Concerts! Who would you never miss?

I’m so happy to have been here in Austin (and cities nearby) for some epic concerts. If you found out some act was coming to ATX (or nearby enough you could go), who would you NEVER miss out on seeing (even if it was seeing them again)?




Hello fellow ONCE, went to the Houston show earlier this year and easily one of the best concerts I’ve attended in my 16 years of going to gigs! It’s a shame most kpop shows don’t stop by here. The most we’ve gotten is Billlie at SXSW, Pixy at CATIL and P1Harmony at ACL live recently.


I did notice a trend that most groups doing World Tours have like 10 stops in the entire NA and 2 of them are always in Texas. Gives me 2 chances to get tickets, so I can’t complain too much!


Ooohh I bet they put on a good show!


Yep, saw them in Arlington & it was amazing. Kpop never comes here tho


Spoon. Band of Horses. Mogwai.


Oohh my husband would love to go see Mogwai


Mogwai puts on a phenomenal show. Goddamn.


Tame Impala


You know I hear them so much on the radio, and I just can’t get into them. The echo is just too distracting.


They're better live. I wasn't really into the until I saw a live show.


Their live shows are incredible, especially if you like to dabble in psychedelics. By no means required, but absolutely fit the vibe of the show and all the accompanying visual production. Also, contrary to what the other guy said, “Currents” is going to be the best introduction to Tame for someone who doesn’t already know and like his music. If you enjoy that, I’d definitely move onto “Lonerism” next.




That good live? Really enjoy their music but still not sure what the live experience would be like (dare I say kind of boring?). Missed the 21’ run at Stubbs but plan on seeing them next chance.


I saw them last year at Format Festival. Nice tunes but, yeah, pretty boring. Didn't feel much different than having their album playing in the car.


They are hands down one of the best shows I’ve been to in the last few years. I even put an alert on SeatGeek for when they play again


They’re excellent live, but unfortunately (for fans, great for them) their new popularity has them playing big venues and their sound is so much more suited for a more intimate venue. Scoot Inn and even their Stubb’s run were great spots for them. Caught them from the lawn at COTA a year or so ago and it just wasn’t the same. That said, if you haven’t seen them before, I think they’ll impress in whatever venue. I think having those great shows as comparisons makes something like COTA feel “less than.”


Thank you for turning me on to Khruangbin! My smart speaker is currently playing their album "Ali" with Vieux Farka Touré. Perfect background music for a chill Sunday afternoon.


Definitely make “The Universe Smiles Upon You” and “Con Todo el Mundo” the next stuff you listen to by them. Far and away their best work, IMO.


Comment because I can’t upvote twice


The Pixies


Saw them in 2009 for the Doolittle 20th anniversary tour. So good! I had a CD of the actual show but misplaced it many years ago.


At the Austin Music Hall?


I was there!


Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC


Cant disagree more. One of my favorite bands too, but will never see them live again. Put zero energy out. Have seen Pixies about 4 or 5 times &each time they seem less and less into it. This past show at the amphitheater, FF had the place going crazy & then Pixies came out, the crowd stoked w anticipation and .... strum, vocal, nothing. I get it. Last leg of tour, you're old and tired but pretend to enjoy it. How can you sing Debaser with no soul???! Shame.


In high school my older friend in college would follow the (original) Pixies on tour. He said they were over when they got the keyboardist for the Tromp Le Monde tour lol.


Same. Saw them when they were here recently and zero, zilch interaction with the audience.


Yes, they were excellent live!


Some upcoming Austin concerts I won't be missing are The Toadies, Tool, Gorod, and Crypta.


I really want to go to Tool, but my husband dislikes them and no one I know has heard of them particularly. Sad me!


See them by yourself! It's life-changing. Best concert on the planet.


I’m not the biggest Tool fan but having seen them live they are in the running for best living live drummer.


Im going by myself. Nothing should stop you from going.


Except the prices are outrageous


Sure, only if you can afford it. Yeah prices are pretty steep. I’m definitely still going though, been to a concert before by myself still worth it


Do you wanna go with me to see them this year. I'll be going aline too lol


Definitely going see Tool, but if APC came here I'd miss work and sell a kidney to see them.


