Kent Nice gal...she just shows up way too often






To be fair, i prefer her cheerfulness over many others if it came down to a character that was eating my cubes tho. Hearing her shout always brings a chuckle for me. Kinda wish they'd give her some skins and a retrofit tho.


I'm up for a retrofit. So you don't have to scrap every copy of her you get.


Instead of blueprints you can use copies of her that drop during events lol




Is it weird that i don't find any of them annoying?


Yeah, even the really bratty or even mean ones I don't really find annoying.


hell one of my favorite kansen is queen Elizabeth Manjuu did a wonderful balancing act of annoyingness and loverble character personalities


One of my new favorites is Rupprecht. She starts off super bratty and pushy but after raising her affection it's obvious she just wants you to spend time with her. She's a total glass cannon too. Super bulliable.


I don’t think so. I don’t really find any of them annoying either personally. They just don’t press my buttons enough




The community lol


lmao probably the only ship people will 100% agree on. Same for any other game ig




Ones I find annoying: Bache - mostly because of her ridiculous design, secondly her haughty personality Queen Elizabeth - Reminds of a spoiled brat, and I really don't care for royal types that act all snooty because they got the luck of the draw at birth. San Diego - Voice and constant screeching, S Tier AA though Oakland - Her obsession with Indianapolis is more than annoying, get that girl some therapy, though she is quite the tank early in game. Akagi - Her 'evil psycho' laugh when she's attacking, and her haughty attitude Hamman I - Her seething hate. Other than Yorktown, I think she just hates everybody Hipper - Same as a Hamman I, but louder and meaner. I think her hate comes from being overshadowed by Prinz Eugen in more ways than one. My theory is that her and Blucher are one in the same, but got split into two distinct entities in a Wisdom Cube accident (Or Transporter Accident for the Star Trek TOS fans out there). So Hipper got all the mean, hate and evil, whereas Blucher got all the sweet, love and good.


Lmaoo I love the Hipper theory 😂😂😂👍 And Hamman is just American Zepplin.


I think it's interesting, that Blücher doesn't appear to have a hostile relationship with Blücher (apart from flight deck vs torpedo bulges obviously). It would support something like them being 2 sides of the same coin


San Diego’s voice sounds like nails on a chalk board to me, which is a shame cuz she’s one of my favorites and a core member of my AA fleet


I kinda feel this way with Taihou sometimes. It's just a little too high for me. If she had a voice more akin to St. Louis, I'd lose my fucking mind over her


What’s not to love about the voice of ~~Tanya von Degurechaff~~ Aoi Yuuki


The voices that drive me crazy(and not in a good way) are Yamashiro and Cheshire’s voices. I love their designs and characters otherwise, I just can’t stand their voices.


R u abt watashi wa numba one!? >!Yeah, i also hate this!<




Oh god. Why did you remind me about her?! ![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7016)


My bad ![img](emote|t5_3p20d|7192)


Lmaoooo Indy channnn


To each their own.


I limit broke her to get the gem for that class and then immediately scrapped her.


Same here, I had to keep her for the missions and then immediately retired her. They should've had a different ship for those special missions. I got really tired of hearing her say "Indy-chan, kawaii!!".


You guys have sound on while playing AL?


Indeed, it got to the point where I started playing with the sound off whenever she was on the field.


Sovetsky Soyuz, because she still isn't released ...


Oh yeah. That, I can agree


No hate, but Long Island’s laugh is really bothering me, mostly because it reminds me of a character from an old comedy show about vikings from my country.


I don’t really hate or find characters annoying, at worst I may be indifferent and/or have a slight dislike. But Prinz Rupprecht is an exception. I tend to give characters a lot of chances for me to like them, but all Rupprecht does is leave a foul taste in my mouth


Honestly, she only becomes less of a brat if you oath her.


Sure, I'll throw in my 2 cents. [Nagisa from the DoA collab](https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/wiki/Nagisa/Quotes#English_Server-0) Calling the commander a dog every 3rd word gets old real fast.


Well, yeah. If it isn't for that 'dog' shenanigan, I can see her as a super cute and adorable charcter. Not a lot of girls speak to us in a polite manner like her. (desu, desuka)


wow, i started to play azur lane before this, and I thought emdem was annoying


I strongly dislike the ones who are outright mean to us like Hipper. She's not even tsundere, she's just rude and hateful for no reason. They annoy me with the whole dynamic of "even when I love you I still hate you".


