Intrepid for me because she's friendly, energetic and has interesting hobbies which I'm also into so there wouldn't be any shortage of topics to talk about with her. She's also quite awkward in a clumsy sense and I quite relate to that. Appearance wise, I really like her blue eyes and gray hair combination Unfortunately she suffers from the classic Essex class curse of being overshadowed by big boobs/ass ![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7008)


Enterprise as well >Badass without being too rough or intimidating >Cute without being an uwu Moeblob >Sexy without it being degrading to her character >Based on possibly the most famous warship ever >Has the general look and vibes of the protagonist of an action light novel >Yui Ishikawa >Lots of gap moe potential She just works well as the poster character for the game (though I know Saratoga and Helena are the faces of CN).


Just the Yorktowns in general.


Duke of York. I like her assertiveness and oozing charismatic personality. Her knowledge of Shakespearean literature is something to behold, and she could sing me poems with her sweet voice while I rest in her lap. She's a good support ship, gameplay wise, until Vanguard came along. I always deploy her with Helena, and then Cleveland and San Diego to fuck people up. And exotic personality, and with a nice body to back it up. So yeah, perfect ship. In game and in design.


Shakespearean vampire lover club


Belfast. Just Belfast.


Yorktown. Genuinely sweet but not weak by any extent. One of the few genuinely professional Kansen (except when she’s drunk). MILF energy when Hammann’s involved (seeing her care about others is incredibly endearing). Call it a hot take but I like nice people.


Perseus. She may start out socially awkward and rude, but she gets better as you get closer to her. Also, she's really freakin cute!


Marblehead. She’s an excellent example of not judging a book by its cover. I love it when she let’s her smart side out even if for a moment.


Not to mention her surprisingly illustrious career early in the war despite being one of the Omahas


New Jersey thus far. She's so full of energy and genuinely seems to be into you. The kind of girl who'd wanna listen to you about your favorite stuff for hours just to see you smile.


I agree


i agree too.


Akagi. She's dedicated and compassionate, willing to do anything for those that she loves. She's also perfectly content just hanging out with the one she adores.


New Jersey, I like Socially active and Fun girls to hang out.


Duca Degli Abruzzi. Very good Meta Wise, love her design and that serious Dignitary attitude is attractive.


I really want a Nimi (Z23) in life. She's the perfect balance of Tsun and Dere that you can't help but tease, same with the likes of Rin (Fate) or Makise (SteinsGate). Intelligent, great to have conversations with. Diligent and hardworking, will take care of you but not spoil you too much. She also looks great in glasses, that first free skin of her was OP.


I have so many answers to this except I have to pick just one and... Hornet. She's wild, she's kind, she's a tease, she's life and living itself. She's a breath of fresh air.


Helena: she is the cutest cinnamon roll ever. She is not just cute but she needs to be protected and she is willing to help the commander too. She was a real fighter in the war but sadly sunk at Kula Gulf. She also has awesome skins too so for me it is Helena.


I can agree with that she is almost always one of my secraterys


Amagi She is a very elegant, kitsune, with a mom/older sis like personality, intelligent, intelectual and cares a lot about people around her. Even though her health isn't good, which is another reason why I love her, because that makes me want to protect and care for her. And her base art and skin are godly perfect for me, and illustrates all her elegance and perfection.


The lady lex mostly because she's my favorite ship in game and in real life. reason one is she will take care of my dumbass, reason 2 she is a great singer so I will have music to listen to and sing along to for a long time. Reason 3 she is caring and calm which is a bit like me. So thank you for coming to my talk about the grey lady


Azuma. Friendly, wants to get along with everyone, wants to protect, and she offers massages and refreshments. She was going to look like a scaled down Yamato-class before getting cancelled IRL. Her in game design is pretty dope too I guess


Cleveland because she's just amazing in every way. And also because yes.


Best comment.


Taihou for how caring she is and also diligent in self-improvement as she picks up different talents left and right throughout the story events thus far. She may look scary and unapproachable at first but once you know her, she's just a dorky self-aware cinnamon roll.


the biggest shame is how most of her skins focus on a few traits of her personality.


Naganami. Pretty, sweet, helpful, cute, happy, loyal.