I'll buy your kidney!


Well they'll be in Dallas and Houston in April for a unique set sharing the stage with Puscifer and Primus. I'm seeing that one in LA.


Yeah I was going to try to make it for the Houston show but those ticket resale prices are rough


Gorod hell yea


Tool is coming to Austin? Really? Not San Antonio or somehwere else but actual Austin?


Ween usually stops through when they tour and they fucking rule!




of Montreal puts on super fun shows! Golden Dawn Arkestra isn’t necessarily my jam but they put on can’t-miss shows.


Radiohead! (Please come back. <3)


This is my answer! I’ve been so so fortunate to have seen them more than once, but it’s like a religious experience every time.


Rumour mill is abuzz that there's an imminent reunion. We'll see. And I'll be first in line when they do.


I saw them at ACL a few years ago and the experience was completely ruined for me by the people behind us who were drunk as hell and wouldn't shut the fuck up. I had bought a one-day ticket just to see Radiohead. I was so upset. I'd love for them to come back through on a proper tour so I can have a do-over.


Thundercat, Leon Bridges, Mogwai, Childish Gambino, Billy Bragg, Joe Jackson, Colin Hay, I could go on and on.


I love Leon Bridges so so much.


That one time Childish Gambino did the free Auditorium Shores show at SXSW


Lord Huron, Gregory Alan Isakov and The Paper Kites.


You’ll be pleased to know that, having worked with GAI a good few times, he’s an A+ hang and client. Engaged and curious and patient


Beach House


Yes! Saw them in 2009 at a SXSW showcase with Grizzly Bear at Cedar Street Courtyard (of all places). Victoria performed with them for "Two Weeks". It was magical!


Wow that sounds like a special show. I caught them at moody amphitheater a year ago and it was magical


If Sade ever tours again I’m 110% going


I have been to quite a lot of shows that were hazy from weed - including the Grateful Dead, Phish, and 17 Dead and Company shows. The haziest show I EVER saw was Digable Planets opening for Sade at the Woodlands in like 94 or 95. Great show, but you could hardly even see the stage.


Her show at the Erwin Center was just life affirmingly amazing. Her band made that crappy soundsystem sound like the London Philharmonic.




He's aiight. Just does an Ableton DJ set of his own tracks and remixes. Not trying to hate, he's one of my favorite producers, but not much of a performance element to his live show.


True. When I saw him he got mad at the audience for not dancing.


Queens of the Stone Age in a couple of weeks! MammothWVH tomorrow at Emo's


We will be there for QotSA as well! I’ve been binging their concert lineups this Fall in Europe trying to anticipate what Josh will pick! I hope like heck they play “Monsters in the Parasol.” My favorite song of theirs haha


Make sure you see the opener spiritualized. They are an insane space rock band. Bring your earplugs


His best work was Kyuss


Ay I'll be there! Anyone catch king gizzard?!


Built to Spill - every time. Last time they were sold out but I ran into Doug Marstch outside the venue and he let me go to the show!


“Hey thanks a lot”. Hah. My wife and I laugh because he says that after each song in his very Doug voice. Haha. Great shows. Lots of crowd sing alongs. Haven’t seen them since the entirely new line up. Just won’t be the same.


When I lived in NY and on and off here for 23 years: They Might Be Giants


Say them at ACL Live earlier this year, so much damn fun


Always! Been going to their shows since I was 16 (30 years ago.) I've seen them more than any band ever. Seems silly but they're really amazing and fun live. Only band that has come close to the number of times ive seem TMBG is Tool. Which is about 12. TMBG, probably 20 or more.


Oohhh solid choice


For me, the most amazing concerts I’ve been to have been Phantogram in Austin and Rammstein in SA.


One of my favorite shows of all-time was a "secret" show Phantogram did during SXSW at Native Hostel. Also. I did Rammstein in SA, too. Sounds like we should have carpooled.


Noooo wayyyyy that would be sick. I “just” got to see the show at Stubbs a few years ago. Still arguably my favorite show I’ve been to. Rammstein was an absolute EXPERIENCE but it was so overwhelming to the senses.


Was at both of those. Rammstein was like watching a show inside a pizza oven.




Alt J


King Gizzard next year!!