Hammann I think is particularly bad for this. Supposedly Tsun but is just outright hostile to you at all times.


The meaning of tsundere is lost because anime. Hamman or Hipper isn't a tsun, they are just hostile to you. I don't know what we did in order to be hated that much, but...


I completely agree. Honolulu and Perseus are far closer to the original idea of what tsunderes should be - they like the commander, but have trouble expressing themselves properly. There are two main reasons I adore them: 1) They recognize their behavior as an issue, and attempt to correct it. [Honolulu main 3](https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/wiki/Honolulu/Quotes): "*I was born with this personality. I don't hate you or anything like that...*" [Perseus Affinity \(Like\)](https://azurlane.koumakan.jp/wiki/Perseus/Quotes): "*I'm a total moron... Why am I so rude to the Commander when I just want to be friends... I'm so, so stupid...*" 2) They aren't ever violent or abusive with the commander. At most, they can come across as rude or cold - but this stems from their lack of social skills, rather than any malicious intent. Compared to that, the usual suspects like Hammann, Deutschland, Nelson, etc are insufferable loud-mouthed abusive caricatures who are constantly, needlessly cruel to the commander and perfectly exhibit every symptom of what a toxic relationship would look like.


I always thought I hated tsundere's until I got into FSN (Rin's the GOAT) just because 90% of the time its a trope that just translates to being unlikable or straight up abusive.


Yes. That's right. Tsundere's are more than that.


Can please explain further


tsundere originally used to mean people that doesn't show their affections boldly, but in a subtle manner. For instance, Jack likes Amy. Jack doesn't make it obvious that he likes Amy. However, he treats her nicely without showing off too much of his affection. For instance, when Amy is thirsty, Jack wordlessly grabs a cup of water and gives it to her. When Amy is cold, Jack takes off his Jacket and places it on Amy's shoulders, looking away. Tsundere didn't always mean "I hate you but I love you" cliche we see a lot. It was more like "I like you, but I don't express it." Hipper and Hamman are not tsunderes, because there is no 'affection' shown anywhere. Just pure boiling primal 'hate.' ​ But nowadays, people perceive tsunderes as people who are too shy to express their true emotions so they hide it by treating their person of interest in a mean manner.


Wow I need to rethink some things


You should take a look at Hipper's secretary story.


I did and all I read were: ''Idiot'' "Do you even have two lone braincells rubbing in that thick skull of yours'' "You big moron" "Idiotic commander" "You idiot" "Shut up" "Damnit, this is your fault" Yeah... My opinion for her hasn't changed...


What about Sheffield? I haven't seen anyone hate on her. I mean she is by far THE WORST shipgirl that hates us...


Sheffield doesn't actually hate us though. She's just an edgelord/chuunibyou. Lots of her dialogue shows she's hard on us because she doesn't want us to become worthless. The way she dislikes how Belfast conducts herself as our maid, paired with her dialogue towards us, shows this. She also states at higher affinity that she is expressing her love for us, just in a tough love kind of way.


Yes, but it doesn't take away my point that she is mean towards us. Players dislike characters for something as small as showing up too much when pulling doe ships, or just how they are tsunderes.


Yeah. She is not a tsundere.


Ajax... her Whole Character is Literally insult you and look down on you for no other reason than her mere amusement


RN SKK club rule #1: We don't talk about Ajax.


RN SKK club rule #2: We don't talk about rule #1


EU SSK: If she pisses someone - like say Washington - off, then that's on her.


What's wrong with Washington?


Jax Jax Jax Jax, we do t talk about ajaaaaaaax


This. She's probably one of the few ships I flat out don't use because I can't stand her personality.


Bruh... I LOVE Ajax. It takes... A special kind of SKK.


I'm with you, my man. You're not....alone


I'd say Ark Royal. It's unfortunate that most of her character is basically "haha I love destroyers" I just wish she was a lot more than that, you know? It's a stale joke at this point that I barely found funny to begin with.


Despite that, I must say that she has one of the best illustrations for her character. Like for real, she is so beautiful and sometimes even handsome. She just looks like the dream woman every man wishes for... Only if... Yeah.


