Does anyone else here like to sort/organize things for fun?

as a kid my form of 'play' was just me sorting my groups of toys (ponies, cars, marbles, etc) by color/shape/size and then lining them up. and then like from an outside perspective it would look like i was just sitting there dissociating and staring at them, but I was just using my ✨imagination✨ to do literally all of the playing.

and now, as an adult, i still really enjoy sorting and organizing things. especially like foods (fruitsnacks, candies, easter eggs, etc) and i was just curious if anyone else enjoys things like that or if they did as kids.


The real treat is when you can do this for a living. I’m a pharmacist and part of my weekly duties involves a shipment from warehouse of drugs. They all come commingled in several boxes so we have to sort by drug type/location then put them away. And me being me I have to put it away and tidy as I go. Organizing the shelves of everything I’m putting away. Everyone else hates that task but it’s one of my favorites


I see you all with your little counting devices and "knives" that you use to fill prescription bottles. must be fun too. All the different sized and colored pills :)


That sounds like an absolutely amazing line of work though.


It’s definitely the best part of the job. There’s a ton of downsides, dealing with insurance, angry people, never having enough hours to be fully staffed, always getting more work on top of what we’re already doing with no additional pay or help. It can be frustrating but I still love my job.


I was a pharmacy tech well into the time I was pursuing my doctorate. The pharmacist kept asking me why I worked there while writing my dissertation and I was like “lol well one, I’m poor and two, I like sort it shut brain off”


With these things? Always! And the same amount of every colour goes back in the box. And the leftovers need to be eaten first, so there can be justice afterwards.


I think this behaviour is in all of our DNA's. You should see my ever-growing, ultra-organized music collection!


omg my FLAC library in itself is a work of art ✨


YES and then you eat from the colour you dislike the most till your left with your fav colour


That's just silly. You eat from the largest pile switching colors each time so that you have an even number of colors as you go till you have just one of each color. :)


I line them up in rows, cut off all the rows so thar they're all the same length (eat the extras) and then eat one of each color at a time, favorite color to least favorite.


I'm just glad the piles are roughly the same. I hate when there's one pink and three red starbursts, and the rest are yellow.


In cases like that, I just consume until I can equalize the piles.




I like equalizing the piles then ranking them in order from my least favorite to favorite and eat them in that repeating sequence.




:( there’s so many bins to buy…


When I was about 12 or 13 I remember taking out my big box of Legos (this would have been the early 80s) and just sorting them into piles. I was so upset over the years at how disorganized the box was and finally took action and sorted everything and put them in sandwich bags. My older brothers girlfriend stopped by and i knew i was too old to be playing with Lego so I made an excuse that a younger neighbor kid paid me a buck to sort them for him..... That's all normal stuff right? When i was about 3 my parents found me playing with...well removing and neatly stacking all the china bowls and cups from the cabinet. again normal stuff right haha


Definitely! As long as it's something I find interesting at least, I work for a bookstore and I LOVE getting to alphabetize the shelves


my senior year of highschool i had a free period and i chose to use mine as a TA for the library and i got to scan, organize, and alphabetize books for 2 hours a day, 3 days a week.


I don't do this with food anymore, but sorting and organizing things in my house is a source of great enjoyment. Just got a big closet organizer and I've happily spent hours with it. By the way, I used to get those M&Ms in tubes when I was a kid. Can you tell me about the quality of the tubes now? The containers I kept were good enough that I used a longer one to carry my pencils, and a mini one for the extra lead and erasers. (Another expression of my need for organization, haha.)


Honestly this picture should be the autism flag 😂 I lived for this shit growing up haha.


Me to 🤣


Yesterday I organized a box of matches just because.


How does one organize a box of matches? :0 they all match


I can think of ways. Line up all the bottoms so they are completely even with each other. Alternate tops and bottoms just because. Separate into groups of 3 or 5 or 10, then change orientations. Also, it is inevitable that there will be some variation in length or other manufacturing characteristic or flaw if you look hard enough.