Biffy Clyro and R.E.M. are on my bucket list. Saw Biffy at a festival over 10 years ago, but never in the US.


>R.E.M. are long gone.


Seen Biffy so many times in Leeds. Once in Austin.


Tom Waits Terry Allen Wood Brothers Flaming Lips


Tom Waits is one of the few still on my bucket list.


I had a pact with a friend years ago that we would drive 500 miles , but now I am willing to eat the cost and see him anywhere (Watch him announce a tour in Nepal)


The Mountain Goats, Jason Isbell, Drive By Truckers, Future Islands, BoyGenius


They Might Be Giants


Arctic Monkeys…again. Alex Turner is fire 🔥


Despacio. Lead singer of LCD Soundsystem and Soul Wax party they throw. You go to one of these and no show will ever sound as good as Despacio. [More info](https://musictech.com/features/interviews/james-murphy-soulwax-despacio/)


lol the “walking water bags” comment sent me


word. despacio will raise the bar so high nothing else will ever live up to it. you've been warned. but you should still try to go. come on over to r/despacio if you want more on it.


This guy funks.




Coheed and Cambria


Nick Cave, Lord Huron, Depeche Mode and Ween


Yes to Lord Huron! They are so good live.


Did you make it to Nick Cave's solo show back in October? I was bummed to miss it!!


Yes I did! It was great. Colin Greenwood from Radiohead was with him and played bass on most songs. And sometimes he just stood there enjoying the show like the rest of the audience.


I’ve seen the Murder City Devils every time they’ve played Austin since ‘97. Maybe 20 times? I have no idea at this point but they’re a can’t miss show for me.


I have seen OSEES more than any other band since moving here and would still never miss them. They play here every single fall like two days of shows back to back, and also often several shows for SXSW or at Levitation. I just never miss them, they put on such a great show. I also like how many international bands play in Austin. I'm hoping Dungen come back 🤞🏻


Right?! We saw Heilung a bit back, it was AMAZING


I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen Osees (back when they were Thee Oh Sees). My favorite shows were at spider house ballroom when they had two drummers.


Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy 20th anniversary tour, were that to ever happen. They’re not necessarily the most amazing band live (they’re good), but it’s my favorite album of all time and I assume they’d go all out for Austin.


Morrissey used to be amazing live. I would go see him again if he came to town, even knowing he would likely cancel last minute.


REM. If only….




Yes I had to reply since I feel he's underrated!


Modest Mouse. Been seeing them in Austin since 2001.


I’ll miss all of them if my ticket is more than $100 each. Easy. With that said- volbeat!


Hmm, I don’t think most of the concerts I’ve been to have been more than $100 but I think we did pay more for Rammstein at the Alamo Dome. That was a trip. I’d totally love to see Volbeat!!


Radiohead. I would travel to see them again


Alkaline Trio. All time favorite band and I don’t miss a show. Out of town next time they’re at Stubbs so I’m catching the Orlando show this tour.


Tool, Coheed, King Gizzard, Papadosio, The Main Squeeze


The cover of No Quarter that The Main Squeeze did is my absolute favorite version


I’ve seen Coheed at least three times here in Austin! COTA is amazing. If you ever see Sherman the red Jeep around. I’ve even got a Coheed sticker on my Jeep :)


Nice dude!!! I lived in Houston for a long time, saw them in ‘06 on the good Apollo tour, then at least 4 more times up until Ascension/descension. But I caught their in keeping secrets neverender show at Stubbs back in 2014….and that blew my mind. I think I’ve seen them 6 times now haha. They always kill it live, and I’ll keep an eye out for the red jeep!


Well, I'm guessing I'm just a tad bit older than the rest here. But in the last 3 years, I've seen Dave Matthews, Ann Wilson, journey, the Rolling Stones, Testament, slayer, Lamb of God, Behemoth, anthrax, blues Traveler, jewel, train. I saw Toto and yes in San Antonio. Seal was at the theater that I work at and that show was off the chain. The dead daisies. Patti LaBelle and Gladys Knight. I'm pretty eclectic at 60. Fortunate that my husband is a musician here. He helps me find the best shows. But if I had to choose a band that I would love to see you again, it would be Behemoth from Poland. They put on a Hella show!


Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Avett Brothers, New Order, Blonde Redhead, Fleet Foxes, The XX.


I would TOTALLY go see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs!


I saw Blonde Redhead in 1999. It’s amazing they are still going.


G Jones, Lab Group. Both are playing next month at Concourse.


G Jones is gonna be sick!




Eyehategod, electric wizard


Some good bands listed here in the comments, but damn everyone is missing out on Herbie Hancock!! He came a couple years back and will be here again in April. Hands down the best show I’ve ever seen. My other two must sees if they come back through are Death Grips and Zro. Bjork would be a must. Esperanza Spalding as well. And to throw in a local, I try to catch every Sir Woman show I can! One of the best local bands imo. They’re goin places


The Midnight


Ghostland and Muse Best live shows I’ve ever seen outside some no name punk shows that were just like a giant raucous party


Gojira, Rush ( or whatever they decide to do, if they decide to play any shows), Iron Maiden


ABBA Voyage in London. There has never been anything like it in all of human history. They have a purpose built stadium with thousands of holo projectors that time travel you back to 1976. It's both perfect and perfectly eerie. The most uncanny of valleys made real. ABBA from the 70's is there. I kept looking for a flaw, or an artifact and finally have up. I traveled there from Texas to see it as it will never come to me. Be sure to get a pass to the OceanBird lounge and they'll lift the velvet rope and let you skip the thousands of people in queue. [ The Voyage ](https://abbavoyage.com/)


Billy Strings and Ween


Local bands: Ghostland Observatory, Rickshaw Billies Burger Patrol, Riverboat Gamblers Non local bands: Everytime I Die (RIP), Thrice, Alkaline Trio, Tame Impala, Purity Ring


Same. I can't believe it's been two years since I last saw ETID here.




Explosions in the Sky (December 15!!!) Run the Jewels If they were still alive: Jeff Buckley, Elliott Smith




It's gonna be a good one!


Thee Oh Sees, or whatever they call themselves now. They always play Hotel Vegas. In the back. And it’s a great show every single time. It’s quintessential Austin


Fall Out Boy! I was so excited when they announced they were coming to ATX. I don't know when they'll ever release another album or tour again, so if they announce they're coming back to ATX in the future I will be there


https://moodycenteratx.com/event/fall-out-boy/ March 08 24. I think you know tho…


I never miss a Ghostland show and I would love to see Glorietta again


It’s been a minute since he toured, but Angel Vivaldi. First show of his that I saw, I drove all the way to Houston for. A few years later, did both the Austin and San Antonio date since I was off both days of work for Besides him, a band called The Home Team, who are good friends of mine. I normally catch them at least 2/3 times whenever they’re in town each year since 2018, even drove up to Dallas last year on one of the tours.


Tenacious D and Liquid Stranger Probably Tame Impala too.


Black Pumas






Daniel Romano’s Outfit, The Nude Party, Band of Heathens, Todd Snider, Josh Ritter, Amigo the Devil, Devil Makes Three, White Denim, Billy King and the Bad Bad Bad


Fantastic list. I’m overdue for a little Todd Snider “Church”. And I’m sitting nextdoor to the Apt where White Denim’s bassist used to live back in the day on the east coast. Real stoked for that guy.


Belle and Sebastian. Their lead signer is dealing with health stuff so I never which tour is their last or which one is their last in the States.


Willie Nelson, he plays here I go.


The Who, Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Simon and Garfunkel, Paul McCartney, The Moody Blues, Talking Heads, Ariel Pink, Fleet Foxes, Animal Collective, Radiohead, Beach House, Beach Fossils, John Maus, and LCD Soundsystem. That's what I can think of right now. There are more, but that's what I can think of.


I saw Simon & Garfunkel in 2004 and CSNY in ‘06. Would love the opportunity to see them again.


Another lucky duck!


Saw S&G in '04 too. The Spectrum (I think....) in Philly - with Everly Brothers opening.


That’s a lot! Can you pick one or two faves that would be like… “even if I was on my deathbed they would be wheeling me in there”?


Eric Clapton and Neil Young.


