Lost cat! 41st and Avenue B. His name is Lobster. no collar, but he's chipped. Likely will not come if called, but please let me know if you see him. My neighbor is really sick about it. Please keep an eye out.

Lost cat! 41st and Avenue B. His name is Lobster. no collar, but he's chipped. Likely will not come if called, but please let me know if you see him. My neighbor is really sick about it. Please keep an eye out.


Tell your neighbor to put out an open can of sardines at night time and go walking and calling his name softly once it’s dark. It’s how we found my moms cat when he got out. Good luck!


Thank you! Will do


This. They are usually within a few blocks. When it's late they can hear you and you can hear them responding better. They will probably stay put during the day....night is the key time.


Please share this "Missing Cat Behavior" info below with your neighbor!Also tell them to post Lobster in the [Austin Lost and Found Pets group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/austinlostandfoundpets) if they haven't already!In regards to the info below, a good time to go looking is very late at night when it's quiet outside. They should bring a flashlight and shine it all around looking for the reflection of the cat's eyes as again, they may not make a sound even if they normally come when called - this behavior changes when they escape outdoors! "Displaced Indoor-Only Cats (i.e. Cats Who’ve Escaped Outdoors)If your indoor-only cat has escaped and is somewhere outside or in unfamiliar territory there is good news — your cat is probably not “lost” at all! In most cases, a cat that is unexpectedly transplanted into an unfamiliar area is considered a DISPLACED CAT. Most cases of displacement involve indoor-only cats that escape outside. However, outdoor-access cats can become displaced as well. **When cats are displaced into an unfamiliar area, the cat is most likely hiding in silence, often not far from the escape point, and they will not meow!** This is because cats are territorial and their primary protective measure from predators is to hide in silence. Cats that are afraid (and cats that are injured) will seek areas of concealment such as under a deck, under a house, under a porch, or in heavy brush and **they will not meow! Meowing would give up their location to a predator**. Their behavior has nothing to do with whether the cat loves you, whether it recognizes your voice, or whether it can smell you–it has everything to do with the fact that a frightened cat will hide in silence!" Source:: [https://www.missinganimalresponse.com/lost-cat-behavior/](https://www.missinganimalresponse.com/lost-cat-behavior/)


Did he get scared out of the house, did he wander out randomly, or is he an uncollared "indoor"/outdoor cat? Depending on the answer depends on how far away it might be.


I'm not quite sure. It's an acquaintance's cat, but from what I gather it is an indoor cat.


In which case check the storm drains and underneath any stairs in about a block radius. That's where I usually find out regularly-scheduled missing neighborhood scardey-cats when they get posted in our hood.


Shit, don't know how to edit the title but it was actually lost off 40th and Avenue C.


My heart skipped a beat when I saw this pic, because he looks exactly like my cat Tony, and we also live in Hyde Park (about ten blocks away). I’ll keep an eye out for Lobster


Thank you :)


Yeah, there sure is a run on tuxedo cats missing, Nextdoor.


Looks like a lobster


Put your litter box outside Cats if they’re anywhere near the area they’ll find their way back


**Lost a pet?** Check the Austin Animal Center’s Twitter account [@austinanimals](https://twitter.com/austinanimals). The [@austinanimals](https://twitter.com/austinanimals) Twitter account is updated every 30 minutes with stray pets that have recently entered the shelter. Come to the Animal Center to look for your lost pet as soon as possible. Due to the large number of animals, some may be held for only three days after intake.It is recommended you visit the shelter at least every other day to check for your lost pet. **If you’ve lost your pet:** * Talk to your neighbors * Look for your pet in your neighborhood and surrounding areas * Post signs in your neighborhood * Come to the Animal Center every other day to check for your pet Between shelter visits, [search an online database of lost animals](http://austintexas.gov/page/view-all-pets) that are in the shelter. This is not as reliable as visiting the shelter in person and is not a substitute for visiting the shelter. You can also check [this facebook group](https://www.facebook.com/groups/austinlostandfoundpets) for more lost and found info. This is a public community group and is partnered with the Austin Animal Shelter. The group also maintains a website [here](https://alfp.austin.com/). [This map](https://data.austintexas.gov/Government/Austin-Animal-Center-Stray-Map/hye6-gvq2) shows all stray cats and dogs that are currently in AAC's care for no longer than a week. The Image column has a link to the animal's most up-to-date image. **Found Pets** Most stray animals are owned by someone. Don’t keep an animal that you find without first making a real effort to locate the owner. Talk to neighbors and post signs. * If you can keep the found pet temporarily, call or contact [3-1-1 online](http://austintexas.gov/department/311) to submit a Found Animal Report. * If you bring in a found pet, please provide info about where and when it was found. * If you have found a stray pet and cannot bring it to the shelter, contact 3-1-1. Animal Protection should be able to pick it up. **Open Intake Shelter** The Austin Animal Center is an open-intake animal shelter serving the City of Austin and Travis County. It accepts any animal that needs shelter, regardless of age, health, species, breed or behavior, and no matter whether it is a stray or an owned animal. **If you find your pet:** As a Travis County Resident, you can get a free microchip and ID tag for your pet. If your pet is not microchipped and/or does not have an ID tag, please come down to Austin Animal Services during the hours of 11am to 7pm to get a free microchip and/or ID tag for your pet. http://austintexas.gov/department/lost-found-pet **Be sure to also visit /r/AustinPetLostAndFound** /r/Austin/wiki/FAQ --- *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/Austin) if you have any questions or concerns.*


i live on this block and will keep an eye out for Lobster


also, post on Nextdoor. the 40th and C block loves cats and can help you!


Find Lobster!