Anyone else getting suddenly hit by bunch of random messages/comments responding to old comments?

Anyone else getting suddenly hit by bunch of random messages/comments responding to old comments?


For anyone receiving racist remarks like this, please take a screenshot and send it to the modmail. We will ban any users doing so.


The forum is getting spammed by racist dickheads from the sticks. Sad little boys that think they’re ‘owning the libs’.


I used to have this problem years ago with some bigots/fascists in Portland that were cyberstalking my digital accounts using software suites. They are cowards campaigning for their bad cause. When it's not anti-Semitic comments it's mental illness slander or harassing LGBTQ. I have had a fair share of encounters with neo-nazis and fascists in the past 20 years - they are mostly poorly educated or formulate bad beliefs based on obscure understandings of history, religion, and politics. If you've never hung out with neo-nazis, NWO fanatics, and fascists you miss out on the world's wildest theories. Did you know that there is a secret government that punishes suspected criminals by forcing them into entertainment careers where they amass large sums of money, then force them to compensate their victims when the time is ripe as part of some weird extra-judicial systems of law? Did you know that the US government is run by a panel of people in a different country that use the white house staff as remote proxies in bizarre simulators? I never heard of such things until I hung out with a bunch of skinheads (not by choice or my knowledge). I guess in summary I'm just saying that neo-nazis, skinheads and other fascists SUCK!! They probably going to scribe dumb graffiti, beat people up, possibly frame someone or slander them. There were some dudes trying to figure out people who are or aren't Jewish on my area recently and some other dudes trying to look into my background to see if I am a half Jew through some wild stories they concocted. There were some dudes that knew who my Jewish friend from highschool was floating rumors around my area. Lunatics! Terrorists!




Yeah just saw that someone screenshot an old comment (re: anti vax morons) and posted it to 4chan today, so if hazard a guess that this isn’t over.


I've been reported to Reddit Cares 3 times in the last month. At this point, I'm just hoping for a special Snoo heart flair on my profile.


Is that the message where someone has reported you for needing mental health support? I had someone do that recently on me in retaliation for a comment they didn’t like


Ditto. Reddit should have a flag function (same as on awards) on these "care" so their admin can look at the context of who initiates the "care" feature and if that person is abusing it's intended purpose.


Same thing happened to me.


Interesting, it feels related to SAN and even those Trumpanzee Nazi clowns that hung the banner on Far West. They’re out here meddling like it’s 2016, online and in real life.


Yeah I'm pretty sure it was something I said to one of the SAN clowns


Yes that's the one


I had someone do this to me several months ago. I just received a message. Is there anything else that happens? I feel like there isn't but I don't get why they did it?


It’s just a form of harassment with a little gaslighting mixed in. My hunch is that with 2022 coming up and all those fucked up voting laws in the states passing, bs like this is happening in every town across the country. Those banners on Mopac are part of it too. It’s like psy ops. Everyone has a part to play, whether online or in real life.


You can opt out of receiving the messages.


Thanks. I actually find it kinda validating


I got one too


Maybe Sinclair increased their social media budget?