We need more MKIIIIII & Windofrcelean girls... And I'm not talkin' bout metas.


I wish we could see more of her personality. She can't really be like that 24/7


With her more recent lines, I'm getting the feeling Mama Ark is just really awkward. She's that one renowned ship trying to uphold a dignified figure, but who always ends up blurting out something weird like "You bloody nounce!" or something about adorable little destroyers.


She was one of my main ships when I played the game. I like her a lot. She's so full of energy sometimes.


As someone who loves Ark Royal I cannot express how much I despise it as well. It’s part of her character sure, but it’s not all that is to her


Long islands voice line when battles start grates my nerves. Haven't used her exclusively for that and replaced her the moment I could way back when I first started.


Same, idk what the hell they were thinking putting that screech into the game.


>screech Lmao


Like most tsunderes. I just dont like em all that much. Ajax because she is a pain in the ass. Kent because "HEY SHIKKIKAN"


Pensacola, she keeps eating my cubes non-stop. *Are you the commander of this fleet?* *Yes, and aren't you tired of asking me that every time you show up?*


Portland. I can't stand her voice


Chang Chun. Girl, you're doing great, but you don't need to scream the skill activation line every 3 seconds, please, calm down.


Queen Elizabeth


I don't hate any :)


Queen Elizabeth


Ajax like honestly their's being mean to me for no reason and then there's being awful to all the other ships for (especially what she did to portland ) no reason, unless there's a Manga or some other skit that shows otherwise then even the yandere's get along with the others more


Wait, what'd she di to Portland?


In crosswave Portland gave her a cookie that was obviously shaped like Indianapolis and she just breaks in half out of spite I know crosswave isn't the best representation of the characters but that doesn't stop that from being one of the most appalling things anyone could do


bro lmao that's like one of the worst things you can to to portland




Ajax, I like Deutschland and Rupprecht, but for whatever reason I just dont like Ajax. Still honestly puzzles me because IRL I would dislike all 3 of them


Same. Ajax just doesn't hit the right buttons for me. Maybe I'm just not a big enough M.


Funnily enough, it's the exact opposite for me, maybe it's because Deautchland and Rupprect are all bark and no bite whereas Ajax.......


What about ajax?


San Diego and Admiral Hipper have voices that are like nails on a chalkboard. Tsunderes in general are incredibly annoying, I've only found one exception. Queen Elizabeth is the epitome of "What is with this sassy, lost, child?" Kent, Nevada, and Oklahoma, because they appear in my rolls all the time. Other than that, Nevada is pretty nice and Oklahoma is cute.


Sandy is really hit or miss for people. I love her. Her post-oath dialogue is hilarious and adorable. She’s so pure and truly means well 100% of the time.


Who is the one exception that you found?


Honolulu for me, at least in Azur Lane. She's cute and not very good at handling her emotions, yet still sweet


Erina Nakiri from Food Wars. ​ Funny thing about Food Wars: There's some decent characterization beneath the pile of exploding clothes.


Prinz Ruprecht is absolutely insufferable.


She is an insufferable brat but she's the kind of person I would never take seriously so I actually find her very amusing.


Ruppshit: \*nonsensical megalomaniac noises\* SKK: \*sips tea obnoxiously loud and reads a newspaper\* Ruppshit: \*more nonsensical megalomaniac noises spiced with ojousama laugh\* SKK: \*finishes tea and stares into a smartphone\* Ruppshit: "Did you hear me, you lowly servant!?" SKK: "Uhmm... who are you, and where are your parents?"


SKK: "You see that shattered window at my office? That's the same window that I used to throw QE and her sister Valiant off my office when they were annoying and bratty so unless you want to suffer the same fate as those brats, I suggest you show me some respect"


My OC SSK cut: Ruppshit: \*Does her Megalomanic shit to SSK, but turns around to see a VERY ANGRY Bismark and FDG. \* SSK: Wow, you managed to piss off both Bismark AND FDG? Both take quite a bit to anger but Holy Shit. I'd say it was nice knowing you, but it wasn't.


I shall adopt this as my head canon when thinking about her


Yeah. I agree. She really needs to learn who is on top. I might teach her a valuable lesson when she comes to my base


Oh no I've watched too much hentai and know what that's supposed to mean


In my case, she will be permanently drydocked.


