50% off cosmetics @ Chemist Warehouse

50% off cosmetics @ Chemist Warehouse


Sale on from 6/9 – 26/9 * 50% off OPI * 50% off Manicare, Glam by Manicare & Lady Jayne * 50% off Rimmel * 50% off L’Oreal * 50% off Maybelline * 50% off Nude by Nature * 50% off Revlon * 50% off Sally Hansen cosmetics * 40% off W7 * 40% off Flower Beauty Other good deals in the catalogue * 50% off Trilogy skin * 40% off Neostrata * 30% off Avene * 30% off La Roche Posay * 30% off Bali Body


Oooooo yes OPI!


Thanks for posting! Does anyone have any good liquid eyeliner recommendations from CW brands? Looking for black, staying power and the pen-type ones! Please and thank you :))


I like the Maybelline Hyper sharp https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/84448/maybelline-hyper-sharp-precision-liquid-eyeliner-black-winged Stays pretty well on my watery eyes and easy to apply!


You’re a star! Thank you!


[https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/109882/maybelline-master-precise-liquid-eyeliner-blackest-black](https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/109882/maybelline-master-precise-liquid-eyeliner-blackest-black) This is the one I use, it's amazing!


Looks good! Thank you for the recommendation!


Another [Maybelline one is the Hyper Easy](https://www.chemistwarehouse.com.au/buy/98817/maybelline-hyper-easy-eyeliner-black), it has the brush tip so it never dries out at the tip. Excellent staying power and has the finest line of any liner I've ever used. Plus I'm still using one I bought last year, I use it close to every day and keep waiting for it to dry out but it's still going strong.


Thank you! Will be sure to pick it up! Love a never-ending product haha


L'Oréal Superliner is great


Thank you! Appreciate it!


Wouldn't be amazing if CW stocked Milani? It's really hard to get at Priceline atm :(


Sally Hansen - here I come!


Thank you. Some really good deals that will help me get through this lockdown!


I just noticed they've finally stocked the flower blush bombs in some more colours online which is exciting! Hopefully eventually that will translate in store around where I live, unfortunately the stock in store seems to be pretty pitiful at the moment and I don't really want to pay for shipping/spend $50 to get free shipping.


Thank you, awesome!


Thanks.I could do some OPI's..a replacement for my age rewind concealer and maybe some flower beauty blushes and Cerave cleansers..Im in Sydney though and in one of those LGA's who needs to stay home.I would love to go browse 😕


Two comments: 1. I want my makeup to work harder than I do 2. Damn NZ, we only got 15% off la Roche posay


Anyone tried the L'Oreal oil eyeshadows?? They look interesting!


I'm inclined to agree that it is just a powder eyeshadow, but it's insanely soft? I only tried the shimmers though, I don't know anything about the mattes. I don't want to hype them up, but they were pretty cool. If you can swatch them, you will get a better picture.


They're just regular powder eyeshadow, I was given a single in my secret Santa last year and it's just a regular powder eyeshadow


I want to start doing nail care/paint my own nails. Does anyone have any brand suggestions? I'm just interested in maintaining healthy/groomed nails and painting them a neutral colour.


Not CW but I used to swear by Essie when I had natural nails.


I've always really liked the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish and their "gel" polish as their brush is really good and durable (unlike sally hansen >:( which brush fell apart in at least three nail polishes I had for them - couldn't even get a darn exchange or replacement brush for it either). It's not like the traditional kinda flimsy shape, so it makes it easier to paint your nails :)


Brb stocking up on nail polish


Does anyone know how often CW has these 50% off sales?


You could probably check /u/alltheanimalsplease's post history but tbh it always feels like its every couple of months - if you don't need anything urgently, you can just wait esp bc the bigger brands e.g. maybelline, revlon, l'oreal seem to have 20 to 40 percent off sales every other day


Thank you for posting!! I had been holding out until the next Flower Beauty sale to pick up the new lip and cheek products 😍 Has anyone had luck using the new shipping option? I tried to select it, but it wouldn't let me? Not sure if it depends on what products are in your order?


Oh noooo it's hard enough to stay away from CW haha, thanks for this!


Bought some brushed from flower Beauty. They are like $5/6 at the moment, they are so good! One of the better foundation brushes I've found in a while .


I live for Flower Beauty brushes. Would have totally gotten heaps more if I didn't already have a plethora of brushes in my collection already. They are absolutely chef's kisses.


First thought was that all these stock are expiring soon 😅