Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool

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My guess is the days of swimming in Hamilton Pool are done. It ends up being closed half the year for toxicity anyway and now with the rocks falling, I think it'll just go into preservation mode.


It’s always been inevitable that it would collapse one day. It’s a bummer, but yeah. Back to preserve.






Dang hamilton pool be bussin with all this rain


Waterfall lookin thicc




Back when it still belonged to the Hamiltons we used to camp overnight. There was a toll booth on the road going in. They didn't kick you out at sunset. The cave roof that collapsed to make the pool has fallen in for a long way downstream, maybe all the way to the Pedernales River. There's a stream, and huge boulders/pillars on one side, some with passages away from the stream. The passages make nice camping spots. We always made sure there was an easy exit to the surface level in case of a flash flood, but we never had one while we were there. We would haul in food and beer, build a fire, etc. Instead of the trail where you hike in now there was a rickety elevator that went right down the side, to the right of the photo. Camping out downstream was the only place I've ever seen a copperhead after living in Austin off and on since 1955.


thanks for the history!


Thank you. A nice simple shot with no stupid music.


People love that stupid music


“Aye aye aaaayyyyeeee I’m on vacation”


How dare you say that is a stupid song.....


When even did that song get so popular? I remember jamming the shit out of it in 2017, when I was working as a dealership photographer, just generally enjoying life, and thinking it was such an underrated song. Now, almost 4 years later, I hear it in so many different places.






I read that trying to tell what song that was and then it started playing in my head lol


That’s because people are stupid (:


“Whoa...way to go Hamilton!”


Laying in a dentists chair bout to get a root canal…..this really helped calm my nerves. Beautiful!


Good luck with yours! I’ve got 2 crowns to replace today in an hour from now and I know now what Im going to do to cope. Instructions: administer “haha” gas, breathe in deeply, watch clip, repeat.


That was easily the smoothest and pain free root canal I’ve ever had.


My understanding is they've really gotten much much better. I worked in the service industry for 20yrs and finally got dental insurance towards the tail end of it. I was absolutely convinced they were going to have to do unspeakable things to my mouth. Was speaking with the dentist about it and he said they are often avoided these days, and when done they are way less intense. Also, I don't want to brag or anything, but I didn't even have a single cavity. The cleaning took a looooooong time though.


Don’t be so modest! That’s def something to brag about! It had been 12 yrs since I’ve been back at the dentist. Cavities & root canals is what I’ve got but won’t lose any teeth!


Honestly, good for you! I’ve had a few of those as well, they’re never fun. So the fact you had a positive experience is wonderful!


WHat's the deal with crowns these days? Everyone I know has to have them replaced.


Closed this summer due to Snowpocalypse ‘21


Is it usually this empty with no people in the water?


Can’t swim right now due to possible falling rocks


stupid rocks ruining all of our fun!


Lol it’s the ice storms gift that lasts all summer


This is why we can’t have good things


Depending who is under the water, falling rocks could increase our fun!


Thanks Obama lol


Can't go right now anyway due to flooding from all the recent rain. I had reservations for Sunday they cancelled on me.


Tbh I’d risk it for that view


WTF happened in Huzzah?


Tons of poop pollution usually has swimming questionable and then they’ve closed it for swimming this summer due to the rock fall risk


Something tells me there's never not going to be a risk of this.


There's actual poop in the water? Where's it coming from?




Sewer runoff too


Subdivisions in Hamilton Pool Rd. Build it, they will come


Build it, and they will poop.




I think it's mainly from birds that nest around the water fall, not 100%. But people are also poopy.


Uranus. Sorry. I'll see myself out.


So you just hike here to look around? Is there anything else to see in the area?


Yeah it’s about a 1/4 mile in to the actual feature and then you can walk around it. Westcave preserve is next door and beautiful as well and there are a number of wineries and breweries on the same road!


There is only one brewery by Hamilton Pool. And it would be awesome if their patrons stopped trying to T-bone me driving my kids home. Whoever thought to put a bunch of alcohol based business (wedding, wine, beer, liquor) in the country down 2 lane curvy roads is a moron.


Hamilton Pool Rd will be the next place to go on the list of places ruined in and around Austin in the last 5-7 years. Sad, family had property on Stage Coach Ranch for decades.


We bought a manufactured home out here and I will forever be grateful that we were able to get out here before values skyrocketed....but over the past year I have watched the roads fill up with a lot of young people absolutely flying while trying to stare at their google maps.