Trento. She’s cute, sweet, heart-warming, and will always accept you as you are


Baltimore. As someone from MD, I’m pretty biased, but I really think she was given one of the most fleshed out design, bio, and personality in the game. The Tom boy aesthetic is sold extremely well through both her skins and voice lines, and on top of that her rigging is just badass. Like her base pose and rigging has to be some of the coolest in the game without resorting to literal mechas like IB or NP. On a purely Waifu level though, Prinz Heinrich. Her design is just perfect.


Akashi She has the money


you just like money.


I can't select between three, and that's mostly due to my stylistic choices being so different. Belfast: What's there not to like? Calm, loving, dependable, and kind. She's the leader of the maids for a reason, and I see her as my Commander's second in command. Taihou: People screech at her alot, but those are the memers who don't know and won't get to learn about the character. She's passionate, loving, and willing to do what she must. Not to make you love her, but to make herself worthy of your affection. In the end, Taihou has small self-esteem, coupled with yandere tendencies as a deflection. And I love her. Marblehead: Originally, this would be Bremerton, but when I thought about it, Marblehead actually earns this spot. On the surface, she's vapid, fashionable, and focused on fashion. But underneath her facade, she's a smart, insecure girl who's fallen in love with gyaru fashion and her commander. She deserves all the hugs and headpats.


The perfect shipgirl is the one I have on my port... All 500+ of them, but if I have to pick one, she would be Pennsylvania: girl in uniform, short skirt, leggings, strong but caring.


Gotta be Hood for me, First SR I ever pulled and she hard carried me for basically all of my time as a beginner, she's very polite and elegant, I especially like how she doesnt view the battle of the denmark straits negatively Plus out of all the shipgirls I showed to my sister, she liked Hood the most


Formidable \-Cute \-twin tails \-love her personality \-victorian/maid dress \-2 other really big reasons i can't think of right now -wink-


I can agree shes my favourite Royal navy ship


based op


She has a back breaking design


Big J, because she’s adorable, kindhearted, and caring


Meme(kind of not of a meme too tho) answer, all of the ones I'm gonna oath: NJ, Vittorio, Adalbert, Bremerton, Eugen, Belfast, Musashi, and Shinano. Non meme: it's NJ or Vittorio for me, NJ is energetic in a contagious way and it's hard to argue with Honey. And with Vittorio I could be totally fine just us relaxing, enjoying each other's company reading or something like that.


shinano cuz shinano


Takao....tough on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside


Her personality is nice too


Enterprise because……..Enterprise![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7192)


Gotta say I love Enterprise. She is nice but also serious and has depth to her character.


Arizona, no question. She is so adorable and sweet that she's the perfect cinnamon roll (in my opinion). Plus with what happened to her in the past, I feel like she deserves to be happy and have peace of mind. I will love and protect her for the rest of my life, even if I have to do it by myself, and all I would want from her in return is her beautiful smile.


I honestly felt bad when she was a meta ship I had to attack at the same time I was working on grinding xp in the lab for a Japanese ship. I quickly switched to a different faction because it just felt wrong.


Kawakaze I like her protective and mostly kuudere personality but also her design. Not to mention her love lines until to her oath was such a wonderful little character development. From a serious person with a bleak outlook in life to a loving and caring wife that's always waiting for you to comeback just really get's to me and that's why she's the perfect ship for me and even to this day no ship girl nor waifu was able to take her spot of being number one for me.


Repulse I can't name specific reasons, I just like it.


Fair enough


Enterprise. There is no one else like her. Won't ever be.


I love all the foxs, but probably Kaga the most. Why the foxs in particular? "I just think their neat!". ![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7005)


For me, it started out with Graf Zeppelin and her… personality, but after getting Ulrich von Hutten, I found my perfect ship. I enjoy her design, and although she can be rude, she still cares, and that is what I would like my dream girl to be like.


It's Bismarck, I love the biscuit.


The perfect ship is clearly all of the ones i like


Hanazuki or Manchester for me. Manchester is fun, and Hanazuki is just so sweet and endearing, especially in her secretary story.


Long Island! I absolutely adore her voice lines, and her history is AWESOME! <3




It has to be Enterprise for me too. She is cute, looks amazing, has my most favorite voice actor and she has an amazing personality too


Not really a shipgirl but Purifier. I love her shitposting personality, her love for idols, still able to care for others and her general love for battle


I can't pick one, so I'll pick siblings so they're the same class Tirpitz because of her past Bismarck because, like her, I'm bad at expressing myself


The Mighty Hood has to be mine, a proper lady carrying herself with imperial pride has an aura I cannot say no to...


