 with proper maintenance records has emotional value. I'm sure this puke green douchebag just wrote that car off. Some people are begging for corporal punishment.


How is that a test drive with that bumper sticker




Damn they just came out


I dunno, weird sticker for sure!


Pretty nice improvement to the new buckteeth grill 🤣 KIDDING....


At least he made the crash test in the same session…


And that's how to ruin your insurance.


Typical more dollars than sense. It's a shame the system rewards this.


Seems like his "BMW Experience" was low and should continue to be looking at the mess he made.


That's OK, the grille looks better that way


The Traction Control must have been off bc this is crazy that M has way too much grip to do this.


You really think you need the TC off to break lose in a M4??


Technically no but the amount of damage he has done?! That makes no sense, I test drove a G80 and an F80 the difference in how the rear wants to turn is not comparable at all. The G8x is well grounded as it takes some force and effort to drift and mess up. The F8x wills it and doesn’t mind being thrown around. This person had to be really have a lot off/on in order to lose control like that.


I never had an M4 but my BMW refuses to spin the wheels with traction control. It will let them spin if I press the DTC button a bit but it limits how much power is going to the wheels, and then kicks in if my drift is too aggressive, I think it goes by front wheel traction and/or angle. If I press and hold DTC to disable all driving assists, it just lets loose like a mad fucking animal, it doesn't limit ANYTHING and will let me kill myself.


I have to believe you because I’m such a pansy driver (540xi). I’ve never lost traction so that adds to your theory.


Yeah traction control kicks in instantly. Even on ice, I can floor the car and it won't really spin the wheels and slowly accelerates at the traction limit. I'm sure it's slipping a tiny bit but I can't even feel it.


At least the front end looks better now


Underrated comment


See how he took out the other pos’ too


The M4 actually looks better when it's totalled than when its new.


These stupidly high HP flashy new electronic ridden cars are so fucking stupid. A hot wheel toy designed to appeal to people with the maturity of a 11 year old Get a real fucking sports car with a real chassis, with a stick (oh my, maybe driving stick will have people pay attention to what they are doing and crash less” This is the reason the sports car market is nearly dead. BMW could have kept making works of art but by numbers there are more idiots out there who want a fast luxury auto car that drives, handles, brakes for them lol and is SUCH a coool color omg isa foriegnnn… you’d have to be a fucking idiot to buy this car can have more fun in a 1.8L Lotus than you could comprehend in a F80 and most people will never know that


You really don’t like bimmers.


I own a e46 zhp black brown leather interior lol Once again idiots being presumptive on Reddit The theme never fucking stops


Why the tirade then?


Well. That’s all folks!!


This goes to show you some people shouldn’t drive at all! What a moron!


Holding onto the wheel.


All German cars




They should install that little plastic pull out circuit blocker like in battery operated toys so test drivers shouldnt have access to sport settings and would apply a speed limiter too. The moment you paid they pull it out and there you go, its yours to break.


And he exclusively hit other German cars.


Since when do test drive vehicle have stickers on them?


drift happened


Damn, what an asshole


He is 19 years rich dad kid. Don't worry. Police didn't saw anything suspicious and just made all cars owners to fill insurance papers. So no lesson for him, just lot of expenses for insurance company.


Why is this always the default lol? 19yo kid ect. I think you're just jelly your dads poor and you're poor and you can't buy an M4


Dude, I live where he crashed that car. I know it.


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I don't understand how people do this? I've slammed my F82 hard sometimes but I never lost control like this. He definitely must have his traction control turned off.


“Yeah hun, I think it’s the one with the LSD”


It can’t be a test drive with a shit happens sticker on the bumper, unless it’s a friend’s car . Are they still friends?


He was just trying to take out his other German rivals.


That will buff out


Two separate cars, don’t see the drift happens on the rear bumper of the wrecked vehicle


Lol This thread should just be renamed “r/PeopleBuyNewBmws&PeopleCrashNewBMWs” 🤷🏽‍♀️. The disrespect!


My 435i feels like more than enough power already, i couldn't even imagine driving something like an M. I would want to take some kind of class on how to drive them before I bought one, for fear of this exact scenario hah.


Looks like drift happened.


Rich kid?


