probably like 95% of the time im awake im looking at a screen


FML. Same here I Think. This is really sad.


Same here. I work all day on a laptop, catch up on the news/sports/reddit etc when I finish work, then game for the rest of the night. Fuck my life. How's your eyesight by the way?


I used to work all day on desktops in offices. Got sick of it. Quit. Went into construction. Sure enough i'm again in front of a screen all the time. during work it's my phone or workpad, and in my time off it's one of my laptops. sigh. no life. I swear I was happier as a kid before the internet was around. More bored but also happier.


It's usually 10-14hrs. I want to get it down to 3hrs but I keep using it as a distraction or to fill time.


Very high and it's making my eye sight bad but I can't stop myself. Nothing really makes me happy, so being on my phone at least distracts me. I don't really have anything else to do


I'm looking at a screen about 75% of the time I'm awake.


Way too much


depends on a day, if I go out with mom or sleep half of the day or doing chores, then it's low . but mostly I use phone/pc all the time


Around 7 hours a day. I mostly use netflix, safari and reddit


My phone counts music and podcasts as screen time as well and I "listen" to YT a lot so about 12-16hrs lol But I‘m not actually staring at the screen all that time. Probably more like 4-5hrs which is still a lot.


My phone calculated that I spend 5-7 hours on my phone. Pretty bad… But some of that it’s just putting a nature video on background while I am washing the dishes or using apps for productivity. It’s still pretty bad.


13 hours / day


Not sure, really. take 8 and a half hours out most days for work, take another 6 on average for sleep (though it's been quite poor recently). The rest would be either with Roku or my computer, though, mostly, so a hell of a lot of my non-working time while awake. No phone, or else it'd be higher due to work breaks probably.