OP please don’t listen to these people. You are clearly in the UK and getting responses from a bunch of Americans. The situation is not comparable whatsoever, in the UK 4K 3 Series are SUPER common cars especially something like a 320d. If you want one, make sure you get an example that wasn’t abused and watch out for the N47 timing chain issues. Other than that you’ll be fine, trust me.


A 2008-2011 328i is literally the most reliable car bmw ever made and you should be able to find a good example with that price range, take it to a mechanic and make sure it’s not leaking any oil and if you’re very concerned change the water pump, those are the only problem areas. You can’t take reliability advice from a bunch of Honda and Toyota drivers, you have a few very good choices for bmws if that’s what you want


Coupe and sedans are same?


I'd pass on that budget. Sorry broski. Maybe an e46? E36? Also none of them are "Honda" reliable, but they're definitely more reliable than a run of the mill Focus .


I’ve had 7 BMW’s of various ages and models. NONE have been reliable after 85k miles. First car? I would definitely pass.


Just because *you* had a bad experience doesn’t mean everyone else does. Maybe you just need to start buying better cars :)


So you’ve personally had a reliable BMW over 85k mikes? Please share.


Out of the five I have owned, four have overall been reliable and two of them I **bought** with 100+ thousand. Pretty funny that you genuinely believe that your anecdotal evidence automatically applies to tens of millions of people...


Depends on the model. 335i? You should pass if you're looking for reliability. 328i? That should treat you pretty well. I have no idea how well cared for of one of those your budget can get you though; you do *not* want to buy something the last owner(s) neglected.


I only lease, those plastic parts maybe cheap to make but expensive to replace!


4k e90 BMW is not a good idea. They are good cars but in that price range it will be close to the end of its life.


LOL. Maybe in the US that’s true. Not in the UK. You can get an E90 even for 2k if you want.


with my experience with BMW. I used to have a 328xi 2008 and it broke down. we traded it in for a Mercedes but am thinking of getting a x4 or x5 soon