Recenly oathed her so can agree


Akagi and Kaga. Akagi is such an interesting character to me. At the time when the game's story was starting to unravel, she was the most mysterious force who seemed to be working with the Sirens, only to eventually turn on them later on. Even now, it's amazing how smart she is and yet so sadistic towards her enemies, all while caring for her sister and allies. Plus her secretary story definitely shows that while she can be obsessive, she is open to chatting with others and genuinely cares for SKK. Then there's Kaga, who is also super fascinating to me. The event that gave us Amagi is my favorite for obvious reasons, especially because it gave us glimpse as to the dynamic between the two and with Amagi. To see this girl go from a very energetic and battle ready girl to what is basically a shell of her former self is very sad, and makes me want to comfort her even if she doesn't need it. Even so, the growth she has shown is amazing and the love for her sister stayed strong through it all, and while she seems cold, the moments where she lets her guard down are very sweet and shows that younger girl is still there. All that, plus I love floof and boobs.


Post people just sum it up to that last line but good reasons


Well, they were the first ships I ever saw on the title screen, and I am biased towards kitsunes, so it did start off with those reasons only.


Personally for me my favorite ship in the game is Reno. Her personality is incredibly wholesome and her character archetype is one I have a soft spot for. Passionate cheerleading sidekick, but also can be a hero of her own. Also yeah she's hot


Musashi because FLOOF GODDESS


Tirpitz, because even though she acts all cold at first, but she's a precious angel and we understand eachother


The bismarck class for me They are the very sole example of hard on the outside but a very normal girl on the inside


FDG cause MILF, im simple man


The fact that someone voted this guy down makes me sad. Have an upvote. She’s not my favorite, but she’s great.


Mine is Helena Because She's sweet


Graf Spee anyone? ❤️




That’s a difficult question, the 3 ships I would narrow it down too would be Roma, Chkalov or Zara. All 3 are great and well rounded but I do think I lean a bit closer to Chkalov of them


Belfast. She’s clearly a war maid, devoted to her duty as both warrior and maid. I started in the game for her.


I'm going to cheat slightly and say both Shinano and Musashi. 1) because i'm polyamorus, and 2) because both of them are perfect


Relationship. It connects me with my ships.


Hood because of her elegant personality and her being one my favorite ships IRL and the reason why is because hood had a interesting history during the inter war era


On one hand Glowworm here is energetic and mad and great, but ark royal is quite cool and surprisingly caring


Laffey cause why not


Damn am I really going to be the first to say Atago? Flirty and confident with a kind and caring heart.


Shinano, just chilling around and napping seems nice.


I think I already told you my favorite ship once, but it’s Eugen. I just like Iron Blood’s character designs over all and while I like the riggings of other characters better, like Ägir and August von Perseval, Eugen just wins for me because of her voice and personality. In short, lewd and funny.


Purifier Bottom text


Z23 cuz I like glasses, lab coats and weird teascher fetish


Defo the best looking starter


Renown. Serious, yet cute. A little dense, adorably so. Diligent, commited to her duties and very hard-working person. And her oath voiceline is just awwwwww...


Roon, she is sweet and like hug while being a beast on the battlefield.


It's a tie between Graf Zeppelin and Roon for me Graf Zeppelin cause she likes to spend time mostly alone which creates a perfect atmosphere for us to relax Roon was my first PR ship and immediately loved her crazier personality and style, that and the hugs are always welcome Both have been in the same fleet since I got em and are my first 125s


Taihou, she's a protective yandere what more do I need to say


Kiev, Beautiful white hair and gorgeous red eyes She WANTS headpats She WANTS to hold hands with you She WANTS to melt in your arms The moment I got her, I bought her skin and in less than two days, oathed her.


Vanguard. She can fight, be cool, and is a massive weeb. What more can you ask for? Oh right, she looks great as a maid. 😎


Probably Bismarck or Tirpitz Our personalities are very similar, and the skins aren't too bad either


Bismarck for the most part, but New Jersey scares me in how she is the only one who has genuinely challenged Bismarck for that spot


Biscuit is indeed best ship🛐


AvP I would say she has one of the more realistic looking colors if she were real, long black hair and all that. Not to mention her submissive personality that's revealed later on as opposed to her dominant facade is also very cute, and is something I find attractive in her. :) *AvP-chan when*


Indomitable. Her personality fits my bill


Enterprise and Bismarck because of their stoic personality


Friedrich Der Große, she can be very gentle and a to others referred to as scary or intimidating. But it’s what I look for in a women because during hard times she would tend to cheer me up and tell me that everything will be ok and in certain be forceful towards what’s best for me for example eating healthy, exercising and studying.


