I always let my runts grow and none have ever been under a foot by chop day. I even had one runt of Sweet Tooth grow into a 4 foot monster. Auto flowers are tricky fuckers so let them do their thing.


Just planted 6 new seeds (all Mephisto Autos). 1 week in, they are all doing well except for just one of the plants (a ManBearAlienPig). It seems to be far behind the others. Should I replace her with a fresh bean, or do you think she still has potential? In general, can a weak bean be resuscitated? Or is it better to replace ASAP?


I usually throw them in the corner of the tenr and if it pulls through it earns a place back center under the lights, if nothings really changed after 2 weeks i chuck it ✌


Good thinking!


Depends how many back ups you gave


Maybe it has something to do w the blurple lighting?