Lol every time I mention owning a home out here I get downvoted. It's also on acreage and my mortgage isn't stupid expensive just to pump those downvotes up. Sorry for making smart moves to live in this hot af trailer in the area I was born and raised in I guess 😂


yeah, this forum is filled with ATX three year warriors who move here, have no concern for how they leave the place, and then move on to the next "cool place to live." cities like austin, nashville, charleston are going to turn into LA, Seattle, San Fran which is a majority of where the people come from. Big Tech and unrestricted building code is fcking up a city that used to have culture, unique character, tradition, and down to earth people who would give you their shirt off their back.


I used to live in Cuerny before they built a bunch of big ass houses in the greenbelt behind my house. I don’t make it a habit to complain about transplants but I will bitch all day about the loss of beautiful natural spaces for crowded cookie cutter homes.


You’re not too far from Krause Springs if you’re out there - it’s on private land but has a nice spring fed swimming hole. Usually a few bucks to get in.


There’s pollution issues in the water. They don’t allow swimming when the water quality gets bad which is pretty much all the time now.


I left Austin in 2011. It was a great time, beautiful people. I could see that the Republicans were a national disgrace and that they wanted to kill people. The energy grid being deregulated and multiple criminals who were charged but never indicted spelled out what was easy to see. If you live in Austin, you're votes aside from Lloyd Dogget have been thrown away. It's so gerrymandered, you have the scum of the earth ruling over some the most intelligent, kind and well read people in Austin. Also, I remember reading about feces in the tap water back in 2008. There is just no way any location can handle that many cars and people. I knew I had to move away from the [Texas Republican nightmare.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG6X-xtVask) I'm glad people are there still fighting. I laid down in the streets in front of the capitol building in 2003 to protest the invasion of Iraq and stolen Pres election. Don't forget, the news just broke that Trump did indeed lose Texas, it's just that they were able to purge enough voters through dismantling the post office voting laws. https://truthout.org/articles/texas-ag-says-he-helped-trump-win-state-with-his-lawsuit-against-mail-in-ballots/ >Conservative Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said on Friday that, had his office not blocked Harris County from sending out mail-in ballot applications to all of its registered voters, Donald Trump would have lost the state. It was time to move and let other people enjoy what Austin has to offer. I'm in NY and love it here. Good luck out there.


Absolutely not, lol. There are usually like 200 people there.


Water is like 57 degrees so even busy days I think only a few brave the cold temps!


And no swimming allowed


When did you take this? I had a reservation to go yesterday, but they sent an email the day before saying it would very likely be closed :(


I took it yesterday!


I had reservations for 2 days ago (Sunday), they cancelled mine.


When I was a kid we used to jump off the top, but back then you did not have to make reservations either.


Send me the audio clip and I’ll mix it down for you to reduce the “static” sound and hear more babbling water


Closed? Heard the freeze and copious rain were loosening rock.


Too bad he locked up going into turn 1




He left "the magic" on. Pretty dumb mistake. Here's a picture someone got of the brake bias settings: https://i.redd.it/vtfq7z948v371.png


Max’s Revenge








So pretty ;)


Can’t swim there now or for the rest of the summer tho


Too bad they closed it to swimming permanently. A sign of things to come as Austin gets severely overpopulated...


its about the rockfalls, not overpopulation.


if every person that complained about overpopulation moved away, the city would be properly populated again., by their own metric.


But if half the population left town and rent dropped then it would induce demand for more people to move here for the low rent! https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induced_demand#Definitions


sounds like youre a tech transplant who thinks Austin is the "cool" spot to be lol


the city is already like that - in 2010 i could wander all along the greenbelt for hours without seeing someone else. the greenbelt was also a lot healthier because of less development, more free water, etc etc. Austin has to seriously think about how to prevent developers from causing some serious cascading harms a la the phosphorus currently fueling the cyanobacteria.


A large part of it is the population explosion and the fact that the BCP has closed off a lot of public land, and the ranches/farms around town have been turned into houses/etc forcing more people into ever smaller green spaces. I too remember riding barton creek during august as late as the ~2005 and not seeing a single person on the main trail for the entire ride. The 100 degree temps and 0 water scared people away, but then just about no one parked under mopac either. Now I check out the parking under mopac everytime I drive over it (nearly every day) and I've not seen less than a couple dozen cars there when its light for at least the last 5 years despite the temps and lack of water.


Hamilton Pool is not in City of Austin.


It’s called geology.


A Texas gem. Anyone know how that water stays ice cold even on scorching hot days?


Source from Trinity Aquifer.


Wow there’s actually a fall now! There were only drips last time I was there a few months ago


sit, relax, repeat


So beautiful






sweet spot


Got a reservation!