Azuma because I want to know why she's flying with her katana in chibi.


Lützow. Cute slacker who can still (barely) be convinced to do secretary work. Plus, who doesn’t like that plushie? To actually get work done though, I would have to go with Ting An


Ulrich von Hutten, for everything. Peak Wife ![img](emote|t5_3p20d|14001)


Enterprise is an unoriginal and uneducated option for the “Perfect” shipgirl. The ‘perfect’ shipgirl varies depending on what you’re looking at. Yanderes would have ships like Taihō, Roon, and Akagi under its belt; Tsunderes have Admiral Hipper, Hammann, and Shigure; Powerful, brooding types have Tosa, Tirpitz, and Colorado; Leaders include Nagato, Bismarck, and Brooklyn; Mystical types include Shinano, Graf Zeppelin, and AvP; Abusive/degrading types include Ajax, Bache, and Achilles; Easily flustered types include Myuki, Yūgure, and Sirius Scholarly types include Shangri-La, Hood, and Richelieu Sleepy types include Yūbari, Laffey, and Nowaki Motherly types include Yorktown, Hōshō, and FdG Idol types include Lexington, San Diego, and the R.N. C-class of destroyers Good all-arounders including Naka, Grenville, and An Shan And a few more classifications (but I’m kinda outta solid ideas at this point 🙃) It comes down to person preference, but for the love of god, don’t go for the number one cover art choice/literal face of the entire Azur Lane franchise, please…


Shes litteraly my favourite character from the game


I mean... do you need to ask?


Im going to guess it's a certain essex class


Z23. Me and her have a lot in common... From the interests of academics to being the eldest in the family/class... Also, her very lovable Character. ~~fuck, I cannot win against her smile. It's like the purest thing I have ever set my eyes upon~~


One of them would have to be Fusou. She is nice, loving, you get Yamashiro with her, which is also good, and you can never go wrong with having a cat girl as a waifu.


What do you mean by perfect ship?


Your favourite ship/ one thats perfect for you like your ideal one


There are many that fit that criteria for me. I guess the tied for first would be Fusou and Cassin both because they remind me of my wife. In the “Waifu” category it goes to all the Sheppy. Every single version of her. Kuuderes are hot yo.


No love for August ;-; ?


Lutzow, she loves naps


Tosa, the forgotten floof.


If I had to choose just one? Depends on the faction. Between all of them though? It's going to be Laffey since she's being carrying my team since I selected her.


Belfast needs no explanation


Minneapolis. New Orleans class looks so good irl, and they're tough, with New Orleans and Minneapolis losing their bows, but both were able to make it back to port with temporary bows, New Orleans was made of coconut logs. Plus, Minnie's Christmas skin is top tier.


For me Bremerton. Bremerton may look like a lewd and hot waifu but her personality is something that I really love about her. Not gonna be some depressed mf but, I would love to have a girl like Bremerton in my life, just need someone to listen and consult with me ya know? 10/10 waifu


Vanguard, her attitude just is perfect.


Prinz Eugen, because I like the ship irl


I vote for littorio bc she totally has chad energy for picking up woman so I can learn a thing or two from her.


Atago, she is the opposite of me, big sister vs big brother personality, i can bully her with horror movies and be bullied by thicc thighs and bully takao and the smol cute things called destroyers, smart but cute af thicc but also smol -sometimes-


I'd have to go with my always number 1, Atago. She's the big sister type character very charming, very hot, but at the end of it all after a long day of doing my SKK duties I know that when I get home late, she'd be waiting for me, with a warm meal ready, with a beaming and beautiful smile, and would pamper me back to a full charge.


San Francisco. Energetic and has a smile that brightens my day


Black Prince doesn't get enough love.


Too many to say. If forced? Currently Urich.


Tirpitz, excluding the fact she is my faveroute ship IRL she is perfect in-game too. She is hardworking, tall and collected, she cares for everyone around her and works to protect those around her.


Laffey for me, she has been here since the beginning(my stater choice) clam, never worried about anything and would be a great drinking buddy