Getting her was the first time I got 100% collection. Her attitude put a bit of a damper on the occasion.


I loved Yamashiro and Chesire’s designs, character, and skins…and then I heard their voices. I don’t know what I was expecting…I guess just voices that aren’t that annoying.


"Endy's just sooo cute!"


Prinz Ruprecht and Ajax




The only ship that makes me debate just unlocking and scrapping every time I see her when I scroll through my dock. Only ship in the game that I just seriously dislike.


Every time I see her she answers the question of what would a pug stripper as a human child look like and I hate everything about it. I hate that I even have her in my port but my drive to keep one copy of every ship is stronger so I just make a point of avoiding her spot in the dock.


"A pug stripper as a human child" r/brandnewsentence and entirely accurate


Ajax. She is tsundere done badly. Hammann is just obnoxious. I wish all the tsundere characters could be more like Nelson. Where there's some actual -dere behind the tsun-.


Ajax ain’t even a tsundere she’s just horrifically sadistic


Nay sir Ajax is not tsundere but sadist queen in SM


Kent: LOUD AS SHIT Bache and Ajax: bullies, and not in the fun way


Literally everyone one of the "you are my slave!" type of girls, starting with akagi and ending with ruppshit. Can't even bring oneself to hate on them, but rather roll eyes whenever they appear. If you want to be possessive, take lessons from Gloucester. Duh!


Her voice... Fuck, it makes me feel things...


Littorio. I don't care that you're gay, overly prideful and love your dumbass faction too much. Please shut the fuck up for five goddamn seconds


My man. When I got her, as I just started, I was eager to see what she has going for her, giving she held a rose in her art. Turns out she has nothing worth investing into going for her.


for me it's either these characters like Hipper who are just outright mean to everyone for no apparent reason or characters like Deutschland that think they are on top of everything.


For Deutschland, there is at least a decent reason for her personality in her secretary story (haven't read Hipper's secretary story so don't know if her's is justified as well). I just wish more of that post-secretary story aspect of her was more visible in her alt dialogues like with her sister. With current circumstances, however, I'd most likely just tolerate her for Spee's sake, only admiring Deutschland's willingness to be there for her sister.


Post ship memory lines need to be a thing.


Hipper's story doesn't justify her boiling hate for us. I got even more confused as to why she hates us in the first place.


Yeah. Since everyone is so attractive, the personality really matters here. For instance, if a ship is hot as fuck, but has a crappy personality, they won't be liked because there are other ships with cute personalities and are also hot as fuck. Thus the crappy personality shipgirls get less competitive in the waifu market.


My KANSENs that are permanently drydocked (essentially never used in combat, ever) because they are annoying: Hipper, Ajax, Bache, Queen Elizabeth


Kent when im trying to get Yorktown II and all I here is hey skikan (or however you spell it) i have a breakdown


Lucky, I blew 346 cubes and didn't get Yorktown II, but I did get everyone else.


Wait. You're telling me that you STILL didn't get her?


I did but i was angry at kent for showing up every 5 minutes


If you can't avoid it, enjoy it.


Meanwhile I oathed, 125d, and 200 affinityd her


Hammann? She's my favorite. Annoying Tho. Bache, ajax


Dude, your username 😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂


Earned it


I don't have that long a list, but it is difficult to pick just one. Akagi is pretty bad, and there are three versions of her (with Akagi-chan perhaps being the worst). Rupprecht and Deutschland are also pretty bad, though they almost come full circle into being so awful that its funny. Almost. Though of the two Rupprecht probably ""wins"", on grounds that she also wasted a slot in PR5 (which is nothing to do with her character but annoyed me on a meta level), whereas as Deutschland does appreciate her sister which is something positive at least. Then there's the situationally annoying girls. Like QE, who is insufferable in her base skin but I actually think is alright in story (Rondo, Pledge) and of course gets character development in Queen's Orders. Or Peter Strasser, who is totally fine if not my cup of tea in the dock and absolutely insufferable in her event.


It is a close tie between Sandy and Halsey Powell. Kent would also be in the competition but besides her "HEY SHIKIKAN" most of her voice lines are not that annoying. Sandy and Halsey however have that energy on almost all their lines, And I fucking love them for that. Specially Halsey, her voice is so exaggerated that it shakes my brain everytime I hear her. When I see her in my docks I always think "I should put her as my secretary" then I give her the spot and after her first greet I inmediatly remenber why that is a bad idea.