You got it🥰 I initially tried to alternate tops and bottoms so the matches doesn't end up inclined but it didn't workout so I ended up putting all tops together. The inclination was there but are the same time they were easier to pick so I was satisfied 😂


Even so, PO maybe your were trying to make a joke right? I'm not trying to be mean I'm just so bad at getting this things 😂


i wasn't meaning to but looking back at it, it looks like i did 🤣


Yes!! I'm doing embroidery at uni and specialising in embellishment, so I have hundreds of different types of beads and sequins. I spend hours organising them into different systems, like by colour, by type, size, finish etc. I have SO much fun doing it. Trying to get the perfect order of slight variations in colour and finish while making sure they're in a logical order for when I use them, it's literally the best time.


Only so that I can eat the best stuff last


Yup! All the time! Even ended up in a career where I do just that, but for a library of clinical documentation (Trial Master File [TMF]). My early career was putting things into their appropriate classifications. Now I oversee the structure of each study's library, know what should come in and by when (study milestones) and ensure it's complete and accurate. Other than the corporate-ness of it and all the social rules that come along with that, I found my autistic dream job 17 years ago. As an SME (subject-matter expert) I get away with some of my quirkiness because people respect my experience, but still have to be careful not to let the mask slip too much.


I cannot eat skittles without laying them out in a rainbow line graph, then eating from the longest line first to even them out, then once they’re even, it’s one from each row at a time keeping them even all the time.


Have you ever played “A Little to the Left”? It’s a game where all you do is organize!


i have never heard of that! it sounds really interesting. i am going to look into it now.


When I finish playing cards, I sort them into numerical order, grouped into each suit. Same sort of thing with Uno cards.


All of my decks of playing cards have a theme (i have one with a different mushroom on every card, one with a different crystal on every card, etc) so when i get done with them i sort them either alphabetically or by color.


Sorting is often the first step or a helpful step in counting, which is something I am irresistibly drawn to. Bringing order to chaos is so satisfying.


Yes, and my wife giggles every time she sees it.


I've spent so much time sorting my music collection and Magic the Gathering cards.


No. But that looks lovely


I organize EVERYTHING! Tangible items but also information in my head. I am a sorting machine!


i can't organize information in my head like that. i like to organize information on paper.


Yeah, I am often just thinking about my special interests in my head—especially when highly stressed. It’s really a big dissociative tactic for me. And I couldn’t write all of the info down because I spend way too much time doing it for my fingers to keep up, lol. My brain is faster and more efficient.


And count. For fun.


Me tooooo


Yes, though my ADHD usually distracts me from doing this to completion. This picture makes me happy.


Yes! So much. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite things to do!


I love sorting the hangers by size at work! Everyone is always shocked that I do it instead of just messing around when I’m at the fitting rooms, but it’s fun for me.


I'll do this is a stim while I nibble, but only when it comes to candies. Though I also like to organise while I clean. I think figuring out where something should go is the best part of the process.


I was the candy man. I had a whole Isle of shelves with boxes and bags hanging on pegs. there was the chocolates section and the gummy section, and the hard candies, and the taffies. sorted by brand, then by types of that brand. nice striped rows 112 feet of 6 foot tall isle. It was glorious. woe betide anyone who stuffed something in my candy isle in the wrong place when I wasn't there. you name an item and I could tell you if we had any and take you right to it if we did. you want those little strawberry candies that every grandmother used to have? right side, halfway, middle row of the costal bay section near the butterscotch and cinnamon buttons, if you hit the orange slices, you've gone too far.


One of my favorite jobs back in the day was an office temp. I literally spent all day sorting paperwork. Here’s the deal There’s like dozens of sorting algorithms you can learn This is all stuff computer scientists do with code… but it’s way more fun with actual files. Many of the computer science algorithms don’t quite make as much sense in real life but it’s a blast to try