Where did you see Neil Young? I feel lucky to have seen him with Crazy Horse at ACL that year (2013?) but would have rather seen him outside of a festival


I got to see Neil solo acoustic at Bass Hall back when he was touring behind Harvest Moon. Fucking epic, and they recorded it for VH1 as well. I also got to see Tom Waits play the Paramount when he played at SXSW in 2000 or so. Also fucking epic.


Holy shit! You saw Tom Waits?!


At the Paramount no less. And for free.


Lucky duck.


That must have been amazing! I haven't seen Neil Young in concert. But I have seen Eric Clapton in concert. He keeps getting better as he ages (which is a GREAT principle and discipline for any artist to have).


I have seen NY with Crazy Horse 6 or 7 times and solo 2x. That was a pretty good Crazy Horse show, to be honest. The cool thing about seeing them outside of festivals have been the openers. Dinosaur Jr and Blind Melon. Sonic Youth. Good stuff. Even in arenas....




Solid answer. Why them?


They were the first concert I ever went to and their energy and positive vibes hit me like a ton of bricks, lol. Been my favorite band since the mid 90s. Have seen them 22 times and counting.


WOW!! 22 times. I can’t even fathom that. I’ve seen Coheed and Cambria more than anyone else and that’s only four times!!


Lol, time helps.




London-based vocal ensemble Tenebrae brought splendid choral music to Arts on Alexander last November. I would love to go see them again if they ever come again. Some of the clearest voices I’ve ever heard.


I missed Fly By Midnight in Austin earlier this month but only because I didn’t discover them until earlier this year and wasn’t aware they’d be in town. I think I also missed Fletcher, not sure when her concert was.


Cafe Tacuba. Saw them twice. Here and then drove to San Antonio and saw them there too.


Mon Laferte—she’s very underrated.


I really want to see Algiers. Outkast. Sade (again) Stevie Wonder (again) stove god cooks.


I cancelled my thanksgiving plans to see Royal blood at the moody theater on Wednesday


Future Islands 🏝


Anything Les Claypool is in. Always amazing.


The Oneders are must see for me.


Future Islands - their music is great but the lead singer’s intensity on stage is a show on its own


Eminem, dr Dre, snoop dogg


Jim James, Parcels, Capyac, Boombox


The xx, Band of Horses, and Trombone Shorty


I don’t think any artist could get me to go back to Stubbs. Worst venue I’ve ever been to.


Los Tigres del Norte! Sobres! Give me Tigres, tequila, and Budwiser and I'm one happy hombre!


As someone in their 40’s whose musical heroes are dying out quickly, I’d have to say it’s too long of a list to put out. Robert Plant is top of the list though. I was fortunate to see about a few dozen times since the 90’s and get him to autograph an album of mine when I saw him at Perla’s years ago.


Not from nothing, but just go see stuff. Look at lineups, if you like a jam or two, go. Some of my favorite memories are random Tuesdays in a half full room. I photograph music, I’ve seen a metric sh!t ton of bands by myself. My advice will always be just go. The cool part about it, you know you’ll be surrounded by people you share something with. Whether you are the super fan or go to learn more, you’ll be surrounded by friends.


Two bands that are playing in December that I will always see are Joe Hertler and the Rainbow Seekers and HARBOUR. Been listening to both bands for years and they just keep dropping great music. Both shows combined will only set you back like $50 so I’d highly recommend looking into them soon


Would love it if AC/DC would do ACL


Why ACL? Just curious. In my teens and early 20s I’d agree but now, especially given how terrible the lineups are now, I’d much rather see any artist I care about in a standalone show. Now sure is say ac/dc and 5+ or so other artists I want to see are performing, then hell yeah but it’s been years since that’s been the case for me personally.


Chris Farley


Creed and Nickelback.


I wouldn't say I would never miss out on a concert. I am going to go see Candlebox (saw them years ago) and 3 Doors Down (never seen them before) at the Haute Spot. I saw Tom Keifer of Cinderella over the summer and he put on an awesome show.




Just see Space Laces and cut out the middle man.


I’m seeing Space Laces in 2 weeks lol


Hell yeah!! The EPROM remix of Dominate is nutty. He played it at Red Rocks in October.


Earth wind and fire, Psy and oliver anthony