Idk i feel like im stuck at 5 constantly




Same but stage 4


Stage 7 is the exhausting part.


I'm transitioning to 7 at the moment and this is no joke. Except I've been here before.


I keep rotating between 5-8


Same. It's so hard to be consistent.


Never got there...


I'm also at stage 5. I have finally reached out for professional help. I can't keep living like this.


It stage 6 I think


Ahh yeah good point. Stage 6 then!


Proud of you for reaching out


I wish I knew how to make progress


Good on you! First step of getting better! :)


I'm at 8 and boy it was difficult. Sometimes I would avoid or be extremely anxious about simple tasks that could later change my life on a whim... Like writing a CV, I just couldn't do it.


Five years ago, after years of struggle I finally made it to stage 8. I even got a girlfriend, made a few friends... Aaand my girlfriend cheated on me, told my best friends behind my back and when it came out I lost them all because I resented everyone for betraying me and that's how I got to stage 1 again. More than one year after this experience I am at stage 6 or 7 again. Because I know that hating the world or becrying my fate is not going to bring me anywhere. So now I am investing all my time and energy into self-improvement. Really hope to join the 8s for final time at the end of all this, even if it's going to take years. And if it doesn't work out, so what. Self-improvement is *never* a wasted effort.


so sorry to hear all this, been in a similar situation myself… let’s get to 8 again !!!!


I am so incredibly proud of you and your courage and resolve. Don’t stop fighting.


Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it :-). And no, not planning to stop fighting anytime soon.


Fellow 8, checking in. Definitely not easy to get here, it takes a lot of work, but it is possible.


stage 1


I am between 5 and 6. I hope it gets better. :)


And then after making progress, it repeats :D


Time will not only NOT heal you, it will F you up 😐


I’m so down in the bottom of the pit right now, not sure how to get up again, it’s just like I am on an icy hill trying to get to the top and it just hurts


I hear you, I'd help you up if I weren't already down as well 😔


The worst part about pushing everyone away is the being alone


When you are so beaten down that you start to just become numb to it all, is that sort of like stage 6?


Was at 7.... then back at 5. It's a rollercoaster.


I've lost hope that anything can help me. I'm just fucked up beyond repair


stage 9: realise there is no progress with avpd. you are stuck with this for life stage 10: hopelessness (i am at stage 10)


Stage 11: additional setbacks Stage 12: even less hope. And so on.




Meme made by someone who's never faced real mental illness and thinks it's caused by not taking responsibility and laziness


The meme doesn't suggest it's easy, so I wouldn't say that it shames people for being lazy. In the most broad and simplistic sense, this IS the way. I'ts just much harder than an internet meme can convey.


There are other ways. People should be aware of individualism permeating mental health discourses. Look at this: This article will begin by outlining a taken-for-granted individualistic subject at the heart of Western psychotherapeutic theory and practice. It will offer a brief survey of critiques aimed at this foundational understanding of the psychological subject, from philosophical and theoretical domains. Next, the article will explore three different modes of psychotherapeutic praxis that work toward recognizing and engendering a more contextual, relational, and ecological figure of subjectivity in therapeutic settings. Narrative therapy, feminist therapies, and ecotherapies will be explored for their value in working against an individualistic conception of human being, toward an embedded and contextualized notion of the subject which considers social, political, economic, and natural world vectors of influence. It will be argued that each of these forms of practice has something to offer to an alternative, anti-individualistic psychotherapeutic praxis, which may intersect with greater personal, collective, and ecological well-being. ​ https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/0022167818817181


Just because you are responsible for your healing doesn't mean you are responsible for the sickness.


it doesn't blame anyone, actually you still have to accept that you need help and changes,then try to achieve it . that's how therapy works


Have been at 6 and 7 but now I'm back at 1-2.


No progress?




Stage 5 has been a revelation for me. What I was doing to heal was actually hurting me.


I'd place myself around stage 3


I love this. Stage 4 for me. Hows stage 5? What are your thoughts/plans?


Don't have any plans yet, just wanted to change my life for the better. Fed up with everything 🤷‍♀️


I am at 4


I am on stage 6 now, slowly realising my mistakes.


I always was and always will be at stage 5.


But how do 7?


Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 4, 4, 4, 4... 😔


People are motivated by hope, hope is having something in your life to look forward to Notice how there’s no step 9, because people cannot realistically imagine anything positive happening after step 8 If there was a way for people to feel confident that a positive change will happen in their life after step 8, then people will have the motivation to get through step 5 At least that’s how I see it


It's just a meme, there are different variations of it


You can't get better from mental illness like this. Just wait for more targeted medications or even insane shit like Neuralink. Donnelly Miller has been "working on improving" for over a decade and still mentally ill because you can't get rid of shit like this any more than a schizophrenic can stop being schizophrenic. You must accept who you are as you are.


Constant cyvle


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ... Endless loop for me cuz that's how my brain works :,)


I shuffle between 5 & 6. Six is very short-term. I tried therapy all year and found it pointless because I couldn't commit to making the necessary changes. I really feel like I can't change and all the advice I was received wasn't anything that I didn't already know. I just can't do it.