Queen Elizabeth


Imma be brutally honest. Personality: Hipper, Hammann, Arethusa, Deutschland.


I actually happen to have... *quite* the list. Let's start with the Yanderes. with Taihou at the very forefront. God, I despise the lot of them. Like, I'm flattered that you like me, but there is no need to be this fucking annoying about it. Next in line is Kent. Fuck you and your "Hey SKK". If I hear that one more time I swear to god I'll make Dresden look like a children's birthday party in comparison to what I'll do to that god damn ship. Then there are Ajax, Bache and Queen Elizabeth. Looking at other comments I don't seem to have to elaborate why. Also Concord. Primarily down to her art and foot obsession. I can't stand that. Next there are San Diego, Eugen and Graf Zeppelin. I'm putting those together because, while I really don't like them, I still begrudgingly use them as they are very good ships. San Diego is way too loud for my taste. Like, would you *please* shut up*?* For ***5 minutes?*** Eugen I find to be.... I don't know how to word this... secretive? Hot damn woman. Tell me what you want and stop having all these fucking cryptic conversations, fuck. And my main issue with Zeppelin is that I can never read her damn voice lines without cutting myself on that massive edge. Hipper is also on this list. Hey, her inferiority complex is not my fault. In any navy that would have been a court martial 3 fucking words ago. I'm fairly certain there is some more I have to add to this list that I'm currently forgetting, so I'll leave you off with something right out of the left field. Especially since it makes zero sense. Yuudachi. I love this ship. I like everything about her, from her history to her depictions in games. She was the very first ship I oathed, has been my main secretary ever since she dropped and she is the dedicated frontline flag ship of my main fleet. But that's also exactly the reason I dislike her in AL. I like the wolf/dog shtick that she is running. It's cute. But all those voice lines constantly about food, steaks and the like are getting real old real fast.


I see a lot of comments and discussions on how Taihou is a yandere, but this is simply not the case. She is just worried if the commander would grow distant towards her. Due to her real life counterpart, where IJN Taihou couldn't do much in service because she was sunk so fast, she is not confident whether the commander sees her as useful or not. Therefore, she is clingy to the commander, wanting to stay with him as long as she can and get closer to him so that she feels safe. And the reason why Taihou is not a Yandere, n Taihou's story, we can LITERALLY see that she DISTANCES herself because she thinks that pressing/forcing herself to the commander would make him hate her, resulting in her losing the commander forever. So she got herself locked up in a room and stayed clean away from the commander. She is unlike Akagi where they don't care about anything, and can actually consider the commander's feelings and knows how to respect it. As much as she loves the commander, the fact that she made a choice to stop being to attached to the commander by her OWN volition, it tells us how much she actually cares about skk and shows us that she is just another young girl that wants to be loved and held by someone she hold dearly in her heart.


Right, let me rephrase that then. I'm not a fan of all those overly attached ships. The first that came to mind simply was the term Yandere as that usually covers most of those ships that I have a problem with (Not that the Tsunderes are any better). And my point still stands about it being annoying. At least for me


Ajax. If anyone deserves to be scuttled, it's her. She's just mean and spiteful for the sake of it.


Bache I don't wanna get questioned by the police for having a slutty loli Also queen Elizabeth Shitty personality it's like giving a child the most powerful position in the monarchy for me


Tie between Ajax and queen Elizabeth for me


Amen on Queen Elizabeth. I love all of the KGV-class ships and with them being so graceful and stately, QE drives me nuts. She just acts like a spoiled brat and doesn't treat her 'subjects' very well at all.


It's still beyond me that nobody has tried to coup her reign yet fr.


Right literally every other ship in the class acts in a very lady like or honorable way except QE I honestly feel bad for Warspite


i hate emdem and also that girl from the DoA colaboration who calls the Skk "dog" ​ i think i don't need to explain it


Emden huh. First time i find someone who doesn't like her


i actually suprised that the people like her, why you guys lik her?


Kent. Seriously that acquisition line... I hate hitting the build pool sometimes.


