[One](https://youtu.be/pWDwYSkQj5g) of my favorite MLS moments that will get anyone hyped. [Another](https://youtu.be/J15vfXqnwWw) very hyped moment that was amazing. [My personal pick](https://youtu.be/hYOXtngsE4U) because of my own goalkeeper bias but one of my favorite saves in history.


Omg that face save TIHI


Yeah those first 2 links are pretty much the most well known. OP, buckle up cause your probably gonna see those a lot if you follow MLS. Besides those, i'd recommend looking into some Dallas and Houston history since you'll very soon be a part of this rivalry. I know you asked for specific matches, but i'd look into some recent expansion teams and their success. LAFC and Atlanta are super recent and successful, but if you guys get a run like Nashville did last year, it'll be huge for yall.


Thank you for these!


The most important thing to know is that Billy Campbell from Melrose Place actually played for the LA Galaxy.


Not strictly MLS because it was a Concacaf Champions League match, but this is my favorite moment: [Cameron Porter stoppage time goal for Montreal Impact to eliminate Pachuca](https://youtu.be/yv-OZSuob98)


LAFC Vrs LA Galaxy MLS Cup Playoffs 2019 Portland Timbers Vrs Seattle Sounders August 31st 2014 Toronto FC Vrs Montreal Impact Eastern Conference Final-Leg 2


I’d check out PTFC vs SKC Double Post Game (2015 knock out game). https://youtu.be/yZMudTn12bc


If you are new to the sport, I wouldn't necessarily stick to MLS moments. It's a young league and of course is still growing in quality compared to those in Europe.


I guess the sheer quantity of soccer moments from European leagues end international play daunts me a bit lol But I shall dive into some best of YouTube videos!


What are you looking for exactly? Like how the sport is played? Strategy? Historical games? I always introduced my friends to it by recommending the weekly Premier League Review show.


More like historical games and amazing moments. I’m a big CFB fan so things like the kick six, 4th and 5, “woah he has trouble with the snap”, and big moments like that as well as influential and crazy games like the UT vs USC rose bowl, OU vs Georgia CFP game, app st vs Michigan etc. Although I am also down for strategy and tactics. I’ll check that show out!


YouTube is your friend here. Good luck with those rabbit holes.


Check out Sounders 4 goal comeback