RIP that dude's insurance.


r/sportwagon members gonna go hunt for this killer! Hope everyone's okay. Shit


What a shame, love the color of that


that’s an exceptional level of dumb-ass


This just bugs me.


510hp ain't for everybody I guess. He should probs be thankful that xdrive is coming with the M3 and M4 in the future


LoL that's my country


Can’t have shit in Lithuania smh 😔




My goodness!! Someone’s gotta have the footage of the crash!




If he’s that bad in a baby M can you imagine him in a proper car like an M5? Lol


M4 is not a baby M.


Sure it is. The M5, M6 and M8 are the big boys. Once you drive them an M3 or M4 feels like a toy.


The cars generally referred to as baby M's were the 1M, 1st gen M2 pre-S55 engine and occasionally the M2C.


Yup, I just include the m3 and m4 too. Maybe daily driving a 750bhp M5 competition pack for 4yrs changed my opinion on them. They just don’t feel very special to me anymore and more of an entry level M option.


we get it your rich now go put it back in your show room and build a 750whp e46 and appreciate the big E


You don’t need to be rich to drive what I drive, if anything my M5 made me pretty poor lol. I like my toys and technology too much to go back to old school cars again. I’ve had my fun with those already!


Old school cars huh...isn't yours going on 5 years?


No, I have a 3 month old F90 now (sold my 750bhp 2014 CP car). Placeholder for a 911 turbo s that I’m hoping to order next spring.


I have driven a lot of fast cars. The rule I’ve come to appreciate is for daily driving on the street anything more than 4-500hp is for your ego not for an appreciable experience difference. On a track I might understand but just to drive daily what you’re saying is silly.


What am I saying exactly in your opinion? I got bored with 750bhp and wanted more, but the F10 platform wasn’t too great to chase big power figures. I can genuinely say that I used 100% of that power almost each and every time I took the car out. You get used to what you have. There’s no upper limit to what is drivable on the streets.


Lol there is an absolute limit to what is drivable on the streets RESPONSIBLY. If you used 100% of the cars capabilities on public roads you 100% broke all sorts of laws. That’s my point.


Ofc I broke speeding laws. Everyone does. They are archaic laws from the 1960s that were put into place when cars had no safety equipment and drum brakes. It’s just a revenue stream. We’ve come a long way since then. Are you virtue signalling and pretending you never speed?. The new Tesla plaid makes my old M5 seem slow in comparison (at least till 150mph or so) but they are the future of the automotive world. We’ll all be driving 1000+bhp cars before long I’m sure. You get used to what you have. If you had a 700-1000bhp daily driver you put tens of thousands of miles on each year, you’d feel the same way.


No, I’m not saying I don’t speed. But if you’re hitting triple digits in the us on a regular basis you are an asshat and it will be funny when you lose your license. Either you’re a troll, or you really are just a dickhead. Either way can’t reason with the unreasonable. Have a lovely evening.


Idk where you live but there are still plenty of people here who prove why those laws exist. There’s a difference between speeding on the highway when it’s empty on a weekend morning, and speeding at night or off the highways too. Probably many people speed a bit but they also know not to do certain things and routinely pushing it is less desirable. There’s something they say about bikers that also applied to reckless driving. There’s those who have gone down and those who will. Your record so far doesn’t mean shit when you decide to push it a bit at the wrong time.


How Noble, M12 is for the big boys. Once you drive one, an M5 feels like a toy.




Never driven a competition pack car have you. There’s a reason all other supersaloons are benchmarked against them.




An M5 competition pack will sit with an M3/M4 on the right track. There also isn’t much between them weight wise if you’re being pedantic. An M3 is a very overweight saloon too under those metrics. If you want something with proper driving dynamics get a single seater. Anything with more than one seat or that weighs over 600kg is compromised.




You’d be surprised how close they are if you actually knew anything about these cars. F1 cars only weigh as much as they do due to regulations. I have a 300bhp westfield that weighs 550kg for example with two seats that will annihilate any saloon or hatch on a track. This was a heavy jahre edition on a tight track. On a sweeping track with longer straights this could have went either way. Now imagine that a couple of hundred kg lighter with an extra 150bhp on decent tyres and the ceramic brakes option. https://www.evo.co.uk/bmw/m4/15442/bmw-m4-vs-bmw-m5-evo-deadly-rivals https://youtu.be/2_s4PnHyQCs