H̶̢̢̛͖̰͍͚̹̘͍̹͎͔̗̗̟͖̲̪͔̩̻̬̫͎͈͛̊̓̽̽͌͑͌͋̂̇̀̽̅̓̀̃͗̑̓̉̒̅͛͠ͅ ̶̧̬̬̲̪̬̗͍̙͍̆̇̑́͂͌́̽͐͊͋̄̚͝Ẽ̷̢̯̩̘̟̜̟̤͎̟̫̀͋͒͂̈͆̀͝ͅ ̶̗͙̪̹͇̠̪̜̭̙̤̟͗̉̿͒̆͜ͅͅY̶̨̡̰̭̣̫͈̯̳̳͚̲̘̦͒̀̄̏̓̀͋͗͋̕̚ ̸̧̢̛̞̝̻̬͈̰̰̤͍̳͇̬̪̝̝̯̥̼͓͎̀͗́̇̈́̔̓͠͝ ̶̛̛͍̟̪̼͖̱̯̪̤̟̝̍͐͋̔͛̿͆̓͂̿́̓̆̈́͒͝S̵̡̝̪͓̳͕͇̠͇͇͍̆͐͗͗̓ͅ ̶̢̧̢̡̛̰̙̘̹̫̖̦̥̜̤͇͈̬͈̪͎̠̘̠͚͍͈͗̉̍͐͊̿́̌͗̀̔͜͝H̵̺̼̰̞̤̼̮̲̬̻͓̣̘͓̙̆̄̀͂̓́̀̅̊̇͂͑͌͑̐̓̓͐̅̚ ̶̧̼̼͓̞̰̼̹̼̭͔̖̰̦̫̳̳̘̰̤̗̻̖̭̩̰̭̌̓I̶̧͕̺̿̑͑͂̑̊̅͛̄̂͗̓̊̔͘ ̸̨̭̹̤͎̰̯͚̗͔̞̲̬̠͎̯̭̻͉̃́̅̽̋̌̄͑̓̿͌̈́̊͗̚̕̕͜K̷̨̧̛̛͉̻̟͉͙̜͍͇̝̯̝̯͓͓̗̯̖̩̟̹̻͍̥͌͊̉̆͑̑̒͛̽͋̎̆̌̈́͘ ̷̡͍̘̜͈̝̗̘̝̰̠̤̱̹̊͒̾͋̑̓͗͗͋̊͝Į̴̧̨̘̦̯̠̤̥͓̼͎̭̳̝͉̱̠̖̳̰̻̈́̈́̓͑̓͆͑̿̓͌̈́̄̾̀̐̄̈́̋͑͆̈̒͐̕̚͠ͅ ̷͇̫̬̳͚̿͋͛̂̾͐̔̈́̓́̆̊̾͐́̅͊͂͌̀͘̚̚͝Ḵ̶̡̨̲̤̙̞̺̮̹͚̦̮̠̣̰̬̩̝̌̔̎̅̊̓͒̈́̄̍̚͜͜͜ͅ ̷͖̜̼̘͚̜̽A̵̙͙̲̱͈̫̠̱̻̭̩̔͛͌́͗ ̷̢̨̡̠̻̼̰͎̲̥̙̻͉̟͙̪͙͈̺͚̲̀́͋̅̑͒̾́̾̐̉̾̄̾́̔̚̕͜͝N̸̨̛̘̩̠̻̭͖͈̜͔͕͚̘̣̹̭̺̼̣͎̯̝͆̆̽̑̇̊̌͌̾̔̍̏̕͘͘ͅͅ


What's wrong with her acquisition line?


I've heard it so much, that sometimes I hear that "Hey! Shikkan..." of hers at random times.


It's loud and when you hear it so often, it starts to feel mocking. IMO


any girl who forces a degradee fetish on you. no I'm not your piggy screw off


Worth it


I don’t generally harbour any dislike to any particular vessels, but I do hold animosity towards the various tsunderes and ships like roon or akagi which will attack their komrades in certain circumstances, fuck off I’m oathed to ships other than you now suck it up


Although I understand why Roon is like that, Akagi isn't even a mental patient but acts like one. I just dont' understand. Quoting another user in reddit: Roon is so clingy to the commander because the commander is the only reason she knows that she exists and is real. She wants to know whether or not she deserves to exist after all. Roon doesn't even know whether or not she is real, or everything is a hallucination because she was never built. And the commander is a way for her to know that everything she sees is real.


in terms of how often they appear kent gotta be the most hated one but in terms of personality kent is just pretty innocent


I legit got hamman for the tech points and then immediately retired her


Yorktown: :'(


Houshou. Almost 3 years and haven't dropped yet (currently at 11-1)


Oh my god I thought my Columbia grind was bad, 3 YEARS??!






Kent, Ajax, Deutschland


Queen Elizabeth because of her personality. She is not the center of the universe. Sims because of her personality and looks. Stop assuming that I like you. Bache and Ajax are just mean for the sake of it.


Mutsuki, even for child destroyer standards she has like one gimmick


Saratoga, although there’s a few other strong contenders. Every time she says anything, I just get flashes of Saitama asking who this lost loud child is.


I'm quite surprised that nobody hates Sheffield She is by far THE WORST ship that hates the commander. Like for real, she almost if not never shows affection to us. But for some reason, Hipper, Ruppshit(forgot her real name) and the other tsunderes take all the flak when there is this one ship that just tried to fucking SHOOT YOU when you don't do as she said. Like bro!


There isnt any


Prinz Rup. Stuck up brat that’s wtf she is


I'm going to get a lot of downvotes, but... Eugen. She would be downright infuriating to work with, her always beign all misterious and hiding information, always keeping people at bay, hiding her intentions, manipulating people... You see her with Z2 in several events and Z2 has to put up with so much of her shit, luckily Z2 is super chill. The way she bullies Hipper at every single chance is very upsetting to me. I know she has her issues and demons to confront, but I find her very annoying nonetheless.


Actually, as a matter of fact, I do agree with you on that part. I can understand that Eugen can be beatiful and sometimes a little wholesome when you oath her, but she does have a lot of issues as well. The way she treats people that she thinks is weaker than her just doesn't fit in right with me. She even tried to bully Noshiro once. When she was sparring with Noshiro, it was supposed to be a friendly match. However she starting taunting and badmouthing Noshiro when they fought, and Akagi(I believe it was her) had to step in to stop them from killing each other. After that, I can't get to really like her so much


Yes, that's an instance of her manipulating people and beign very annoying on purpose. Talking about Noshiro, Agano and her have a somewhat relationship as Eugen and Hipper, but I don't think Agano is as bad as Eugen.


Personality wise I don't any of them annoying, but honestly I do tend to find New Jersey annoying in the sense that I just don't see why she's popular. She's just not appealing to me, but that's just me


All the usual ones that keep trolling you in the gacha when pulling for the event limited ships.


Akagi Chan. Just completely insufferable. Referring to us as her slave? Bruh...


All of the yandere's. i HATE there constant obsession with a skk, i don't know how others find them cute, i find them irritating as fuck, same with tsundere's.


Taihou's an expection though


Ships like Akagi and Taihou. I can't stand their personalities.


Yukikaze. Her constant bragging about her luck is annoying, I can tolerate Q.E's bratty persona more than this loud mouth cat,


When they say luck is skill:


Roon TBH


Surprised no one said Tallinn. She just hates you, no tsun at all, just actual anger. She sucks


i don't think she really hates you, i feel more like she just wants you to concentrate on your work and scolds you when you don't


ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ but you gotta admit she is very beautiful


Tallin is thr type of girl who lobes you back once you won her heart. She doesn't hate you forever like Hipper


New Jersey


Queen Elizabeth. Annoying haughty arrogant and obnoxious loli who didn't do shit in two world wars and spent most of her time in repairs. How someone with her personality leads the Royal Navy is baffling to me. Warspite, Hood, KGV are much better suited. I hope someday to read a fanfic where she is horribly and slowly killed by the Sirens.


The last part though bruh-


Dude, don't give GrandLeviathan ideas.


Don't necessarily agree with the last part but I'll agree to everything else


I'd agree but I don't know that I would willingly start reading a fanfic about QE lol


If it's about her learning her lesson, perhaps.


Taihou, she sounds like a fucking Alvin and the Chipmunks character and it is unbearable (And also if Taihou didn't have absolutely massive tits she wouldn't have nearly as many fans)


I guess Taihou downvotes you from many accounts xD